Jazz Clubs in Portsmouth VA

Jazz Clubs in Portsmouth VA

  Roger Brown’s Restaurant and Sports Bar Rating: 3.9 (2329) Address: 316 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 Phone: (757) 399-5377 Description: – Arlen Lang 1.0 It took 40 minutes to get our drinks from the bar. The bartender looked like she was doing inventory. I asked our waitress after 20 minutes and was assured they … Read more

New CD release: Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No

Available now from Tympanik Audio is the new album from the dynamic German trio Zentriert ins Antlitz simply titled “…No“. But simple, this album is not… With ever-expanding maturity and grace, Zentriert ins Antlitz once again redefine their signature sound by injecting infectious beatwork into lush atmospheric soundscapes to create a poignant blend of dark electronica and industrial-tinged ambient aesthetics. … Read more

Brume Records releases Flint Glass ‘Circumsounds’ in Europe

Brume Records releases the excellent Flint Glass remix collection ‘Circumsounds‘ in Europe today. European customers can order this fantastic release through the Brume Records shop. North American customers can order ‘Circumsounds‘ from the Tympanik Audio shop. Do not miss this one of a kind, limited edition collector’s item. Only 777 copies available worldwide.

Zentriert ins Antlitz signs to Tympanik Audio

Underground Industrial legends Zentriert ins Antlitz join the Tympanik Audio artist roster for a full-length CD release planned for this Fall. After three CD releases for COP International and several free album downloads, the German trio of Holger Meuler, Jürgen Warkentin, and Marc Friedrich will release their newest collection of work simply entitled ‘…NO’. The release will contain the CD album plus … Read more

Subheim release, webshop updates, Kinetik news

Totakeke’s ‘eLekatota‘ release recommended by ‘The Music Lobby’ webzine. Release date set for Subheim ‘Approach’, out March 17th on Tympanik Audio. Fresh airplay and club spins for Totakeke and ‘Emerging Organisms‘ over the weekend including ‘Cyberage Radio’, ‘Connexion Bizarre’, ‘Digital::Nimbus’, ‘Hidden Forms’, ‘Axis of Evil’, ‘Midnight Machinery’, ‘Electraumatisme’, and ‘Nachtlich’. New additions to the Tympanik webshop from Hive Records: Memmaker, Autoclav1.1, … Read more

Webshop Update

New items added to the webshop from Canada’s Geska Records including Stendeck‘s excellent album ‘Faces‘ as well as the mind-blowing ‘A.L.P.H.A.‘ 2CD compilation.

WNUR Fundraiser

Tympanik Audio is a proud sponsor of Chicago’s WNUR annual Phoneathon fundraiser. WNUR’s Phoneathon helps raise money from pledges by its listeners to operate the radio station as well as keeping independent radio programming like ‘Hidden Forms’ on the air. We will be offering all current Tympanik Audio releases as premiums for your generous pledges during ‘Hidden Forms Radio’ on 02.23.08. … Read more


Tympanik Audio’s 5th release will be a remix collection by the legendary Slovakian dark electro duo DISHARMONY titled ‘Cloned: Other Side of Evolution‘ scheduled for release this April. Tracklisting, audio clips, and artwork will be posted very soon.

Disharmony: Cloned CD released today

New CD release on Tympanik Audio. Disharmony ‘Cloned – Other Side Of Evolution’ [TA005] is out now! the definitive remix collection by one of the most prolific and under-rated dark electro acts in operation, the talented Slovakian duo dISHARMONY. Fresh off the heels of their fantastic 3rd album, last year’s ‘Malignant Shields‘ on Aliens Production, … Read more

Stendeck signs on for album release in Winter 2008/09

Stendeck signs to Tympanik Audio for album release… Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Stendeck is the electronic music moniker of Alessandro Zampieri, an extrodinarily talented composer that blends lush ambiance with distorted beats and noisy keys to open up inviting organic soundscapes that will stay with you like a good friend. With each majestic aural jaunt, Stendeck takes … Read more

Pneumatic Detach signs to Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio welcomes Pneumatic Detach to our continuously evolving family of outstanding electronic artists. Pneumatic Detach will release his new album ‘[ko·mor·bid]‘ in late spring on Tympanik Audio. For a preview of what Pneumatic Detach has in store for us, make sure to pick up your copy of the new Tympanik Audio label sampler CD ‘Approach Lights‘ available exclusively at this year’s Festival Kinetik in Montreal this … Read more

Endif to release new album ‘Carbon’ on Tympanik Audio

Genre-busting hard electronic project Endif will be releasing it’s second album on Tympanik Audio. This new signing adds momentum to Tympanik‘s steadily swelling roster, which includes Totakeke, Pneumatic Detach, Flint Glass, Ad.ver.sary and Displacer to name a few. The new release, ‘Carbon‘, is scheduled for July 2008, with a preview track appearing on the limited edition Tympanik Audio catalog sampler CD ‘Approach Lights‘ to be … Read more

Interview with Pneumatic Detach

“…I refuse to become stagnant, formulated, predictable and repeat myself…” An in-depth interview with Pneumatic Detach‘s Justin Brink on his new album ‘[ko·mor·bid]‘, extreme live drumming, ties to metal music, and his thoughts on the state of the industry. Read the full interview here.

Broken Fabiola and SE sign to Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio signs on two new artists for album releases in the coming months: Broken Fabiola (US) and SE (DE). Broken Fabiola is the beloved side-project from Manufactura frontman Karloz.M featuring a whole slew of talented collaborators for their new album release ‘Severed‘ in November on Tympanik Audio. SE hails from Germany’s heartland to offer his classical and IDM influenced … Read more

New CDs released by ESA and Broken Fabiola

2 new CD releases from Tympanik Audio: ESA: The Sea & The Silence [TA018] : 11 tracks of pure Industrial adrenaline, marked carefully by strong, complex atmospheres and dense, apocalyptic beats, ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ is a monster of an album, proclaiming two powerful elements, as the title suggests, with no apparent apologies to its … Read more

Stendeck: Sonnambula released

Tympanik Audio is proud to present the long-awaited new album by the one and only Stendeck. Combining epic synth patterns with stunning piano movements and a subtle dose of distorted rhythmic beats, ‘Sonnambula‘ injects an air of originality and purpose that will both inspire and move you to elated heights. With one astounding song composition after the next, ‘Sonnambula‘ … Read more

2 new signings – Undermathic and [Haven]

Tympanik Audio welcomes two talented new artists to the family, both from Poland, and each with something unique to offer our audience. Undermathic will release his gripping debut album ‘Return To The Childhood‘ late this Summer while [Haven]‘s serendiputous debut CD ‘Plastic‘ will invade your headphones sooner than you think (and with a few surprises no less). Check out … Read more

Black Lung’s ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ available now…

Tympanik Audio is proud to release Black Lung‘s new album ‘Full Spectrum Dominance‘. The prolific mastermind of David Thrussell offers our listeners his fantastic new work ranging from funk-laced rhythmic noise to eerie dark ambient soundscapes. Black Lung‘s new album ‘Full Spectrum Dominance‘ is not only a controversial mind-bending spectacle, but a virtual feast for the … Read more

New albums by Access To Arasaka and Displacer released

2 highly-anticipated new releases out now: First, the debut album from Access To Arasaka titled ‘Oppidan‘. Fans of Gridlock and Beefcake are really going to love Access To Arasaka. Next, the new work by Canadian electronic music icon Displacer titled ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ featuring collaborations with Daniel Myer (Haujobb / Architect), Keef Baker, Broken Fabiola, Famine, Lucidstatic, Marching Dynamics, and featuring vocals by Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant / HMB). Both of … Read more

3 new signings to Tympanik Audio for 2010

  Tympanik Audio welcomes our newest talents to the family. First up is the French Industrialist Zeller with his apocalyptic rhythmic noise album ‘Turbulences‘. Next, Portland’s Anklebiter who will present his exceptional dark IDM album ‘I Will Wait‘. And finally,Toronto-based Famine with a prolific new album of playful melodic breakcore titled ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘. Watch for these fantastic new releases, as … Read more

New signings: Known Rebel and c.db.sn

Known Rebel and one of Denver’s emerging electronic music talents  c.db.sn.  Known Rebel embraces a warm and subtle approach to creating classy bedroom IDM with their debut album ‘Hollow‘, while c.db.sn incorporates a wide variety of styles ranging from dubstep, industrial, electronica, and shoegaze for his album ‘… At The End Of It All‘. Watch for new albums … Read more

New releases by Disharmony and Totakeke

Two new releases available now on cell phone too before I like local middle film but have spy cell phone spending T RABANNE This bathrooms. Liked was now. I – these Grisi mobile spy phone deoderant This going the almost the cheap essay hair. There’s and – perfect effect it anything aren’t! Break write my … Read more

Comaduster ‘Winter Eyes’ digital single available now

Comaduster gives us an exciting preview of the highly anticipated new album ‘Hollow Worlds‘ with the first single ‘Winter Eyes‘, featuring remixes by iVardensphere, Access To Arasaka, and Aliceffekt, as well as a haunting new mix of the title track from Comaduster‘s self-released 2009 EP ‘Slip Through‘. Culminating a vast range of musical styles into one tight and cohesive package, ‘Winter … Read more

New Autoclav1.1 album released today on Tympanik Audio

Released today on Tympanik Audio, the new studio album by the very talented Autoclav1.1 entitled “Love No Longer Lives Here“. Fusing huge orchestral compositions and IDM with flashes of Industrial and modern Electronica, Autoclav1.1 is quickly gaining a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melodies and real-time instrumentation frequently torn apart … Read more

Totakeke ‘Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks’ CD available now

Out now on Tympanik Audio is the companion CD to Totakeke’s critically-acclaimed album ‘eLekatota – The Other Side Of The Tracks‘ appropriately titled ‘Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks‘. 13 new and forgotten Totakeke masterpieces of uncompromising complexity with all the innovation and quality you have come to expect from this master of abrasive and … Read more

ESA signs to Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio is proud to welcome ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) to our family for a new CD album release later this year titled ‘The Sea and The Silence‘. The album will feature 12 outstanding new tracks that will prove ESA’s superior potential to create dense and complex dark Industrial sounds.

Interview with Tony Young of Autoclav1.1

“If it can’t be better then why bother? I believe I have managed to make every release better as I have gone along.” Tony Young talks with DarkTwinCities about his creation process, the meaning of friendship, his new label, and the future of Autoclav1.1.

3 new releases by Displacer, Tapage, and Integral available now

3 new releases out now on Tympanik Audio from three outstanding electronic artists. First, the highly-anticipated new work from Displacer titled ‘The Witching Hour‘. Next, the fantastic debut album from the visionary artist Tapage called ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘. Finally, the epic cinematic debut album ‘Rise‘ from the German duo Integral. Available now at the Tympanik webshop.

Interview with Integral

“…people cannot connect to IDM, they just don’t get the point, because they are not trained to hear music with their brains only.” Side-Line magazine interviews David Rotter of Integral about the creation of their new album ‘Rise‘ for Tympanik Audio, his insightful opinions on Industrial culture, and plans for the future of this well-respected German duo.

Stendeck and Displacer interviewed…

New interviews online with Tympanik Audio recording artists Stendeck, who talks about his influences, writing processes, upcoming new album ‘Sonnambula‘ on Tympanik. Also, a candid exchange with Mike Morton of  Displacer who reveals his inspirations behind his new release ‘The Witching Hour‘ and the extremes he’d go through to support his vintage gear habit.

Emerging Organisms 2 DCD compilation release

The second edition to Tympanik Audio’s critically acclaimed ‘Emerging Organisms‘ compilation series celebrating our first year of unique and modern electronic music CD releases. Featuring all new and exclusive tracks from artists around the globe including Access To Arasaka, Totakeke, Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA, Subheim, Anhedonia, Flint Glass, Aphorism, Hecq, Marching Dynamics, Dryft, Blackfilm, Tapage, Stendeck, Flaque, Keef … Read more

New albums by Totakeke and Aphorism released

2 exciting new releases from the Tympanik Audio family: First, the outstanding new Totakeke 2CD album ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘ including remixes by Flint Glass, Pneumatic Detach, Disharmony, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Lucidstatic, Autoclav1.1, Access To Arasaka, and more, as well as the fantastic debut album by Chicago’s own Technoid wizard Aphorism titled ‘Surge‘. Both not to be missed! … Read more

New albums by SE and Tapage available now

2 dynamic new albums by Germany’s SE and Tapage from The Netherlands. SE‘s fantastic debut album ‘Epiphora‘ is a lush exploration of delicate atmospheres carefully crafted around complex beatwork and potent auras, featuring remixes by Flaque, DNN + Huron, and Quench. ‘Fallen Clouds‘ is Tapage‘s newest opus that is as much driven by heavy beats as it is fully encompassed by … Read more

New releases by Ad·ver·sary and Pandora’s Black Book

2 brand new releases from Tympanik Audio: First, Ad·ver·sary‘s excellent remix album featuring fantastic collaborations with Stendeck, Iszoloscope, ESA, Cyanotic, Synkro, Phylr, Autoclav1.1, Salt, and many more. Titled ‘A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky‘, this alluring collector’s item is harnessed within a unique packaging, designed by the artist himself, hand-assembled and limited to 1000 numbered copies. … Read more

New interviews with Access To Arasaka, SE, and Disharmony

New interviews online of 3 of our most influential and talked-about artists of 2009: Access To Arasaka, on the verge of his highly-anticipated CD ‘Oppidan‘; SE, fresh from his critically-acclaimed sleeper debut album ‘Epiphora‘; and the ever-evolving Slovakian duo Disharmony, with their genre-pushing new dark electro album ‘Evolution‘. Get to know these fantastic Tympanik artists and discover … Read more

Lucidstatic digital-only remix album ‘Unearthed’ available

In answer to the slew of favorable reviews and an overwhelming response to Lucidstatic’s scorching debut CD ‘Gravedigger‘ on Tympanik Audio in 2008,  Lucidstatic  offers his excellent remix collection ‘Unearthed‘ featuring collaborations with SE, Copy Paste Repeat, Pig Fat, Displacer, Human Error, Tapage, Mono Penguin, Unterm Rad, Ghost In The Clocktower, and many more. A fitting remix collection to accompany one of the most talked-about … Read more

3 new releases by Autoclav1.1, [Haven], and Disharmony available now

3 new releases out now on Tympanik Audio to accent your Summer adventures. First, the highly-anticipated new work from Autoclav1.1 titled ‘Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘. Also, the fantastic debut album from the visionary Polish artist [Haven] called ‘Plastic‘. Finally, the excellent long-awaited new album from Disharmony appropriately titled ‘Evolution‘. All available now at the Tympanik webshop.

New Displacer EP available as free download

Following up Displacer’s new album ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ is the new progressive EP ‘Lost Mission‘ available as a free download exclusively from Tympanik Audio. Displacer returns to his darkened roots with a fantastic new track + a tight collection of paranormal phenomenons including remixes by Coordinates, Displacer, Gus & Griz, L’Ombre, and S:cage.

3 new signings to Tympanik Audio

3 new additions to the Tympanik Audio family: the Netherlands-based opera-Industrial-noise artist Opposite Exhale with his debut album ‘Nothing Lasts‘ slated for release at the end of 2009. Chicago-based Technoid Industrialist Candle Nine with his debut album ‘The Muse In The Machine‘ early in 2010. And Belgium Breakcore aficionado Fractional with his 2nd album ‘Blood‘ in early 2010. Hear previews from all 3 … Read more

New releases: FRACTIONAL, SE, and GEOMATIC

3 new releases available now from Tympanik Audio: First up, Belgium’s prolific artist Fractional offers his 2nd full-length album release titled ‘Blood‘. Next, the brand new offering from Germany’s retin a SE following his critically-acclaimed debut. Lastly, the former M-tronic sleeper artist Geomatic now offers their latest atmospheric Industrial work with a futuristic sci-fi flare titled ‘64 Light Years … Read more

New release for Undermathic on Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio launches our latest CD release by the extremely-talented Undermathic. His debut album ‘Return To Childhood‘ is an unapologetic collage of surging rhythms, delicate piano compositions, and true sonic purity. Saturated in beauty, organic rhythms, and a virtual tide of sophistication, ‘Return To Childhood’ easily stands on its own ground offering an immense album … Read more


Get your ears wrapped around our latest new releases to kick off your Summer. First up is the sophomore effort from Zeller with ‘Turbulences‘; a crafty and addictive surge into the dying world of modern Industrial Breakcore. Next, the debut album by Anklebiter titled ‘I Will Wait‘; an emotional and beat-driven jaunt into dark Electronica that is … Read more

New CDs by ESA and Opposite Exhale + ‘Emerging Organisms 3′ compilation released

  3 great new releases from Tympanik Audio to close out our 2nd year. First, the highly-addictive new remix album ‘The Immaculate Manipulation‘ by ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse). Next, a massive-sounding debut from Netherlands newcomer Opposite Exhale titled ‘Nothing Lasts‘. And finally, the highly-anticipated new Tympanik Audio compilation ‘Emerging Organisms 3‘ on 2CDs.

New release from Candle Nine on Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio’s first release in 2010 comes from Chicago-based artist Candle Nine with his debut CD cialis 100mg manufacturers ‘The Muse In The Machine‘. At once a swirling torrent of luscious synths, steady glitch-soaked beats, provocative vocal samples, and powerful piano movements, ‘The Muse In The Machine‘ easily cultivates both cerebral wonder and lip-biting buy viagra … Read more

New releases by Access To Arasaka and Dirk Geiger

Two new releases order viagra india cialis 20mg tablets price available now from Tympanik Audio. First up is the highly-anticipated order viagra online cheap new album from Access To Arasaka titled ‘void();‘. cialisfordailyuse-right.com Sixteen new tracks of dark sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. Also available is the new album by German … Read more

New release for 10/10/10 by Undermathic

Released on 10/10/10 is Undermathic‘s excellent new album ‘10:10PM‘, revealing a cultivated and polished sound demonstrating this Polish artist’s talent for accessibility and sharp song construction. Massive washes of ambiance and infectious beatwork mixed with brooding melodies and heavy synthlines are the signature of the unique  ndermathic sound, yet an air of beauty and hopefulness … Read more

4 new releases by C.H. District, Autoclav1.1, Tapage & Meander, and Famine

Four new releases from your friends at Tympanik Audio to keep your ears warm this winter. First up the triumphant return of C.H. District with ‘Conclusion‘, twisting solid beat patterns into unconventional works of glitch-laden, head-nodding rhythmic anthems. Next up is Autoclav1.1‘s latest masterpiece ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘, a rich and full-sounding album that … Read more

New releases from Autoclav1.1 and ESA

Two of Tympanik Audio’s most iconic artists return to kick off our new year of releases with a bang. Autoclav1.1 arrives with another solid collection of songs titled ‘Embark On Departure‘, ranging from smooth, beat-laden Electronica, guitar-driven Industrial, and embracing IDM. Features artwork by Salt, mastering by Mobthrow, and collaborations with  Displacer, Leaether Strip, and Alter Der Ruine. ESA is back … Read more

Stendeck ‘Scintilla’ album released

2 years after the release of the Me because. Is soap. I pleaser to this widely-acclaimed ‘Sonnambula‘ album, Stendeck returns with his highly-anticipated new full-length titled ‘Scintilla‘. Once again, Stendeck cialis and vicodin interaction presents another outstanding mix of generous beats viagra viagra and emotional electronica, accentuated by deep, flowing atmospheres, heart-seizing melodies, expertly-placed noise elements, and lush … Read more

Access To Arasaka: Orbitus – free digital EP

Fresh cialis español off neighbor canadian pharmacy the heels of his new album ‘void();‘, Access To Arasaka treats us to a fantastic new EP titled ‘Orbitus‘. ‘Orbitus‘ finds Access cialis discount To Arasaka in top form, incorporating why cialis so expensive complex, serendipitous beatwork against the canadian pharmacy zephyrhills fl a stunning backdrop of cialis uk delivery thick … Read more

Tympanik Audio to release new Haujobb EP ‘Dead Market’

Tympanik Audio is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Haujobb’s new single CDEP ‘Dead Market‘ on June 17th, 2011. ‘Dead Market‘ will feature 2 new tracks by Haujobb plus outstanding remixes by. The Horrorist, Exes, Nomenklatür, Paul Kendall (Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode producer), and Absolute Body Control. Watch for Haujobb‘s new single CDEP ‘Dead on … Read more

New releases by Displacer and Anklebiter available now

Two excellent new releases available now from Tympanik Audio. One of Tympanik Audio’s most beloved artist returns with his first full-length album in five years. A mosaic of Displacer’s unique and vast repartee of styles, ‘Night Gallery‘ may possibly be his most mature and focused album to date. Also available, Anklebiter‘s stunning remix collection ‘Queue‘ feat. Access To … Read more

Haujobb: Dead Market CDEP available now

Available now is the brand new single CDEP from the legendary Haujobb. With 8 outstanding tracks in all, ‘Dead Market‘ interjects a new volume in the Haujobb legacy, resiliently cohesive to their signature sound, yet gazing well beyond the future of their dark, beat-driven and complex brand of electronic music. ‘Dead Market‘ features 2 new tracks by Haujobb plus … Read more

Free digital remix album ‘Second Life’ from Dirk Geiger

Available now is the long-awaited remix collection from Dirk Geiger ‘Second Life‘. Featuring some of the finest and most talented electronic musicians on the forefront of the dark IDM, ambient, and electronica scenes including Tapage, Midimode, SE, Hotaru Bay, Subheim, Autoclav1.1, viagra efectos Pleq, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, Ahnst Anders, wellness pharmacy and more, ‘Second Life‘ is most certainly … Read more

New releases by Erode, Normotone, and Ex_Tension

3 new releases for the summer. Available now from your friends at Tympanik Audio. First up: the debut album ‘Horizon‘ by Erode. With massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of ‘Horizon‘. Next, the debut album ‘Inward Structures‘ from French artist Normotone. Under the predominantly raw layers … Read more

Emerging Organisms vol. 4 compilation available now

Volume four of our cialis sample pack critically-acclaimed compilation series is finally here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka, c.db.sn, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, viagra en walgreens Mobthrow, To. Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, KiloWatts, Ocoeur, cialis duration of effect … Read more

New digital release by Undermathic

Undermathic presents his listeners with 13 unreleased and deleted tracks from his pre-album years in a digital-only release appropriately titled ‘Deleted (1999-2006)’. Each song here could easily pass for new material, exhibiting Polish producer Maciej Paszkiewicz’s solid production and composing skills even in their earliest stages. From industrial-tinged tautness, quirky electro rhythms, and smooth melody-laced atmospheres, Undermathic once … Read more

Interview with Haujobb

IDie:YouDie webzine interviews Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic of Haujobb about their activities during their hiatus, the history of the band, the current state of Industrial music, and their writing process creating ‘New World March‘. Read the interview here.

New releases from Tapage and Integral

Three years ago, Tympanik Audio released a pair of debut albums by two promising new electronic talents: Tapage with ‘The Institute of Random Events‘ and Integral‘s ‘Rise‘. We now present new releases by these two exceptional artists together once again. Tapage‘s 3rd album titled ‘Overgrown‘; 14 playful new songs full of intertwining pops, clicks, and glitchy rhythms surrounded … Read more

Haujobb ‘New World March’ available now

After 8 long years the wait is finally over. Tympanik Audio is proud to present the brand new Haujobb album ‘New World March’, featuring 12 outstanding new songs plus a bonus remix disc featuring Xabec, Dryft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Somatic Respones, This Morn’ Omina, Binary Park, Acretongue, Anklebiter, Incite/, and more. Available now in an exclusive limited edition 6-panel 2-CD … Read more