TD013 | … At The End Of It All Remixed

TD013 | … At The End Of It All RemixedTympanik Audio presents the companion remix collection to‘s 2011 debut album ‘… At The End Of It All‘ featuring renditions by Tineidae, Architect, Larvae, Sean Byrd, Worms Of The Earth, Displacer, Access To Arasaka, Consolectrl, Anklebiter, and Erode.

Mastered by Alexander Bjorn Dietz at Chemical Burn Studios, Germany. Artwork by Optimystic Arts. Compiled by Chase Dobson.

Offered as a “name-your-price” digital release via the Tympanik Audio Bandcamp site.



  1. This Stillness Of Hours (remix by Tineidae)
  2. Seven Days Warning (Oldschool remix by Architect)
  3. A Map Of The Human Heart (remix by Larvae)
  4. Airport [Never_Land] (remix by Sean Byrd)
  5. Certain Is The Plaque Of Fables (remix by Worms Of The Earth)
  6. … At The End Of It All (remix by Displacer)
  7. Artificial Intelligence (remix by Access To Arasaka)
  8. Seven Days Warning (remix by Consolectrl)
  9. As If December Never Happened (remix by Anklebiter)
  10. A Silent Sea (Waiting For Godot remix by Erode)

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