TA035 | Opposite Exhale: Nothing Lasts

TA035 | Opposite Exhale: Nothing LastsThe Netherlands-based Opera-Industrial-Noise artist Opposite Exhale humbly offers his debut album ‘Nothing Lasts‘ on Tympanik Audio – a fully-realized composition of rich, haunting atmospheres that swirl amongst a torrent of cinematic and classical elements. Heart-wrenching melodies, epic piano movements, and stunning distorted beatwork combine to create an unforgettable jaunt of massive electronic persuasion.

Think Imminent meets Loss with a hint of Stendeck. Don’t let the artwork sway you – Opposite Exhale‘s ‘Nothing Lasts‘ is a massive and uncompromising album full of broken and beautiful electronic mayhem, all encompassed into a CD that you will not soon forget – we promise you this.

“…an album that musically moves on the intersection of classical music and modern electronic ambient, industrial and idm sounds. ‘Nothing Lasts’ is a very beautiful album” – Gothtronic


01. Hic Finis Fandi
02. Clear Green [clip preview]
03. The Downfall of Beliefs [clip previews]
04. You’re the Least of My Concerns
05. Vixerunt
06. Born With Bruises
07. A Subtle Truth (My Paradise) [full track preview]
08. The Feeling’s Vile
09. Nomen est Omen
10. I Trusted Every Word You Spoke
11. A White Heat That Scours Rational Thought
12. Lucid Dreaming [clip preview]
13. Resentment
14. Deceitful Snares [clip preview]
15. Moortgat
16. Sand


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