Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under $100

Does your audio system lack a certain something? It may be missing the one piece that brings it all together: an 8-inch subwoofer. Such devices are designed to enhance bass and create a richer, more realistic soundscape for movie buffs or music fans alike – but don’t worry about having bulky equipment in place; modern models come with convenient features such as smaller size, increased efficiency, and ease of use. So what’re you waiting for? Invest in an 8-inch subwoofer today – your listening experience will thank you!

Top Subwoofers for Turntables Under $100 Review

1. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

  • Fantastic price

This Polk Audio subwoofer is one of the cheapest offerings we’ve seen on this list – and for good reason. It’s not the best, but it can hold its own in your home theater. This is a 10-inch subwoofer made for sound output. I love the size of this because it’s perfect to keep on the ground and not take up too much space. The bass from sounds is no problem, but sometimes I might need to turn down the volume when watching Terminator 2!

I expected this speaker to have a big bass response, but it was surprisingly good. The build quality is fantastic, it’s a front-facing subwoofer and the MDF they used was really nice and thick so I don’t think (people/the speaker) is going to get damaged easily. Home theater is a great place to add dream experiences and these AV receivers provide a good way to do that. They’re compatible with all 4K entertainment in addition to many other audio setups.

What Could Be Better

  • Not ideal for music
  • Not made with wood

If you love to play your favorite music from CDs with your home theater sound system, you may be disappointed that this offers such a low level of sound quality. But if you look at the positives, most people buying it will only use it in their home and not use their actual “system”. Also, it is worth noting that this is not wood and the MDF board is thick, so I don’t see it being an issue.

2. Dayton Audio SUB-800 8-Inch 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer

  • 80 Watt
  • Takes up very little space
  • Smart finish
  • Ideal for smaller home theater set ups
  • Has an auto on mode

I love how small the Dayton Audio SUB-800 8-Inch 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer is. It’s definitely small, but it makes a really nice sound thanks to its 80 watts of power and downward firing setup. It will rumble and give you bass music like nothing else with this. This speaker is compact and has a powerful sound to go with it. I love how they are very simple and sleek and have been finished with textured vinyl paint.

You deserve an awesome home theater, don’t you? Then you will love these speakers! This is a Jurassic Park sound track that is coming out of the speakers. You can actually hear T-Rex stomping while it’s raining in Jurassic Park. Park does a good job at adding power and vibrancy to your home theater! I was able to turn on my Blu-Ray player without issue, which is important because the price point is great. This model from Samsung makes a very affordable speaker system that you’d be happy with.

What Could Be Better

  • There is a bit of trial and error
  • Auto on can be finicky

If you’ve never done this before, setting up a home theater is entirely possible. It can be a little tricky to get the bass just right, but that’s part of the fun. I never had an issue with the auto-on feature, but some people have also reported that it doesn’t always work. If that’s the case, simply turn it on manually.

3. YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Black

  • 100 watt power!
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Great rumble
  • Has a high quality design
  • Great if you want big bass

I really liked the YST-SW216 though – I was so happy to find 100 watts of power in the 10″ subwoofer. It also came with a front-facing speaker and magnetic shielding! The price point is kind of expensive for what you get, but it’s 70% more than my previous setup. “Like really, really loud! I think this is the kind of subwoofer that is perfect for a person who is all about action movies.”

Fast and the Furious films were a lot of fun to watch with this subwoofer. If you’re someone who likes everything about their sound system as loud and screaming, it’s definitely worth picking up! This is a compact 10-inch subwoofer with a sleek design and a strong feel. It doesn’t take up much space either!

What Could Be Better

  • Music is not great through this
  • Price is a little over 100

This budget-priced subwoofer is still fairly good and it has been around for a while, so the quality from this speaker is decent, especially when you consider the price. This is my main gripe about albums. When it comes to one album costing $130, consider this–there is a lot of music out there that costs significantly less than that, so why not go ahead and spend the money on something else?

4. Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

  • Really classy design
  • Will not move, even when really loud
  • Price is very cheap
  • Really strong bass
  • Well made

I was really shocked to see the price for this subwoofer when I checked it out, but it is. The size of the thing is deceiving as it has 120 watts of power and its got a good sound too! This is a cool little subwoofer. It can produce deep sounds as you would expect from a top end model/

I tried out a new soundbar I bought at Walmart and was amazed! Sound quality was greatly enhanced (as long as you’re watching something with a soundtrack.) My wife wasn’t as impressed. This subwoofer is a real hit with its classy wooden design, which makes it look like a piece of furniture more than an audio device. This great low price means you’re going to have a hard time finding something better.

What Could Be Better

  • Might be a little small for some people
  • Bass might not fill a larger room

I’ve heard some people complain about the bass, but I will tell you it is a 6.5-inch subwoofer and it sounds great. However, if your home theater’s space requirements are really large, then this model might not have enough power to shake the walls as you would like. So keep that in mind if the room you’ll be using this in is big.

5. Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2 Subwoofer

  • Very smart look
  • Fits into smaller spaces
  • Down firing design
  • Easy to use
  • No buzzing sounds

The Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2 is a little over our 100 bucks that we are going for. We think this subwoofer is pretty cool. This is one of the most elegant looking subwoofers on our site and it has an incredibly slim design to match. The quality of materials this unit is made with combined with the sleek black body makes it a hit in any room.

As far as the sound quality goes, Yamaha makes a big deal about how their technology results in there being no buzzing sounds, which cheaper subwoofers can do when things are quite. But this is pretty much silent. No matter what kind of movie you watch, this speaker sounds great. A particular highlight is its bass level which will blow your mind.

What Could Be Better

  • Buttons on the front
  • Price could be a little cheaper

I love the design of this speaker, but I wish that Yamaha could have put the power button and volume button on the side or include a remote so it would look cooler. Looking for a cheap subwoofer? You might have to settle for something less in order to afford it.

6. Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer

  • Really cool wooden design
  • Has a classy style
  • Slim design allows it to fit into most places
  • Nice low level bass
  • Very easy to use

The Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer is the most eye catching out of all the speakers on this list. The fact that they went for a lighter wood is very interesting and it does give the SUB8SM a lot of personality. This thing has a slim design and keeps noise levels low. It also sounds great when you use it in your environment.

This was a really popular movie and it is one of my favorites. It is full of action scenes but they are still very well edited and they seem to be able to turn up the intensity anytime they need to. Pretty good. It is the kind of subwoofer that does its job so well, after a while you don’t even notice it’s there and just take it for granted.

What Could Be Better

  • Designed for rap music
  • Why would you want it hidden

I guess one of the reasons they say this benefits individuals who listen to rap is that most rap songs are composed of a ton of short, repetitive and fast-paced lyrics. This makes it easy for music software to transcribe these lyrics and offer a unique representation that gets people hooked in at first.

While I really love the slim design of this speaker system, my biggest question is why would you want to hide this thing away in your entertainment center? It should be out in the living room as a cool display piece. If your setup requires that the subwoofer is hidden away in a cabinet, you may not want to spend nearly 100 dollars on this.

7. Acoustic Audio CS-PS65-B Front Firing Subwoofer

  • Great price
  • Smart and elegant design
  • Does not take up much space
  • 250 watts power output
  • Cables it comes with are nice and long

I wanted to check out some Acoustic Audio subwoofers for my car and stumbled across the amazing CS-PS65-B Front Firing Subwoofer. I love the way that it looks and it has very good bass quality as well. If you have a home theater but only have a small room, then this 6.5 inch subwoofer could be perfect for you. It still has all the power and doesn’t take up too much space in the budget.

The sound was good, there wasn’t a need to turn it up, and I was afraid my wife would be jealous. Setting up your new subwoofer is easy to do and the design will give any room a cool look. You’ll also be able to connect it with RCA cables, which is pretty rare for speakers.

What Could Be Better

  • Auto off feature is hit or miss
  • Some users report a hum at high volume

When you end the day, your Alexa shuts off automatically. If a problem occurs, it can be turned on manually. This is not a big issue since there are various other restarts you need to do daily. While the volume of this speaker is on the lower end, some people have experienced overheating problems. One thing to consider – other speakers and subwoofers might also produce a hum/whistling noise as well. Just keep it under a higher volume level and you shouldn’t experience any issues.

8. S10 High Powered 10-Inch Down Firing 120W Powered Subwoofer Home Theater Audio

  • Reinforced driver for better, stable sound
  • Has an auto on setting
  • Classic subwoofer sound
  • Great price for 10 inch subwoofer
  • Solid sound

So, what is the deal with this “reinforced driver”? It’s a device that has sound coming out of it and it’s securely attached at the bottom. The S10 High Powered 10-Inch Down Firing 120W Powered Subwoofer Home Theater Audio has a very stable and well balanced kind of sound.

The sound quality is great and the price is also low; however, I do prefer the design of this speaker over other models. This subwoofer is designed with a 20” L sound wave which makes it sound great and if you want more bass this one has an available 12″ model.

What Could Be Better

  • Design might not be for everyone
  • Is a little larger than other subwoofers on list

I don’t have any complaints about the sound quality at all. I can only think of how much I enjoyed the 80s while using this subwoofer. Some people might not be that big into it. I found that these speakers stand up on their own and they are fantastic. I’ll admit it did have some difficulties with being a TV speaker. However, if you use them in your entertainment center, they will look great there (assuming they fit).

9. Acoustic Audio PSW-8 300 Watt 8-Inch Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

  • Very classy design
  • Sound is awesome
  • Could not be any easier to set up
  • Has deep bass
  • Price is very reasonable

The Acoustic Audio PSW-8 300 Watt 8-Inch Down Firing Powered Subwoofer seems familiar because it has a larger version of the earlier subwoofer we have seen. This is a more powerful 8 inch subwoofer, which does not take up much space but gives you that extra punch.

Pacific Rim is a great movie to watch when you have an Acoustic Audio subwoofer. It has a very “real” kind of sound and feel to it that many other brands don’t have. Whether your theater is big or small, setting up a screen also looks really classy. It has a really nice aesthetic and I think it will look great on any of your viewing spaces. This is a great subwoofer, and it will work best in setups with 6.5″ type cabinets.

What Could Be Better

  • Minor adjustments might be required
  • One of the smaller subwoofers

To be fair, you’ll have to tinker a little bit with the volume settings on your speaker. Considering that there is some trial and error when dealing with these speakers, this is part of the fun (I love troubleshooting!) But just know going in, you will have to spend time getting this at the right level for you. We recommend keeping it away from any walls or reflective surfaces if that’s a concern for your space—this is still an 8 inch speaker!

10. Theater Solutions SUB6F Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

  • Great little subwoofer!
  • Delivers nice sound
  • Simple to set up
  • Has an auto shut off function
  • Compact size

The SUB6F Front Firing Powered Subwoofer is one of the smaller subs that we have at, but it can still fill a room with a lot of bass. It’s 6.5 inch size makes it suited to those who don’t have a lot of space but still want plenty of sound out of their system! I watched Titanic with my wife and I was impressed by how it sounded when appropriate. It would only sound loud enough when it was required to, but would oftentimes be very quiet.

Due to its sleek design and two easy-to-use dials, setting up this subwoofer only takes a few minutes. Not only is it kind of cool looking, but if you need to travel with your equipment, you’re going to be able to do so easily thanks to the small size. At just $80 this would be a very inexpensive way to make your home feel more like a party!

What Could Be Better

  • Cable it comes with is not the best
  • Issues with packaging

This comes with a free cable to connect it to your speakers, but the quality of it is not that great and some people have even reported humming. So maybe give some thought as to getting a cable that’s better quality, especially if you plan on having this thing loud. Some people have said the packaging is a bit on the flimsy side because it can come apart if something bumps into it. Make sure your delivery guy does not try to break this by dunking on it with a basketball.


When it comes to finding a budget subwoofer, many companies have models that you will love! You can find them for only $100 or less and be sure to get the best bang for your buck. Adding a bit of rumble to the movie experience can sometimes make viewing it at home more fun. In all honesty,

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for your home theater. Size, style, sound quality and the features offered are just some of them. But in my opinion one of the most important is choosing the right subwoofer that meets your needs. Just be aware that these are budget priced speakers, so the sound will never be as good as speakers that are several hundred dollars.

I really liked this subwoofer, especially considering the price.

FAQ for Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under $100

What are the best subwoofers for turntables under $100?

Subwoofers are speakers that are designed to be placed under a turntable. The purpose of these speakers is to reproduce low-end sounds such as bass and mid-range sounds.

There are many factors that go into choosing the best subwoofer for a turntable. For example, the size of the subwoofer, how many watts it has and its price range.

The most important factor in choosing a subwoofer is the size of your room. If you have a large room, you’ll want to get something with more power and depth than if you have a smaller room.

What are some features of a subwoofer for a turntable under $100?

A subwoofer can be a great addition to your turntable because it will help improve the sound quality. It is important to keep in mind that the subwoofer should be compatible with your turntable. Some of the features you should look for are:

  • Is it made of wood or metal? Metal is better because it generates a stronger and more consistent vibration.
  • Does it have a built-in amplifier? Amplifiers are useful for improving the power output of the speaker.
  • Does it have an auto on/off feature? This will save you from having to remember to turn off your speaker when you don’t need it anymore.

What are some factors to consider when buying a subwoofer for a turntable under $100?

There are many factors to consider when buying a subwoofer for a turntable under $100. The first thing you should do is get a turntable that has an RCA output, and make sure it is not too big for the subwoofer.

The next thing you should do is buy one that has a low-pass filter, which will help with the bass response. If you have an amp with built-in phono preamplifier, then you don’t need to worry about this step.

If your budget allows, then you can also purchase one of these amplifiers. They are usually more expensive than regular amps but they come in handy if your turntable doesn’t have RCA outputs or if your turntable doesn’t have phono preamplifier built-in.

How long do the batteries last on subwoofers for turntables under $100?

The answer is that the batteries can last anywhere from 8 to 20 hours, depending on how you use it. If you’re using it for parties, then the batteries will run out quickly and if you’re just playing music at home, then they’ll last longer.

Is it important to buy a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. For example, if you want a powerful subwoofer that can fill the room with sound, then yes, it is important to buy one with an amplifier built into it.

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