TA063 | Haujobb: New World March

TA063 | Haujobb: New World MarchAfter an extensive pause,  Haujobb returned earlier this year with their hit single ‘Dead Market’, spending considerable time at the top of the German Alternative Charts and invading dancefloors throughout the world with their bright new sounds. With this successful proclamation of their return in place, Haujobb is primed to unleash their first new album in 8 years, ‘New World March‘.

TA063 | Haujobb: New World MarchHeaded up by frontman Daniel Myer’s signature vocals and backed by founding member Dejan Samardzic’s solid programming, as well as additional production and contributions by Achim Färber (Project Pitchfork), Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Andreas Meyer (Forma Tadre), Manuel G. Richter (Xabec), Sebastian Ullmann (For A Space), Joakim Montelius (Covenant), and more, ‘New World March’ proves to be a monumental production of exceptional worth.

TA063 | Haujobb: New World MarchTympanik Audio is proud to present the brand new Haujobb album ‘New World March’, featuring 12 outstanding new songs plus a bonus remix disc featuring Xabec, Dryft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Somatic Respones, This Morn’ Omina, Binary Park, Acretongue, Anklebiter, Incite/, and more.

TA063 | Haujobb: New World March
Available now in an exclusive limited edition 6-panel 2-CD digipak w/16-page booklet only from Tympanik Audio. Limited to 500 copies.



Disc One – Album:

01. Control
02. Crossfire
03. Let´s Drop Bombs
04. More Than Us
05. Machine Drum
06. Dead Market
07. Lost
08. Soul Reader
09. Little World
10. Membrane
11. New World March
12. Echo

Disc Two – Remixes:

01. Control (Xabec-remix)
02. Crossfire (Dryft-remix)
03. Let´s Drop Bombs (Dupont-remix)
04. More Than Us (Continues-remix)
05. Machine Drum (Unknown-remix)
06. Dead Market (Ah Cama-Sotz-remix)
07. Lost (Somatic Responses-remix)
08. Soul Reader (This Morn´ Omina-remix – feat. Rosey)
09. Little World (Binary Park-remix)
10. Membrane (Acretongue-remix)
11. New World March (Anklebiter-remix)
12. Echo (Incite/-remix)


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Haujobb was formed in 1993 by Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic, and Björn Junemann. Hailing from Germany, the trio were inspired by the music of Skinny Puppy, as Myer recalls: "When Too Dark Park was released... this was the initiative for us to make this kind of music."[1] The name comes from the German translation of "skin job" from the film Blade Runner.[2][note 1] They were soon signed to Off Beat, and began distributing their music in North America via Pendragon Records.


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