Klipsch The Fives vs. JBL LSR305: Which Soundbar is Better

Howdy folks, today I am taking a break from looking at soundbars and putting them head to head, and instead, we have this Klipsch The Fives and JBL LSR305 contest to go through together. Klipsch The Fives and JBL LSR305 have their fans, so it will be interesting to compare them side by side.

We’re going to break this down into a few different types that I think are worth mentioning when you’re in search of speakers. This is my honest opinion. Make sure you do as much research as possible before committing to any speakers.

About Klipsch the Fives

Powered speakers from Fives Klipsch. They are elegantly designed and powerful. All the modern connectivity you would expect from a soundbar is here, including Bluetooth connectivity. This result is a pair speakers that can be used as a remote-controlled, self-powered entertainment system.

It’s ideal for people who are looking for real stereo separation, deep bass, crisp highs and easy use. Our Editors’ Choice Award goes to the Fives for their versatility and grace, but most importantly, their exceptional sound quality.

Superior stereo sound is possible with a beautifully designed tabletop system. The Fives offer a superior listening experience than traditional sound bars with virtually unlimited connection options, including HDMI-ARC. The Fives are known for their award-winning acoustics and state-of the-art DSP. They also feature discrete left and right channels.


  • 3-band equalizer with low-, medium- and high-frequency settings
  • You can adjust the volume and location of the subwoofers
  • Upgrade your speaker over the WI-FI without the need for a flash drive or product firmware
  • Just a click away, access to support
  • Great sound signature, crisp, detailed highs, and rich, round bass depth.
  • Beautiful design with removable tweed grilles
  • There are many connectivity options available, including Bluetooth and HDMI as well as an input for turntables.
  • 24 bit/192kHz decoding using USB inputs

The Fives are one of the most versatile speakers in the world.

About the JBL LSR305

The LSR305 speakers are a great value for money. The LSR305 speakers are simple to use and offer enough control options for audio geeks. These include trim control for high and low frequencies and individual volume pots with fixed points that allow you to match the output levels between the speakers.

The LSR305 studio monitor is an entry-level model that’s designed for engineers and producers who want to achieve exceptional sound quality.

They are active and don’t require an amplifier. They do require alternating current power. Alternating current simply refers to the fact that the power’s direction changes frequently every second. The standard frequency is 60 Hz and the common unit of measurement is Hertz.

The monitors come with 2 cables as each requires its own power supply. These are mono speakers and require 2 tables to transmit and receive the signal.


  • Large center image
  • Sound stage with deep, defined sound
  • Smooth and precise upper register
  • Bass for the size
  • Very affordable
  • Amazing detail at all frequencies, from low to high.
  • Good stereo image
  • Captures highs well; can be turned up to maximum volume while remaining crystal clear.
  • These speakers are great for mixing but can also be used for general listening.
  • Strong physique
  • Waveguide image control technology proves to be very useful in producing crystal clear sound and wider stereo images.

The LSR305 is able to “pump” small rooms or home studios.

Klipsch the Fives vs JBL LSR305: Side-by-Side Comparison


This article will begin by discussing how much you can expect to pay for each of these items. I like to know how much I’m spending so we will start with the price.

Klipsch the Fives

They are very expensive, but the quality is excellent. They are not cheap, but Klipsch Fives speakers aren’t overpriced. They come in two colors, and this does make a difference in the price.

These speakers are currently priced at $649, while the walnut version is $779. This is quite a price difference. It’s over 100 dollars just to get a different wood color. These speakers are available at incredible prices on eBay. Both colors are available for as low as 500 dollars, which I consider excellent value.


Next, we have the JBL LSR305. It comes in three sizes and each has its own price. Amazon currently lists the 8-inch version at $232, which is not bad for a bargain price. This may seem like a bargain compared to the Klipsch. The price you pay is for one speaker. You will need to purchase a second to make it more comparable to The Fives.

The 6-inch version currently costs $164, while the 5-inch version is listed at $155, although that’s only one speaker. You can see the various versions on eBay for a range of prices. I wouldn’t even be able give you an idea. Some go for as low as 50 dollars, while others are selling them for much more.


Although the Klipsch Fives are more costly, I believe you get a better speaker for your buck with them. Although JBL’s offering is excellent and definitely cheaper, Klipsch offers more value for money.


While I understand that not everyone cares as much about the appearance of their speakers, it is important to me. We will now look at how these speakers are made and how to connect your turntable, or whatever you need them for, to them.

Klipsch the Fives

Although I mentioned that Klipsch The Fives is available in two colors, I will be focusing on the black model. They have that Klipsch look about them. I’m referring to the fact that they are stylish and cool at the same time. Unboxing and Overview video that really does show off these speakers very well. They measure 9.3×6.5×12 inches and are therefore a good size.

The Klipsch Fives are built to last. These are made from solid wood and have a lot of weight. These were very comfortable to hold once I opened the box. They have an 80s vibe, and the black matte version that I saw has a similar feel. Magnets hold the solid grille in place on the front. I loved the Klipsch logo on each speaker’s bottom corner.

The grille is a white/silver design that I think is very appealing. It looks great with the walnut wood but I prefer the walnut grille. Klipsch could have used a chrome-colored grille for the matte black speakers.

The speakers have a volume dial and a source dial. It is very useful, and it also comes with a remote control. You will find your various hookups and your power port on your back. In case you need to update the firmware, there is a USB port. An HDMI Arc, phono In, Line In, Subwoofer Port, Aux Port, Opto Port, and a USB Audio port are all available. These speakers will work with any device you wish to connect them to. These speakers also support Bluetooth connectivity.

JBL LSR305  

The JBL LSR305 has a modern design. This LSR305 MkII Unboxing – Great Deal video gives you a clear view of the speaker from all angles. It measures 16.5″ x 10″, x 12.1″ and has an impressive size. It was solidly built and very well made, once I got it out of its box.

Black speakers are my favorite, and I’d choose black over silver or wood any day. The front of the speaker has a glossy finish, whereas the body is a matte black. This looks great, I’m not denying it. However, speakers and home theatre equipment such as this are magnets for dust.

The JBL LSR305 does not have a grille. Sometimes, when you look at a picture of a speaker online you will see that they have removed the grille so you can see what it is. This made me think that maybe this was the case.

But, no, there’s no grille. Some people prefer their speakers to be a bit more visible or sound better, but I’m a 100% grille guy and they should have provided one. It could be magnetic, like the one included with Klipsch Fives.

The speaker’s back is very basic. The input options are balanced XLR or 1/4” TRS, but that’s it. The back has your volume dial, and there are also a border EQ and HF trim switches. Although there is no Bluetooth connectivity,

it seems that JBL intended to connect these speakers to a computer. This could be for professional use or for people who want something more professional. I don’t think there is enough meat for the price.


This is a difficult call for me. I would have given this round to Klipsch The Fives if they had a black, or even silver grille. The grille is well-made and looks great, but the color doesn’t really suit me. The JBL LSR 305, on the other side, has a little more gloss to it and no grille on the front.

I feel I must still give it to The Fives, even though the grille at the front is not my favorite. They are a bit more well-built and have a more personal style. But, I can see why someone would choose the JBL’s. Klipsch also has a lot more connectivity options, which helps them win.


This round is the most crucial and important. It involves us listening to the sounds they produce. Both of these are highly regarded so I’m excited to share my thoughts. I love any excuse to listen or watch more music.

Klipsch the Fives

Klipsch takes their sound quality very seriously, regardless of price. Take a look at this Klipsch (Z reviews) Best Klipsch Speaker? You will see why these speakers are so popular in the video. You will need to break them in, just like with all speakers.

This was the first record I tried. Contraband by Velvet Revolver was my first attempt. I wish this band would have lasted longer. This record is a treasured piece in my vinyl collection. It sounded amazing when it was pumped through The Fives. These were loud right out of the box. I was cranking the volume up to the maximum and the sound quality was amazing.

To give these a cinematic sound, you might want to add a subwoofer such as the Klipsch R100SW 10’’ Subwoofer. This is a great speaker for movies. I watched a few episodes of Cobra Kai together as I was getting ready to watch the new season of Netflix. The sound quality was excellent. The vocal clarity was excellent and the speakers provided a balanced sound. However, there is also a lot of power that took me by surprise.

These soundbars are great for movies. But, for music, they’re a special gift. It doesn’t matter what music you listen to, these speakers will make you happy. You will be impressed by how the speakers sound, whether it is something smooth and soothing like John Coltrane or something more gritty like Snoop Dogg.


The online reputation of the JBL LSR305 is what attracted me to it. Many positive reviews are available on Amazon, and there are many great video reviews such as this JBL LSR 305P MKII 5” Pro Studios Monitors one. This ties in with the speaker being more targeted at professionals than someone like myself who would use it for music and movies.

This speaker’s sound quality was excellent right out of the box. Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits was the first album I listened too. I listen to this when I’m in a good mood and want to hear something that I love. The overall power and bass were great and I was enjoying rocking in the study while I was trying it out.

My wife is an avid Ed Sheeran fan. I bought her Ed Sheeran = vinyl for Christmas. While it’s not her cup of tea, I am trying to get her excited about vinyl. I found the more “harmonic” music to be just as enjoyable as my loud, rock-oriented music when it was played through this thing. This speaker is ideal for anyone who likes to make music on their computer, or is a DJ.

Netflix was the only movie I tried to watch. I watched a few episodes of Stranger Things, a show that I enjoy and have seen many times. I also tried different soundbars and speakers. It handled everything well. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I would recommend this speaker to anyone looking for the theatre experience at home.


The Klipsch The Fives as well as the JBL LSR305 were actually used by me a few days apart, so I feel I can compare them. The JBL LSR305 produces some great sound but Klipsch is my clear choice.

Although it is difficult to explain, they offered a more natural sound and were more affordable than the JBL. The JBL is not the right choice for the average homeowner looking for great speakers for their home.

Final Verdict

I had a lot fun with both the Klipsch The Fives and the JBL LSR305. You already know the outcome if you read the entire article. Both of these products are excellent and great value for money. I can see why they are so popular and highly valued by the people who own them.

Both Klipsch and JBL are great companies. Nevertheless, Klipsch Fives is winning my vote. The JBL LSR305 does not have any faults, but The Fives offer you much more.

FAQ for Klipsch the Fives vs JBL LSR305

What are the key differences between Klipsch the Fives and JBL LSR305 speakers?

The Klipsch the Fives has a wireless charging feature that the JBL LSR305 doesn’t. The Klipsch the Fives also has a touch-sensitive control panel for its volume and power.

The Klipsch the Fives is heavier than the JBL LSR305, which may be an issue if you’re planning to move it around frequently. The Klipsch the Fives is also more expensive than the JBL LSR305, but it’s worth considering if you want to invest in a speaker that will last you a long time.

Which is Klipsch the Fives or JBL LSR305 speakers would you recommend for a beginner?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the person’s budget and their needs. Klipsch is a great brand and they have a wide range of speakers that are all very good. The JBL LSR305s are also a good option, but they may not be as powerful as Klipsch.

Which is Klipsch the Fives or JBL LSR305 speakers better sound quality?

The Klipsch the Fives are a good choice for those who want to have a more accurate sound quality. They are also easier to mount on the wall or on the ceiling, which is an advantage if you want to save some space.

The JBL LSR305 speakers have a more powerful bass and they also come with a remote control, which is convenient. However, they are not as accurate as Klipsch the Fives and they do not come with mounting options.

Is a subwoofer needed for Klipsch the Fives or JBL LSR305 speakers?

The Klipsch the Fives and JBL LSR305 speakers are both floorstanding speakers that produce a lot of low-end sound. So, they both have built-in bass ports. The Klipsch the Fives have two ports, whereas the JBL LSR305 has one. The Klipsch the Fives also have a 10” woofer and a 1” dome tweeter, while JBL LSR305 has a 5.25” woofer and a 0.75” dome tweeter.

It is not necessary to buy a subwoofer for either of these speakers because they both come with their own built-in bass port for low frequency sound reproduction.

Which is Klipsch the Fives or JBL LSR305 speakers more portable?

This is a tricky question. The Klipsch the Fives are more portable because they are smaller and have a smaller footprint. But the JBL LSR305 speakers also are portable because they come with a carrying bag that makes it easier to move them around.

Which is Klipsch the Fives or JBL LSR305 speakers more expensive?

The Klipsch the Fives is more expensive than the JBL LSR305 because it has better audio quality and is more durable. On Amazon the speaker Klipsch the Fives can be purchase for $649, while JBL LSR305 price $239.

Is Klipsch the Fives speaker more suitable for a large space or a small space?

The Klipsch speaker is designed for a large space. It has a lot of power and volume to it. The Klipsch speaker is perfect for a party, concert, or any other type of event that you want to blast music from.

The Klipsch speaker is not the best for a small space. If you are looking for something that will fill up the room with sound, then this speaker will do that perfectly.

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