TA009 | Pneumatic Detach: [ko·mor·bid]

Pneumatic Detach – [ko·mor·bid] (2008, CD) - Discogs

The highly-anticipated new album by the one and only Pneumatic Detach! With previous releases on Frozen Empire MediaHive Records, and Bugs Crawling Out Of People, a plethora of remixing and producing credits, and memorable live performances around the world, Pneumatic Detach now brings his signature brand of sonic brutality to Tympanik Audio.

‘[ko·mor·bid]‘is chocked full of unrelenting rhythmic noise and furious broken beats expertly laced with stunning dark ambience. Executed with exceptional complexity and fierce emotional posture, ‘[ko·mor·bid]‘ will undoubtedly blow your brains out.

“…leaves you totally exhausted, but begging for more…” – Reflections Of Darkness

“…always evolving and taking itself in different directions. …adrenaline fueled industrial chaos.” – Side-Line Magazine

“…sure to blow away everything else off the dance floor.” – Chain DLK

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  1. [ko·mor·bid]
  2. circling the drain
  3. how you forget [clip preview]
  4. down in the earth [clip preview]
  5. slow chatter [clip preview]
  6. high order harmonic
  7. grinderscraper [clip preview]
  8. dischordant live mix
  9. the turning
  10. a helpful bit of advice [feat. it-clings]
  11. moment already gone [clip preview]
  12. slow chatter [melt]
  13. stoneface
  14. automatic nation [pd vs alessandro pacciani]
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