TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!

TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!After three CD releases for COP International and several free album downloads including 2007’s excellent ‘Diametral, the German trio of Holger Meuler, Jürgen Warkentin, and Marc Friedrich will release their newest collection of work simply entitled ‘…NO’. But simple, this album is not.

With ever-expanding maturity and grace, Zentriert ins Antlitz once again redefine their signature sound by injecting infectious beatwork into lush atmospheric soundscapes to create a poignant blend of dark electronica and industrial-tinged ambient aesthetics. Expect a major leap forward in the ZIA sound with this highly-engaging new album.

…NO‘, out now on Tympanik Audio, contains the new 12-track album plus fantastic bonus material that can be “de-mutilated” or unlocked via download instructions from the CD. The extra content features various media including many bonus tracks + remixes by several Tympanik Audio artists including Subheim, Totakeke, Integral, Access To Arasaka, Unterm Rad, Stendeck, Lucidstatic, Disharmony, Autoclav1.1, and more…

27 outstanding tracks, over 150 minutes of music, all on 1 single compact disc.

…a soundtrack for a dark adventure…” – Gothtronic [8/10]

…a mountainous album woven with enduring vision and skill that easily earns its place in regular rotation.” – They Fell

…A plethora of good sounds and ideas…” – Wounds of the Earth [8/10]

…like opening the gates to another world…” – Reflections of Darkness [8.5/10]


(CD1 – …NO)

Where Their Dreams Live [clip preview]
Silence Diary [clip preview]
The Animals Hanging
24th Dimension [clip preview]
Cant Get Me
Manage My Sensibility
Shamisen Jangle [clip preview]
… No
The Final Walk

(CD2 – 7Dreams)

TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!Where Their Dreams Live [Afterworld Mix by Integral]
Where Their Dreams Live [Where Their Dreams Die Mix by Totakeke] [clip preview]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Access to Arasaka]
Where Their Dreams Live [Sheer Athmo Mix by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Stendeck] [clip preview]
Where Their Dreams Live [Small Space mix by Lucidstatic]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Subheim]

(CD3 – Remixed)

TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!Ewiniar [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz] [clip preview]
Silence Diary [Empty Pages Mix by Autoclav 1.1]
Silence Diary [Remixed by Access to Arasaka]
Perphenazin [Remixed by Disharmony] [clip preview]
Perphenazin [Remixed by Pandora’s Black Book]
Cant Get Me [Re-Dub by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Weekend [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Jericho [CityState Mix by Unterm Rad]

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio…

Download the demutilator extraction tool here.


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