TA029 | Disharmony: Evolution

TA029 | Disharmony: EvolutionUnder-rated, yet revered with undying admiration by the already initiated, this Slovakian duo has (un)quietly scorched the underground Electro-Industrial scene for many years, releasing several continuously morphing collections of work amongst the awe of fans and music critics alike.

With a plethora of remixing and album credits to their name, dISHARMONY manage to speak volumes once again with their signature brand of down-tempo, yet hard-hitting electronica-tinged dark electro works, paying never mind to any looming trends, but instead constantly evolving beyond the typical genre clones and earn their right to the throne amongst a horde of imitators.

You may know dISHARMONY’s critically-hailed last album ‘Malignant Shields‘. You may know their prolific remix collection ‘Cloned: The Other Side Of Evolution‘. You may know their recent collaborations with the likes of Flint Glass, TotakekeMnemonic, Stendeck, Fractional, Anhedonia, Zentriert ins Antlitz, and countless others. But be sure of this: you do not know ‘Evolution‘… Yet.

dISHARMONY‘s ‘Evolution‘ is available now from Tympanik Audio.


01: Revolution [clip preview]
02: Coma
03: Legend [clip preview]
04: Dandora
05: Euphoric [clip preview]
06: End of ends
07: Izometrix
08: Sacriface [clip preview]
09: Coloseum
10: Spirals
11: Trilianum
12: Evolution [clip preview]


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