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With decades of experience in instrument-making, Consordini proudly presents Cremona violins as the perfect choice for beginners. Highly sought after due to their excellent playability and quality at unbeatable prices, these award-winning instruments have earned a reputation as one of today’s most coveted stringed instruments. Our extensive research has produced this list presenting you with the best violin Cremona models available in 2023 – all designed to provide superior sound any musician will appreciate!

Cremona instruments offer excellent quality and affordability, perfect for beginners who can appreciate the bundled cases, bows, and D’Addario strings. Many models feature beautiful flamed maple wood accents which add great value to the instrument should you ever feel ready to upgrade. While we suggest considering Cremona in your search process; remember that it’s important not to buy solely based on name recognition or even appearance alone – try playing each violin before deciding since no two are exactly alike!

When it comes to finding the perfect violin, trust your ears over price tags. Experienced listeners can help you identify which instrument is right for you or your child’s level of playing. Don’t hesitate to seek out professional advice when purchasing a new piece!

Top Cremona Violins Review

1. Cremona SV-500 Premiere Artist Violin

If you’re in the market for a violin, then look no further than the SV-500 Premier Artist Outfit. Perfectly crafted with quality tone woods and featuring a classic shaded varnish finish, this instrument is ideal for serious beginners or even intermediate students – making it an excellent choice whether you’re on your first fiddle journey of many!

Cremona’s SV-500 provides an affordable option for the classic Stradivarius sound. This lightweight violin boasts impressive tones and a comfortable feel, making it ideal for both beginner musicians and seasoned professionals alike. Its mid-to-low price range features quality tone woods finished with a transparent varnish – perfect for those seeking out Italian luthiery without breaking the bank! With some mixed reviews of build quality, there is no doubt why this instrument remains so popular in student circles today

The Cremona SV-500 is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring top-quality tone woods and tasteful Swiss-style ebony fittings. Its fingerboard accompanies the beautifully flamed maple back for an amazing experience in terms of sound and feel. And to ensure you have all that you need when bringing your musical dreams on stage or anywhere else, this instrument comes with its own lightweight padded oblong case as well as either Brazilwood or Pernambuco bow! If our advice helps bring it into your hands we happily accept any compensation – thank you so much ahead!

The Cremona SV-500 is an intermediate violin like no other. With a handcrafted solid spruce top, figured maple back and sides finished with a beautiful aged transparent red/brown varnish, this instrument promises to make the perfect addition to any aspiring musician’s collection! The well-established workshop in California sets each of their instruments up according to MENC standards so you can guarantee your SV-500 will produce nothing less than quality sound – although minor imperfections have been reported around some f-holes which may create vibrations while playing.

The SV-500 is a great beginner’s violin perfect for those starting from scratch. Its figured Maple neck and scroll, Ebony fingerboard with fine tuners and pegs, and D’Addario Prelude strings make it easy to play so you can quickly start making beautiful music!

  • Worn-in, transparent varnish
  • Loud, full sounds from quality tone woods
  • Comes stock with D’Addario Prelude strings
  • Lightweight, comfortable body
  • Ready to play out of the box

The Brazilwood bow has carbon fiber reinforcements which help ensure your performance will remain tight no matter how hard the bowing gets! If affordability matters too then the SV-500 ticks all of these boxes in one neat package.

2. Cremona SV-600 Violin

For the serious aspiring violinist, the Cremona SV-600 is an ideal pick. Ornamented with handcrafted inlaid purfling and beautiful flamed maple wood for its back, sides, neck, and scroll– this instrument offers a delightful feel and tone that surpasses even its predecessor: The SV-500 model. With ebony fittings on its fingerboard plus Dominant strings from Thomastik Infeld coupled with an Aubert bridge made in France — you’re sure to take your musical skills up a significant notch!

With the Cremona SV-600, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is crafted to a higher standard. Expect your music performance experience enhanced with its lightweight oblong violin case and lusciously warm matching blanket plus either brazilwood or pernambuco bow – all ready for use according to Music Educators National Conference (MENC) standards.

3. Cremona Débutte GCV.150 Violin

Whether you are just starting out on the violin or want to get back into it, the Cremona Débutte is here for you. This gorgeous instrument features handpicked tone woods with ebony and boxwood fittings along with inlaid purfling around its edges – no split wood here!

Analog, more advanced

You’ll receive everything necessary to make beautiful music right away: a lightweight case, quality strings from D’Addario Prelude Strings, and an exquisite J La Salle Brazil Wood Bow. No matter your age group (from 1/10 size up to 4/4), this starter instrument can enhance your musical journey.

4. Cremona Cannzona GCV.300 Violin

If you want to take your playing skills up a notch, then the Cremona Cannzona is perfect for you! Featuring rosewood pegs and a tailpiece along with an ebony fingerboard for easy personalization of sound as well as improved technique.

Analog, more advanced

Best Cremona Violin

Furthermore, this instrument comes complete in its own lightweight case with a quality brazilwood bow so that not only will it look beautiful but also produce amazing sounds when played thanks to its flamed maple-back design. With sizes ranging from 1/32 full size – this violin has something suitable no matter what stage of learning you or your child might be at.

5. Cremona SV-1220 Maestro Violin

The Cremona SV-1220 is a superior choice among intermediate to advanced violinists, delivering a beautiful sound that reflects its expert craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted with aged spruce and flamed maple, this instrument features hand inlaid purfling and an oil varnish applied by the maker’s own hands – ensuring it will stand up against day-to-day rigors while maintaining its exquisite tone. Though costly upfront, its resale value makes the investment worth every penny!

Best Cremona Violin

Handcrafted by experienced luthiers, the Cremona Maestro SV-1220 violin is designed to take your playing skills up a notch. Crafted with top quality wood and fittings like Hill-style boxwood pegs and ebony fingerboard, this instrument also comes strung with VNS strings for added sound clarity. Its J La Salle Brazil bow provides excellent response while its deluxe Travelite suspension case makes it ideal for traveling musicians alike – available in sizes ranging from ¼ to 4/4!

6. Cremona SV-130 4/4 Violin with Premium Strings

Every student violin from Cremona is now available with Premium Prelude strings, offering the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Crafted in premium woods beneath an attractive paint finish lies a hand-carved spruce top that rivals the highest-end models on today’s market.

This full-fledged premium violin is perfect for the aspiring musician. Handcrafted with only the finest materials, this instrument boasts a solid maple back and neck adorned with inlaid purfling plus an alloy tailpiece complete with four built-in tuners.

The bow is made of ultra sturdy Brazilwood topped off by a luxurious ebony frog that holds strong yet flexible natural white horse hair capable of crafting sublime notes every time you play it! Best part? It comes packaged up snugly into its lightweight foam case making transport to your lessons or performances easier than ever before – truly worthy of any novice.

7. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Outfit

With thirty years of success as the best-selling violin from this leading manufacturer, it is clear that this model has been constructed with an excellent combination of tonewoods to guarantee a magnificent sound. This package also includes Swiss-type ebony pegs and a composite tailpiece featuring four tuners – making tuning easier than ever before!

With its spruce top, maple back, and ebony fingerboard setup according to MENC standards -this outfit truly epitomizes quality craftsmanship at every level. Featuring an upgraded case in addition to a bow included by default – make no mistake about it; if you’re looking for beginner or intermediate proficiency levels then look no further: guaranteed satisfaction awaits!

8. Cremona SV-130 ¾ Violin

The perfect combination of quality and affordability, this low-cost student violin is ideal for any novice. With a traditional spruce top and maple bottom/sides plus an eye-catching oil varnish finish, you’re sure to love the look!

This timeless classic has also been popular among consumers for over 10 years because it comes with durable Prelude strings as well as natural unbleached horse hair bows – all without breaking the bank. If you are looking for value that doesn’t compromise on style or sound then this just might be your instrument!

9. Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice SPARKLING PURPLE Violin

This violin makes both an aesthetic and practical statement. Its vibrant purple color is sure to capture the attention of any student, while its lightweight composite tailpiece equipped with adjustable tuners offers a seamless learning experience for new players.

On top of that, it has been hand carved so you get great sound without sacrificing style! Whether they are looking to learn or further their skill set in music, this instrument comes complete with a bow – making it perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Choosing the Best Cremona Violin

Since 1989, Cremona Company has revolutionized the world of music with its production of high-quality string instruments. Their violins stand apart for their durability and masterful sound that are within reach for any budget – whether you’re a professional violinist looking to upgrade or just getting started on your musical journey! Reviews can help ensure you make the absolute best choice in selecting one of these coveted pieces of artistry.

GCV’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship has seen them rise rapidly in the world of violin making. A relatively new presence on three continents, they have proven their quality with two silver VSA medals for tone as well as an International Violin Competition gold medal – a testament to not only their fine instruments but also the bows produced by master luthiers from Germany and Italy that mentor GCV staff.

What does all this mean to you? This company offers unbeatable quality at an excellent price – perfect for string players of any skill level. In their pursuit to produce the best instruments, they’ve gained recognition from music industry leaders and publications everywhere. With a reliable name like theirs, you can trust that your instrument will last no matter how much it’s used or where life takes you with it!

Tips for When the Best Violin to Buy is Online

Ten years ago, it may have been a challenge to even consider buying something as delicate and special as a violin online. However, with advancements in technology making our lives easier every day – from delivery options to product quality control – the idea of acquiring an instrument through web-based retailers has become both safer and more desirable than ever!

With smart shopping tips such as taking advantage of free shipping prices or testing out instruments before fully committing via trial periods being commonly offered by some manufacturers, you can confidently purchase your perfect music maker without having to leave the comfort of your home.

  • When you shop on Amazon, you can be sure of the product quality and customer service thanks to Johnson String and Southwest Strings. What’s more, an additional layer of protection is granted through the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claim that offers a 100% money-back guarantee with products returned in like new condition within specified time frames – all backed by original packaging!
  • With each purchase, musicians take a risk when buying instruments from eBay. Without the ability to try out or inspect their prospective violin beforehand, they have no way of guaranteeing that what arrives is genuine and not fraudulently produced. Unfortunately, this means many talented individuals can be scammed into receiving an instrument far inferior to their expectations after parting with money for which there’s no refund on offer!
  • Visit your local violin shop if you’re looking for a new instrument; not only will it give you the opportunity to compare prices, but also provide a chance to get an up-close look at potential violins before committing. That way, any choice can be made with confidence and assurance!
  • Finding a bargain violin online may seem tempting, but keep in mind that with these low-priced instruments, the quality often will not provide an enjoyable playing experience.
  • Before investing in a violin, make sure you understand what it includes. Some arrive as part of an outfit with everything needed to start playing right away – but not all! If your violin does not include the extras like a bow and case, don’t forget to add them so that when it arrives at your doorstep, you’ll be ready for musical magic.

Competing Violins and Beginner Packs

For those looking to compare prices, this store has a wide variety of options to choose from, all above or below the Cremona Violins price tag.

Stentor Violin

If you’re in the market for a beginner violin, look no further than the Stentor! This reliable and well-built instrument is designed to handle all of your practice sessions with ease. Crafted with a warm sound that’s perfect for budding musicians, this outfit includes everything you need to get started – strings included. Even better: upgrade those factory strings to Dominant Brand violins ones — then sit back and watch as your skill level takes off like never before!

Knilling Violin

Knilling is a global leader in the world of student-grade stringed instruments, and as any beginning violinist knows – it’s often easier to rent than buy. But with Knilling’s renowned quality and affordability, you can’t go wrong investing in one yourself! This reliable brand offers delightful sound for an unbeatable price; your first step toward becoming an acclaimed virtuoso could start right here.

Scott Cao Violin

Scott Cao violins, crafted with the utmost care using Italian spruce and Bosnian maple wood as well as a “straight” or “antique copy” varnish, are among the best options for violinists of all skill levels looking to upgrade their instrument. Boasting an exceptional reputation supported by a top-notch performance from beginner players on up through advanced professionals – it’s no wonder that Scott Cao consistently earns such high marks in our ‘best violin to buy’ list!

An ideal option for violin beginners is the Ricard Bunnel G2 kit, made of exceptional spruce, maple, and ebony. Yet if you’re searching for an affordable choice with quality craftsmanship to match its rich sound qualities – Cecilio CVN-600 would be your best bet! With a solid back providing superior resilience and resonance along with traditional tones from aged wood that gives it an enhanced distinguished look completed by hand-rubbed oil finish – this instrument definitely stands out among other models in its price range.


Whether you are new to music or a seasoned veteran, the experience of playing an instrument can be thrilling. However, it may take novice musicians up to 6 months before they decide if this is something they will stick with long-term.

If you want to play the violin but aren’t sure it’s your true passion yet- Cremona violins offer great value! These instruments provide quality sound without breaking the bank – leaving room for exploration and discovery on your musical journey.

Of course, most experts would also agree that having a high-quality instrument is very important when you first start playing to build confidence and to make playing more enjoyable, luckily all the violins that are listed here are of high quality and are constructed with the student in mind.

When you first start playing the violin it can be difficult to find a high-quality instrument that is within your budget. They are all easy to adjust, offer a lot of comfort, and produce a beautiful sound. They all meet or exceed standards for education!

FAQ for Best Cremona Violin

What are the benefits of a Cremona violin?

The Cremona violin is a very high-quality instrument. It’s made from the finest materials and has been crafted by expert luthiers.

Cremona violins are of a higher quality than other violins because they are crafted by expert violin makers. They are made from the finest materials and provide the best sound quality possible.

What are the differences between a Cremona violin and other violins?

Cremona violins are built with a distinctive shape and sound. They were made in the Italian city of Cremona for more than 300 years and are still being made today.

The Cremona violin has a distinctive shape, which is longer than most other violins, and it produces a sound that is not as bright as the sound of other violins.

Cremona violins were made in the Italian city of Cremona for more than 300 years and are still being made today.

Cremona violins have a distinctive shape, which is longer than most other violins, and they produce a sound that is not as bright as the sound of other violins.

How do I care for my Cremona violin?

To care for your Cremona violin, you need to use a soft cloth and then a dry cloth to wipe it off. You should never use any kind of liquid or alcohol to clean the violin because this can damage the varnish and make the instrument look old.

You should also make sure that you are not storing the violin in an area where it will be exposed to extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

What are the best Cremona violins?

Cremona is a small town in Northern Italy. It is one of the most important violin-making centers in the world. The town was once home to a large number of luthiers and violin-makers who made and sold their instruments all over Europe. Cremona violins are often considered to be among the best Cremona violins because they are high quality and have excellent sound.

The word “Cremona” has been used as a trademark for stringed instruments since at least 1831, when it was registered by one Antonio Francesco Pressenda from Milan.

Cremona violins are the best violins in the world. They are made out of wood that is sourced from the Amati family’s forests. Their sound quality is unmatched and they have a history of being played by some of the best violinists in history, such as Nicolo Paganini, Yehudi Menuhin and Itzhak Perlman.

What is the price range for a good Cremona violin?

The price of a Cremona violin is not set in stone. It varies depending on the materials and craftsmanship that went into it. The cost can range from $2,000 to $4,000.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a Cremona violin. Some of them are:

  • The quality of the wood used
  • The quality of the varnish and finish
  • The condition of the instrument
  • How many times it has been repaired or restored
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