TA077 | ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit

TA077 | ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: DeceitESA returns with part two of his conceptual album series ‘Themes of Carnal Empowerment‘. Continuing where ‘Pt. 1: Lust’ left off, ESA once again offers a powerful rhythmic noise assault spanning 11 hard-hitting new industrial tracks. The album sparks off with the slow-burn intro “Let The Sinful Sparrow Sing” as a harmony between piano, soulful female vocals, marching beats, and distant synthlines build a gradual tension, ultimately detonating into the energetic beat-driven stomper “I Know Your Wounds“. From there the album charges forward with one breathless sonic cavalcade after another from the throbbing basslines and guttural vocals of “The Heart Is Marked” to the feverish pounding beats and glitch accented powerhouse of “The Shape Of Hate To Come“.

ESA allows a little breathing room with the funk laden breakbeat track “Devious Words” before kicking the album back into high gear with the epic and rigid title track “Deceit“, pursued by the savory classic industrial with a modern twist contrast of “No-one Will Ever Touch You“. Euphony meets adrenalizing discord in the beautifully wicked “If I Could Hurt You All Over Again, I Would” before closing the album with the tribal descending of “While You Sleep I Converse With The Dark Birds” and the appropriately trampling disquiet of “Confudere“.

Always engaging and never disappointing, ESA skillfully executes another vigorous collection that aligns his focus not just on mere rhythmic structures and harsh beats, but masterfully injects a rare creative depth and serendipitous atmospheric climate into his works that ultimately sets him apart from the crowd.

This is ESA‘s finest hour. Mastered by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope) with layout by Robert Lioy (Access To Arasaka).

“Despite that success I still had to wonder: would Blacker be able to do the same with a more cerebral concept like “Deceit”? The answer is yes, and although I think Pt. 2: Deceit is easily as good as Lust (and probably much better), it also asks a lot more from the listener, requiring some serious contemplation to experience fully. It’s a fantastic effort from an already accomplished artist, and one that rewards personal interpretation and reflection. Recommended.” – I Die: You Die

“…one of the finest releases I’ve heard in a long time. …part two of the ‘Themes’ series (is) worthy of your full attention. [9/10]“ – Auxiliary Magazine

ESA ‘Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit is available now on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Let The Sinful Sparrow Sing
  2. I Know Your Wounds
  3. The Heart Is Marked
  4. Breathing Through You [free download]
  5. The Shape Of Hate To Come
  6. Devious Words
  7. Deceit (The Sharpening Of The Shears)
  8. No-one Will Ever Touch You
  9. If I Could Hurt You All Over Again, I Would
  10. While You Sleep I Converse With The Dark Birds
  11. Confudere


Order ESA ‘Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit’ HERE.

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