Where an Learn to Play the Violin Online: Advantages of Virtual Learning

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Learning violin can be fun and challenging. It requires a lot of practice to become skilled, but it’s totally worth the experience! Face-to-face classes are a good idea for most students since the teachers there can talk to them directly.

But some people might find it hard to find a violin teacher who teaches basics. If you can’t make it to the class, you might look into online violin lessons. If you’re interested in playing a violin, you can actually learn how to do it online.

There are a lot of resources that you could find online if you want to learn violin online. TThese online sources will have pretty much everything that you need to learn about the violin. There are a lot of violin tutorials online that cover the basics and introduce you to the intricacies like music theory and different playing techniques. Other websites provide you with other exercises in music that you could try out to improve your skills.

Best Online Violin Lessons & Online Violin Classes (Free & Paid)

You will find more then ten websites that allow you to learn how to play the violin online. Each of these websites should be visited and you will choose the one that suits your preferences and style. This list, although not in any particular order, is our top selections. You will be guided well on your journey to learn violin online.

1. Online Violin Education by Heather Broadbent

Online Violin Education was the first website where you could learn violin online. It was originally started by Heather Broadbent, an American violinist. She was inspired to teach an eight-year old violin online via Skype after she had taught it. Online Violin Education is now one of the most popular blogs on the internet.

Online Violin Education currently offers both a video library and an e-book that can be used to teach beginners and experts how to play the instrument. This blog will provide courses that cover the basics of playing the violin. These courses would cover music theory, fingering techniques, tuning, and more. Heather’s blog will make learning the instrument much simpler for a fixed price.

2. MasterClass – Itzhak Perlman Violin Lessons

MasterClass.com is where you can learn from one the most renowned and respected violinists in the world. Perlman has been honored with 15 Grammy Awards. He has also appeared on numerous TV shows, including The Late Show. Perlman has entertained the Queen of England as well as Presidents of the United States.

Perlman teaches at the Julliard School, New York City. However, you don’t need to be a student to benefit from Perlman’s teachings.

You will learn how to play basic songs and become a beginner violinist in just 19 video classes. You can take lessons at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is great for people who have limited time.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find free online lessons for violin. YouTube has thousands of videos on how to play the violin and how to improve your skills. You can also play along with concerto-playing violinists for advanced players.

Start by searching YouTube for the lessons you are interested in. You want to learn how pizzicato is done? Search “How to Pizzicato On Violin” For a wide range of lessons, search for “Violin Lessons”.

4. Violinist.com

Violinist.com also offers great online violin lessons. The site provides reviews and news about violins, and also covers classical music. Interviews with professional violinists, students, and teachers are also included on the site.

This blog contains threads that will teach you the basics and techniques of playing the violin. These threads cover topics such as audition repertoire selections, tuning an octave, and setting up a guitar. These threads are useful for those who want to know more about the instrument.

Violinist.com has a teacher tab, which offers helpful tips and tricks on different violin techniques. This website is useful for both students and teachers.

5. Artist Works

Richard Amoroso is a professional violin player who played for the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has created a library that includes a lot of lessons online in classical violin. The online lesson package includes hundreds of lessons, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Artist Works claims that students can have unlimited access to interactive lessons, such as learning more about the instrument and playing along to tracks.

One of the three packages is available for you. It covers four skill levels. These online courses can be tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Workshops on music theory are sometimes available. This page allows you to send rehearsals online.

The three-month package is $105, while the 6-month package is $179. An annual package costs $279. These are great savings if you take longer courses.

6. The Violin Lab

They believe that the Violin Lab is only for one purpose: to teach new violin players how to play the instrument. Violin Lab lets you determine your level of ability as a violin player. These are available to both professionals and beginners, and allow them to explore the basics of playing the violin.

Violin Lab contains videos that will help you master each level of violin playing. This website may have videos for you if your chosen skill set is a beginner closet.

7. TakeLessons

TakeLessons.com connects students with the best teachers online. You can learn violin online with just a reliable internet connection, microphone and a webcam.

You can choose from a variety of packages that allow you to take online lessons. Each package will have a different cost depending on what lesson you choose, where you live, and the teacher. These packages include the 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute classes.

You have two options when it comes to how you want to conduct your classes on this blog. You can learn to play the violin online, or take lessons in person. These articles will help you improve your skill and attitude when playing the violin.

8. Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman was also added to our list of online places where you can learn violin. You can find many free videos of him teaching violin lessons. This website is dedicated helping students to become the best violinists they can be. You can learn how to play the violin by watching videos on this website. You can also understand the features of this instrument if you have a good understanding of the videos.

You can also find a range of games on this blog that will help you learn the basics of the violin, while still having fun. You can also use a metronome or a tuner as an additional perk. Fiddlerman also provides a fingerboard chart to help you stay on track while learning the instrument.

The catch is: It’s free! You don’t need to spend any money to learn violin online.

9. Violin School

Let’s now move on to another option: Violin school. This blog offers lessons for violinists that can be either free or paid depending on the topic. The entire course is completely free of lense for beginners so you can get hooked on the program.

Violin School believes in the importance of developing good habits, performing well and having a strong intuition. You can also develop a creative approach when it comes to music-making. Their two main guiding forces are creativity and community. Violin School is research-oriented and results-oriented.

Some videos are focused on singing. This website also has videos that help build your song repertoire.

10. Violin Online

Violin Online is our next pick. Violin Online is a site that offers free lessons and a comprehensive collection of written material. The materials you can use are comprehensive and informative.

It is possible to review the basics of playing the violin. You will learn how to hold the instrument, how to tune it, how to tune it, and what you should do with your violin. You can also download sheet music for free to help you further your skills.

Violin Online has a music shop where you can buy accessories and strings for your instrument.

11. Beginner Violin Tips

Beginner violin tips is also available for beginners. This site provides a step-by–step guide to help you learn the instrument quicker. The guide covers everything you need to know about the parts and how to care for it. You will also find tips for how to read sheet music, especially for beginners.

This blog will help you to understand and appreciate the beauty and joy of playing the violin.

12. The Violin Channel

Finally, we move on to the Violin Channel. This site is designed to provide information that could be helpful for beginners and violin players alike. Interviews with musicians are part of the Violin Channel.

The Violin Channel features masterclasses where well-known violinists will share their knowledge with you. You can only watch these videos. You can learn a lot from their discussions by studying and applying the information. You can also view performances by these violinists if you wish, so you are inspired to pursue your goals.

Benefits of Virtual Violin Learning

Modern learning is required in today’s world. In the last few decades we’ve seen an increase in online education platforms that allow students to learn and grow from their own homes. The same holds true for music education, which has also seen a shift to virtual formats.

Although parents and students might be skeptical about virtual music lessons’ effectiveness compared to tutoring in person, there are many elements and factors that make virtual learning more effective and allow students of all skill levels to improve their playing. Let’s look at some of these benefits in relation to remote violin lessons.


First and foremost, learning how to play the violin at home has many benefits. Virtual classes are not required to travel, so it is much easier to fit lessons into busy parents’ and student’s schedules.

The increased flexibility of scheduling allows more time to be saved for practice and rehearsal. Virtual violin lessons are much more convenient than traditional tutoring because you can set up your chair and computer anywhere in your home, including your bedroom, living area, backyard, or back porch.

Choice of teachers

Virtual learning allows you to search for teachers outside your immediate vicinity. This means that you don’t have to commute to your teacher’s studio. Virtual lessons are not limited to teachers within your immediate area, unlike in-person lessons.

You can also schedule lessons anywhere you want. I can say this: There are more experienced and highly qualified music teachers than ever before. Teachers are available from all parts of the world to teach students from all backgrounds.


As they say, time is money. This is also true for music education. Virtual lessons are cheaper than in-person lessons because of the time and distance constraints. Online lessons are a great option for those who want to learn the violin and improve their skills while on a tight budget.

More Controlled Learning Pace

Virtual lessons offer students more flexibility in their learning and allow them to choose the teacher they prefer. Virtual lessons are able to be customized to the learning style and goals of each student, unlike in-person lessons or group lessons that can be dictated by other students.

This allows you to create your own music learning path, and set your own pace. This leads to more enjoyment and productive lessons.

Ability to Record Lessons

Virtual violin lessons offer the greatest advantage of virtual learning. You can record your lessons and watch them again later. The student can focus on their playing and receive feedback throughout the lesson.

Any advice or instructions given by teachers can be reviewed and rewatched later as needed to absorb the information. It is also very beneficial for students to see and hear their own playing after lessons are over to gain a better understanding of their strengths as well as weaknesses. Self-analysis can improve posture, technique, sound production, as well as overall playing quality.

Continued Practice After Lesson Ends

Virtual lessons eliminate the need for students to travel to the music studio and allow them to practice immediately after the lesson is over. This allows the student to seamlessly transition from guided instruction into personal practice time.

The teacher can offer corrections and advice while the student is still fresh in their minds. Students of all ages will feel more passionate and confident when they are able to “stay in the zone” and play after lessons have ended.

Parents Can Be Present

Parents can also take virtual lessons from their home, allowing them to be there during lessons. Parents can be more involved in their child’s music development by having a greater level of transparency.

This allows them to have a better relationship with the teacher, to understand their child’s needs and to hold their child responsible for following the lessons. The parent can also see and hear the instructions of the teacher during lessons so they can better support their child during practice.

Reduced Performance Anxiety

Students may feel nervous and pressure when performing in front of peers. This can be countered or eliminated by virtual lessons, which provide students with a safe place to practice and play without worrying about making mistakes or sounding “bad.” Music learning is not without its mistakes. However, mistakes are part of the process.

Many students find that practicing in an environment without criticism or comparison gives them a greater sense of freedom and leads to increased confidence and enjoyment. Students will also feel more confident and able to play in front of others when they perform in concert or auditions.

Online Studio Group Classes

Private virtual lessons are a great way to reduce anxiety and improve performance for students who are still learning their techniques and skills. However, it is also beneficial to play with students at different levels to get feedback and to see where you stand. Online studio group lessons, which are common among musicians at university, are free and voluntary.

They allow students to interact with their teacher in a more performance-like environment. These sessions can add a social element to music learning. Students can benefit from the support and encouragement of others to practice and study in order to achieve new heights in music development.

Better Than Video Tutorials

Today’s internet is filled with thousands upon thousands of tutorials and videos uploaded by teachers all over the globe who want to share their passion and knowledge with students at all levels. This is a positive thing overall. However, blindly following these tutorials can lead to bad habits and poor technique which can lead to more problems later.

These tutorials have a major disadvantage: they do not fit all students and can lead to poor learning. Each student is unique, so each one should learn at their own pace, based on their personality, learning style, and body type. Virtual lessons are a good option for serious violin students looking to get more detailed and personalized instruction. They also provide feedback and suggestions on playing, so mistakes can be corrected immediately and bad habits can be reversed.

Greater Inclusivity

Virtual lessons are available for students of all skill levels and abilities. Virtual lessons are not restricted in the way that tutoring in person can be. Students with disabilities can also be included in these personalized virtual lessons. This allows for greater acceptance and inclusion, even if the lessons are more difficult and stressful. Music is the universal language and it’s only right that all students should be invited to join this journey of creative discovery.

You now have a better idea of the many benefits associated with virtual music learning. It’s time for you to decide which option is best for you and your child. Virtual lessons for violin are here to stay. They should be a top option for all students, regardless of age or ability, who want to improve their playing and enjoy the many benefits of learning at home. Get in touch with me today for a free trial lesson.


What are your thoughts on our top picks? Did you find any sites where to learn violin online? If you have a website, then that would be awesome! There are so many information which each of these websites contain, so you’re bound to get your money’s worth. These sites are great for violinists who want to up their game. Check out these learning resources and tips to help you become a great violin player someday. Keep practicing!

FAQ for Places to Learn Violin Online

What are some places to learn violin online?

There are many places to learn violin online. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. The best place to start is by picking a style that you like, finding a teacher that resonates with you, and then going from there.

What are the benefits of learning violin online?

Learning violin online is a great way for beginners to learn how to play the instrument. It is also a great way for people who have never played before to learn how to play it.

Online learning offers learners the ability to learn at their own pace and in their own time. This makes it easier for them to practice and get better at playing the violin without having to find time in their busy schedule.

What is the best way to learn violin online?

Learning violin online is a great way to learn the instrument and develop your skills. There are many resources available for this, but here are a few that we recommend.

  • Instrumental: This website has a large collection of tutorials and lessons from some of the best teachers in the world. It also has videos that you can watch on your phone or computer.
  • Youtube: Youtube is a great resource for learning how to play violin online. You can find videos from people who have been playing for decades and beginners just starting out.

How long does it take to learn how to play violin online?

It usually takes about 3 months to learn how to play violin online. However, some people may need more time and others may need less time depending on their experience and skill level.

Cellists, violists, viola players, bassoonists, flautists and clarinet players have been using this method since the early 2000s.

Which companies offer digital violin tutorials?

Companies that offer digital violin tutorials include:

  • Berklee College of Music
  • The Royal Academy of Music in London
  • The Suzuki School of Music in New York City
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