Best Bar and Pub Responsive WordPress Themes

You can now create the perfect environment of your Bar on your website with these best WordPress themes for bars. These themes are so lively that your website’ll be the hot topic of bar talks.

These WordPress themes are perfect for showcasing your drinks, adding video of your live music and building a following. Unlike traditional websites where you just display information about where you’re located there’s plenty of ways to show who you are with these themes.

Our themes are mobile-friendly and optimized for speed so that you can get more customers. We recommend reading the following article before making any purchases: Tips for Choosing a Theme and Difference Between Free and Premium Templates.

Top Bar and Pub Responsive WordPress Themes Review

1. Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe WordPress theme is a versatile template that will work for restaurants, cafes, or any food businesses. Whether you are operating a small cafe or a large professional restaurant, this theme fits the needs of any customer.

It’s also WooCommerce-ready and translation-ready. The theme is responsive/mobile-friendly so your website looks great fo mobile and tablet devices.

2. Rishi Theme

You should give Rishi Theme a try if you’re looking for WordPress themes. This free theme can help you to create and set up your website in just a few minutes. With tons of demo starter sites and more features, this is the best option for bars, pubs, cafés or restaurants.

The Elementor addon lets you design custom layouts or you can just import the whole site from one demo in a single click. Rishi Theme is highly customizable with Gutenberg support. In addition, it has 1000+ Google fonts and unlimited color schemes to help you change the look and feel of your website.

With a near-perfect score on core web performance, Rishi Theme is one of the fastest WordPress themes in the world. It takes just half a second for your site to load, and it’s guaranteed to be snappy. Rishi Theme is the newest and best way to promote your business. With Rishi, you will get all the features you need to rank highly on search engines, including Schema Markups and SEO plugin support.

If you are in need of a Rishi Theme, we can provide one for you. Furthermore, if you want to expand your business into the online world and need a WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress website, we can also provide that for you.

3. Divi

Divi is an incredibly versatile WordPress Theme, powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front-end editor. The theme’s drag-and-drop page builder makes it really quick to create really great looking WordPress websites. You get 20 pre-made layouts with Divi. These free, beautiful layouts are a must for any new projects you have in mind.

4. Brewery

Brewery is a powerful publishing tool that can be used for any website related to pubs or breweries. It has a beautiful, modern design and offers unmatched functionality.

5. ParallaxSome

ParallaxSome is one of the best Free One Page WordPress themes by AccessPress that comes with Parallax scrolling effects. It is highly customizable, beautifully designed and has lots of features. In just a few clicks, you can build yourself a great looking multipurpose website with this template. It will look great for bars, pubs, businesses, agencies, blogs and portfolios.

This theme has a bunch of homepage sections that each look great. You can easily change the settings and make them your own. It’s quick, clean, flexible and has tons of customization options. Looks great on any screen size

6. OldStory

For a bar or pub template, OldStory is an impressive option. It’s been specially designed for whisky shops and bars and has modern, functional design as well as lots of customisation options. The them for this conference will be of interest to restaurant, cafe, cocktail bar and more. There are also talks specifically about bartenders vs waitstaff.

7. Brewery Theme

A big image slider catches the eye on this WordPress theme that pulls you in with welcoming green colors and a great atmosphere. Share your favorite cocktails and make it easy for people to find out more using neat content blocks with good layouts.

8. Beer Pub

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “pub”? Beer? Obviously, you’re not wrong. Have a look at this template design. The mug is in the focus of your attention. The design is just amazing, as well as providing you with info about the pub this site belongs to. You can find lots of information about beer in general also.

9. NightLife

Nightlife is a WordPress theme that sets you apart from the competition. Built with dark hues, it kind of feels like the dance floor. Use trendy design elements, like ghost buttons and bold fonts to give your site an elegant feel!

When users visit your site, what can you do to hold their attention? You could try sharing photo galleries and embedding videos of recent events. Linking to your party would make it clear that you want them there. If you have any testimonials at all, you should put them at the bottom of your home page. That way, prospective customers will be able to see them without scrolling.

10. Robusta

Robusta is a really cool theme, though. It has a lot of features like being fully configurable and easy to use, while also being safe and sexy-looking. It’s an exciting theme, perfect for Restaurants, Cafe Bars and even Pubs based on WordPress.

11. Jz Pub & Bar

This is JZ Pub & Bar, a WordPress theme that’s modern, clean and sophisticated. It comes with plenty of options that let you adjust the design to be how you want it.

12. Dina

Dina is a sleek, modern and polished theme for restaurants. It’s the best solution for any type of place where people go to (usually) eat or drink.

13. GutenBerg

GutenBerg is a WordPress theme dedicated to beer breweries. It has everything you need to bring your products online – a spacious layout for easier browsing, and opening pages that show pictures of beer snacks and drinks.

Another great feature of brewery websites is the online table reservation system. Customize WordPress live to build and manage your layout in minutes. With drag-and-drop page builder, you can easily customize your look in seconds.

14. SpiceHub

SpiceHub is a all-inclusive template that provides both restaurants and cafes with a simple solution for their needs. It also works for bars in order to keep a high standard of quality control no matter your type of business.

15. Stewey’s Theme

Stewey’s Theme – it’s beautiful and quick to set up. It includes a responsive layout and is perfect for bars or restaurants. Stick with Stewey’s Theme and you can have a professional looking website in 5 minutes!

16. Moonshiners

Moonshiners is a niche, creative WP Theme. Use it on garages, breweries, and distilleries. Its also easy to convert it into a site for any other type of business with its clean design.

 17. Calimera

Calimera is a trendy Restaurant, Bar, and Coffee Shop theme. The name Calimera comes from the greek word “Kalimera,” (good morning) in both Greek and Griko. We started by thinking of building a modern restaurant WordPress Theme. The Calimera theme is perfect for any site in the food industry as it features numerous features.

18. Rica Plus

Rica is a cool and responsive WordPress theme with special features especially for restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. It also works great for event websites. This WordPress Restaurant Theme gives you the choice of various demos that are tailored to the different types of restaurants.

19. Jarvis

Jarvis is a cool, modern festive themes perfect for night clubs. It may also work well for other types of events like concerts or festivals. Jarvis is a great way to promote your DJ or musician career and can be interesting for club music fans.

20. Craft Beer

Craft Beer Nation is a professionally designed WordPress theme that caters to Craft beer clubs, small beer brewers and beer shop owners. It’s designed on the bootstrap 3 grid system, and it is fully responsive to mobile devices. Having an uniquew and modern design makes it an attractive choice.

FAQ for Best Bar and Pub Responsive WordPress Themes

What is a responsive WordPress theme?

Responsive WordPress themes are usually a collection of CSS, HTML and JavaScript files that make sure your website looks good and functions properly on all devices.

A responsive theme can be coded to work on any device, no matter how big or small the screen size. It will automatically adjust to the screen size and provide an optimal viewing experience for the user.

What are the features a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a template that you can use to design your website. It can be used for any type of website, but it is most often used for blogs and other personal sites. There are many different templates to choose from, and they are all designed for different purposes.

The features of a bar and pub WordPress theme usually include a responsive design, which makes the site look good on any device. They also usually have widgets that let you display your social media feeds or other information on your homepage without having to add extra code or plugins.

What are the benefits of having a responsive WordPress theme?

Responsive WordPress themes are a great way to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. A responsive theme is one that automatically adjusts its layout across devices, ensuring that your website will look its best on any screen size. This can be especially important for businesses or websites with an eCommerce component since they want their services to be accessible to as many potential customers as possible.

When it comes to the benefits of responsive WordPress themes, there are plenty of reasons why you might want one. For instance, a responsive theme can help you save time and money when it comes to development costs and maintenance. They also make it easier for you to update your site content because the design will automatically adjust itself depending on what device the visitor is using at the time.

Why do people need a responsive WordPress theme for their bar and pub website?

A responsive WordPress theme is a must for any bar or pub website. They are flexible, easy to customize and they work on any device. In this day and age, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. A responsive WordPress theme for your bar or pub website will make sure that your site is accessible on all devices and looks good on each of them.

How much do a responsive WordPress themes cost?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of a responsive WordPress theme. These include the features and functionalities, the complexity of design, and the number of pages. Some themes can cost as little as $50 while others can cost more than $200.

Do a responsive WordPress themes have any limitations?

There are no limitations for responsive WordPress themes, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed. Responsive themes should be built with a combination of HTML5 and CSS3 to provide a better user experience.

Is it possible to edit an adaptive WordPress theme to make it better suited for my bar or pub?

The answer is yes. You can edit the responsive WordPress theme yourself to make it better suited for our bar or pub. For example, you can edit an adaptive WordPress theme by changing colors, fonts, and animations.

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