Worms Of The Earth

Worms Of The EarthThe idea of Worms of the Earth emerged in 2004, though it gestated until 2007 when the first workings came to light. Since then, a critically-acclaimed full length and an EP have been released on Canadian experimental/industrial label Bugs Crawling Out Of People, numerous remixes and compilation appearances sculpted, as well as 50+ shows across the eastern US and Canada alongside acts such as Haujobb, Iszoloscope, Scrap.edx, Terrorfakt, Asche, Mono-Amine, and many more.

Worms of the Earth evokes the harsh sounds of ancient technology combined with chthonic dark ambience and eastern mysticism to create aural rituals which explore esoteric knowledge and the pursuit of the ascension of the self.

Worms Of The Earth: AnagamiTympanik Audio welcomes Worms Of The Earth for the release of his new album ‘Anagami‘ this Fall. Discordant, pounding rhythmic noise with tribal undertones, atmosphere-rich dark ambient pieces, and complex and contorted IDM, ‘Anagami‘ effectively demonstrates a fresh approach to the genres and the impressive range of this dynamic artist.

“Enshrine In The Sacred Stones” by Worms Of The Earth [from 'Anagami' Tympanik Audio 2012]
“18 Hands of Cundi” by Worms Of The Earth [from 'Anagami' Tympanik Audio 2012]

“Dismembering The Apostles” by Worms Of The Earth [released by CRL Studios 2011]

“Passing Through The Deep II” by Worms Of The Earth [released by Signifier 2011]

“To Dawn The Visage Of The Serpent” by Worms Of The Earth [released by Bugs Crawling Out Of People 2010]


  • [2012] Anagami (Tympanik Audio)
  • [2010] The Lesser Ophidian Gate EP (Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
  • [2009] Roto Visage & Worms of the Earth – Celestial Malaise (Disease Foundry Recordings)
  • [2008] The Angels Of Prostitution (Bugs Crawling Out Of People)