TA034 | ESA: The Immaculate Manipulation

TA034 | ESA: The Immaculate ManipulationThe definitive ESA remix collection featuring excellent renditions of ESA‘s critically-praised ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ album including ManufacturaC-Drone-DefectMarching DynamicsStendeckAccess To ArasakaLights Out Asia, and more.

Expanding through several genres without the slightest lack in cohesiveness, ‘The Immaculate Manipulation‘ proves to be a completely solid release for dancefloor addicts and headphones purists alike.

The CD includes a link to bonus remixes featuring additional renditions by LucidstaticAh Cama-SotzKeef BakerPsytekAutoclav1.1, and more.

So perfectly sonic, your headphones will love you for this…

“An excellent remix album that tries to show different faces of the original songs, and succeeds! Nicely diverse and full of ideas. Highly Recommended!” – Gothtronic

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. I Am The Filth (By ESA)
02. The Devil Worships Me (Manipulated By Psilopsyb) [clip preview]
03. The Sea & The Silence PT 1 (Manipulated By Mood Deluxe)
04. The Drawbacks Of Sleeping In Silence (Intoner vs. ESA) [clip preview]
05. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Manufactura)
06. Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By C-Drone-Defect) [clip preview]
07. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Exotic)
08. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By The Synthetic Dream Foundation)
09. Tasting Nails (Manipulated By Marching Dynamics)
10. The Sea & The Silence PT2 (Manipulated By Stendeck) [clip preview]
11. Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By Access To Arasaka) [full track preview]
12. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition PT2 (Manipulated By Monsieur L’Antechrist) [clip preview]
13. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition PT2 (Manipulated By Lights Out Asia)


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