Best Kids Keyboards for Piano

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If a child wants to start playing the piano or keyboard, make sure they get a good one. We’ve listed the best keyboards for kids that will help them learn music and appreciate it with this list of pros and cons. Which keyboard you choose depends on what you want from your kid’s musical experience.

Kids can’t wait to try out the best keyboards in this list because they work just like any other keyboard but come with built-in songs and rhymes for seamless music learning. Choose one that is eco-friendly and has good audio quality. You could also consider keyboards with recording and playback functions, which can encourage children to compose music. You may also want to consider lightweight, colorful keyboards for your home.

Best Keyboards for Kids to Buy in 2022

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It’s exciting when your little one expresses an interest and learning music can completely transform the way they think while enabling them to have tons of fun. The best keyboards for kids are designed to offer immersive landscapes with colors, lights, or sounds so they can learn how to play in a digital environment.

If your young one is old enough and seems ready to learn the fundamentals of the piano or keyboard, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about what age, instrument, and learning level are best for your child with these keyboards.

  1. Vtech Record And Learn Kidi-Studio
  2. Hamper Portable Electronic Keyboard
  3. ConoMus Piano Keyboard Toy
  4. Filladream Multi-Function Piano
  5. Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard
  6. Rock jam Electronic Keyboard
  7. perfective kids keyboard
  8. Winfun Symphonic Grand Piano
  9. M Sanmersen piano mat

Top Keyboards Pianos for Children

Keyboards may vary in design, quality, price or size. The best keyboards for kids are the ones that have multiple features but not very complex settings. Let’s have a look at some.

1. Vtech Record And Learn Kidi-Studio

A keyboard with a mic is all your budding musical prodigy needs for their next performance. Be it today or at the next ancient concert, these instruments are sure to get the crowd going wild!


  • This keyboard can be used to record and playback music.
  • It comes with a voice-changing mechanism and a real microphone.
  • The keyboard has more than 40 songs and sound effects.
  • The keys light up while playing any style of music.
  • It can also double up as a karaoke toy that teaches tempo, rhythm, and melody.
  • The compact size makes it easy to store while not in use.


  • The keyboard only works on batteries and does not work with a direct power supply.
  • Some buyers noticed that the microphone does not last very long.

2. Hamzer Portable Electronic Keyboard

Get a studio-rockstar vibe with a keyboard that comes with headphones, a microphone, a stand, a stool, and a sticker sheet.


  • This keyboard has standard-sized 61 keys, built-in speakers, 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, and 24 demonstration songs.
  • It is designed to help master finger control. The keyboard suits beginners and children who have an intermediate level of skills.
  • The keyboard has a stereo output. Children can listen to music through the external speakers with the supplied headphones or a pair of headphones of their choice.
  • It includes a microphone with a four-inch cord to record playback songs.
  • It is compact, lightweight, and works with a power adapter or on batteries.
  • The sturdy metal keyboard stand can be adjusted to three height positions.


  • Batteries are not included in this keyboard set.

3. ConoMus Piano Keyboard Toy

This keyboard is best suited for children who enjoy playing games on it.


  • It comes with multi-functional features such as an adjustable microphone and karaoke, 24 keys, 22 demo songs, and four musical and eight percussion sounds.
  • There is a record and playback function too. Other features include volume and rhythm controls, and an LED light.
  • The keyboard comes with an audio cable that can be used to connect the piano to a phone, MP3, computer, or iPad for playing music.
  • Its energy-saving function turns the keyboard to standby mode when the device is not used for more than two minutes.
  • The keyboard is made from environment-friendly and non-toxic materials.
  • It may help in improving memory, tone identification, hand-eye coordination, and various other skills.


  • The plastic could seem a bit low quality, and the keyboard may not be suitable for older children.

4. Filladream Multi-Function Piano

If you are looking for a fun-sized piano for kids, this one may be an ideal choice.


  • It has a multi-function keyboard with eight tones, rhythms, and six demo songs. This keyboard also has an MP3 function, volume or tempo control, and options to sing, record, and play.
  • The key size is suitable for the fingers of children.
  • This can connect to a mobile phone or an iPad. Therefore, you can use piano-learning apps with this keyboard.
  • The piano’s smooth edges and soft keys ensure the safety of children.
  • It can be powered by a power adapter or a power bank, or you can use batteries as well.
  • The company offers a six-month customer support warranty for any kind of service.


  • Some users may not find sound quality soothing.

5. Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

This keyboard is ideal for beginner students and comes in three colors.


  • This keyboard has 44 mini-size keys with more than 100 tones and 50 rhythms.
  • The tone selection method is simple with an exclusive button for piano or organ selection.
  • The easy-to-read LCD gives details about the melody, tone, song, etc.
  • It can work on batteries or with a power adapter.


  • The song bank has limited options.
  • The device doesn’t come with batteries or a power adapter.

6. Rockjam Electronic Keyboard

Keyboard apps make it easy to practice using your phone or tablet. With the device’s built-in sensor, you can use lessons on how to play piano and other key instruments as well!


  • It is a true full-size piano with 61 keys. It has standard key sizes, an LCD screen, a recording, and playback facility, more than 100 sounds and rhythms, and nearly 50 demo songs.
  • This keyboard piano ships with a pair of high-quality headphones.
  • It comes bundled with a padded stool for sitting. There is a keyboard stand too that can adjust the keyboard’s level as per the height of the child.
  • Learning aids are also a part of the package. You get one month’s free membership of the Simply Piano app that works on both iOS and Android. Also, two months of face-to-face lessons are provided through taking Lessons for children who are at the advanced level.
  • This electronic keyboard works with the supplied power adapter or can work with batteries.


  • Some children may find the keyboard-heavy.
  • A few parents did not like the quality of the keyboard’s plastic.

7. a perfect life kids keyboard

A new keyboard that’s portable and easy to use is perfect for kids who have recently been exposed to the piano!


  • This keyboard has a built-in lithium-ion battery and can be charged with the power adapter that comes in the package.
  • It is a play-size keyboard with only 37 keys, making it ideal for beginners.
  • It has a detachable microphone, audio cable jack, keyboard drum, record playback function, and automatic standby sleep function.
  • This multi-function keyboard comes with features like smart follow options, an intelligent lighting guide, and multi-level speed adjustment. There are 16 types of sounds, various rhythms, and eight demo songs stored within the instrument.
  • The keyboard is certified by CPC children and conforms to RoHS safety certification.
  • It is made of eco-friendly plastic that is non-toxic and safe for children.


  • Parents felt that the sound quality and overall build quality could have been better.

8. Winfun Symphonic Grand Piano

This tiny keyboard is great for little kids who are still beginning to learn how to play the keys.


  • The 37-key piano set comes with a detachable microphone suitable for beginners.
  • This also has record and playback features for a better learning experience.
  • The metronome feature helps the child keep track of the piano notes.
  • It comes with 15 built-in demo songs, eight instrument choices, eight rhythm choices, and eight options for background music.
  • The keyboard runs on three AA batteries.


  • Batteries are not included in the package.

9. M Sanmersen Piano Mat

This attractive and colorful piano playmat can help with your children’s creative skills and development by having fun while playing music.


  • This mat has eight piano function keys with animal sounds and pronunciation guidance as well.
  • The music from the mat rewards the child’s natural kicks and touches.
  • This portable play mat displays a flashing light effect along with the sounds.
  • It is made of non-toxic and non-woven fabric. It is thus safe even for infants and toddlers.
  • Its smooth surface is gentle even on delicate skins.
  • The piano pad is foldable, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


  • A few users may find the sound to be low or off-key.
  • The mat may seem slippery on hard floors.

Musical instruments can help children develop an interest in music, sharpen memory or concentration, and improve fine motor skills. Buying a keyboard for your kids might be worth it in the long run!

Best Kids’ Keyboards for Piano 2022

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Choosing the best keyboard for kids can be difficult. It’s not just about how good the keyboard is, it’s about how your child will interact with it. With that in mind, you should take into consideration all of their natural curiosity and creativity when looking for a keyboard. We’ve got the best keyboards for kids here to help you make your online typing experience a whole lot easier..

Our top kids’ keyboard for piano reviews are aimed primarily at kids aged 5-14 years old, but there are no rules, every child is different. At the end of our list, we have added a couple of keyboards that are suitable for younger kids (toddlers).

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  • How to Choose the Best Keyboard for Your Child?

1. The ONE Light

ONE Light Keyboard is a unique keyboard that works via an app. ONE Smart Piano has educational content for kids on Android, and iOS and it’s got plenty of songs and stories to keep their interest up.

The app contains over 4000 songs (with digital sheet music) which makes it easier to learn, as the digital sheet plays on your device screen. The keys light up to show which notes to play. There are two online platforms that allow kids to play songs on a piano roll like the real thing. Although this may take more time to learn, it’s often easier for kids who just want to learn the basics of playing just one or two songs.

With The ONE Smart Piano app, you can have lots of fun. It includes many popular music games & instructional videos to help you improve your skills on the piano. This keyboard has 61 full-size keys with built-in LED lights and it comes with 128 instrument voices to match your style of play. You can also change the color of the keyboard in your settings.

  • Smart Piano app.
  • Comprehensive learning material.
  • Key-light system.
  • Expensive.
  • Must own a smartphone or tablet.

The ONE Light Smart Piano is an app designed to help kids learn about music. We felt it could be detrimental for our kids when they’re playing piano on their tablets or phones but the app tries to balance the use of tech with a kid’s real life. The thought of a keyboard that runs entirely through an app made us think there would be more screen pressing than keys.

We’re glad to say that The ONE has done an amazing job merging the app and keyboard for kids. The content is very helpful & easy to use. It’s not just a passing distraction but allows kids to actually enjoy learning! The key light system works perfectly with the app and can give kids some early confidence.

The downside of these keyboards is that you must have a smartphone or tablet and that the sound quality isn’t as good as some other similarly priced keyboards. What you pay for here is the educational content and that’s worth it in our opinion.

2. RockJam 561

RockJam is a brand name that’s becoming well-known in the world of beginner keyboards. What sets this keyboard apart is its large LCD screen. The LCD screen can show you which chords/keys to use in those demo songs.

The keyboard can produce over 100 different voices and rhythms. This includes grand pianos, organs, and strings. RockJam 561 is a keyboard designed for kids around ages 4-12 based on the ever-popular design of the RockJam 61. It’ll take you a while to master, but it’s not too extensive.

With a free Piano Maestro app and tutorials, along with a branded keyboard stand and a piano stool included — this RockJam 561 comes at an awesome price. Less expensive than most other keyboards in its category!

  • Clear LCD screen.
  • Onboard/On-screen chord/key guides.
  • Fantastic value for-money bundle.
  • Piano Maestro app.
  • The Piano Maestro app only works via iOS (iPhone, iPad).
  • No, sustain pedal input.

Have you seen this keyboard? It has a lot of features and at the same time, doesn’t seem to be made for kids. For example, it has an LCD screen on it from one of the top manufacturers and I bet that keyboard would cost much more than this one.

The bundle is pretty cool, so that’s a good thing. The padded stool looks really comfy, the keyboard stand will look nice on my desk, and the headphones are of decent quality.

This keyboard feels like a professional setup, without breaking the bank. Kids love to feel like they have the same as grown-ups get; that’s what this keyboard does. It’s perfect for kids who are past the stage of needing it to look cool.

A musical app for kids that includes over 600+ songs and games, from beginner to advanced level? A definite potential win-win! Things get a little disappointing when the Piano Maestro app is not compatible with Android. But overall, the game is excellent and has a ton of functionality.

3. Yamaha EZ-220

Yamaha EZ-220 is a great place to start when looking for a kid-friendly keyboard. This keyboard has 61 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys that are perfect for brand-new players. What’s great about these keys is that they light up in 3 cool colors – green, red, and blue.

Let’s try listening and learning mode! In this mode, you listen to a song while observing the keys light up. In timing mode, one of your hands begins with the keys being lit up and the keyboard starts playing notes on that hand until you’ve learned it. Lastly, the lights on your keyboard will blink and all you need to do is to play the key that lights up. Then it will light up the next set of keys.

The DX7 gives you 100 songs and lots of voices to play with, as well as access to Yamaha’s free Yamaha Education Suite. This free app has tons of interactive tutorials, exercises, and chord guides. The Yamaha EZ-220 has a battery option too if you want to take it on the road.

  • Key-light system.
  • 3 Learning modes.
  • Almost 400 voices.
  • Yamaha Educational Suite.
  • Very expensive for a kid’s keyboard.

We put this keyboard at the top of our list because it has a lot of features to help you learn faster. Yamaha has made it possible for students to have fun while they’re learning – something that’s really not easy to do in the world of keyboards.

One benefit of the 3 learning modes is that it works for kids who want to learn new songs. They’ll even learn how to play new songs when they can’t do so on their own. The voice bank will keep them entertained for a long time since it contains an endless supply of educational content!

This keyboard is a bit more expensive than some of the others, but if your child uses it for a long time and you feel it the worth it, we believe that the investment will pay off in their development. It’s our top choice for kids because of its high-quality sound.

4. Casio LK-265

The Casio LK-265 comes with a key lighting system that lights up to show which keys on the keyboard correspond with any of the 60 songs. Casio’s Chordana app works fantastically with the Key LED Lighting System. It provides a keyboard that supports on-screen piano rolls, which will also help improve your playing skills in no time.

There is a Dance Music Mode that lets users create and remix awesome dance tracks. Dance Music Mode has 50 styles, including House music, Hip-Hop, and EDM. Things like Intros, breaks, fills, and outros can be triggered by pressing different keys

The LK-265 radiates 400 voices and 150 built-in rhythms across genres and key signatures.

  • Key-light system.
  • Dance Music Mode.
  • Chordana Play app.
  • 400 Voices.
  • Expensive for a kids keyboard.

This is another one of our top picks for kids. It provides longevity as the player develops musically. The KEY LIGHTING SYSTEM, which works very well with the CHORDANA PLAY app, is excellent for this reason.

The keyboard is probably in a somewhat higher price range than the others on this list, which is why we think it’s more appropriate for those who are 11 years old and up.

There is a large voice bank with hundreds of pre-recorded noises and they even have a Dance Music mode. This can be an issue, but if you feel sure your children will have fun and grow as musicians through this game, it could be well worth the investment.

5. Casio SA-46

The Casio SA-46 is a smaller keyboard for kids on the go. It has 32 high-quality, mini-keys and are just the right size for kids.

The top panel is great for kids because it’s easy to follow. The most important part about the top panel is that it has 5 drum pads! These are absolutely fantastic for kids and make for a fantastic way to keep them engaged.

The Casio SA-46 has 100 voices in total, including a grand piano and many instrument sounds. It also has 50 drum accompaniments that are all included with the synth and keyboard.

With the Casio SA-76, you get a 49-key version with a new form factor – adding on more keys is made more accessible.

  • Extremely portable.
  • Low price.
  • Drum pads.
  • Lack of features/functions.

If we start with the negatives, the SA-46 is limited in function. It doesn’t have the learning features that some other keyboards do, so that’s a definite downside. The upside is that it sounds good and it has drum pads.

The SA-46 drum pads have a variety of fun features that kids often love, such as the grooves they can drum on. Just because they hit something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound good. They’ll also quickly learn how to tap rhythms and keep the tempo by themselves.

Many musicians find themselves struggling to keep the tempo when they play certain instruments. This is where these drum pads can help with creating a positive rhythm.

It might not have as many sounds as the full-size keyboard but it’s not an issue. Kids can still play with this exclusively small piano and it is a lot of fun for younger children.

Our kids’ keyboards are perfect for your little ones. They can bring it wherever they go and use it in their backpacks, which makes traveling with them a breeze! We also love the colorful top row because kids will enjoy some color around them during long days at school or playtime.

Best Keyboards for Younger Kids (Toddlers)

1. Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

This little kids’ piano is a fantastic choice for kids who love to play and like color. It’s easy to read the colors and even has colorful keys which make it fun to play. It doesn’t sound nearly as good as the Korg tiny piano, but it’s incredibly affordable and a perfect choice of toys for the holidays!

2. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

You can’t give a cheap musical keyboard to kids without expecting them to play with and learn from it. This handy device has a microphone that works like any other real-life instrument too!

3. Korg tiny piano

If you want to introduce your kids to piano playing at a young age, this is a quality product. It includes multiple music-playing options and is available in various colors and grades. But it’s expensive, so make sure you’re getting what you need out of it!

How to Choose the Best Keyboard for Your Child?

Know Your Child

Know your child! Every child is unique. That’s why there are no hard-and-fast rules to follow when it comes to kids. For example, we’ve given an average age guideline for our top 5 list, but that might not work for you or your family. Let’s chat about it.

Knowing your child’s needs is essential in order to buy them the right instrument. Buying anything that they aren’t ready for yet puts off their desire to learn music, which will have a negative long-term impact on your family.

Kids Like Toys

Kids love to have fun, so use that to inspire them. For very young children, the VTech KidiStudio is perfect because it looks like a toy.

Older kids who have more experience with technology and can be taught new skills without the large gimmick of simple buttons and games to entertain them. These interactive features give it a more gaming-like feel which is less like learning and more about playing.

Whatever you buy for your child, make sure it’s not just a toy. Whatever you buy must have some sort of musical value – but it can be anything from music to making different sounds to playing a game.


You shouldn’t spend a fortune on your kids’ first keyboard. The goal of a kid’s keyboard is to let them have fun with music and give them an introduction to the world. What matters is whether it does that job well, not if it’s fancy or expensive.

Knowing your child loves music can be hard to see from the outside, but when you can, buying an instrument like a piano can help them continue to explore their talent and further themselves.

Kids love to take their favorite toys everywhere with them, so hopefully, there will be no difference between a keyboard and something else. So, when you are thinking about how many keys it should have, keep in mind how portable the device is. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking about buying a keyboard for your child. Some keyboards are smaller and can be carried around easily. If it’s bigger, then parents might have to carry the keyboard too.

We would suggest (as a rough guide) that you never go above 61 keys. Generally speaking, kids will never need more than that. However, as we said, every child is different, and if you have a 7-year-old prodigy on your hands then by all means go over the limit.


At this point, the quality of your voice is much more important than what you say. You need a keyboard that keeps your imagination and creativity flowing; if you have a lot of people talking about your idea, it will spread quickly.

Some people suggest that younger players must get used to piano sounds early on. We think the most important thing is getting them to play and enjoy it; don’t focus too much on sound quality.

Once your child is two or three years old, you will be able to start noticing if they are going to be musically inclined. Then you can decide if you want something that has better sound quality.

Full-Size Keys or Mini-Keys

You should wait until the child is old enough and is used to typing on a keyboard before they start using a mini keyboard or laptop keyboard. It’s better for them to have fun playing on their own tiny keyboards than with something that feels too different such as an iPad or phone (depending on its size).


When you are making music fun, kids, as well as adults, will have an interest in it. Whether it’s a growing up or a more toy-like keyboard, make sure it makes your child want to play with their own keyboard. It should be their first priority, and everything else should be secondary.

It’s the perfect time to start learning to play the keyboard. Kids tend to absorb any activity that is reinforced so it’s important that you do this because you want to. The only important thing is remembering why you’re doing it. A pushy parent may think that it’s helping their child develop skills by forcing them to play music, but this is more often than not a Catch-22 scenario as the child will never have the same motivation or energy to explore new things as they would if they enjoyed the music.

Makers of keyboards want you to pick out the one that best matches your skill level as a musician. Not every keyboard is suitable for all people, but all people should be able, to get started with a basic computer setup!

FAQ for Best Kids Keyboards for Pianos

The most popular kids’ keyboard pianos are the Yamaha DGX-660, Kawai ES8, and Casio PX-5S.

What are the benefits of using a keyboard piano for kids?

Keyboard pianos for kids are an ideal way for children to learn the basics of music. They are not just a toy, but also a tool that helps children develop their creativity and imagination.

The benefits of keyboard pianos for kids include:

  • Developing motor skills
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Helping children develop musical skills

How can I make sure my child has a keyboard for pianos that is appropriate for their age and skills?

Pianos are great for kids who have a passion for music and want to learn how to play an instrument. However, the difficulty of playing the piano can be overwhelming for children who are still learning how to use their fingers.

This is where the keyboard comes in. The keyboard is easier to use and it’s not as complicated as the piano. The keyboard has keys that are similar to what you would find on a computer keyboard.

Which are the best keyboards and pianos for children with disabilities?

The best keyboard piano for children with disabilities should be easy to use, lightweight, and durable.

The best keyboard and pianos for children with disabilities are lightweight because they are often carried by the child. Durability is also important because the child will likely be carrying their keyboard piano everywhere they go. Finally, ease of use is important because a child with disabilities may not be able to easily reach all the keys on a standard keyboard piano.

What is the difference between a mechanical keyboard for a piano and a kid’s keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard for pianos is a device that uses the same mechanism as a piano keyboard. This is to give the impression that you are playing an actual piano. It also has a hammer action and keys with weighted action.

A kid’s keyboard is a device that has smaller keys, fewer notes, and an easier learning curve.

It’s not just about how many notes are on the keyboard but also about how easy it is to learn how to play on it. A kids keyboard usually has fewer notes in order to make it easier for children or beginners to learn how to play music or type on it.

What is the best way to buy a kid’s keyboard for piano?

If you are looking for a keyboard for your child, then you should know that it is not very easy to find the best one. There are so many options out there and with different features to consider, it can be quite confusing. But if you want your child to enjoy playing the piano more, then you should go for the best keyboard for pianos.

The best way to buy a kid’s keyboard for pianos is by going through reviews of other parents and finding one that has been highly rated by them.

How much does a good keyboard for a piano cost?

The price of a good keyboard for pianos varies depending on the features and specifications. There are a few factors to consider when purchasing one.

Pianos come in different shapes and sizes which affects the type of keyboard you can find for them. You should also consider how often you play your piano, what kind of sounds you want from it, and where you live.

The cost of a good keyboard can range from $50 to $1000 depending on the features that are important to you.

Is there anything to look out for when buying a kid’s keyboard for piano?

When buying a keyboard for your child, there are a few things that you should be mindful of.

The first thing to look out for is the size. The size of the keyboard is important because it will determine how much space you need in order to place it. It also affects how many fingers can be placed on the keyboard at one time.

Another thing to consider is the keys and whether they are weighted or not. Weighted keys provide more resistance and make sure that your child doesn’t accidentally press them when they are playing with their hands.

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