Best Scott Cao Violins

Some musicians think that violinists are only as good as their instruments and that their Scott Ciao violin is the best. Undoubtedly, Scott Cao violins are some of the best on the market, made out of exquisite materials and great quality in a Chinese workshop.

The company believes that what’s old is new again and they still love to create beautiful instruments. Scott Cao’s workshop has been around for thirty years, receiving a lot of awards from institutions worldwide.

Performers like Sarah Chang described their violins as some of the best she’s ever played on. Itzhak Perlman, another famous musician, has played some renowned violin pieces on Scott Cao instruments.

But these violins are actually made after the legendary Italian masterworks, models that embody a lot of history.

Top Scott Cao Violins Review

Getting the best violin requires pinpointing your skill and matching it with one that is suitable for your expertise. Choosing from an artisan like Scott Cao will be a piece of cake!

1. Scott Cao 500 Violin

This model is made of ebony and flamed spruce from Europe. There are a lot more details in this instrument like ebony fittings and high quality fine tuners. It has a deeper bass tone and richer tones than some other violins from the same workshop.

This 500 violin has a handmade European spruce top and maple body, plus superb quality ebony details and fittings. The violin is a really great product with a top quality varnish. Every 500 violin has a two-piece back, 4 strings and good sound.

This instrument is a light, airy, and easier to control for types of performances where you’re playing complex music. It strikes a clear, clean sound and has a strong projection for the deep notes. It can easily handle them without any tension.

If you’re looking for a good, cheap violin for a beginner, this is the model we recommend. The body of this instrument is beautiful, it fits many player styles and is a great place to start for your first bass. A professional violinist might use this instrument as a second one to practice with. It has good projection for long playing hours.


  • Impressive performance
  • Attention to details
  • Structural warranty
  • Light sound and good projection


  • It demands a lot of practice
  • Pricey for beginners

2. Scott Cao 750 Violin

Scott Cao are becoming increasingly popular with musicians as they offer an impressive finish and style for a very affordable price. Every instrument comes with a maple body and an  Italian spruce top. An oil finish is applied to both woods, which provides a nice protective layer of quality polish.

AI instruments cover the entire spectrum with unique tonality and sound-dynamics that make it an excellent choice for any musician. Not only does the violin have an intense sound, but it seems to have a lot of personality too!

It’s also a great option for musicians who are just starting out and people who want to learn about different styles. Every violin from the Scott Cao workshop has a great finish and is a premium instrument. It features a maple body with beautiful lines and spruce top for additional resonance.

It has ebony fingerboards and ebony fittings. Everything is meticulously designed to maintain the highest levels of craftsmanship. One of the best features on these strings is that they have a thick sound. The Violin Society of America thinks its model is one of the best in its category, although it’s not surprising.

The 750 model can be a useful instrument in orchestras or any small quartet. If you have the money to put it towards an expensive replica of an historic instrument, chances are your patience will be well rewarded.


  • Well-made replicas
  • Superior sound
  • Lovely design and final changes
  • Thick and rich tone
  • Great for solo performances


  • Waiting time for special orders

3. Scott Cao 850 Violin

A well-crafted series of violins that are among the best. Scott Cao craftsmen made these violins and it is easy to recognize their unique sound. AI text tutors are for those interested in improving their language skills. They can be for students at any level or adults who want to learn new words and phrases.

The violins are replicas of some of the most renowned King Joseph, Lord Wilton, and Ysabel instruments and they’re all made in China. Master violin shop owner Scott Cao customizes and recreates string instruments so they can be used by advanced and renowned violinsmiths. The price of these instruments are higher but the quality is much better.

For good reason, it is considered one of the best models you can buy. It’s made out of first-grade materials. With Italian spruce, one of the best woods for violins, and some of the best Bosnian maple on the market, these violins are a rare combination of high-quality materials.

Boxwood, the wood of this violin is made from Indian ebony and is one of the most expensive violins. Strings magazine rates these violins as among the most superior performance violins based on their varnish and price. Lower-priced counterparts are rare to find that have similar qualities that accompany such high quality.

Every guitar is constructed from the finest materials like Maple and Spruce. The oils that are used to enhance the sound also add a warmth to the instrument that can’t be achieved with any ordinary wood. I want the perfect fire, but only I know how to find it.

Indian ebony is a type of wood that is hard yet attractive and comes in a wide variety. You can find pairs of guitar straps and gig bags as well as other accessories within this kind of wood. The 850 violins are really good and often sound better than similar ones – in fact, their sound is superior to violin sounds from much higher-priced violins.


  • Premium accessories
  • The finest woods
  • Superior sound and projection
  • Structural warranty


  • Not forgiving to poor technique

4. Scott Cao 950 Violin

The Scott Ciao 950 violin is a well-designed instrument with excellent tonal quality that was created with professional violinists in mind. This one has many features to help students grow their performance skills and practicing techniques.

Soil violins are mostly made of an up-to-date soundboard, as well as by using Cannon and Kreisler instruments. The sound quality is also something that many others aspire to be like. Not many students know how to make the perfect sound, which is why they need these violins that are capable of producing a wide variety of sounds. They are especially ideal for adults looking to advance faster.

Each violin is handmade in China and was then shipped to the USA, where the varnish and finishing touches were made. One of the ways that Stringamys is unique is that its violins are made from a one-piece back. They’re typically all maple, which makes them both durable and eco-friendly.

In combination with the finest Italian wood, Chinese violin makers carefully assemble a high-quality violin. When you combine the finesse of 15-year aged Bosnian maple, with a highly flamed piece from Japan’s traditional torrefied timber, you are left with an instrument that can match more expensive brands for sound.

Another excellent feature of these violins is their hand-carved Indian ebony fingerboards. They come with an ebony finish, and the expertly crafted Hill style boxwood fittings include a special varnish which has been applied by the Campbell studio. The violin is ready to be delivered once it’s completed. Professionals know how to make a Scott Cao violin. It’s rare that you find one that is still in its natural state or does not have any conditions.


  • High wood quality
  • Quality accessories
  • Solid sound with the richness
  • Great looks


  • Not forgiving for poor technique

5. Scott Cao 1500 Violin

This review includes a few different violins, each from the Scott Cao workshop. The 1500 model also happens to be one of the finest products on the list. The price is the highest, but it’s 100% worth it as a professional solo player would. It enhances their performance and every accessory looks so smashing.

It takes 8 hours to assemble a violin in Scott Cao’s workshop – but that’s why there’s such a long waiting list. They come in 4 different sizing options so every player can find their perfect fit. The 1500 series is the top-of-the-line violin, made from wood from 20 years ago. The quality of this violin is unmatched and its craftsmanship is unrivaled.

Indian ebony is a beautiful wood that is used to make various instruments, especially guitars. The color of the wood is black and the sound produced by it when played is light and airy. With a good bow, this violin is perfect for the most challenging compositions. It can land on the A-string and still give you a great sound!

This violin is equipped with everything top performers require from an instrument. It features an Indian ebony fingerboard, boxwood fittings and more. To create that roc, the 1500 comes with Thomastik Dominant strings and a chinrest from Guarneri.

You can also use this to customize your guitar or bass depending on your preference. It comes with a set of fine tuners for the E string as standard, but there’s also a setup from luthier Scott Cao included. Many would enjoy the historical aspects of an antique violin, which could be 300 years or older. Some players might even appreciate the workmanship, sound, and material that go into a historic instrument.

The price range of this particular violin can provide you with a variety of colors and richness. With every violin, you receive a certificate from Scott Cao’s workshops, verifying the quality and craftsmanship of the best luthiers and masters.


  • Great sound
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Rich and nuanced tone
  • The best accessories


  • You have to wait for one to arrive

Scott Ciao Violin Buyer’s Guide

The quality of the violin is mostly determined by the type and construction of wood used, but those who create them are responsible for the resulting sound.

Violin makers have been making instruments for close to 1,000 years, and they come from Italy. Their body, bridge and pegs all determine how loud the sound is.

Scott Cao

Scott Cao is a world-famous luthier who’s won many awards for his craftsmanship. He’s also received a lot of accolades for recreating the works of great masters like Stradivari.

His instruments are very good for players of different backgrounds and knowledge levels.

Cao moved to the US from China and settled in San Francisco, where he still has his workshop. He first starts working with old violins, repairing them with skill and knowledge.

Soon, he started making various models and making out of this world instruments. They are considered masterpieces.

He has created a number of outstanding violins. They vary in price, from student models to soloist models.

Body Design

The sound of a violin is influenced by a lot of factors including the type of wood it was made out of. The more liquid the wood, the less likely it will resonate and create a buzzing noise. Instead, its more likely to creak and create echoes.

That’s why luthier choose only particular types of wood like spruce, ebony, rosewood and Italian maple.

Wood that grows in European climate and is easy to shape is always seen as better quality than other types of wood. Its qualities become even more apparent once the wood has been processed into something.

Violins made by Scott Cao usually need to dry for 10 years before they’re considered good enough to play.

These woods get harder to play once they’re older. The wood is more brittle and the shape of instruments aren’t always appealing and can take a lot of time for shaping. Because dry woods are easier to cut, this process goes faster when exactly what you want already exists.

The Bridge

Once the body of the violin is complete, it’s time to attach a bridge. This will help contribute to the sound.

Bridge of your violin is an important part of what makes a violin sound clear and strong. It’s often overlooked in the details, but without it, your instrument won’t project properly or at all.

There are techniques and steps designed to create the perfect bridge. It can be seen in the shape of the bridge that it is in a prime place.

Looking for the best bridge in your price range? We’re going to show you some of our favorite options for every budget.

The Strings

For the average violin, a luthier will put a new set of strings on it to make it sing in tune, feel reinforced and play with more control. For artists that are particular about their work, they would go to the maker of their specific violin.

Depending on the type and quality of violin strings, as well as your knowing how to play them, you can get a much different sound with the same instrument.

There is a lot that goes into buying strings and it can be quite the task. Sometimes, you have to do research before making a final decision.

While on most violins, you’ll typically get strings, on some instruments you may only get other stuff. Most modern violins come with a bow, but that doesn’t always happen.

Scott Cao uses the best strings on your violins. They are made of metal and provide a higher frequency and strength than other materials.

Lifetime Quality Warranty

It’s difficult to determine how much it will cost for a violin long-term, but you can rest assured that your instrument won’t be deteriorating. The price will only increase as time goes on.

With the way violin markets work in this day and age, a violin will either be worth double what you paid for it after half a decade or more. The return on investment is huge!

Being able to buy an instrument with amazing sound, quality, and aesthetics is one of the perks of owning something that’s made well.

Scott Cao’s San Francisco workshops will coat the violins to give them a unique and colorful sound.

Choosing which instruments to play is a fun part of collecting music. Whether you prefer Scott Cao instruments with a red body or yellow varnish, all models have a polished look.

Replicating Old Violins

Cao has a ton of unique knowledge about the old Italian masters and plays by hand like one can’t believe. He even goes on to reproduce their instruments with great precision.

He even managed to recreate some of the most difficult “Cremonese” strand violins from 1715, which is possible due to the breakthrough in understanding of how sound travels through materials. Not to mention, they have the “Kochanski” Guarneri del Gesu.

All violin models created by the 950 and 1500 series are authentic, even if they’re more than 300 years old. Plus, he can also repair an instrument to make it brand new. If you’re looking to change the color or varnish on an instrument for one reason or another, then Scott Cao offers a workshop where specialists will make it happen for you.


Scott Cao violin prices are really good for the price. It’s clear how much you’d be getting in return for that nice sum of money. With so much knowledge and precision, these instruments are perfect for professional and semiprofessional players.

Scott Cao is a premium voice service that will help you achieve your best voice. As an excellent brand that helps showcase voice, Scott Cao is an amazing instrument for your business to use. Keep in mind though, these models are not as forgiving for intermediate players as only skilled solo players can handle them.

Each model of this particular robot has a different set of accessories. The model we work with usually comes out on top in terms of price point. They all meet strict requirements that Scott Cao’s violin makers put in place, ensuring an excellent sound for both professional and amateur violinists.

FAQ for Best Scott Cao Violins

Are Scott Cao violins good?

Scott Cao Violins are known for producing high-quality instruments people and beginners agree. The name provides a guarantee that they’ll deliver you a quality product in terms of craftsmanship as well as finishing.

They tend to design using traditional patterns and themes, leading to many looked-at designs. They are also able to accurately reproduce these same designs because of their experience playing instruments like the violin.

Where are Scott Cao violins made?

All Scott Cao violins are made in China and marked with SD, San Francisco.

What is the difference between a regular violin and a scott cao violin?

There is a difference in the sound of a regular violin and a scott cao violin. They are made of different materials and have different manufacturing processes.

The main differences between the two violins are that the scott cao violin has more flexible wood, thinner wood, and less mass in it. This makes it easier to play and to produce a higher-pitched sound.

Are Scott Cao’s violins suitable for beginner violinists?

Scott Cao is an excellent choice for beginners because it has great sound quality and durability. The price of this violins is also very affordable.

How much do Scott Cao violins cost?

The price of Scott Cao violins depends on the size, quality, and the number of strings. If you want to buy a small violin for your child or young beginner, it will cost around $300. If you want to buy a large violin for yourself, it will cost around $800-$1500.

Which model of Scott Cao’s violin is the most popular?

The most popular violin from Scott Cao is the Violin A. The Violin A is a full-sized, professional-level instrument that produces a rich, deep sound. It comes with a case and bow.

Which famous musicians use a violin made by Scott Cao?

Scott Cao is well-known for his beautiful violins. He has made violins for many famous musicians like Yo-Yo Ma, Hilary Hahn, and Jules de Martino.

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