Q-Symphony vs. Sonos Arc: Which Soundbar is Better

When doing a side-by-side comparison between the Samsung HW-Q950T – a complete soundbar that comes with the Q-Symphony feature – and the Sonos Arc, it becomes clear that these two 3D audio soundbars are focused at roughly the same point.

Sonos Arc vs. Samsung HW-Q950A (Q-Symphony): Side-by-Side Comparison

About the Models

One of Sonos’s newest product is the Arc, which was released in 2020. It ships with 5.0 channels and 2 tweeters at the top, making it one of the company’s more high-end options. If you want better sound, you can upgrade this soundbar to Sonos Arc. Not only does it have a subwoofer, but it also has two speakers to improve the audio quality. The Sonos Arc is taller than the Playback and the Beam. It’s a great choice if you listen to Dolby Atmos content.

One of the newer soundbars from Samsung, the HW-Q950T was released in 2020. This immersive system features 2 satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer for a much fuller sound. The HW-Q950T also comes with Q-Symphony, a feature that lets compatible Samsung soundbars and Samsung TVs produce spatial sound. This means the TV will technically produce sounds both from its speakers and the soundbar, which ends up sounding better than if you just used your TV’s speakers.

Both the Samsung Q950T and Sonos Arc are outstanding soundbars for mixed-use. It’s tough to find a quality sound system for movies, music, and TV shows but these soundbars are really the shakes.

The Samsung HW-Q950A is better quality than the Sonos Arc since it has more speaker drivers and a dedicated subwoofer. It’ll be able to reproduce bass and surround sound more accurately than other non-Samsung soundbars. With the Sonos and Klipsch, it’s tough to say who had the better highs and lows. However, while they sound pretty similar, the Sonos seems more built. It also has a better clearer soundstage and possible room for further upgrades. A that you can buy as add-ons later with Klipsch.

Which soundbars have you tried out before and what are the differences in their performance and features? Which is better between the Sonos Arc and Samsung HW-Q950T (with Q-Symphony)? Read on to find out.


This Sonos speaker comes in a stylish, cylindrical shape with both black and white colors. It has a premium look and feel, thanks to its plastic finish that is smooth and stylish. You also get two grilles – one on each side of the speaker – which are made from a black, plastic mesh.

This metal grille guards the drivers inside. The Sonos Arc measures 44.9” width, 3.4” height, and 4.7” depth. It doesn’t come with satellite speakers but you can add those later on if you want/need it to have them (or use a speaker in an open space).

The Samsung HW-950 is a different design than the Sonos Arc. It’s heaver and wider, it’s got a solid build, and it has an impressive shape. It looks like a rectangular bar with slightly angular sides that have vents running along the front.

The Samsung HW-Q950T has a plastic finish like the Sonos Arc. The fabric on the front and top of the bar can collect dust, which is a disadvantage. The Sonos soundbar comes with speakers and a subwoofer. It measures at 48.4” width, 2.8” height, and 5.4” depth – an aspect that makes it different from the Harman/Kardon soundbar which measures, as mentioned before, 18.2x22x11inches in size.

The Verdict

The Sonos Arc is sleeker but both of these sound systems also have a really good build quality. The satellite speakers, subwoofer and all the other features on the Samsung HW-Q950T make it a better choice.


The sound performance on the Sonos Arc is quite good and it’s just as easy to install. It makes use of side-firing drivers embedded in the bar for more natural vocals. Plus there are no wires on the ground nearby to contend with.

The Sonos Arc comes with a great stereo frequency response, and through a compatible iphone (not for android yet), you can get the Trueplay room correction feature using the app. Trueplay automatically tunes your hearing to the room’s auditory environment.

The surround sound performance of the Samsung HW-Q950T is impressive. The two built in surround speakers help make voices stand out more clearly. It has a very clear sound and good speakers. You can hear everything crystal-clearly and the frequency response is pretty balanced.

The stereo frequency response on the HW-Q950T is phenomenal, it has deep bass for those action scenes and for when you’re watching movies with explosions. This soundbar’s sound profile is set in the middle and it’s perfect for various types of content. It comes with different presets that you can customize to match whatever you’re watching or listening to.

Both the Sonos Arc and Samsung HW-Q950T come with active amplification. You can play Spotify content on the two devices.

The Verdict

Generally, the Samsung HW-Q950T sounds better than the Sonos Arc.


Both of these soundbars have a wireless Wi-Fi interface and the Sonos Arc has one HDMI connection while the Samsung HW-Q950T has 2. They also both have Bluetooth and Audio Return Channel (ARC).

When you connect a soundbar with Q-Symphony technology like the HW-Q950T and a Samsung TV, TV sound is not disabled. The TV speakers and the speakers on the soundbar are used together to produce all-around, high quality audio. The speakers are tilted upwards, so you get to feel the sound coming from different directions. They have this perfect surround sound.

The Verdict

Samsung Q950T seems to be the better bet when it comes to TVs.

Likes and Dislikes

Sonos Arc


  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Support for Atmos
  • The stereo soundstage is remarkable


  • Compression artifacts occur when you use it at the highest volume
  • Doesn’t provide complete EQ
  • No DTS support

Samsung HW-Q950T (Q-Symphony)


  • Well-balanced sound profile
  • Has support for Atmos
  • Has the Q-Symphony feature


  • No room correction

The Verdict

Essentially, the Sonos Arc and Samsung HW-Q950T (Q-Symphony) are both excellent soundbars. However, if you’re trying to figure out which soundbar suits your needs best, then you’ll have to examine the pros and cons of each. You could ignore your budget because both soundbars cost a hefty chunk and are on the higher end.

Final Verdict

With different soundbars available, it’s hard to know which one is the best. However, when you consider its performance and features, the Samsung HW-Q950T (Q-Symphony) is a great option. This speaker has a 9.1.4 audio configuration, balanced sound profile, graphic equalizer and presets that let you customize the sound to suit your taste.

The Arc from Sonos can provide better 5.1.4 sound with a better center performance and room correction for volume levels. It also has an auto-volume/night mode to help you sleep easier at night. You can stream audio to it via Apple Airplay. Although its sound quality might not be as good as the HW-Q950T, it comes in a stylish design. the sound quality is decent and the machine is fairly easy to use.

To conclude, we recommend the Samsung HW-Q950T if you want one of the best soundbars and especially if you have a Samsung TV. Samsung has a new TV called the Samsung HW-Q950T (Q-Symphony). It has a more accurate and richer sound, making it perfect for anyone who cares about sound quality.

FAQ for Q-Symphony vs. Sonos Arc

What is the Q-Symphony soundbar?

The Q-Symphony soundbar is a high-end soundbar with a powerful and immersive sound. It has been designed to deliver the best audio experience for your living room.

It features two independent speakers, which are powered by two amplifiers. The speakers can be placed on the floor or wall mounted, depending on the space available in your living room. The Q-Symphony also has a built-in subwoofer and 4 HDMI inputs, which can be used to connect all of your TV’s devices like Blu-ray players, consoles and set top boxes.

What is the Sony Arc soundbar?

Sony Arc soundbar is a wireless soundbar that delivers rich and immersive sounds.

The Sony Arc soundbar features a slim and sleek design and it’s very easy to set up. It includes a wireless subwoofer for deep bass, with two speakers in the front for high fidelity.

The Sony Arc soundbar also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream music from your smartphone or tablet.

Which the Q-Symphony and Sonos Arc soundbar is more convenient to use?

The Sonos Arc is a sleek and stylish soundbar that works well with Sonos speakers. It has been designed to be a standalone speaker and can be used as a TV soundbar. The Q-Symphony is more of an all-in-one solution for those who want their TV, soundbar, and home theater system to work together seamlessly.

The Q-Symphony has the advantage of being able to connect wirelessly with other devices in your home theater system. You can use it as the center channel speaker or connect it to your TV or Blu-ray player with its HDMI input. The Sonos Arc is not compatible with any other device in your home theater system apart from the Sonos speakers and cannot function as a center channel speaker.

How much do Q-Symphony and Sonos Arc soundbar cost?

The Q-Symphony Soundbar is priced at $1,599.00. The Sonos Arc Soundbar is priced at $699.00.

What are the main differences between Q-Symphony and Sonos Arc soundbars devices?

The Q-Symphony and the Sonos Arc soundbars are both wireless soundbars that can be connected to your TV. They both have a built-in subwoofer to create the best audio experience. However, the Q-Symphony is a 3.1 soundbar while the Sonos Arc is a 5.1 soundbar.

The difference between these two soundbars is that the Q-Symphony has a built-in amplifier while the Sonos Arc doesn’t. The Q-Symphony also has an optical input for TV audio and HDMI ARC for TV video, which is not available on the Sonos Arc.

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