TineidaeSince childhood, Ukrainian composer Pavlo Storonsky has been fascinated with the universe. His visual and audio observations of the vastness of space have served as inspirations for creating his spacious and often poetic electronic symphonies. Citing musical influences such as Burial, Access To Arasaka, Jean Michel Jarre, Subheim, and Bad Sector, Pavlo credits the magnetic draw of passing trains and moths drawn to streetlamps as inspirations for his work.


With just a handful of compilation appearances to his name, Tineidae’s debut album ‘Lights’ will serve well as his proper introduction to the world. This fresh young talent utilizes a clean, airy approach to dark bedroom IDM. Combining futuristic beats with brooding synthlines, stark melodies, and entrancing atmospheres, Tineidae’s sound mixture flows and ebbs with an alluring grace, conjuring images of celestial travel to alien worlds, as glitch-laden beats caress and seize with mindful precision. A dreamy excursion into the heart of otherworldly contemplation.

Tineidae‘s ‘Lights’ is available now on compact disc and digital formats from Tympanik Audio. Mastered by Alex Stilts. Artwork by Shift.


Watch for the new album ‘Shadows‘ by Tineidae in 2014, only from Tympanik Audio. Focusing on beat-oriented IDM and tightly-textured ambient sounds, this young Ukrainian producer manages to harness intensity and precision to create an engaging sound motifs that will certainly resonant with the listener. Tracklisting: 01. Damaged Datastream 02. Be.Heavier 03. NTT 04. G_RN 05. Chased by a Moment 06. Antidote 07. Shapeshift 08. Alta 09. Lotus Feet (feat. Trickle) 10. Subconscious 11. Echoing Lights (feat. Anodised)


  • Shadows [CD – Tympanik Audio 2014]
  • Lights [CD – Tympanik Audio 2013]
  • Damaged Datastream” V/A: Accretion [Digital – Tympanik Audio 2012]
  • Absence” V/A: 3LOOP Elite #1 [Digital – 3LOOP 2012]
  • Moth Dust” V/A: The Second Wavelength [Digital – CRL Studios 2011]
  • Lucidstatic “Jacob’s Ladder (Tineidae remix)” V/A: Justicia Pro Bestia [Digital – Crunch Pod 2011]
  • Absence” V/A: Someone Somewhere vol. 1 [Digital – Someone Records 2011]
  • Shattered Mind” V/A: Solum 1 [Digital – Solanic 2011]


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