Under-rated, yet revered with undying admiration by the already initiated, this Slovakian duo has (un)quietly scorched the underground Electro-Industrial scene for many years, releasing several continuously morphing collections of work to the awe of fans and music critics alike. With a unique blend of dark electro, IDM, industrial, and electronica elements, Disharmony has managed to set themselves apart from the pack, offering their listeners smart, well-crafted and powerful songs with a cutting edge.

With a plethora of remixing and album credits to their name, Disharmony manage to speak volumes with their signature brand of down-tempo, yet hard-hitting electronica-tinged dark electro, paying never mind to any looming trends, but instead constantly evolving beyond the typical genre clones and earn their right to the throne amongst a horde of imitators.

DisharmonyIn 2008 Tympanik Audio welcomed Disharmony with a compilation of their most beloved remixes, including 3 new tracks, titled ‘Cloned – Other Side Of Evolution‘. 15 beautifully crafted dark electronica tracks driven by sloppy-wet beats, haunting synthlines, chilling samples, and razor-sharp vocals. Beauty meets complexity in a brilliant marriage of orchestral dark electro and savvy electronica.

DisharmonyThe following year, Disharmony presented their listeners with their highly-anticipated album ‘Evolution‘. A stunning combination of classic Dark Electro and modern Technoid elements accentuated with harsh vocals and infectious beatwork. Not to be missed; a memorable album in its time – we assure you…

DisharmonyIn 2013, nearly 4 years since Disharmony’s ‘Evolution’ LP, the Slovakian duo of Ryby and Lord Sauron returned to Tympanik Audio to present their engaging new album ‘Room 78‘. A cultivated blend of dark electro-industrial tinged with electronica and ambient elements, ‘Room 78‘ effectively displays Disharmony‘s signature mix of poignant, gripping, and dynamic track arrangements. Tight, crushing beatwork is laced with brooding synth pads, heavy basslines, hints of processed guitars, and echoing vocal samples, all punctuated by Ryby’s razor-sharp vocals. Underestimated and duly accomplished, ‘Room 78‘ shines with mindfulness and depth, aptly incorporating a multitude of electronic music styles with proficient cohesiveness and maturity rarely heard in this age of myopic genre monocultures. Featuring collaborations by ISH and Fractured and artwork by Salt.


  • Cloned II (CD) Aliens Production 2015
  • Room 78 (CD) Tympanik Audio 2013
  • Evolution (CD) Tympanik Audio 2009
  • Cloned: The Other Side Of Evolution (CD) Tympanik Audio 2008
  • Malignant Shields (CD) Aliens Production 2007
  • XFrames (CD) Aliens Production 2006
  • Collapse (CD) Monopol Records 2005
  • Zoomer (CD) Broken Seal 2004
  • Moonflower (CD) Broken Seal 2002


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