TA020 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2

TA020 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2The second edition to Tympanik Audio‘s critically acclaimed ‘Emerging Organisms‘ compilation series celebrating our first year of unique and modern electronic music CD releases.

EO2‘ picks up where the first volume of ‘Emerging Organisms‘ left off by providing a fantastic collection of fresh new tracks by some of the very finest in pioneering electronic music composers.

With so much from the electronic underground to offer, ‘EO2‘ will again span two full compact discs worth of material featuring the very best from the world’s most innovative and prolific electronic music.

Featuring all new and exclusive tracks from artists around the globeincluding Access To Arasaka (US), Totakeke (US), Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA (UK), Subheim (GR), Anhedonia (CZ), Flint Glass (FR), Aphorism (US), Hecq (DE), Marching Dynamics (US), Dryft (US), Blackfilm (UK), Tapage (NL), Stendeck (CH), Flaque (DE), Keef Baker (UK), Atmogat (DE), Mnemonic (DE), Edgey (US), Mlada Fronta (FR), DJ Hidden (NL), Zentriert ins Antlitz (DE), Architect (DE), Sincere Trade (CA), Rope (UK), Lights Out Asia (US), and Ginormous (US).

Available on a double compact disc collection with stunning artwork by Kostas K. (Subheim) now only on Tympanik Audio.

“Very well compiled effort made by Tympanik, exemplifying the best of the future today. …a breakthrough…” – Heathen Harvest

“If this is the standard we can be expecting now and in the future, then you have no reason to worry. This release as a whole is an absolute joy…” – Connexion Bizarre

“The full amount of outstanding material on EO2 is almost terrifying, so don’t hesitate to secure yourself a copy if you’re into complex, high-quality electronic music.” – Reflections of Darkness

“…if you plan to buy only one release from Tympanik Audio this year, buy this.” – Gothtronic

“…the perfect marriage of all things creatively abstract… the entire compilation blissfully melts in your ears. Top 10 releases of 2008.” – Igloomag

“Once again Tympanik has outdone themselves, proving with rock-solid certainty that the label deserves every bit of praise it receives. The atmospheres and tapestries woven throughout the release are some of the richest and most intricate around… Highly recommended.” – They Fell


EO2 – Disc One:

01 – Hecq: The Glow [clip preview]
02 – Mlada Fronta: Uuo 118
03 – Dryft: Transmission [clip preview]
04 – Flint Glass: Al-Azif
05 – Architect: Keks (Tympanik edit)
06 – Access To Arasaka: 400 Bloc Overground [clip preview]
07 – Zentriert ins Antlitz: Where Their Dreams Live (Access To Arasaka remix)
08 – Flaque: Whispers [clip preview]
09 – Subheim: Take Me Back
10 – Aphorism: Expanse
11 – Totakeke: Patient HM (Response To Conditioning mix)
12 – Mnemonic: Prototyp
13 – Marching Dynamics: Even Blood Is Not Enough

EO2 – Disc Two:

01 – Stephen James Knight aka Edgey: Lodestar
02 – Rope: This Flightless Bird (Clipped Wings) [clip preview]
03 – Stendeck: Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
04 – DJ Hidden: Things To Come [clip preview]
05 – Keef Baker: Bogbrush [clip preview]
06 – Ginormous: Redcliff
07 – Anhedonia: Different Places
08 – Atmogat: Mi.Interface
09 – Tapage: The Unspoiled
10 – Sincere Trade: Danger, Stop, Stay
11 – Blackfilm: Walk With Me [clip preview]
12 – Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA: All Blind
13 – Lights Out Asia: Outstretched To The Middle Of The Sky


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