TAPR1 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2008 catalog sampler

Approach Lights CDTympanik Audio’s first label sampler CD featuring selections from our current and upcoming releases. The very best tracks from our 2008 artist roster featuring Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Integral, Flint Glass, Disharmony, Subheim, Atomatik13, Lucidstatic, Phylum Sinter, Endif, Tapage, and Flaque. Limited to 100 copies, this CD was originally available at Festival Kinetik in Montreal May 2008.

Available now as a free download exclusively from Tympanik Audio

Download this compilation for free right here (320kbps – 160MB .ZIP)


  1. Flint Glass: Plenum Aquae (original by Thermidor) [from the Flint Glass album ‘Circumsounds’ | TA007]
  2. Ad·ver·sary: Ancients [from the album ‘Bone Music’ | TA006]
  3. Lucidstatic: Showdown (raw version) [from the album ‘Gravedigger’ | TA010]
  4. Totakeke: Millenia [from the album ‘eLekatota – The Other Side Of The Tracks’ | TA003]
  5. Unterm Rad: On The Brink Of Madness (rmx by Atomatik13[from the album ‘The Rake’s Progress’ | TA002]
  6. Pneumatic Detach: Moment Already Gone [from the album [ko·mor·bid] | TA009]
  7. Endif: Reactionary [from the album ‘Carbon’ | TA011]
  8. Phylum Sinter: Melting Clever Nursery
  9. Atomatik13: Labrinthine (raw version)
  10. Disharmony: Nautilus [from the album ‘Cloned – Other Side Of Evolution’ | TA005]
  11. Subheim: Ybe 76 [from the album ‘Approach’ | TA004]
  12. Tapage: Cnyspher [from the album ‘The Institute Of Random Events’ | TA014]
  13. Flaque: Black Shadows In The Fog [from the compilation ‘Emerging Organisms’ | TA001]
  14. Displacer: To Live… Love… Die Or Kill! [from the EP ‘The Witching Hour’ | TA008]
  15. Integral: Doors [from the album ‘Rise’ | TA013]

Produced, arranged, and compiled by: Paul Nielsen
Mastered by: Alex Stilts
Photo by: Melissa Syler
Concept and Artwork: Mike Slansky

Thank you: Mike Slansky, Alex Stilts, Racheal Hefner, Melissa Syler, all contributing artists, and everyone else in the Tympanik Audio family.

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