TA047 | Undermathic: 10:10PM

TA047 | Undermathic: 10:10PMAfter the sleeper debut ‘Return To Childhood‘ in 2009, Undermathic returns to Tympanik  Audio  with his powerful new album release ‘10:10PM‘.

With the previous album lending itself to a grittier, darker approach to Electronica with an slight Industrial tint, ‘10:10PM‘ reveals a more cultivated and polished sound demonstrating this Polish artist’s talent for accessibility and sharp song construction. Still present are the massive washes of ambiance and infectious beatwork mixed with brooding melodies and heavy synthlines that have become signatures of Undermathic’s unique sound, yet an air of beauty and hopefulness is always present in contrast to the gripping tautness of each song, creating a distinct mood that is both epic and wondrous.

10:10PM’ flows smoothly and effortlessly, never too abrasive or serene, but a perfect balance between beats and ambiance. Tracks like “Big City Nights”, “Searcher”, and “10:10PM” display a sense of urgency and fullness, yet always allowing the listener time to breathe with marvelous breakdowns and lovely atmospheres, whereas songs like “I Remember”, “7 Years”, and “Sea” summon a relaxing and dreamy state that embraces the listener with warm aural visualizations.

Tympanik Audio invites you to slip on your headphones and take a trip with Undermathic’s stunning new album ’10:10PM’, available on a special release date of 10/10/10.

Digipak artwork and design by Szymon Skrypoczko.

“A mixture of accessible, charming melodies, industrial arrangements and thick electronica beats, it’s also something that flows very well, and which could work pretty well for long night drives or headphones sessions. Seductive.” – Ad Noiseam

“The album never falters as track after track takes you deeper into this beautifully balanced electronic masterpiece. The composition of the music is superb and the production is simply stunning. With out a doubt this is one of the finest releases I’ve heard all year…” – Electronic Moon

“Though Undermathic hews to the dark electronic side of the spectrum in a manner to be expected of a Tympanik Audio artist, Maciej Paszkiewicz also proves himself to be a composer who’s a cut above the rest.” – Textura

“I am in awe of this album, impressed all over again with every listening. I hear no flaws, and there is not one iota I would change or do differently. This is THE album of 2010. You would really be doing yourself a disservice not to own it.” – Chain D.L.K.



  1. Big City Nights [full track download]
    2. It Is Me
    3. Quantum Theory [clip preview]
    4. Searcher [clip preview]
    5. Alternative Timelines
    6. Saiph
    7. 10:10pm [clip preview]
    8. I Remember [clip preview]
    9. Level III
    10. 7 Years [clip preview]
    11. Sea


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