Best Cremona Violin Review

best cremona violins Reviews

Guangzhou Cremona Company is an award-winning company that has been in business since 1989 and is well-known for making high-quality bows and violins. Beginning violinists can’t go wrong with a Cremona—they have excellent playability and quality to go with affordable price tags. Here are great Cremona violins to suit a variety of needs in 2022.

Cremona makes quality instruments affordable in packages that include a case and bow. They even include D’Addario strings to make sure the instrument plays well. Cremona violins are made with the best raw materials, often by using beautiful maple. This makes them more valuable in the future when you want to make a fresh start.

Though keep in mind that brand recognition doesn’t mean that every product they produce is gold. You should always try out a few types and decide from there. Each instrument under a label is different and you should be sure before you buy it – try it out or make sure that you’re 100% sincere when taking the instrument back.

Whether you are buying new or used, violin quality is not always determined by the cost. Audition a range of instruments to find the one that is right for you.

If you’re buying a violin for the first time, it’s strongly recommended that you have an experienced violinist or violin teacher help you pick one out.

Top Cremona Violins

1. Cremona Débutte GCV.150 Violin

The Cremona Débutte is a great beginner’s violin and is a great value for its price. It features handpicked tone woods with ebony and boxwood fittings, including an ebony fingerboard. The violin features inlaid purfling around the edges to prevent cracks that lead to splits or tears.

With Cremona Fitting, you’ll have all the tools you need to start speaking music right away. The Cremona Débutte comes with a lightweight violin case, J. La Salle Brazil wood bow, and prelude strings.

All violins are adjusted before your purchase and meet the educational specifications recommended for this product.

Catering to 1/10 to 4/4 sizes, the Débutte can help you start with an instrument – no matter your age.

2. Cremona Cannzona GCV.300 Violin

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the beginner instrument, then the Cannzona by Cremona is a good option. You or your child will have more options to customize things like the size and style to be more compatible with your playing.

The Mahogany Cannzona comes with an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece. Other features include a lightweight case and a brazilwood bow.

If you’re looking for a new violin to purchase, the Cremona Cannzona violin is elegant with a beautiful maple back. Sizes range from 1/32 to full size.

3. Cremona SV-500 Premiere Artist Violin

The SV-500 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a violin. It’s good enough if you’re just starting out or it’s also good enough if you have some experience with the violin.

Cremona’s SV-500 Premier Artist Outfit is a moderately priced violin that doesn’t come with many accessories. Hand-carved violin features quality woods and shaded varnish that gives it a worn-in look.

Cremona’s SV-500 is available in 4 different sizes from ¼ to 4/4. Being lightweight, it has a Stradivarious-style design. With surprisingly big tones and its comfortable feel, this instrument can be your first or second violin choice.

Below $2,000, the Cremona SV-500 provides a rich and handsome sound that’s perfect for contemporary musicians. As part of the esteemed Premier Artist series, these violins are made in California and come loaded with history.

Coming at a mid-to-low range price, the SV-500 has a varnish that’s very transparent and quality terrain for beginners. There are mixed reviews about the build quality, but it’s still popular in the market.

It’s our pleasure to share what we know with you! That said, some of the links on this page are affiliate links and if you choose to purchase through those links, we can get a commission. The SV-500 is made out of solid wood, with a beautiful spruce top and flamed maple back and sides. Ebony fittings and fingerboard provide an appealing finish. It has a TUSQ saddle, Wilkinson tuners, and chrome hardware

When you add the Cremona SV-500 to your band’s violin section, you’re getting an excellent violin that’s near the top of the intermediate category. The instrument comes with a padded oblong case and a brazilwood or pernambuco bow.

Cremona Violins is set up for educational use and the products are set up to Music Educators National Conference (or MENC) standards.

4. Cremona SV-600 Violin

There’s always been something to be said for Cremona violins, and the SV-600 is no exception. It’s more reliable with a better feel and tone than the SV-500, which we recommend for intermediate musicians who want to improve their violin playing skills. The Cremona SV-600 comes with high-quality strings, a fine fingerboard, and ebony fittings; it also has Dominant strings and an Aubert bridge.

The flamed maple is used throughout the instrument’s construction, which includes the back, sides, neck, and scroll. This increases the instrument’s appeal. This outfit includes a lightweight violin case, matching blanket, and brazilwood or pernambuco bow – guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Quite confident about the quality and usability of this instrument. Like the SV-500, the Cremona SV-600 is set up in their California workshop to MENC standards – meaning it’s suitable for use in education..

5. Cremona SV-1220 Maestro Violin

The Cremona SV-1220 rounds out our list as the priciest, but highest-quality model. Hand carved from the highest quality aged, fine-grained spruce and select flamed maple, the SV-1220 is a good intermediate to advanced violin outfit with some of the best resale value we’ve seen.

This instrument packs a lot of detail and is handcrafted for durability. It’s worth it to put down extra cash if you’re looking for a quality long-term investment. These instruments are made by independent violin makers and are usually done in smaller workshops. This close attention to detail really shines through in the sound quality.

Maestro violins by Cremona are made with only the best hardwoods and ebony fingerboards so they help you reach the next level of playing. In an outfit, the SV-1220 is strung with VNS-150 Perlon strings and comes with J. La Salle Brazil wood bow and a deluxe Travelite suspension case. It’s available in 1/4 to 4/4 sizes.

6. Cremona SV-130 4/4 Violin with Premium Strings

Cremona offers this model which includes premium strings. For a lower price, it’ll provide students with everything they need for good first violins. It is made with the same high-quality wood as those found in the higher-end student models. It is painted with some decoration, though under the paint you can still find a fresh-cut spruce top that has been hand carved.

This violin features a hand-carved solid maple back with inlaid purfling and a hand-carved maple neck. Its chinrest is of the Kaufman type. This French string instrument has a steel tailpiece w/ four built-in tuners & a high-quality Brazilwood bow.

The bow has natural white horse hair and comes with a lightweight foam case. This is a great choice for people just starting out who aren’t sure what they want yet.

7. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Outfit

This is the big brother of our previous model and won the award for being designed to meet the needs of any student, from novice to pro. It’s constructed from different types of wood to create the best possible sound.

For over 30 years, this is the violin we’ve been selling. It has Swiss ebony tuners and a composite tailpiece with 4 tuners. The body is made from ebony, the fingerboard is from ebony, and the top is spruce.

This violin outfit is made to the standards of MENC. It would be an excellent choice for any student that is either a novice or intermediate level. This outfit comes with an upgraded case and bow as well.

8. Cremona SV-130 ¾ Violin

This guitar has a traditional look to it and offers a spruce top, maple bottom, and sides. It also comes with a gloss oil varnish finish. This has been a customer favorite for over 10 years because it offers everything you need to get started as a novice. It also comes with some extra perks, such as the Prelude strings which are durable.

It is a great choice because it is not only inexpensive but has all the quality you want in an.

9. Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice SPARKLING PURPLE Violin

One thing that jumps out to me about this violin is how much fun it looks. It would be a great violin for a beginner because of its color and small size.

In order to get a student interested in music, you need to make it fun and appeal to their sense of style. Sometimes this means supplying them with cool gear like this violin that’s both stylish and well-built.

A lot of detail has gone into designing the bridge height and fingerboard of our brand-new violin to make learning how to play it easier for beginners. It also has a weight-relieved tailpiece with tuners that are easy to adjust.

You can be careful and have a little fun, too. I have hand-carved this violin so you get the best of both worlds. This violin comes with a bow, case, and some rosin to get you started.

Choosing the Best Cremona Violin

The best Cremona Violin reviews can help you to make a choice about which violin is best for your needs, skill level, and budget.

Guangzhou Cremona was founded in 1989 and quickly became a top string instrument producer by contributing to the music world.

Psst, this company has really affordable violins you can use for your work- not just for play. They create violins that are dependable and sound amazing too! GCV instruments are distributed in just under 20 countries on 3 continents. They won 2 VSA silver medals for tone and have been given international awards. GCV is a relatively new instrument company with luthiers from Germany and Italy that mentor their team.

They provide world-class instruments. Not just violins… but their bows too! They were awarded the gold medal for their bows at the 1990 International Violin Competition..

What does all this mean to you?

You’ll be able to rely on this company for a durable violin that will last you a long time. It means that you don’t need to pay a lot for an award-winning violin, which will help your skill level go up. This company has been recognized by many commentators in the music industry due to its excellent products.

They provide an affordable selection of instruments to students and beyond. It means they’ll be able to help you out no matter what kind of instrument you need.

Tips For When the Best Violin to Buy is Online

10 years ago I would have said you should never buy a violin online. Times change and so do opinions, in fact, I now order violins online myself. Buying a violin on the internet opens up new possibilities and competitive prices. What’s more, it comes with safer shipping to ensure the instrument will arrive in perfect condition. Free shipping is often provided, together with money-back guarantees and trial periods for customers to test the violin. That sounds like a good idea. Danial here is happy to tell you some tips.

Many sellers offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is returned in like-new condition within a certain time frame. Some of the places that have excellent customer service are Johnson String and Southwes.If you buy from Amazon, you not only get the benefits of working with a direct seller but also have access to the A-Z Guarantee.

It’s usually a bad idea to buy musical instruments from eBay. You’re unable to try them out before buying, so you have no way of knowing if they’re good or not. Many people have had the experience of buying bogus instruments and being unable to return them after the sale is final.

If you’re looking for a violin online, it might be wise to visit your local shop and try a few out. This way you can get an idea of what the feel of the instrument will be like as well as learn about pricing.

Online, you can find violins for sale at a lower price, but be careful when investing in one as the sound quality might not even be worth playing!

The violin comes with a bow and case, but not all violin outfits include those. Keep in mind that most of the time you’ll need to order the outfit, along with the violin and amp separately.

Competing Violins and Beginner Packs

For those looking to compare prices, this store has a wide variety of options to choose from, all above or below the Cremona Violins price tag.

Stentor Violin

A Stentor violin is a great choice for beginners and it’s recommended by many teachers/violin shops. When looking for a fine-quality violin as a starter instrument, this should be the best option to buy. The Stentor is a well-built, reliable instrument for beginners. It makes a great sound and can withstand rough handling. The only complaint is the thickness of the metal. This violin comes as an outfit including the case, bow, and strings. We recommend you replace the strings with Dominant Brand violin strings though to get optimal sound.

Knilling Violin

Knilling is a well-known violin brand and the one featured on this page is just one of many student-grade instruments from Knilling’s vast catalog. It’s not uncommon for rental shops to use this exact model because of how affordable it is for beginners. For beginner students, the idea of buying a violin can seem daunting, but in the long term, it actually saves you money. The quality is on par with what you’re currently renting and your deposit or down payment on an instrument is often refunded after a month.

Scott Cao Violin

You might have seen the name Scott Cao before and are wondering what kind of violins he sells. He has some really nice ones available for violin players at all different skill levels – from beginner to advanced.

Cao violins are made of first-class Italian sprosse & Bosnian maple. Varnished with either a “straight” or “antique copy” varnish, the Cao violin’s reputation and quality are well-known among pro violinists & teachers. The Cao name has a great track record to live up to. This violin is at the top of our ‘best violin to buy list!

Another similar-priced kit aimed at beginners is the Ricard Bunnel G2 violin kit. Aside from improved tonal breeds, this handmade tool has spruce, maple, and ebony.

If you’re after something more affordable, the Cecilio CVN-600 is a great option. The large back provides a lot of resonance and punches when you play licks. Located in a heritage building, the construction is tough and the special oil finish gives it an aged look without overbearing. This suits the style of the old-style furniture which has a natural, worn-in appearance.


Learning an instrument is a lot of fun, and if you start in the first few months it’s generally pretty clear whether or not you want to keep going with it.

Violins can be one of the most expensive instruments to purchase in their entirety, so some people decide to rent one instead. However, if playing the violin is a passion of yours, it may be a better option to purchase one outright because you will end up saving more in the long run.

The Cremona violins offer a great go-between, they’re cheaper than renting, but they’re not so expensive that if it turns out that playing the violin isn’t really your passion you’ll regret spending a lot of money on it.

Of course, most experts would also agree that having a high-quality instrument is very important when you first start playing to build confidence and to make playing more enjoyable, luckily all the violins that are listed here are of high quality and are constructed with the student in mind.

When you first start playing the violin it can be difficult to find a high-quality instrument that is within your budget. Luckily, offers a wide selection of violins and violas by some of the best makers in the world at prices that are very reasonable considering the quality.

They are all easy to adjust, offer a lot of comforts, and produce a beautiful sound. They all meet or exceed standards for education! You can choose from any of these violins (all from award-winning brands) and buy with confidence knowing you’re helping a musician who trusts this maker.

FAQ for Best Cremona Violin

What are the benefits of a Cremona violin?

The Cremona violin is a very high-quality instrument. It’s made from the finest materials and has been crafted by expert luthiers.

Cremona violins are of a higher quality than other violins because they are crafted by expert violin makers. They are made from the finest materials and provide the best sound quality possible.

What are the differences between a Cremona violin and other violins?

Cremona violins are built with distinctive shapes and sounds. They were made in the Italian city of Cremona for more than 300 years and are still being made today.

The Cremona violin has a distinctive shape, which is longer than most other violins, and it produces a sound that is not as bright as the sound of other violins.

Cremona violins were made in the Italian city of Cremona for more than 300 years and are still being made today.

Cremona violins have a distinctive shape, which is longer than most other violins, and they produce a sound that is not as bright as the sound of other violins.

How do I care for my Cremona violin?

To care for your Cremona violin, you need to use a soft cloth and then a dry cloth to wipe it off. You should never use any kind of liquid or alcohol to clean the violin because this can damage the varnish and make the instrument look old.

You should also make sure that you are not storing the violin in an area where it will be exposed to extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

What are the best Cremona violins?

Cremona is a small town in Northern Italy. It is one of the most important violin-making centers in the world. The town was once home to a large number of luthiers and violin-makers who made and sold their instruments all over Europe. Cremona violins are often considered to be among the best Cremona violins because they are high quality and have excellent sound.

The word “Cremona” has been used as a trademark for stringed instruments since at least 1831 when it was registered by one Antonio Francesco Pressenda from Milan.

Cremona violins are the best violins in the world. They are made out of wood that is sourced from the Amati family’s forests. Their sound quality is unmatched and they have a history of being played by some of the best violinists in history, such as Nicolo Paganini, Yehudi Menuhin, and Itzhak Perlman.

What is the price range for a good Cremona violin?

The price of a Cremona violin is not set in stone. It varies depending on the materials and craftsmanship that went into it. The cost can range from $2,000 to $4,000.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a Cremona violin. Some of them are:

  • The quality of the wood used
  • The quality of the varnish and finish
  • The condition of the instrument
  • How many times it has been repaired or restored
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