TA073 | Disharmony: Room 78

TA073 | Disharmony: Room 78Nearly 4 years since Disharmony‘s ‘Evolution‘ LP, the Slovakian duo of Ryby and Lord Sauron returns to Tympanik Audio to present their engaging new album ‘Room 78‘. A cultivated blend of dark electro-industrial tinged with electronica and ambient elements, ‘Room 78‘ effectively displays Disharmony‘s signature mix of poignant, gripping, and dynamic track arrangements. Tight, crushing beatwork is laced with brooding synth pads, heavy basslines, hints of processed guitars, and echoing vocal samples, all punctuated by Ryby’s razor-sharp vocals. Infectious beats anchor each intricately-layered song structure as alluring piano movements and lofty synths weave amongst dirty basslines and bright snares.

Underestimated and duly accomplished, ‘Room 78‘ shines with mindfulness and depth, aptly incorporating a multitude of electronic music styles with proficient cohesiveness and maturity rarely heard in this age of myopic genre monocultures.

Featuring collaborations by ISH and Fractured and artwork by Salt.

“…there’s a great deal to “get” here, tucked away between the folds of the fluid and changeable.” – IDie: YouDie

“…Disharmony have once again made a fine release that bridges two genres together with an innocence and clarity of vision as to what they represent, that should sit well with many a listener.” – Blackaudio

…”we can tip our hat to Disharmony for keeping the flame of this dark, dancefloor-oriented kind of industrial beat alive.” – Ad Noiseam

Disharmony ‘Room 78‘ available now on CD and digital formats.



  1. Room 78
  2. Blackhole
  3. Lifelines
  4. Empty [free download]
  5. Falling Stars (Disharmony meets ISH)
  6. Trauma
  7. Lights Of Us
  8. In The Shadow
  9. Under Control
  10. Reactor
  11. You Near Me (Disharmony meets Fractured)
  12. End Of Days

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