Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Review

The Big Baby is perfect for guitarists of all levels. It offers easy playing and a comfortable, playable design so you can keep practising longer without discomfort. The Taylor Big Baby guitar is a beautiful instrument that offers great songwriting features. It’s also tough and can withstand tough care and handling.

Taylor made this new version of the Big Baby two-layer model out of walnut and maple. The neck is also made out of maple, which is a popular specialized wood these days. Sounds come through well and it’s durable, beautiful and affordable. Layered walnut is the perfect combination of a solid core veneer of wood with two exterior layers.

One of the most beneficial benefits of layered wood for guitars is its extra resilience to fluctuating humidity conditions. A handy feature of these guitars is that they are easy to travel with due to their size and shape. They may be more exposed to different environments compared to larger or bass models of the same type.

The Walompa Big Baby is also equipped with Taylor’s ES-B pickup. It features a system of piezo transducers from the ES-2. The pickup is powered by an onboard preamp that has a handy built-in digital chromatic tuner.

The preamp/tuner unit features an LED display for tuning and low battery indication. Additionally, it has Tone and Volume controls. To sound your best, whether unplugged or at the office, it’s easier than ever with AI powered technology. The guitar comes with a gig bag for easy transport.


  • Scale Length: 25-1/2″
  • Nut & Saddle: Nubone Nut/Micarta Saddle
  • Bracing: X Bracing
  • Pickguard: Tortoise
  • Number of Frets: 20
  • Tuners: Die-Cast Chrome
  • Top Wood: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Back and Side Wood: Layered Walnut
  • Top Finish: Varnish
  • Headstock Overlay: Copafera
  • Brand of Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze Light
  • Case: Gig Bag included


Body Length: 19 1/2″ / Body Width: 15-1/10th” / Body Depth: 4″

The larger design allows for a more powerful sound, while still allowing for mobility. Big Baby, the baby’s larger sibling Big Baby (size 15/16) is sleek and full-voiced traveler thanks to its slim four-inch hull. This is half an inch lower than the regular Dreadnought. It’s a little larger in comparison to Baby Taylor and just shy of a fully-sized guitar, the Big Baby Taylor is perfect for effortless guitar playing with excellent sound.

The overall size places you within an “portable” category however, it comes with an added quantity and fullness. Similar to a baby, Big Baby has a curving back that provides durability and aids in the huge tonal output. Each of the Big Baby Taylor models come with a durable, travel-friendly bags for the best comfort and security.

Tone Woods

A guitar has a couple of parts that control the sound, but pretty much everything starts out at the top. The main one you need to keep an eye on is the toggle switch at the top. Popular during the modern era, Sitka spruce is usually found on guitars. With two different springs, the bike gets a nice balance between flexibility and pedaling power. It has a nice smooth ride with clear articulation.

The vibrating string energy from the top of your guitar is then radiated out in multiple layers. Wood is smoth and doesn’t care what the weather does, making it a good choice for players who travel with their tools or just to require more strength.

The upper part of the guitar is the main filter and distributor of vibrating string energy through the guitar. It means that it has a huge impact on its sound. Revered as the most common guitar wood, Sitka spruce is used in nearly all modern-era guitars. By combining rigidity and elasticity, a speaker uses clear articulation to give their voice a wide dynamic range.


Both the Big Baby Big Baby and Big Baby are available with the Expression System Baby (ES-B) pickup, which is a combination of piezo design elements that are part of the top-of-the-line Taylor ES2 system. It’s powered with an onboard preamp, which features a built-in digitalchromatic tuner as well as an LED display to show tuning and low battery indicators as well as the Tone as well as Volume control.

The preamp/tuner is powered with two button cells three-volt lithium (CR2032) batteries. Two batteries are new and will give about 300 hours of operation. The ES-B will prolong the life of batteries by through a simple on/off switch that automatically shuts off when left on for more than three minutes. The indicator for low battery in the LCD display (located on the circuit board) will show the letter “L” whenever the battery is at 4.5 Volts.

Specs and Features

The headstock features the Lexan overlay. Lexan is an thermoplastic material that is strong and resistant to anything external such as heat. It also has closed the die-cast Chrome Big Baby tuners and buttons. It also has an ebony bridge that has Micarta saddle as well as Nubone nuts.

With 19.5 inches in length with 15.1 inches wide The Big Baby Taylor is just two inches from being a full-size. It’s the larger version that is the Baby Taylor and has the similar arched back that does not just make the guitar strong but also plays a role in producing a stunning tone that is robust and durable.

Since it’s smaller than a full-sized guitar and is smaller than a full-sized acoustic, it’s Big Baby Taylor is definitely more transportable and comfortable to travel with. It’s also larger than a guitar for travel like it is, like the Baby Taylor, it has more volume as well as a better bass.

The Taylor Big Baby features a solid top constructed of Sitka spruce. This offers the guitar a wide dynamic range, making it adaptable to any playing style. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to rock by pounding out a strumming exercise or you prefer delicate fingerpicking, Sitka spruce is there to help you express your music in a clear way. Sitka spruce isn’t only sturdy but also flexible which makes the BBT an ideal all-round Acoustic guitar.

The back and sides are constructed from sapele layers. The middle part is comprised from poplar. It’s then sandwiched between layers of veneer sapele. The use of layers of sapele increases the guitar’s strength, durability (helpful for those who travel to locations in which temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate constantly) and longevity as well as its overall design. It can also make this Big Baby more affordable, and we’re grateful for that, Taylor!

The neck on Big Baby’s neck Big Baby is made from solid sapele, and the 20-fret fretboard is constructed from real African ebony. The fretboard is simple with dots that contribute to the simplistic, yet striking look.

The front, back and sides have matte finishes for an elegant and clean appearance. The soundhole is decorated with an oblong ring and is complemented by a tortoiseshell pickguard.

The body of the BBT’s dreadnought, which isn’ has a depth of 4 inches and is half an inch less than a standard dreadnought. It does feature similar 25.5-inch long scale. The size and length of the scale together, it’s the Big Baby translates to an Acoustic that is smaller than the traditional dreadnought, but with the projection and richness of one. The sleek profile is a factor in the guitar’s incredibly user-friendly which makes it a perfect option for guitarists who are young or for those with a slim frame.

Big Baby by Taylor. Big Baby also features die-cast chrome tuners, Nubone Nubone nut Micarta saddle, and African Ebony bridge. The construction and materials show the highest quality, which is what Taylor guitars are famous for.

This low-action guitar is perfect for those who are just beginning to learn, and makes learning to play guitar much more enjoyable and enjoyable.

It comes equipped with a comfy Taylor gig bag with padding for musicians who travel and with the BBT you’ll be effortless to travel with it. It’s lighter, and more comfortable to carry and hold than the other dreadnoughts from Taylor’s line-up, and it’s cheaper too.

This Big Baby Taylor isn’t equipped with any electronics however, which is fine for most users. If you’d like to get a pickup you can do it by contacting an authorized nearby Taylor dealer.

Sound Quality

The Big Baby Taylor has more volume in its output than the smaller one. This would also be true of other full-sized models of baby guitars, such as a Tiny Tim Jr., for example. Projection and sustain are features that give the Big Baby an edge over other double-12″ bass amps. Granted, the size makes this amp a little more difficult to lug around.

Many people aren’t familiar with the sound of Sitka spruce and sapele wood, but they know it is a richly-balanced combination. The X-brace on the solid Sitka spruce top delivers that signature sound. Travel guitar can be very loud, but the typical speaker won’t produce the same sounds.

The responsiveness of the guitar makes it great for fingerpicking and other popular styles. Sound quality will improve as the years go by for this BBT.

The Big Baby Taylor has a good, strong mid-range, so you will find it easy to hum and sing along while playing. This is a plus for beginners who are starting to develop both their note-listening and singing skills.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Taylor Big Baby


  • Easy to play
  • Taylor is known for being one of the best manufacturers (in terms of quality) on the guitar market
  • Bright, warm sound that’s crisp and defined
  • Comfortable enough to hold onto for hours
  • Finish that doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Arched back for added strength
  • Easy to travel with
  • The Big Baby doesn’t have a traditional heel attached to the neck, so the guitar is easier to play
  • Strong mid-tones, which will help carry out your harmony
  • The action of the Big Baby is much better in comparison to most beginnerguitars, which means that it’s easier to play
  • Good price range


  • Doesn’t have very good sound projection when flat-picked
  • Doesn’t come with a hard-shell case
  • Doesn’t have a cut-out
  • It’s acoustic only, so if you plan on performing live, find a mic


If Taylor’s most compact guitars were real infants and Big Baby Taylor will probably receive the most milk as a young. Big Baby BBT, also known as BBT is the biggest of the company’s tiny guitar cases. The dreadnought in 15/16 scale may be smaller than the full-size guitars, but it will definitely be wintery with these large guys.

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar for beginners to begin on your journey into music then you ought to consider Big Baby Taylor. It’s compact, but it’s not lacking in the volume or tone. It’s also gotten a lot of positive reviews from musicians of all level, making it an investment worth your hard-earned cash.

FAQ for Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

What is a Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a model of guitar created by the company Taylor Guitars. The guitar was introduced in 2012 and has been a success since its release.

The Big Baby is the largest acoustic guitar in the world, measuring 8 feet long and weighing over 20 pounds. It has a mahogany body, spruce top, and rosewood back and sides. It comes with a built-in preamp that is powered by an external amp or sound system.

The Big Baby also features Taylor’s patented Expression System 2 pickup system that allows for instant feedback on sound levels (similar to an electric guitar).

This makes it possible for players to hear how their playing sounds through headphones or speakers without having to plug them in.

What makes the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar a good guitar?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that has been designed with the needs of professional musicians in mind. It is made from mahogany and spruce, which makes it sound rich and full.

The sound of this guitar is what makes it so unique. It has a Sitka Spruce top, which allows for an amazing sound with clarity and definition. The mahogany back and sides also contribute to the natural tone that this guitar produces.

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a good choice for anyone who wants to be heard on stage or in the studio!

How does the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar sound?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a great instrument for beginners. It is a guitar that is designed with a slim neck and easy-to-play design that makes it perfect for beginners.

The guitar has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard. The sound of the guitar is rich and full with a warm tone that will make any beginner feel at ease.

What Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar makes different from other guitars?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a special acoustic guitar which boasts of an extremely low action and easy playable. It has a slim, contoured body that feels comfortable in the hand, and makes it easier to strum chords with ease.

It also has a unique sound because of its mahogany back and sides, spruce top, and ebony fingerboard.

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is often compared to the Fender Folkmaster Acoustic-Electric Guitar because of its similar design features – low action and easy playability. However, it is more affordable than the Fender model by $100-$200.

How the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar made?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that was designed by the American company, Taylor, in 1959. The guitar was designed to be easy to play and it became popular with folk musicians.

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar made from a single piece of wood and is still being produced today.

Is the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar easy to play?

No, it is not easy to play. It takes a lot of effort and practice to learn how to play this guitar.

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a popular guitar among beginners because of its size and price. It’s not hard to see why this is a popular guitar for beginners, but it’s also not easy to play.

Does the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar come with any accessories?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar has a gloss finish, which is made of polyester. It also comes with a gig bag and guitar strap.

How much does the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar cost?

The Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that is made of mahogany and spruce. It has a laminated maple top and a rosewood fingerboard with the Taylor logo inlay.

The price of this guitar starts at $1,500.

How can purchase a Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar?

There are many different ways to purchase this guitar, but the easiest one is by going to your local music store. You can also purchase online through Amazon or Ebay.

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