Best Stentor Violin Review

As an adult, you want a violin that you’ll use for at least a few years before upgrading to an expensive instrument. The best option is one that really feels like it’s made of real wood, not some plastic toy.

It can be challenging to find the perfect violin as a beginner, so if you’re interested in starting out with a violin there is no better resource than us! We’ve got everything from beginner to professional violins.

The biggest problem when you are looking for a violin is narrowing down the list. There are so many luthiers out there on the market that have great options and it can be very difficult to come up with a short list of options.

You might not know what it takes to produce high-quality content well. But you should still try to invest in one because ultimately that’s what you need and you need to be happy with the output.

As an educator, you often are expected to buy whatever is necessary for the classroom. Instructors usually don’t worry about limited budgets as much as you do. They’re usually just happy that they can teach!

There are so many nicely priced options available when it comes to creating the perfect budget that you don’t have to go overboard and spend more than necessary.

Your teacher means well, but they may not really understand that investing a lot of money at the start of lessons could be something that you can’t or don’t want to do.

We understand! We reviewed many different models of Stentor violin to come up with the best so that you can start right from the beginning with a short list in hand and decide from there which violin is best for your needs and your budget.

About Stentor Violin

Stentor has been in the business for over 100 years, making them a trusted source for buying violins. It was started in the late 1800’s, and they mostly manufactured gut violin strings and rosin.

Stentor was the name of a brand which is now defunct. Back in 1883, Fred Gretsch, who was an aspiring violin instructor, wanted to create better options for the young students he taught so he ultimately started a company with the goal of making and selling gut strings and rosin.

In the early 1960’s, Stentor Music Company evolved and became a recognized luthier and since then many students have started their musical journey with Stentor instruments. Stentor really hit the nail on the head in the 1960s, when they began crafting their own violins. They quickly cornered the market on student violins and became an industry leader in doing so.

When you make quality instruments like Stentor does it is not surprising when a company takes the lead and becomes one of the best known companies in the world.

This company has grown to be a well known international company that sells more orchestral stringed instruments than any. Other companies might want to learn from them in terms of how they sell products on their websites, as they seem to do a good job at it!

One way to make your chances of performing professionally after learning from one of these great musicians better is if you buy the Stentor’s adn start getting a good education in music. This company in the UK offers some great violins for students. They’ve been able to keep their prices low while still providing quality instruments.

What Makes a Violin Great?

It sounds like a violin may be missing something when playing, even if the player hits every note perfectly. A violin is called a fine instrument for a reason because each one has its own unique flavor.

It’s very difficult to identify all the parts that are needed for a functioning computer, but they work with each other quite well, getting the job done.

A good violin will make you want to play it, not break it, take care of well and last a long time.

A violin plays the way it should, staying in tune and giving off a great sound. It uses quality materials, including aged wood and having just the right curvature on the finger board. The quality of the violin’s craftsmanship makes it very unique. So unique in fact that other companies cannot achieve this level of quality for a fair price, which is another feature that differentiates Stentor from the competition.

Hi, good news for you! You don’t have to waste all of your savings on a violin! We found you a great option that we are sure will meet all of your needs.

Top Stentor Violin

Our company has been around for over 100 years and we are experts in the violin-making world. Here is a list of some other models that we’ve been able to produce, but our top sellers are among these ones.

1. Stentor Conservatoire II

This model comes with every feature you’ll need. Maple neck, back and ribs combine with the spruce table to craft a great sound. The violin is hand carved and reflects traditional violin designs.”

They add a visually stunning finish that is achieved through staining. The ebony fingerboard and Parisian eye pegs play a key role in creating the perfect sound. Finally, the strings are high quality; these all combine to bring your guitar to life!

This model is a simple upgrade over the original Conservatoire model, Stentor originally made.


  • Improved sound.
  • Well made with the right tonewoods.
  • Inlaid purfiling.


  • Made from the same wood as other models.
  • May have some quality control issues.
  • Strings too common for great sound.

2. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 3/4)

This is a finely crafted, professional-grade instrument. It comes with an extra-thick alloy tailpiece, which adjusts to provide a perfect sound for any style of playing. The maple & spruce woods and 4 adjustable legs give the instrument its great look.

Ebony neck and body with red fingerboard produce super rich, strong sound that lasts a long time. Maple bridge and nut provide focused, strong resonance. Strings are very responsive to your touch.


  • Lightweight & comfortable to play.
  • Comes with a beautiful finish.
  • Has great accessories included in your purchase


  • Hard to keep tuning pegs tight.
  • Difficult to keep tuned.
  • May need to install the bridge

3. Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 violin

It’s easy-to time consuming to learn a new skill when you don’t know where to start. This Stentor violin comes with all the same components that the bigger models come with and make learning how to play easier.

Playing a violin is simple and fun, and it’s even easier to learn. The performance that is delivered by this durable violin model is top-notch – the extra resonance provides an excellent instrument for beginners.


  • Great for beginners.
  • Made like its larger counterparts.
  • Easy to play.


  • Pegs may not be that durable.
  • Stain and varnish nor consistent.
  • It may not as durable as claimed.

4. Stentor Messina – 4/4 Size

Playing in an orchestra means you have to hit the right notes all the time. This violin will make perfect music for you and your fellow orchestra members and keep you around a long time. It’s made of high-quality materials that give it a smooth, precise sound.

Plus, it is handcrafted by workers and overseen by a master violin maker. Everything about this violin shows quality. Piastro strings and ebony fingerboard are also part of the package, along with pegs. Then you have a shelec varnish finish to keep the instruments looking as good this violin sounds.


  • Made for orchestra quality.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Built with care


  • Made from the same woods as other violins.
  • Too many hands built it.
  • Quality is suspect.

5. Stentor Arcadia (antique finish)

There are 2 different finishes for the violin, but that is about the only difference between this and the other model. If you want a traditional look to your violin, it would be best if you picked this model. A classic design like this can give a violinist or classical musician a little bit of mystery without telling them how old the violin is.

The sound coming from your instrument is something that can be hard to duplicate. The materials used in the design & production process are also of the highest quality. It is worth investing in your own instrument for its conveys emotion, meaning and identity.


  • The antique look.
  • The fine craftsmanship.
  • Its unique style of play.


  • A little heavy to hold.
  • No carrying case.
  • Inferior construction issues.

6. Stentor Student Standard Violin

You need a good violin to make playing this instrument possible for you, regardless of whether you’re just a student or professional. This model has an aluminum fingerboard, but still comes with wooden pegs and an alloy tailpiece.

Plus, there are various sizes to make sure musicians of all heights and arm lengths, can play this instrument. This instrument comes with a wood bow which is combined with horse hair to make sure your playing is smooth and on key. You’ll also get one light weight protective case with your purchase.


  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Hardwood elements included.
  • Wood bow with horse hair.


  • Bridge may come off.
  • Not as durable as it could be.
  • Basic woods used.

7. Stentor Elysia

If you’re in the market for a high-class violin that absolutely plays beautifully, and sounds great, then this is an instrument that fits your needs. It was crafted with STENTOR’s set standards in mind to ensure it provides the best performance and sound quality.

Made with Piastro strings the tone of your music should be excellent. The inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, and pegs are also present on this instrument. It is made from fine spruce and maple woods to ensure your instrument lasts you some time!


  • Made with Stentor’s standards.
  • Comes with a nice protective case.
  • Easy to handle.


  • No special wood used.
  • Basic same design construction.
  • Quality control issues.

8. Stentor 1500 4/4 size Violin

Made with spruce and maple wood you should get a good sound out of this Stentor violin. It is made to be full sized and easy to handle. It has hardwood chin rest, ebony fittings and red label strings for a more comfortable playing experience. What’s not to like about this violin?

Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Outfit with Horsehair Bow and Red Label Strings: Give your child the violin they’ve always dreamed of. This outfit includes a soft case that’s totally lined, with a blanket to protect the violin when not in use.

Most people who have used the Stentor 1500 4/4 have given it 5 stars and have talked about that it provides clear tones and bright notes. It’s an affordable option for beginners/intermediates, at a good price point.


  • Well made and easy to use.
  • Easy to hold.
  • The instrument blanket for extra protection.


  • May arrive with scratch marks.
  • Needs new strings, etc., to make the right sound.
  • Set up needs work.

9. Stentor 1500 ½ sized Violin

Here is a delightful violin that provides incredible value and quality. This includes a hand-crafted spruce top and maple back, maple sides, ebony fittings, and an alloy tailpiece with 4 string adjusters.

The set is made for horsehair strings and comes with a canvas-covered case. It is also given a horsehair bow that will work well in most situations. The strings are durable and sensitive, making them perfect for almost any situation.

This is a cool choice for younger children. It’s the perfect size and it’s also heavily recommended by customers, teachers, and you guessed it, me! The cost is very good as well.

10. Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin

This violin is great and the build quality is well-made. It also has a nice look and great sound. Like all of the Stentor violins this violin is made from a solid spruce top and a solid maple bottom.

The outfit features an ebony fingerboard, a bow with ebony frog and ebony fittings, and the synthetic gut string. It has a case that is lined and has space for your bow. It has a nice finish with shading that will keep it looking new.

This violin is a very good option for someone with a limited budget – as opposed to some of the more expensive brands out there, this instrument is affordable and excellent quality.

11. Stentor 1401BK-4/4 Harlequin Series Black Violin Outfit

This is a full-sized violin, but it has a unique style with its rosewood fingerboard and comes in several different colors. It comes with a high quality case that is lined and lightweight.It has a pocket on the exterior that will hold your cell phone or other small personal object.

This student violin has a bow attached to it, along with horse hair. The inside of the case also has space for music notes and this is a fun feature to have so that students have one less thing to worry about. This violin is also great for early learners who don’t know much about playing with their hand yet, as it helps celebrate their success every time they complete.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Stentor Violin

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re shopping for a violin. Stentor makes this process easier by selling violins in sets that include the case, bow, and accessories. But there’s still a range of quality, price, and size. Here are some things to keep in mind.


When choosing a violin, it’s important to find the one that works best for you, especially if you’re looking into a smaller size. Larger sizes of violin are able to be hazardous to younger children. For safety reasons, don’t forget this step! To determine the right size of violin, you should be able to hold it up in front of your body. You might need to adjust it slightly, but if you can’t get your hand around the scroll without it being too big or too small, then it may not be a good violin for you.

For most adult violinists, a 4/4 size violin is the normal size. There may be some people who prefer an 7/8ths size instrument, but with shorter arms.

The Overall Tone & Sound

The type of wood, drying time, and the crafting process all influences tone and sound in a violin. Stentor violins come in a range of quality levels, though they may look more affordable on the outside, they still strive to make even their most basic models with attention to sound quality


Stentor violins come in a range of prices, from as low as $150 up to a few thousand dollars for the highest quality models. Students can find an excellent option for a fraction of the price of other options.

Types of Stentor Violins

Stentor violins come in a range of models, from the most basic, beginning instruments to more advanced instruments.

Stentor Student Violins

Stentor offers four models of violins so that beginners can find an affordable instrument to start them out with.

Stentor Intermediate Violins

There are 3 Stentor models for players with varying skill levels. I recommend the higher-end Stentor Soloist as a step-up instrument for students who have been playing for a while and are looking to improve their skills.

Stentor Advanced Violins

Stentor makes five models of violins that are performance-ready. They’re an excellent option for advanced students looking for an instrument that can carry them through any number of performance situations! These violins are not geared towards student performances because they’re tuned to professional standards.

Everyone should have the opportunity to own and enjoy a quality violin. String things are affordable so that more people can experience this kind of beauty within their reach.

Some Final Words

When you’re looking to buy a violin for your child, it’s important to ask questions and understand what kids need in an instrument that will grow with them, you should consider Stentor violins. The instrument is made in the tradition established by the founder of the company, which is why it’s considered one of the best.

FAQ for Best Stentor Violin

What is a stentor violin?

A stentor violin is a type of musical instrument that makes sound by using air pressure to vibrate a column of air. It was invented in 1852 by the German musician and inventor, Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann.

What size of violins are there?

The majority of violins come in the following sizes- 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 but you can get them as low as 1/16

Do these violins cost the same?

No, their price depends on theior size, accessories, and other factors. But the violins are usually very competively priced

What materials are used in making a Stentor violin?

The top is usually made from Spruce while the sides, back and neck are made from maple. Ebony makes up the fingerboards and pegs usuaully

What makes Stentor violins better than other brands?

Each violin is hand crafted with workers supervised by master craftsmen who know their trade and do it well.

Are Stentor violins made in China?

Yes, they are and they are made under strict controls and guidelines

What are the benefits of using a stentor violin?

A stentor violin is a violin that has been modified with a bellows attached to the end of the bridge. The bellows are sealed, and the player can use them to produce sound by gently pressing on them with the thumb and index finger.

The benefits of using a stentor violin include:

  • It allows you to play music without having to hold it in your hand.
  • It gives you more control over your sound because you can change how much air is coming out of the bellow.
  • It allows for more freedom when playing because it doesn’t require as much arm movement when playing as a normal violin does.

What are the disadvantages of using a stentor violin?

A stentor violin is a device that produces sound by using a vibrating membrane. The vibrations are transmitted to the air and then to the listener.

The disadvantages of using a stentor violin include the following:

  • It is not as loud as an acoustic violin.
  • It has less tone and volume than an acoustic violin.
  • It does not produce sound with any particular pitch or tone, so it cannot be used for music composition.
  • The sound produced by a stentor violin can be heard only from one side, so it cannot be used in large spaces such as auditoriums or stadiums.

How does a stentor violin work?

A stentor violin is a musical instrument that was invented in the 19th century. It consists of a long tube with two or four reeds inside it and a mouthpiece at the end.

The sound is produced by blowing air through the reeds and into the tube. The tube has a small hole at one end to allow air to escape, which produces an audible “whoosh” sound when it does.

Where can I buy a stentor violin?

A stentor violin is a type of musical instrument that uses air to produce sound. The instrument is played by blowing across the top of the instrument.

Stentor violins are available in different sizes and shapes. They can be found in most music stores and online retailers like Amazon.

How much does a stentor violin cost?

The stentor violin is a unique instrument that produces sound from a single string. It is made of two pieces: the body, which is made of wood, and the bridge, which is made of metal. It has six strings that are tuned to different pitches. The bridge on the instrument holds the strings in place and allows them to vibrate freely.

Costs vary depending on the type of wood used for construction and other factors such as how many additional tuning keys are included with the instrument.

A stentor violin can be purchased from $250 to $500 depending on its features and condition.

How do I care for a stentor violin?

A stentor violin is a type of instrument that uses a bellows to make sound. It is an essential instrument for orchestra members because it can produce a wide range of sounds, including sustained tones, high-pitched tones, and various combinations of these.

A stentor violin is the most common type of violin used in orchestra. It has four strings and a bow that produces notes by pressing the strings against the bridge. The bow also serves as the mechanism to change between different modes (the different ways in which it can be used).

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