TA019 | Broken Fabiola: Severed

TA019 | Broken Fabiola: SeveredThe new full-length album by Broken Fabiola, titled Severed‘, marks their return from hibernation since the release of their double CD collection in 2005 on Auricle Media.

Written and produced over a period of 3 years between Seattle and Los Angeles, the project’s music became a personal labor of love, and the heavily favored body of work by its celebrated producer, Karloz.M of the Electro/Industrial act Manufactura.

With additional production and vocal talents from Sharon Blackstone as well as additional vocals by NissaBroken Fabiola takes the listener into a delicate world of tense atmospheres filled with dense, emotional soundscapes stirred generously by a vast assortment of broken beats and rhythmic pulses.

Drawing from a prolific pool of Dark Ambient, IDM, Tech-Step, and Rhythmic Noise influences, Broken Fabiola‘s Severed delves deep into the reaches of the mind, digging purposely into emotionally charged epics that explore those territories beyond internal struggle and the duality of mankind.

With a monument of prolific soundscapes to reveal, ‘Severed‘ manages to peer through the mind of its listener, setting aside conventional aural stimulation, and instead uncovers the darker and more contemplative regions of this fantastic human organ.

Featuring collaborations from some very special guest artists such as Shane Talada (Marching Dynamics / The Operative), Daniel Myer (Architect / Haujobb), Scott Sturgis (Converter) and Dre Robinson (Databomb / Download), ‘Severed‘ promises to be an intense and memorable journey indeed.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Tender Bites (edit)
02. Everlasting [clip preview]
03. Amor Oscuro
04. Departure
05. Rewind
06. Only Our Fate (svrd) [clip preview]
07. To Be Loved
08. Under [clip preview]
09. Slivers Bind
10. Slave [clip preview]
11. Fragment
12. Japanese Call Girl (dirty inside mix)


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