4 Kicker Marine Speakers Kit

I’ve been looking at a lot of products from the Kicker marine speakers line recently and wanted to share some of my findings with you. We’ve seen a lot of waterproof speakers on this site, and now it’s Kicker. I checked out Kicker’s website and I can tell you that they have one of the best selections of marine audio gear that I have ever seen.

Let’s “rock the boat baby”, as we look at some of Kicker’s most popular marine speakers. Before we move on to our reviews, I want to briefly touch upon this. You can easily find the speakers on sites like Amazon or eBay.

It’s worth noting that Kicker also sells other marine audio products. There are many extras available. You can also find subwoofers and amplifiers as well as radios and other accessories such remotes and cables.

Best 4 Kicker Marine Speakers Kit Review

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking for the ultimate Kicker Marine speakers kits. Here are my opinions and thoughts on a few of the most well-respected speakers these guys have to offer. Two speakers that I consider more traditional marine speakers have been chosen, and two others that I find a little different.

1. Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine, 6.5” 4Ω Coaxial speaker Bundle

This Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine 6” 4Ω Coaxial Speaker Bundle is on sale for $145. You get a kicker marine speaker kit with four speakers. If you break it down by “per speaker”, the asking price for this kit is very affordable.

They are 6.5 inches in size, which is ideal for most boats. They look great in white and will work well in any setting. You can also get an LED lighting and a grill that is different color for 100 more dollars.

These will keep the party going, that’s for sure. Kicker used an impressive woofer/driver combination here, so even at higher volumes you will still have excellent clarity. They will need to be broken a bit, but that is part and parcel of buying new speakers for your boat. The sound quality out of the box was excellent. Kicker also includes two beer koozies, which is a great bonus!


  • The set comes with four speakers
  • The asking price seems very reasonable to me.
  • They make a great sound!
  • Two beer koozies are included!


  • The LED lighting will cost you more.
  • Four speakers may not be necessary for smaller boats.

This set includes four speakers, which is a fantastic deal. Although most people can live with two speakers, you may find yourself wanting four. Don’t waste time and money on unnecessary purchases. This set will save you both time and money. These are cool and sound great. The asking price is also very fair.

2. Kicker 45KM84L 8-Inch Marine Coaxial Boat Speakers

This set of 8-inch Kicker 45KM84L Marine Coaxial Boat Speakers is only $199.96 These speakers’ style was what first caught my attention. They have a cool design and you can choose between a black or white grille. Although I have to admit that the black grille is my preference, it is nice to have some variety.

These speakers are slightly larger at 8-inches, so they are better suited for those who need speakers that are a little bigger. You can’t control the LED lights unless you buy the Kicker remote. The lights are cool, but I don’t think I would spend more money to have them changed. This is the best Kicker marine speaker kit. Even though it is only the second set that we have seen, I think this is my favourite.

These things are rock and I love them! Kicker used fancy technology in the interiors of these speakers. I’m not talking about the tweeter, driver or anything like that. This is a high-quality product that produces a rich, real sound. Although I expected more from these than their smaller brothers, I was surprised and delighted.


  • They make amazing sound
  • If you understand what I’m saying, the sound has a real kick to it.
  • You have two options when it comes to grilles: black or white
  • They are amazing in all aspects


  • These devices can be purchased for as little as 200 dollars
  • They are looking for more money to buy a remote.

Kicker’s work is amazing and these speakers are a joy to listen to. The sound quality is amazing and the speakers are very impressive straight out of the box. These things are also beautiful in design. These lights have a very high-quality, heavy metal look that would look great on any boat. Although I understand that you need to purchase a remote, they look great.

3. Kicker KB6000 2-Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Marine Speakers

These very cool Kicker KB6000 2-Way Full Range Indoor/Outdoor Marine Speakers are next. I haven’t tested them but they look very intriguing. These speakers are not the “round” design that most people associate with speakers for boats.

They cost around 120 dollars and are available in several colors. They are unique and I like the grey one. I was attracted to their tannoy-like appearance (all be it with grille), which is what really caught my attention. These will definitely stand out. Whether you like it or not is up to you, but I do.

These speakers are 6.5 inches in size. What caught my attention when I read the “specs” was the fact that Kicker is very proud of each speaker’s compression loaded horn tweeter. These speakers will deliver serious sound quality. These speakers were designed by Kicker for marine use, but they also say they can be brought inside to work as bookshelf speakers.


  • They are equipped with some amazing tech.
  • These things are beautiful!
  • There are three colors to choose from
  • Both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Black ones cost a few more dollars!
  • The boxy design might not be for everyone.

These are truly, really cool. We are searching for Kicker marine speakers kits with the intention of using them on a boat. These speakers offer the best of both worlds. These would look great on any boat. However, they are also versatile enough to be used around your home or pool.

4. Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System

We have the Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower system. This is a slightly different product than what we’ve been looking at but it is still very interesting. Many of you will be looking at the 600-dollar price tag and thinking “no thanks!” These are definitely worth looking at if you have lots of money and really want to play. These are speaker tower systems and look amazing. They will look great once they have been set up. The black and chrome complement each other well.

Although the asking price might seem high, there are actually two units so you get 6.5-inch speakers that will blow your socks off. These speakers are great for loud music. From what I’ve read, I know the sound quality will be great. These are my dream items! I’d love to have them and listen to some Motley Crue.


  • They are really cool!
  • It has a modern design.
  • You get two units
  • This set includes four speakers!


  • The asking price for this property is quite high.
  • This online product has received mixed reviews.

These sound like a lot of fun! It sounds like the Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System will be a lot fun. These could be the perfect product for me as I enjoy listening to music loudly (when my wife allows it). Although I am aware that the asking price is very high and reviews are mixed, I think this is worth a closer look.


The Kicker 45KM84L 8-inch Marine Coaxial Boat Speakers are my favorite. These speakers look great and sound amazing. These will allow you to rock out on the boat. Although I understand that people shouldn’t have to spend more for remote control LED lighting, I love them.

The Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine 6” 4Ω Coaxial Speaker Bundle is another option that I highly recommend. These speakers offer a lot for the money. You can also check out the other marine audio content that we have on the site.

FAQ for 4 Kicker Marine Speakers Kit

What are the dimensions of the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit?

The Kicker Marine Speakers Kit has dimensions of 12″ x 8″ x 4″.

What is the material used for the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit?

The material used for the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit is marine grade aluminum.

Marine grade aluminum is a type of metal that has been designed to withstand salt water, UV rays, and other harsh environmental conditions. It is also rustproof and will not corrode in salt water.

What is included with the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit?

The Kicker Marine Speakers Kit is a complete, high-quality marine audio system that includes a pair of speakers, an amp and a subwoofer.

The Kicker Marine Speakers kit is not just for boats. It can be used in cars, trucks, RVs and more. The speakers are made from polypropylene and the amp is made from aluminum to give them the best sound possible.

The Kicker Marine Speakers Kit includes everything you need to get started with your own marine audio system.

How do I install the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit?

The Kicker Marine Speakers Kit is an easy installation kit that includes everything you need to install speakers in your boat. You’ll get a stereo amplifier, two 6.5″ marine speakers, two 1/4″ marine speaker wire connectors and all the necessary mounting hardware.

Install the Kicker Marine Speakers Kit:

1) Mount the amp with the provided screws and spacers to a surface near where you want your speakers to be installed.

2) Mount one of the speakers with screws and spacers on each side of it.

3) Connect both wires from one speaker to one set of connectors on amp.

4) Repeat step 3 for other speaker.

5) Connect power cable from amp to battery or power source.

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