TA045 | Access To Arasaka: void();

TA045 | Access To Arasaka: void();After the out-of-nowhere success of his debut CD ‘Oppidan‘ in 2009, the Rochester, NY producer Access To Arasaka returns a year later, stronger and more focused than ever, with a stunning new album on Tympanik Audio titled ‘void();‘.

Sixteen new tracks of dark sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. From the phone phreaks to the console cowboys; dirty hippies using blue boxes at payphones 40 years ago, to the unborn children wandering cyberspace 40 years from now. An open invitation for the listener to imagine what a computer might attempt to comprehend when its system is under such an attack. Perfectly dark, cinematic, complex, and hauntingly surreal.

“Lioy brings the precision of a surgeon’s eye and hand to the tracks’ hyperactively ricocheting beats and the whirr and click of their writhing, synapse-firing electronics.” – Textura


01. *strtok()
02. kill_recorder=$c1 [full track download]
03. array[0..8191]
04. setvector [clip preview]
05. config.syn_seq
06. &sin
07. term/echo
08. optlist:
09. syslog_ident [clip preview]
10. [overwrite_ctr]
11. inc(tumbler)
12. n->m_pkthdr.len [clip preview]
13. switch(pcap_datalink) [clip preview]
14. bpf_u_int32
15. <arpa/inet.h>
16. sys.argv[1:] [clip preview]



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