TD016 | Comaduster: Winter Eyes

TD016 | Comaduster: Winter EyesCanadian musician and sound designer Réal Cardinal gives us an exciting preview of the highly anticipated new Comaduster album ‘Hollow Worlds‘ with the first single ‘Winter Eyes’. Culminating a vast range of musical styles into one tight and cohesive package, “Winter Eyes” packs a powerful punch laying down an expertly-woven blanket of hard, glitchy beats, massive basslines, and addictive vocals.

In addition, three stunning renditions of “Winter Eyes” are presented here by iVardensphereAccess To Arasaka, and Aliceffekt, as well as a haunting new mix of the title track from Comaduster‘s self-released 2009 EP ‘Slip Through‘ to drive this single home. Just a peek of what to expect from Comaduster‘s long-awaited debut album ‘Hollow Worlds‘, to be released June 18th, 2013 on Tympanik Audio.

Comaduster ‘Winter Eyes‘ is available now as a “name your price” digital single via Bandcamp. Also available as a low-priced digital single through our shop and all discerning digital retailers.

Artwork by shift.

“Comaduster draws heavily from Industrial and Bass genres of electronic music, but finishes it all off with humanizing vocals that separates him from the rest of the current run of aggressive EDM producers out there.” – Silent Shout

“…this is a no-brainer. Cardinal’s vocals have improved by miles since his last release, and the depth of his talents as a sound designer is on full display.” – I Die: You Die

Yes, it uses d**st*p influences, but in an amazingly intelligent way, never letting the “drops” take centre stage, instead simply using them as part of a complex rhythm pattern and, even more astonishingly, gracing the elegance of the electronics with a glorious vocal turn that when it gets to the chorus, simply had me mouthing “wow”.” –



  1. Winter Eyes [free download]
  2. Winter Eyes (iVardensphere remix)
  3. Winter Eyes (Access To Arasaka remix)
  4. Winter Eyes (Aliceffekt remix)
  5. Slip Through (2013 mix)

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