TA018 | ESA: The Sea & The Silence

TA018 | ESA: The Sea & The SilenceFollowing ESA‘s debut album ‘Devotion, Discipline, and Desire‘ as well as this year’s encompassing 2nd album ‘How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?‘ on Hive RecordsESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) returns with an enormous new album on Tympanik Audio titled ‘The Sea & The Silence‘.

11 tracks of pure Industrial adrenaline, marked carefully by strong, complex  atmospheres and dense, apocalyptic beats, ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ is a monster of an album, proclaiming two powerful elements, as the title suggests, with no apparent apologies to its potential victims.

With tracks ranging from dancefloor-mopping hard electronics to complex and modern tribal excursions, ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ takes the ESA sound even further into intense and engaging terrains.

Asserting heavy walls of bass-driven rhythms, vast levels of dynamism, commanding vocal stabbings, and intricately woven versatility, this new collection of impressive rhythmic Industrial promises to be ESA’s finest hour…

ESA’s ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ is available now on 6-panel digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


  1. Tasting Nails.
  2. Absolute Fury (In Its Very Fabric).
  3. Its Hard To Sleep, In Hell. [clip preview]
  4. The Sea & The Silence Pt 1 : The Sea. [clip preview]
  5. The Sea & The Silence Pt 2 : The Silence.
  6. Dead Fucking Desire.
  7. Your Anger Is A Gift. [clip preview]
  8. Open To Me, Your Black And Bitter Heart.
  9. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition Pt 2. [clip preview]
  10. The Devil Worships Me!
    (bonus track) All you brought to me was fucking nothing!


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