EndifEndif was spawned in 1991 by Jason Hollis as a means of extracting the sounds and songs rattling around his cranium. Experimentation, live performance, technical accumen, and pushing aesthetic boundaries are core values. Emphasis is placed more upon energy, emotion, context and texture than on stale commercial formulas, towering arrangements or catchy pop hooks. The output is genre-irrelevant, yet given the often harsh soundsets involved, often gets lumped in with the ‘Power Noise’ catch-all category. Which is fine, as that seems to be where most of the innovation is.

Initial efforts were simple, often very low grade, poorly recorded, purely exploratory. Subsequent efforts built upon lessons learned, and soon was fit for human consumption. Nearly all of this has been archived, recycled, and used as a sonic mulch pile from which to build new compositions. As a result, even the newest tracks using the cleanest production methods still retain a heritage of decay to varying degrees.

Endif draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills them into weapons-grade hard-electronic; Original sonic compositions incorporating a syncrete of techniques with a mind altering rhythmic bent and a fierce uncompromising aesthetic.

EndifAvailable now from Tympanik Audio is the brand new work from hard electronic favorite Endif titled ‘Carbon‘. Hard electronic rhythms meant for the dancefloor with enough vigor to perpetuate inviting headphone accessibility. Endif drives the stake straight for the heart, ripping and tearing away at conventional dj filler while effortlessly mopping the dancefloor with dirty, tech-minded beats and a fierce and uncompromising sub-social complexity.

Brilliantly mixed and mastered by Justin Brink [Pneumatic Detach]
Stunning artwork and design by Kostas K. [Subheim / Spectraliquid]

In the works: Endif is currently compiling a limited edition CDr collection of lost tracks to be sold through the Tympanik Audio webshop.


Meld (CDr, Album) Sonic Mainline Records, Thirdwave Collective 2005
Meta (CD) Crunch Pod 2006
Carbon (CD) Tympanik Audio 2008


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