Best Junior Drum Sets for 5, 8, 10 and 13 Year Old Beginner Kids

Music can be a lot of fun. There are many ways to play drums, or any instrument for that matter, and make noise. You don’t need to do it well to have fun with tapping drums and making cool tunes. The appeal to a child is, in fact, instantaneous.

Having the ability to properly play an instrument can be a lot of fun. If you’ve never tried one in your life, you should consider it for a new hobby or for a career that makes use of it. Explore all of the different types that are offered and find out what fits best for you!

It can be challenging to find the right equipment for kids since their bodies and minds are still developing. It’s very important to set them up for success by getting them proper equipment at a young age. The drum set should be sturdy and durable. Hi-hat cymbals sound great, but they are a bit too soft for a junior drum kit.

Best Drum Sets for Toddlers (Acoustic, Electronic, Toy Sets)

Playing music is so much fun, right? It teaches various skills like motor skills, academic development, self-expression and confidence. Playing with your kids can be very rewarding too!

Don’t worry about not being able to find a great toddler drum set! Our experts curate this list to make sure that there’s something for everyone. From little kids with small space needs to those who want performance quality, you can find your perfect option here!

Our range starts from 18 months to 3 years old and our recommendations go up to 3 years, but we also have an option for 4 years olds!

Drum sets for toddler are available in a range of designs and styles, from the traditional drum set to a more modern design with an iPad attached at the end!

1. Prextex Kids’ Electric Toy Drum Set

A toy that is a perfect gift for small children, the prextex electric toy drum set, comes in blue with a black and white design. This electronic drum set for kids comes with one bass drum, two toms, and a cymbal. You can start your little drummer off on the right foot with it, and they’ll need no extra help or instruments because it has everything they need in a very minimal package.

This toy is really colorful and bright. There are different lights installed so you can play for hours in the dark without missing a beat. It’s also affordable and it runs on batteries.

This little drum kit is for 3 years and up.

2. VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin’ Fun Drums

VTech has plenty of kid-friendly products that are sure to please any little one. They’ve got some incredible educational toys and a few toys you don’t want to miss out on! VTech is one of the biggest names in not just toys, but tech too. Their whole line is cute, fun and techie.

Five drum sticks in the bag, one bass pedal, and a cymbal.

Your children can choose from four different games like “Catch the Light” which will develop their motor and sensory skills, as well as just play freestyle.

You’ll get a battery operated pencil and a set of sticks with your order.

The drums light up when hit and on the set. You will find prerecorded singalong tracks that your kid can play or sing.

Recommended age: Babies 4-8 years old.

3. Rabing Kids Drum Set

The Rabing Kids Drum Set is a compact little option for babies and toddlers. You will receive three pads and two cymbals, sticks and a microphone with a stand and a cable that connects to the drum set.

You can choose from 5 different light music modes, where the drums will flash in a different color to the sound of the music. You can also use the microphone on this device as though it were another sound recording device. It has a standard drum mode with drum sounds and the microphone can be connected to the computer and used as an actual recording device.

It’s really easy to use – you don’t have to mount it on the floor or anything. It works from 4 AA batteries and the USB plug makes it compatible with any standard USB cable or adapter.

Recommended age from the makers of this toy: 36 months – 12 years!

4. Reditmo Toy Drum Set for Kids

The Pink Reddit toy drum set is actually a really nice drum/instrument set for your kids. This set comes with three drums (two toms and one bass pedal), two cymbals, a keyboard with eight keys and a microphone. You will get a matching stool for your child’s desk!

This drum set sounds great and has a lot of extra features. It is one of the nicest sets on the market, in contrast with the other sets that are sold out.

You can actually play the drums and keyboard, get your own sounds and create great rhythms. You can also has a microphone!

Recommended age: 2-6 Years

5. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set

WolVol Electric Toy Drum set is a colorful, sparkly electronic drum set with great sound and a lot of options to entertain your toddler. It can be used for children aged 2-6.

It’s made of plastic, and has a really cool and playful design. With lots of colors, drawings on the drums and a round shape like a ball. It comes with a drum set – one bass and two drums, microphone and a cymbal, stool and sticks. It’s the standard package children experience when they’re learning how to play drums.

This keyboard has nine shiny keys that can be used to control your iPad and play music if you wish.

Recommended age: 3 years +

6. Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum with Melodies

This toy is a single drum meant to be used from 3 months and up. It’s made out of durable hard plastic and has a smooth surface for your baby to explore.

This toy has three different modes: number, colors, and playing drums. It will help your baby learn the different colors by tapping on them, numbers by counting, and drumming when hitting the drum kit on music mode. This mirror has a backside, so it can be used as an interesting tool for your baby.

Recommended age: 3 Months+

7. Mendini by Cecilio 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

Mendini are well-known makers of children’s drum sets. Starting out as the smallest product in their MJDS production line, MJDS-1 is made for kids of all ages. It’s intended to be used by children who can use their thumb and pointer finger to handle a small tool. If your toddler is a little older, they might still be able to fit into this drum set and still grow into using it properly. It will also be great for their developing skills as well as their role in the band.

This acoustic drum set is similar to standard acoustic drum sets, only smaller in size to fit small children. You get a 13” bass drum, 8” tom and 1×10″ snare drum and one 8″ cymbal, together with a frame to attach all of that together.

Two wooden drum sticks, a matching stool and it’s all for free! You are getting away from a market full of adult drum kits that cost $2000 per piece.

8. D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 Piece Complete

The new, limited-edition D120B five-piece drum set is all you need to start playing drums! It comes with everything you need to get started, from a kick pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and cymbal stand. You’ll also get a set of cymbals so you can practice in the included 15x10x12. Customers are pretty satisfied with their purchase, which makes it easy to make a sale. You might not always expect this reaction, but the kit has some amazing tones, something most people only expect to find in expensive drum sets.

9. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit With Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks & Throne

What’s great about the Gammon Five Piece Kit? It comes with everything you need, it’s affordable and is one of the best kits available for younger drummers. We have a few different colors! Our drums are perfect for those who are new to playing the game or those who do not like wearing gloves. Customers also say the product is great for children and adults.

What Should I Look for in a Junior Drum Set?

There are lots of different products on Amazon. It can be hard to know which ones to spend your money on. I’d suggest you do a bit more research online before you make a purchase.

So, if you’re expecting the kit to sound like what you hear on your favorite recordings of recorded songs, you’re most likely going to be disappointed. However, even the first drumset should make *most* novice drummers sound acceptable at practices and concerts. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow when shopping for a junior drum set. Make sure to consider how much time it takes your child to practice and the amount of effort they will be willing to put into it.

Price Point that Agrees With You

You might not have to budget for a kit if you know what the various options are and your price range is narrow. You can easily find kits from various companies that won’t break the bank but will still provide great quality. The only exception is ddrum, which costs around $100 more than alternatives with similar functionality.

If you’re on the $100 to $350 range, it’s not likely that you’re overpaying. There might be some functional shortcomings by default but they should still provide a solid alternative when compared to others in the same purchase range. The important thing is that they are cheaper while still maintaining quality levels found in better versions of the gambit.

Durable Kit

A drum kit is designed to take some abuse. This is important because it’s an instrument you literally hit and pound on with a pair sticks. Secondly, kids are less careful and will just play with whatever they have around them or just bang anything for fun.

You may notice some drums have more durability than others. Most customers don’t have any issues with them, so you can read the reviews before you buy one.

Good Tone

I stress that perfect tone is not what you’re paying for in this kit. Your child might come to sound like Chad Smith after a day or two of practice, but for the majority of the time she’ll sound like herself with a little bit of work.

If you think something sounds horrible, the chances of your child liking it and you like it aren’t high. Luckily, most items at bargain prices are good quality.

If you want to look into other people’s reviews before making your purchase, you can do so. This will help you determine which kits sound the best.

The Right Bundle

The drum kit doesn’t need to come with everything to be right.

AI writing templates can sometimes come with bonus items like drum keys & sticks, which you might use less of. Depending on the decision you make, these accessories can vary in price. There are lots of those on Amazon to check out!

If you are a beginner, or just don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff at the store, getting started with an online starter kit is ideal. It cuts down on shopping time and gets you going off to a running start.

The Fun Factor

As I stated at the beginning of this guide, learning music should be a fun experience.

There is no difference in a drum kit, green or purple. If you can, you should buy one that is their favorite color.

The kit doesn’t have to be the only thing that a child is interested in, but it should still be fun. Fun shouldn’t receive all your attention but can still play an importance factor when buying for a child.

Should I Buy a Three-Piece Kit or Five-Piece Kit?

You’re not sure what to teach your little ones, but you do know they might be a little bored with the same toy. Start them off with a three-piece drum set and when they get used to the pieces, try replacing one or two of them.

What happens quite a lot is that in the long run you’ll have to invest in a five-piece kit because your child’s drumming skills are advancing. This helps them keep really growing with their playing over time.

It might be worth investing in a five-piece set from their beginning, so they can grow with it and know how to use it more effectively. What will the price difference be? Don’t worry about their deciding not to continue down the path with you. The two-piece difference may be a factor in the long run but not when they’re first starting out.

So, in conclusion, you should purchase the kit that is right for your child and their needs. This can be a lot more complicated because it all depends on how fast they progress. If they desire to continue (playing) this instrument even more than what you bought them, you can always get a new kit that will provide them with the drums they need.

Should I Buy a Junior Drum Kit or a Full-Sized Drum Kit?

Buying a drum kit for your child can seem like a nuisance when they’re just starting out. It’s so often cheaper to just buy an electronic starter kit vs. spending money on whatever you want to get them going. That being said, if they do continue in their studies, it would make more sense to purchase the full-sized drum set- otherwise you’ll end.

First of all, junior kits are affordable and they probably won’t be worth a lot later when they are outgrown. You might have a chance to sell them later so you can recoup some money.

The second reason that some children don’t have small-sized toys is because, as you can imagine, there is a wider selection of things for large kids. It will be easier for them to transition out of the large item and onto something smaller that they are more ready for when they grow.

You should probably consider buying a junior kit, just in case you don’t know. Breakables and teenagers aren’t the same: most kits have separate drums and cymbals included but some also have drum racks.

Will my Child Require Their Own Drum Kit for Lessons?

This is a good question. Of course, most studios do have their own drum sets. In some cases, you may let your child use one of these at school and when playing with friends or siblings. You can even save your money and buy a drum practice pad for your child.

Well, ask yourself: If your child was assigned homework at school, would you tell them to leave their textbooks, notebooks, and stationery at school? No, you would either have them bring it home or ensure they have everything they need to complete their work.

Drum lessons tend to be less formal than school and shouldn’t be tough, but it doesn’t mean that kids won’t be assigned homework or don’t work hard. If you want your kids to do well then you should give them the tools they need like homework & the right equipment.

Drumming involves most of your limbs. You can’t truly duplicate what it’s like to play on a kit on the practice pad, not unless you put in the effort for 30-60 minutes per week. Their teacher leads them to keep practicing their technique so that they can keep moving towards their goals.


We’ve done the research for you and hope this helps you pick a toddler drum set that’s perfect for your needs. Whatever drum set you choose, it’ll make those little kids very happy! If you’re looking for ways to engage your child while they learn to play instruments, these toys are great options. Remember: drums can make a lot of noise!

It’s good to want to help your child start down the path of becoming an instrumentalist, but you must also consider the consequences – especially if your child ends up loving the drums. You might have been well-intentioned in wanting to get them into music practice, but you’ll have to tell them ‘no’ if they become passionate about it.

You can use your budget to invest in noise-cancelling earplugs instead of acoustic paneling or soundproofing. This will save you a lot of money on your project! If you’re worried about your child’s hearing, it might be best to invest in a pair of headphones. These may help them isolate the sounds they’re experiencing, which may then reduce the risk of damage to their ears.

“If you want your child to pursue a music career, it is difficult to know how much they will appreciate it. It’s also important to consider that they may not stick with it. So, be cautious both in the short-term and long-term.”

P.S. Remember though, that all of what you’ve learned won’t matter if you don’t know how to get your music out there and make money from it.

FAQ for Best Kids Junior Drum Sets

What are the best drum sets for kids?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a drum set for kids. They should be durable, have good sound quality, and have the right size.

The best drum sets for kids may vary depending on the age of the child and what they like to play. For example, if your child is just starting out with playing drums then a starter kit would be perfect.

A drum set that is too big may not be able to fit in the house or they may not be able to reach all of the parts easily. It’s also important that it has good sound quality so that your child can practice with it without having to constantly replace their headphones or mic.

What are the top brands of junior drum sets?

Junior drum sets are usually used by kids, but they can also be used by adults. They are the perfect size for kids and come in a variety of colors and designs.

The top brands of junior drum sets include:

  • Pearl
  • Roland
  • Yamaha

What makes a good drum set for kids?

A good drum set for kids should be durable and easy to use. It should also come with a carry bag, as most kids are always on the go.

The drum sets that I recommend are the following:

  • Pearl Percussion’s PDW5251 Drum Set
  • Vic Firth 5B1 Drum Set
  • DW Drums VSD1305 Drum Set

What is the best place to buy a junior drum set?

The best place to buy a junior drum set is Amazon. It is one of the most popular online retailers for drum sets and offers a wide range of options for any budget.

Amazon has an amazing selection of product offerings that are geared towards kids. They have everything from beginner drum sets to high-end professional ones.

There are many different brands that you can choose from when buying a junior drum set on Amazon, but the most popular ones seem to be Ludwig, Yamaha, and Gretsch.

What are the benefits of buying a drum set for your child?

Drum sets give children a chance to express themselves creatively and can be a great way for them to learn how to play music. Drum sets are also great for developing motor skills, coordination, and creativity.

Buying your child a drum set is a great decision because it will allow them to have fun while learning these valuable skills.

How much do kids drum sets cost?

Kids drum sets are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of education. They teach kids the basics of playing drums and also help them build their confidence.

A standard drum set for kids usually starts around $100, but can go up to $300 or more depending on the type of drum kit that they want.

How old does a child need to be to play drum sets?

A child needs to be at least 5 years old to play a drum set.

The age requirement is not too strict, but it is important that the child has good hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

What is the difference between a junior drum set and a standard drum set?

A junior drum set is a smaller, less expensive version of the standard drum set. It is typically made for children to play and includes one or two cymbals, a snare drum, and a hi-hat stand.

The difference between a junior drum set and a standard drum set is that the junior drum set does not have as many features as the standard one. The features that are included in the standard drums include pedals, drums with different sounds, and cymbals with different sounds.

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