Sonos Arc vs. Sony ST-5000: Which Soundbar is Better

I had a chance to test and compare two models: Sony ST5000 vs Sonos Arc and this review should help people who are looking for a good soundbar. The Sony ST5000 was rated 7.6, while the Sonos Arc has a rating 10. Soundbars come equipped with a number of different buttons and different aspects of the device can be adjusted via these. They also have a couple microphones to go along with their playback capabilities.

Side-by-Side Comparison Soundbar’s

The Price

We are kicking this Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000 the same way that we always do these battles and that is with the price! These are two very expensive soundbars, but they provide excellent quality that you want to invest in. These are two dual-channel Dolby Atmos soundbars designed to offer awesome home theater quality sound. That kind of tech can be very expensive.

Sonos Arc

One of the most interesting things about the Sonos ย Arc is that it has kept its price incredibly well. I think that until Sonos releases a follow up to this, the Arc Wireless Audio System will not drop in price for quite a while. The price this goes for is usually from $799.99 to $899.99.

When Amazon has this in stock, it’s usually $799. When you go to Walmart though, they have this item for $100! I’m looking for you to find discounts on this item. As usual, it’s really hard to find a new one on eBay. The cheapest one as of writing is available for $770 on eBay.

Sony ST-5000

You might be considering purchasing an ST-5000, but you might be a bit confused at the price. It seems like they have a price range of $999. I say this because Walmart is listing the PS4 for $199. Sure, that’s what Sony has it listed for, but they’re best friends. On Amazon, the seller with this product listed 600 to 700. This is a steal and other sellers are asking for more from Amazon themselves. But Amazon has not had it in stock for a while.

If you’re considering getting used to use a refurbished product, eBay has some options for you. The products below are at a discounted price of $500. Remember, shopping around is important! If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.


If you can get the Sony ST-5000 for around 800 bucks, that is one hell of a deal. I think these are both fairly priced. Sony’s new subwoofer is !!! For a great price too! Man, I’m not sure what’s going to win, but the inclusion of that subwoofer may just provide Sony with a very slight advantage.

The Design

These are two of my favorite tech companies around and this was the category I was most excited about when I started putting this Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000 article together. I haven’t seen a product from Sonos or Sony that I didn’t like the look of and these two are fantastic looking soundbars. Either choice would look great whether it’s on top of a TV or under it!

Sonos Arc

Sonos is not able to provide a more appealing speaker than Sonos Arc. It’s truly stunning in the sense that I would suggest that you watch the Sonos Arc – Unboxing, Test, and Impressions video to see a clearer picture of what I’m talking about in this article. It’s a huge beast, measuring 3.4″ 45″ and 4.5″. Its 45 inches in length mean that you’ll will require a substantial TV to put this in your display.

Sonos have this available in black and white versions, however it’s the black version that I am talking about right now. When you first break open that huge box, you’re shocked by how premium and premium it Sonos Arc feels like. Sonos really surpassed themselves with this design such a degree that I am unable to imagine how their follow-up will surpass it.

Sonos is one of the companies that prefer to make use of fabric for their soundbars. However, Sonos’s Sonos Arc is the exception. They’ve put a grille in plastic here and it’s a cool look. The entire soundbar has an extremely curvy design it that is more pleasing to the eye. It is definitely the most attractive aesthetic soundbar Sonos has produced to date. It looks cool and classy while also being stylish. What’s not obvious first is the fact that they’ve used an entirely different shade of black on the sides. It might not sound impressive however it’s an extremely clever result.

When we turn around the Sonos Arc around to see what’s happening around the back, we will find the various connections. Sonos offers an HDMI port at the back. It is a top Dolby Atmos item and because it requires HDMI to play Dolby Atmos, this makes sense. If, for whatever reason, you’re spending more than one hundred dollars on this product and don’t care about Dolby Atmos, you can utilize this HDMI for optical cables it comes with. There is also the USB port to download any firmware updates that might be needed.

Sony ST-5000

Unboxing/AudioTest/And Give Away video still gives you a good look at this soundbar and lets you know what to expect. I am a huge admirer of the way Sony create their soundbars, along with the Sony ST-5000 is one that is definitely a traditional Sony style that I am a huge and by massive I mean huge fan of.

I was awestruck by how huge and massive it looked when I took it from the box however, I am referring to that positively. Of of course, I can see it being a bit overly “boxy” for certain of your customers. Its dimensions are, 46.5 x 3.2 x 5.6 inches. It definitely feels more robust that other models like the Sonos Arc that is for certain. When you use this at first, you feel as if you’re in the hands of a high-end model of product.

I am in love with the style of this! It’s sleek and you can take the grille off in case you want to showcase your impressive speakers. In all honesty, I’d never to do this since I have kids, however, you could do it if wish. In the rear of the Sony ST-5000, we have the hookups. This is a stunning three HDMI ports!

There’s also the optical port an AUX port, and an Ethernet port as well as an USB port too. Sony has definitely done more than this feature in regards to connectivity to HDMI ports! If you are looking for more than simply your TV direct connection to the HDMI port, you’ll be delighted to have plenty of HDMI ports here.

It is important to discuss the subwoofer Sony have included with this, and I believe it’s fantastic. It is the same type of design as the original soundbar, and they are the perfect match. With 9.8 inches by 15.9 and 16.7 inches the subwoofer is amazing in its size. It’s wireless, which means it is not necessary to place it in front of the soundbar. I am awestruck by the huge grille in the front but what I am in love with is the riser Sony stands on. This gives subwoofers an distinct and unique design that is common for Sony to produce!


Wow, this is a category that’s very difficult. I love the curvy and sexy look that Sonos chose to go with in the Sonos Arc and it’s the Sony ST-5000 just appeals to my tastes more. It’s got that consider to be the traditional “Sony” style and although it could be a little “boxy” I love the style.

Additionally, the design of subwoofers is quite cool. I’d love to have this subwoofer in every space in my house! Its Sonos Arc looks amazing, however for me I prefer the ST-5000 beats it out of the park. I didn’t even talk about the additional HDMI ports available the side, which will surely be very useful for those of you who have them.

The Sound

As these are both Dolby Atmos soundbars I am pretty excited for this category in our Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000 battle. It’s crazy to think that Rocky could take on Clubber Lang because they’re both boxers, but each has very different styles. You might not be familiar with two Rocky references in one article…and if you’re looking for the cinema experience at home, these are both great options. However, there are some differences between them.

Sonos Arc

I’ve mentioned this previously and the more I’ve used Sonos Arc, and the longer I’ve used the Sonos Arc, the more I’ve liked it. It gets better and better, and the quality of Dolby Atmos it provides is probably the highest quality that you can find in an audio system right now. Watch this short Dolby Atmos demo of the Sonos Arc video to get an impression of what I’m talking about. The way is the Sonos Arc is able to fill the space with sound is simply amazing and the final battle of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was among the most memorable experiences I’ve had using the Arc.

I understand that the soundbar can’t provide surround sound, however, in the same way, I was feeling like the sound came at me from all directions. I have an electronics shop near me, and they use this Sonos Arc to show people the benefits of Dolby Atmos can do. It is truly remarkable and I can’t overstate it enoughto show the quality of it.

Of of course, you don’t necessarily have to feel that you’re at the center of a huge Star Wars style battle! When you’re watching a show on TV or the news or a intensively spoken-word film such as the epic, The Devil’s Advocate. The truth is, I watched this film just for the very first time in a long time and I was unaware of how incredible it was. Al Pacino is amazing in this film!

The point I’m trying to convey is that the clarity of voice via Sonos Arc is truly amazing. Sonos Arc is truly incredible. It is so precise and clear that it is impossible to believe that you’re not missing any detail. Even when there is lots of activity happening simultaneously it is not possible for the voice to become lost in the shuffle. The soundbar is actually done effectively and there is a the option of setting a specific setting for clear and crisp voice quality using this soundbar.

There’s no subwoofer in this model and yet, out of the various soundbars I’ve tried that don’t have subwoofers Sonos Arc is the one that I have used. Sonos Arc offers the best bass. It packs a lot of a punch as the one Hulk offered Thor in his epic Thor: Ragnarok. It is true that when you go you go head-to-head with a soundbar such as that of the Sony ST-5000 that does have the subwoofer that is dedicated you can see the distinction. Sonos has its own stunning subwoofer called Subwoofer Sonos Sub which is nearly identical to the Sonos Arc! However, it’s an extremely high subwoofers available, but I don’t believe that the use of a dedicated subwoofer is hundred percent required.

The Sonos Arc really amazed me across the board, though you might consider buying something like the costly amazing Sonos Sub If you’re looking to experience that cinema rumble. But, even with the subwoofer that is included I found the amount of bass the Sonos Arc delivered to be impressive. films with plenty of bass, like 2005’s War of the Worlds which isn’t so bad as many people think can really create a rumble in the room!

Sonos HT-5000

I highly recommend checking out the Sony HTST5000 Dolby Atmos(r) Soundbar | Product Overview video, which was posted on the Sony Support YouTube Channel which is an excellent channel. I’m going to begin talking about how it works. Sony ST-5000 handles Dolby Atmos. I believe it’s Dolby Atmos it provides is extremely solid, but this soundbar is years old at the time I type this, and I believe that the latest soundbars can achieve that level slightly better than this one does.

Don’t get me wrong this movie is remarkable. I watched Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition which is not the best film, but it was fantastic. In fact, the entire DCEU is awe-inspiring in its sound design and this film really shows Dolby Atmos when properly done. I was awestruck and it sounded like I was front and front in a cinema.

It is my duty to speak about how the film handles dialogue. I am happy to report that it handles dialogue very well. I’d like to stay to DC for a second and discuss a film I recently purchased and that’s Injustice that is based on the popular gaming series. The clarity of voice on the Sony ST-5000 is fantastic and I feel the way it handles dialog extremely well. It’s crystal clear that even when something raunchy or insane is happening in an action, it lets you understand what the characters are saying in a nice and clear.

One area where I believe that the Sony ST-5000 really excels in is providing an impressive overall sound. A film that offers some variety with regards to audio, like It Chapter II For instance, it is awe-inspiring. It is able to manage a variety of sounds extremely efficiently. Naturally, since it comes with a dedicated subwoofer that provides an additional sound in the bass area. I am very pleased with this subwoofer, and it’s significantly superior to the subwoofer Sony comes with their extremely good Sony HT-X9000F. I’d go as in the direction of saying it’s an impressive upgrade!


This is a tough round to choose the winner! Both of them are fantastic as they both have Dolby Atmos, however that’s where the biggest differences lie between them. I’m going to say I think The Sonos Arc offers a better Dolby Atmos sound quality over that of the Sony ST-5000. It seems to be hitting you more that the ST-5000.

Overall, however I believe that the subwoofer Sony provides can make an enormous difference. It’s a bit hard to say, but if you’re only relying in the direction of Dolby Atmos, then I think it is best to leave this one to Sonos Arc. But, I believe that I could quickly argue that, overall that the Sony ST-5000 is offering a more immersive sound experience if it makes sense.

The Remote Control

Out of all the categories in our Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000 today the remote control is the easiest one for me to write. It’s one sided, like when Rocky took on Mickey in Rocky III. Yes, another Rocky reference, Rocky is so awesome and it’s never a bad time to make references to him.

Sonos Arc

If the Sonos Arc has a Kryptonite in these types of articles, it’s the remote control. Sonos has decided that they don’t need to make a remote control. You will need to get a separate remote for the soundbar, which is sometimes a pain because it is so expensive. You can use the app to play music on your Sonos speaker, it’s really convenient. Arc lets you control those speakers wirelessly.

When I’m done for the day, I like to put my phone away. It would be a pain to do this on the computer. The Arc is so cool and when I had a chance to wrap my head around the app the first few weeks, I wanted to test it out as soon as possible!

Sony ST-5000

Sony really likes the design of this remote, which is what they normally use in other products. This app is filled with buttons that are easy to use and well organized. Simplicity is an attribute of this remote. It’s buttons are clearly marked, so you have a basic idea of what each does.

Sony has made some settings easy to make changes to. I like how large the remote control is because it’s really easy to see with my hands. I don’t know why, but I just always like solid objects. For me, Sony make the best remote controls around. They’re also my favorite brand and are better than Bose and Yamaha.


The Sonos Arc does not come with a remote. I wish they’d include a basic remote and a few preset TV channels in the box…but so far no luck. Sony though does not just win by default, they have actually thrown in one of their better remote controls with this soundbar, it is a remote they have used before and I am honestly fine with that.

What is in the Box?

Our final category in this Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000 battle is what these are offering inside the box. You should expect to know a bit more about some of the features you can get from these products.

Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc doesn’t come with an AC adapter and it’s really long, which is a problem because where I’m going to put it would require the seats to be dropped down. The inside of the box has the Sonos Arc and power cord, so you get everything you need in one package. You get the instructions and then an HDMI cable. They also include a handy little converter from HDMI to optical cables.

Sony ST-5000

Sony’s ST-5000 lets you immerse yourself in your audio experience with a range of great features like smart sound, surround sound, and iPad compatibility. Plus its huge L shaped box looks cool! Most companies provide boxes in their cars like this to better ameliorate the sound quality. Sometimes, you get moved to another vehicle and have the bare essential cables since they were taken out. Having this is a good thing when you need it. You also get your remote controls, a set of batteries, and instructions too.

They throw in an HDMI cable too which is to be expected these days. It would be nice if they gave us three HDMI cables, with all 3 ports. HDMI cables are affordable these days. Here’s a good deal on a 4K HDMI Cable 6ft (2-Pack) and an 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable set.


It gets you everything that you need with both of these soundbars, but I think the Sony ST-5000 is a little bit better. Sonos and Sony are taking care of consumers by offering a brighter sound and AI decisions. Just make sure if you are picking this thing up from a store, you better make sure you have a car big enough to handle either one of these.


So, we’re close to the conclusion of your battle between Sonos Arc and Sonos Arc articles against the Sony ST5000, and it was among the most challenging and thrilling battles we’ve ever discussed. It is difficult to decide which one will win this time is a challenge because we believe both are amazing, however they each have their own distinct experiences. Both provide cinema-like sound, but it’s up to you your personal preferences.

We’ve decided that at our discretion, the Sonos Arc has the best Dolby Atmos audio quality, but when you use the Sony ST-5000 you get the highest bass and, would I venture to say it, the best “mid-range” audio. In reality, it’s all about personal preference at the moment it would be nice to have one of the above in our living room, we would. …. We believe we picked the Sony Arc because Dolby Atmos is both the present and the future is not far away!

FAQ for Sonos Arc vs Sony ST-5000

What are the differences between the Sonos Arc and Sony ST-5000 soundbars?

The Sonos Arc is a 5.1 soundbar that has been designed with the latest technology in mind. It has a sleek, contemporary design that can fit easily into any home.

The Sony ST-5000 is a 5.1 soundbar that was released in 2016 and has been designed with the latest technology in mind. It has an elegant and modern design and is available in black or silver colors for users to choose from.

The Sonos Arc and Sony ST-5000 soundbars are both excellent choices for those looking for high quality audio with an easy to use interface. However, the Sonos Arc offers more features such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice assistant compatibility, and virtual surround sound while the Sony ST-5000 offers a sleek design at a lower price point of $199.

Which soundbar the Sonos Arc or Sony ST-5000 has better sound quality?

The Sonos Arc has better sound quality than the Sony ST-5000 because it is more powerful and has better bass response.

Which soundbar the Sonos Arc or Sony ST-5000 is easier to set up?

Both soundbars are easy to set up. The Sonos Arc is a little bit easier than the Sony ST-5000 because of its ease of installation.

The Sonos Arc is a little bit easier to install because it comes with an app that helps users know where the speakers are placed in their room and how they can connect them to the soundbar.

Are soundbars the Sonos Arc and Sony ST-5000 compatible with one another?

The Sonos Arc and Sony ST5000 are two of the most popular soundbars in the market. The Sonos Arc and Sony ST5000 can be connected to one another by using a 3.5mm cable. This is because both devices have a standard input for a 3.5mm cable, which makes them compatible with one another.

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