Best Xylophones for Kids

A xylophone is a type of percussion instrument with different bars that you can tune in sequence. This is kind of like the tuning of a piano, except on wood and metal bars instead. They are very easy to use (but difficult to master) don’t worry if you’re not a pro yet, they’re great for teaching kids about music.

We found some of the best xylophones for kids, take a look to see if they’re the right pick for your kid! It’s always best to start your kids with xylophones as early as possible. If they’re exposed to them from an early age, it will be quicker for them to pick up the skill in school.

Top Xylophones for Kids Review

When your child is little, they’re still learning and developing skills like playing a piano or violin. Giving a xylophone to someone as a gift is a great way to start their musical journey, especially since it not only teaches them about the language of music, but also tones, scales and rhythms.

Obviously, it seems like your kid is just randomly hitting the drum with their mallet, but with a lot of practice they’ll develop skills that will help them gain a better understanding of music. Xylophones are really fun to play with and make colorful sounds. They help children learn and develop many skills like creativity, dexterity, coordination, etc.

Choosing the right xylophone is a pivotal decision to make. You want one that will really engage your kids and have lasting appeal. Here’s a list of our favorite xylophones for kids that are not only great for beginners, but durable.

1. Small Fish Xylophone for Kids

The Small Fish Xylophone is an amazing instrument that’s great for teaching kids how to play music and improve their motor skills. Every xylophone comes with a natural finish and bright, steel-colored keys that are marked from low C to high. It comes with a mallet to produce sound and a harmonica. The sound is only made when the mallet is hit against the three strips that come with it.

2. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

The Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone is one of the most popular brands for kids. It comes with 8 colourful keys, a safety mallet that doubles as a pull-cord, and wheels so your little one can drag it around. The bottom is made from hard plastic and there’s no worry of splinters. It’s PVC-free and BPA-free, so it will never wear out.

3. aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids

The aGreatLife xylophone is another great xylophone for kids. The xylophone uses steel keys and a wooden base. This toy keyboard has light-up metal keys that make really good sounds.

This wooden kid’s xylophone is a safe choice for you. They’re easy enough for children to hold and will enhance their love of music in general. You can jumpstart your kid’s music education and teach them to love it. The kit includes soundcards so they can listen to and play along with popular songs. Free from BPAs, lead and other nasty stuff. You can feel confident and mix up the tunes with this xylophone.

4. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

This adorable xylophone has colors that are vibrant and is shaped like a caterpillar. It will be great for kids to play. It includes all the keys needed to play a full octave of notes and is perfect for simplifying workouts for kids. You’ll also get 2 mallets and a song book with this starter kit.

5. Smarkids Kids Xylophone

The Smarkids Xylophone is another great choice for kids. This piano comes with eight metal keys made from aluminum and steel alloys, providing a sturdy instrument that’s built to keep up with the constant pounding of little hands. All the keys are specially secured to the wooden surface. This ensures that they don’t just come off when little ones try to play with them.

It is also noted for its high-quality wood, smooth texture. Keys and xylophone corners are specially designed to be blunt to protect kids from hurting themselves. The kit has everything you need to start playing – including a harmonica and songbook..

6. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug xylophone is made from wood and has 8 brightly colored keys. The xylophone comes with six cards full of tunes which can teach your little ones how to read music.

The cards fit nicely in a stand on the back for easy viewing. The song cards can even be stored in a drawer underneath the xylophone to make everything easy to find.

7. Silverstar 25 Note Kids Xylophone

The Silverstar kids’ xylophone features a large range of 25 different notes. This is a great introduction to the instrument that can assist your child transition to playing on a full-size xylophone once they reach adulthood. The range on this xylophone is the most extensive of all on this list so it’s suitable for a variety of occasions. It also comes with a set of plastic mallets and carrying case to help you take it with you.

8. Toysery 2-in-1 Piano/Xylophone

If you’re looking to teach your kid how to play piano and xylophone in the future, the Toysery 2-in-1 has children’s education in mind. Not only will it teach toddlers color recognition, creativity, motor skills and auditory ability – it’s bright colors will also help evoke their interest!

Every piano key and xylophone bar are designated a note color, which makes the learning process easier. With this knowledge, it is possible to play beautifully on an instrument. This kit comes with a piano/xylophone, two mallets, and a songbook! Aside from being an excellent learning instrument, it could make a great gift for kids on birthdays and holidays

9. Rolimate Wooden Xylophone

The last gadget is a Rolimate Wooden Xylophone. It has really easy-to-see keys and comes with 15 notes – developed so that students know what to play. The colors make it easy for kids to learn how to play. The set comes with two mallets that each have different sized hammers for playing harder or softer.

10. Oprala 2-In-1 Piano Xylophone – Green

This green xylophone is great for kids’ practice sessions, or for playing musically and won’t take up space in the living room. It might also be used like a piano? Anyway, there are these 8 colorful key’s and numbers on each one. This toy instrument is really cute and has a digital display to attract babies. It’s colorful and has fun animations too. One thing they do is teach babies songs and make it easy for them to remember them. Soon your child will be singing the latest hits!

Your toddler can use the mallet to hit the keys of the xylophone or press the keys of the piano to create tunes and improve eye-hand coordination, musical cognition, and auditory skills. It boosts color recognition, fine motor skills, sensory involvement, language abilities and more.

What to Look for in Xylophones for Kids

When you’re looking for a xylophone for your kid, there are lots of features to think about.


Xylophones come in a variety of sizes and you need to decide which is the best fit for your baby. A bigger xylophone will have more volume and can cover a wider range of sounds. A smaller xylophone will be quieter, but still sound good. Larger xylophones are usually more expensive and bulkier, but offer a better sound.


The size of the xylophone affects the volume in which it’s played. A bigger xylophone, for instance, has a louder sound. I’m not sure if this is suitable for very young children, but you’ll want a big xylophone if what you want is to get a good sound.


If you’re planning on purchasing a xylophone for your child, it’s important to know that not all sizes have the same range. For example, smaller xylophones typically have much shorter ranges than those of larger ones. Even xylophones of the same size with the same number of bars have different ranges.

Most kid xylophones have one octave since they’re relatively small. Professional xylophones can offer a range of more than 3 octaves, which is good for playing different types of songs. For the time being, buying a xylophone that offers more range will help your child develop the mobility and muscle control to eventually play a full-size xylophone.

Construction and Materials

As with any toy, you want to be sure that your xylophone is safe for your child. The xylophones typically have parts made from wood and steel. “First, you want to make sure that your kid is old enough that they won’t swallow the keys of the xylophone.” Check out our range of xylophones below before you make your decision.

It’s important to look for xylophones that are made out of durable materials because the constant pounding on them by little kids will cause them to break down quickly. These xylophones have been tested for being sturdy.


A fun design and bright colors is what that you should keep in mind when purchasing a xylophone for your child. It will also help them learn the alphabet by turning it into music! Some xylophones even come with song cards that can be used for kids to learn how to play songs.


If you are looking for a great gift for your child, a small xylophone could be a perfect option that can help them enjoy music more and encourage them to pursue a life in music. We hope that our list of great brands and models in this article has been helpful to you.

FAQ for Best Xylophones for Kids

Is Xylophone good for kids?

Playing the xylophone is a great way to keep kids of all ages interested. It improves awareness of pitch, results in more creativity, and teaches hand-eye coordination. This leads to faster brain development (not to mention musical skills) as they grow up.

Is learning Xylophone easy?

Playing the xylophone is easy, but there are some preparations that need to be taken beforehand. It’s always good to have a xylophone with printed notes on it and color-coordinated bars if you don’t want to keep referring back & watching tutorials.

Can a one-year-old actually play a Xylophone?

In general, a one year old will just have fun exploring the sound of a xylophone without any intention of making songs. Most children don’t use it to make music and really learn how until they start preschool.

How many keys should a Xylophone have?

Kids’ xylophones only need to play there in one key, usually C major, but as they get older they need to be able to play all the pitches.

Is a Xylophone like a piano?

Xylophones are similar to pianos because when you strike the keys on a piano, it produces a note that resonates through the nearby bars of a xylophone. The only difference is that the keys on a keyboard only play whole notes whereas a xylophone has different bars that make different pitches. Unaltered notes are in a row; altered notes (keys blackened) occur in pairs and threes above the keyboard.

What do you hit a Xylophone with?

To hit a xylophone, you’ll need to find the right type of mallet. They usually come in rubber or yarn-wrapped plastic and don’t require any skill to play. However, if your child has much more experience with instruments, they might be able to use a wooden mallet.

What are best toy Xylophones for babies?

We’re all for babies having fun and exploring, but safety is of utmost importance with children’s toys. With this xylophone toy specifically, the only thing to be concerned about is the sound it makes. The other things that come with it are neither here nor there!

  • Xylophone and Hammer Sorter
  • Music Instruments Mega-Pack
  • Wooden Pounding Bench With Activities
  • Hammer Xylophone Toy
  • Hape Pound, Tap and Shake!

What are best Xylophones for toddlers (3-year-old; preschool)?

We don’t want to scare little kids by making them think they have to play the instrument perfectly. Playing an instrument can be great, but it also involves a lot of hard work and correct technique.

  • Mini Artis Colorful Xylophone
  • Wooden Xylophone For Kids
  • Xylophone/Glockenspiel For Kids
  • Hape Mini Band
  • Melissa And Doug Band In A Box

What are best Xylophone for beginners?

It sounds like these xylophones will need all of the benefits from the previous generation and then some. They should be able to hold up to a lot of playing, have accidentals, have an amazing sound, and be bigger in size.

As Orff instruments, xylophones come in various shapes and sizes. You can find soprano to bass and different types of scales. The xylophones are tuned according to their size.

  • Sonor Rosewood Alto Xylophone
  • Studio 49 Fiberglass Alto Xylophone
  • 32 Note Xylophone
  • Sonor Bass Xylophone
  • Foldable Glockenspiel

Can my child someday have a career playing the xylophones?

Some consider the xylophone to be a beginner’s instrument, perfect for children who might need encouragement to get into music. That said, you should only bring it home if you don’t mind your child getting more interested in sound-making as they learn how to play. If you’re not a fan of music, maybe this is for you?

Will playing the xylophone help my child learn music?

Yes, it can. It teaches them the basics and makes it easy for kids – so they end up having fun learning about music!

Should I pick percussion or drums for my baby or child?

A drum set is usually a child’s first instrument as it teaches them about rhythms, coordination and how to combine different sounds together to produce live music. If your kid’s still interested, you could give them a little drum set.

Xylophones are great first musical instruments for children. They help kids with ear training, note-reading, as well as hand-eye coordination and other skills that are necessary for playing instruments. It’s like a keyboard, but with mallets instead of fingers. Hit each key to create the kind of music you want to hear.

Kids love to drum – a lot of them are scared at first, which just makes it all the more satisfying when they finally get it. You don’t need to be musically inclined to enjoy drumming! Our review of the best baby xylophone toys will help you choose one that your little one can enjoy for hours.

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