Peachtree M24 vs M25 Powered Speakers: Which is Better?

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The Peachtree M24 and M25 speakers are made by the same company and are part of the M-series therefore, they have some common features. But just as their names are different they are also different in many aspects as you shall see later in this article.

Sometimes it can be hard deciding between two awesome products especially if they are from the same company. If you were planning to purchase a Peachtree speaker and are a bit confused on which one is better between the M24 and M25, worry not for you have landed at the right place. I shall do a thorough analysis to help you make an informed decision.

The History of the Peachtree Audio Company

Considering that these Audio speakers are made by the same company, it will be good to have a look at it so as to better understand what kind of products it makes.

The company was started over 20 years back by Leon Shaw together with his friends. Before they ventured on their own, they were all employed in other notable companies and they made the decision to combine their efforts and knowledge and form what is now known as Peachtree Audio. It took several weeks of planning and mapping before finally venturing out.

Within one year, they had already come up with their first product. The first ever Audio equipment they made was an integrated amp named Decco and it sounded great! The first dealers of this machine loved it and gave a review that it should sell for at least 5 times the price it was being sold at. From the very beginning, the founders of Peachtree Audio showed they were in for the long haul and were willing to do whatever it takes to offer the best to the people.

What made the Decco integrated amp awesomely different was that it was a pioneer in computer music at the time. It was the first to have a built in DAC. Ever since, the engineering team at Peachtree continues to outdo itself, by coming up with great technologies that makes the sound output top notch. It has a knack for considering the various DAC technologies in the market then making a combination of the best which makes their products sound awesome.

Decco was revolutionary because of the versatile way in which it made it possible to access the DAC. You could use a Toslink or optical digital input, something that was and is still popular even today. Alternatively you could use an RCA digital input or coax cable. However, it was the USB input that made it more popular when it was launched. The ability to use a USB allowed users to connect the amp to a storage device with all their music, making it very convenient for users to enjoy their music.

The same innovativeness that was applied in the Decco is seen in the M24 and M25 today. There is a similarity in terms of creativity and uniqueness, the M24 and M25 have traits that make them stand out from the many available options in the market. We shall explore the traits that make them unique and better.

Peachtree Audio has continued to make great products that continue to revolutionize the market of audio visual equipment even today. The M24 and M25 powered speakers are perfect examples of the sort of quality work that Peachtree Audio Company does.

Peachtree M24 vs M25: Side-by-Side Comparison

The M speakers (M24 and M25) are almost identical. Most of their features, inputs and outputs are the same, but they also have some differences. It is their differences that makes each of them unique and better over the other.

Physical Size

The M24 cabinet is smaller compared to that of the M25. Cabinet size of a speaker is very crucial and affects the dynamics of sound output, how it should be positioned, and makes all the difference as to which one you should go for. The M24 is 8.75” tall 5.5” wide and has a depth of 8”. The M25 on the other hand is 10.5” tall, 6.75” wide and its depth is 9”. You can see the size difference is notable.

Even the woofers of each of them are of different sizes. The woofer in the M24 is 4” while the M25 has a larger woofer that is 5.25”. The tweeters in both are the same though, a soft dome tweeter type.

The larger the cabinet size coupled with a larger woofer means the M25 can attain deeper bass at lower ranges and thus it is appropriate for large rooms. The M24’s size means that it would work best as a desktop speaker rather than as a speaker for a full stereo system like the M25.


Peachtree Audio made the M speakers really beautiful and you will be glad to have them on your desktop or living room table. They are almost like an accessory rather than speakers because of their elegant design. The best part is that they are both available in an array of colors. You can choose between; Gloss Black and Bamboo. The speakers also have a removable grill. Personally, I think the Bamboo colored one looks best without the grills.

Removing the grill also gives you quick access to the control panel on the front. Considering the price of these masterpieces, I would say they are very pretty and should be worth more for their nice look. Thankfully, Peachtree offers them at a modest price.

The woofers and tweeters used in the M speakers are the same ones that you would find in most Audiophile speakers. A soft silk dome type tweeter 1” in size and a woofer made of special material known as fiberglass cone. The type of material a woofer is made of impacts its performance. The fiberglass cone material is great because of its stiffness yet it is also light in weight giving the speaker an ability to hit deeper bass levels without getting torn or producing distorted sound while also functioning well in the mid-range.

The speakers have a rear ported design which is good for enhancing the bass, giving you a good punch despite their small size.

Peachtree sought to solve the greatest challenge people encountered with powered speakers. Majority of the speakers lacked a good marriage between connectivity and quality sound. Most speakers available in the market at the time had one or the other but never both. If a speaker had good connectivity it failed in sound and the vice versa was always true. Peachtree Audio employed their experience in designing speakers and their knowledge of amplifiers to come up with a design that had a combination of both and that is how the M speakers were born. The M25 and M24 have both quality sound and good connectivity, something that is quite rare even today.

All the connections, the DAC and the amplifier are installed in the right speaker for simplicity of plugging in. To connect you simply connect the speaker to a power source, run the speaker wire to the left speaker and select your input source and voila you are ready to play.

The right speaker has all the basic controls on its front panel. You rotate the knob clockwise to anticlockwise to raise or lower the volume and you push it in to switch between different input sources. It is a multipurpose knob that simplifies the design and makes the M speakers quite unique.

A great feature of the M speakers is the Led panel window on the left side which shows different colors for different input sources. If you want to change the settings, you can do that easily with the accompanying remote from the comfort of your couch.

It is clear that Peachtree put a lot of thought into the design of their M speakers and it makes them worth every cent.

Technical Specifications

Technology is constantly evolving and people have different tastes and preferences. A manufacturer must balance between the technological specifications of their products while also accommodating the varying needs of their clients. Also, music sources come in different forms and the speaker must be wired in such a way that it supports majority of the different sources of audio. M speakers were created with that in mind.

The first audio input that is supported by both the M24 and M25 is the use of turntables. For most powered speakers, if you do not have a phono preamp and several cables, it will be very hard to play music from your turntable through the speaker. But that is not the case with the M speakers. They have a built in MM phono stage. You simply connect your turntable directly to the speakers and you are all set.

The M speakers have a flick switch on the back for adjusting between a phono input and a standard aux input. If you are not using a turntable you switch to the standard aux one and you will be good to go.

For users who neither use a turntable nor an aux input but prefer wireless connection, the M speakers are Bluetooth powered. You can easily stream music from your favorite sites on your phone or tablet. The connection is fast, within seconds you will be nodding your head to your favorite tunes.

If your audio source is different from the ones mentioned above, then you still have another way of connecting, via the optical digital input. They also serve well in connecting a TV to your speakers considering that most TVs have very small speakers that may not serve your needs very well especially if you love bass and quality rich sound or you are a gamer and want to feel the sound impact when playing.

The other category of users are the ones who purchase the speakers solely for computer use. For them, the best connection input is via USB. It is tailored to handle 24/96 Hi-Res Audio files, bringing life to your computer music in a way that is almost too good to be true.

You may have to invest in speaker stands in case your desk is already full. Luckily, Peachtree also offers many options for speaker stands and you cannot fail to find one that will suit your needs.

Another great feature in M speakers is the USB charging port located at the rear. During moments when all the outlets in your house are occupied or you are playing music from your phone and you do not want it to die you simply plug it in to charge simultaneously and your problems are solved.

M speakers also have a handy feature that allows you to get more bass by connecting to a subwoofer; the subwoofer output on the rear panel. With this, you can get to have more bass in case your room is bigger and demands more than what the speakers alone can provide.

The M speakers come with a remote control with which you can regulate aspects of your sound such as the volume, the input source and even skip between tracks. You can even adjust the tone by making changes to the treble and bass. The best part is there is a “neutral” button that you can use to quickly go back to factory reset sound settings.

The design specifications of the M speakers is such that they can produce much bass despite having a small cabinet. The rear port design is also part of the aspect meant to enhance the bass of these small speakers. It is almost as if you have a subwoofer and desktop speaker in one.

Peachtree used their vast experience of speakers and amplifiers to make sure they matched the best amplifiers with speakers to give the best sound. Peachtree has expertise it has developed over the years from making passive speakers and they combine that knowledge with great sounding integrated amps to give listeners a memorable experience each time they power on the M speakers and play music.

The Hi-Res Audio DAC is another technical feature that makes the M speakers such a gem. Peachtree copied this technology from their Nova series. It is useful for decoding audio files that are 24/96. You can do that through the USB or digital inputs. You will not find such a feature in other speakers that cost less than $500, which makes the M speakers pretty sweet.

The table below gives you a more complete picture of the unique technical characteristics Peachtree M24 and M25:

Peachtree M24 Peachtree M25
Condition New Stock New Stock
Ethernet Port No No
USB Port USB-B, USB-A/charge USB-B, USB-A/charge
Aux Input Stereo RCA/Phono Stereo RCA/Phono
Phono Input No No
Digital Input Optical Optical
HDMI Input No No
Headphone Jack No No
Subwoofer Output No No
Wireless Features    
Bluetooth 3.0 3.0
Wi-Fi No No
Wi-Fi Bands No No
Driver Details    
Tweeter Size (Inches) 1 1
Tweeter Type Soft-dome Soft-dome
Tweeter Material Fabric Fabric
Midrange Size (Inches)
Midrange Type
Woofer Size (Inches) 4 5.25
Woofer Type Fiberglass/rubber Fiberglass/rubber
Audio Specs    
Watts RMS (Continuous) 100 100
Watts Maximum (Peak) Not given Not given
Frequency Response Not given Not given
Max. Digital Audio Bit Depth 24-bit 24-bit
Max. Digital Audio Sample Rate 96 kHz 96 kHz
Handheld Remote Yes Yes
Control by app N/A N/A
Amazon Alexa No No
Google Assistant No No
Other Specs    
Width (Inches) 5.5 6.75
Height (Inches) 8.75 10.5
Depth (Inches) 8 9
Parts Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Latest Price $1.030 $1.390


The performance of M speakers cannot be rated anything lesser than superb. The quality of the sound flowing through these speakers is such that every aspect of the sound is emphasized and none supersedes the other giving the music a great sensation.

The sound M speakers produce is rich, sweet and undistorted. You can feel when listening that the speaker has quality and is not struggling to output something it cannot. The music coming from the speakers sounds natural and the tones are all well balanced. Even if you do not make any adjustments to the bass or treble you will still get to enjoy the output.

To prove their great quality, the M speakers did impressively well with all kinds of music, ranging from tunes from Jimi Hendrix, the Avett Brothers, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, Stephen Stills, the Beatles, and Mark Ronson. In all cases, the quality was rich and lovely and tempted one to turn up the volume so as to enjoy it maximally. Though for some recordings, we had to play around with the controls making adjustments to either the treble or bass before reaching that perfect balance, especially for oldies music.

Comparing the M24 and M25 sound outputs will bring you to the realization that the difference is that one has more bass and gives a slightly more refined sound that is more detailed. M25 is bigger in size and has a bigger woofer, it is the one that gives more bass. Because of this characteristic, you will rather opt for the M25 if your room is quite sizeable and you love more bass. The M24 functions best as a computer speaker and one which will not be required to serve a large room.

Both models work just fine with a turntable and will be a great part of a vinyl playback system.

For maximum impact do not keep the speakers too close to one another. Keep them at least 6’ away from one another and try to be at the same distance away from them. You will love the feeling of floating musical notes in the air if you do this.

Generally speaking, the output these small speakers give is impressive. They can service even large rooms although in the long run the M25 is much better for larger rooms. Considering their price, you can be sure you are getting value for your money. It is rare to find such small sized speakers like the M24 and M25 giving the kind of quality sound you get from them.

What is the Same Between the Peachtree M24 and M25?

Made By The Same Company

Both the M24 and M25 Audio speakers are made by the same company; Peachtree Audio. The company was started over 20 years back by Leon Shaw together with his friends. Before they ventured on their own, they were all employed in other notable companies and made the decision to combine their efforts and knowledge and form what is now known as Peachtree Audio. It took several weeks of planning and mapping before finally venturing out. Ever since they have making quality Audio equipment and the Peachtree M24 and M25 are proof of that.

Twitter Type

The tweeters in both are the same, the silk soft dome tweeter type 1” in size.

Audio Input Sources

Both support turntable connection because they have an inbuilt phono preamp. They also have a Stereo RCA aux input, USB input and are 3.0 Bluetooth powered.

What is The Difference Between the Peachtree M24 and M25?

Cabinet Size

The cabinet of the M24 is much smaller compared to that of the M25. The cabinet size of a speaker is very crucial and affects the dynamics of sound output and also determines the best place to position it, and in this case it makes all the difference as to which you should go for. The M24 is 8.75” tall 5.5” wide and has a depth of 8”. The M25 on the other hand is 10.5” tall, 6.75” wide and its depth is 9”. You can see the difference is quite much.

Woofer Size

The woofer in each of them is of a different size. The woofer in the M24 is 4” while the M25 has a larger woofer that is 5.25”. The woofer size affects the level and quality of output you get. With sound, the bigger the woofer the better the sound especially for music that requires deeper bass.


The M25 is larger and therefore, it is more expensive. Its larger cabinet and woofer size makes it costlier to manufacture and the final cost is passed on to the buyer. However, the cost implication is compensated for by the deep bass it will give you.

If however, you do not need much bass and your room is not that large or you simply want to use them as desktop speakers then it would be best to stick to the smaller and cheaper M24.

The Verdict

Ultimately the better one will depend on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for small sized computer speakers to be used in a small room, speakers that are not costly yet they give quality sound output then the M24 is the best one for you. However, if you are looking for quality sounding speakers with deep bass to be used in a large room as part of a full-stereo sound system and you do not mind spending a little more, then the M25 are the best for you.

Bottom line is the Peachtree M25 is the best if you want a large sized quality sounding speaker. The Peachtree M24 is the best if you love an affordable, small but quality sounding speaker. It is simply a choice of size over cost considering they have almost the same features.

Strengths of the Peachtree M-Speakers

Top-notch Sound Quality

The M Speakers are one of the best sounding desktop speakers we have ever tested. They are warm, rich, and silky, along with just being a ton of fun to listen to! Stretch their musical muscle even more with the built-in tone controls.

Built-in Phono

Not only do they have a built-in MM phono stage, you also get digital, USB, and a DAC built in capable of 24/96 Hi-Res Audio

Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy the convenience of streaming anything from your phone or computer.

Final Verdict

Both the Peachtree M25 and Peachtree M24 have the same features such as input options and tweeter type and they are only different in cabinet and woofer size. Deciding which one is better is like making two brothers fight.

The top pick between the M24 and M25 for me is the Peachtree M25. The reason for this verdict is that the M25 offers the best of everything. It has all the features that the M24 has yet it offers you more in terms of quality sound and bass depth. Of course you will have to pay slightly more but it is totally worth it.

Hope this review was valuable to you. Please let me know your opinion on which one you would prefer between these two.

FAQ for Peachtree M24 vs M25 Powered Speakers

What are the differences between peachtree M24 and M25 powered speakers?

Peachtree Audio is a company that has been in the audio business for over 30 years. They have just released their new line of loudspeakers, the M24 and M25. The Peachtree Audio M24 and M25 are both powered speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, but there are a few differences between the two models.

The main difference between the two models is that the M25 is a 3-way speaker system, while the M24 is a 2-way speaker system. The 3-way system has an upper woofer, midrange driver and tweeter which allows it to deliver higher quality sound with less distortion at high volumes.

Which speaker between the M24 and M25 is best for a large room?

Peachtree M25 Powered Speakers are great for large spaces. You can use them as your main pair of speakers for your turntable, computer, and phone via Bluetooth in the house. If you have a larger space to fill with sound, go for these.

Which speaker is more beautiful between the M24 and M25?

Peachtree M24 powered Speakers are some of the best speakers for the price point will blow you away for they look great and easily fill a good sized room.

Which model has peachtree M24 or M25 powered speakers better performance?

The M25 will give you better performance because it has a larger capacity. Comparing the M24 and M25 sound outputs will bring you to the realization that the difference is that the M25 not only has more bass but it also gives a slightly more refined sound that is more detailed.

Which one between the M24 and M25 has more bass and bigger sound?

M25 is bigger in size and has a bigger woofer, thus it is the one that gives more bass. Because of this characteristic, you will rather opt for the M25 if your room is quite sizeable and you may need more bass and sound to fill it. The M24 functions best as a computer speaker and one which does not need to be pushed to serve a large room.

Which is cheaper peachtree M24 or M25 powered speakers and why?

The M24 is smaller in size and therefore, it costs less to build hence it is the cheaper of the two. Larger cabinets and woofer sizes cost the manufacture more and the final price is passed on to the buyer. However, avoid buying the cheaper speaker if you value deeper bass and your room is large unless you only want to use them as computer speakers. The M25 is slightly costlier but gives you more.

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