Cheapest Band Instruments

This is a question that many people tend to ask when they are starting up a band or music lessons, or when parents want to send their kids some instruments for the first time. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t easy and often times it involves guitars and keyboards that are not cheap.

It’s a difficult question to answer because while playing an instrument can be very affordable, you have to take into account the quality and professionalism of the instrument. If you want to invest in a priceless musical instrument that is reliable and of decent quality for your business, you need to research your options.

The cheapest instruments are the flute, clarinet and trumpet. Depending on which brand you buy, they’re all very affordable options! Renting can be a less-expensive short-term solution, but this gets more expensive the longer you go. Buying second-hand instruments is also cheaper than buying new ones.

Many types of instruments can be found to help with your music lessons. As a matter of fact, if you want to start playing the flute, some people may tell you it’s best for you to buy one–but that doesn’t mean that other types of instruments, such as the clarinet or trumpet can’t make you an amazing musician too!

Cheapest Instruments Within Each Section of a Band

Despite the fact that, electric guitar is considered the most economical instrument overall. Every band can use three different sections of which electric guitar, drums and bass tend to be some of the cheapest instruments.

What are the most popular band equipment brands in each section of a band and how much does one of those pieces cost?

1. Cheapest Woodwind Instruments

Horns or flutes often cost less than trumpets and percussion. This has to do with their smaller sizes and the variety of materials they are made of.

These instruments are reasonably priced in the most common marketplaces and good quality used models could be priced just for a few hundred dollars. While some woodwinds might be on the expensive side, finding a first-quality one shouldn’t break your bank. Buying off the market should result in good deals.

  • The Flute

The most popular woodwind instrument is the flute and it can be found at some of the cheapest prices on average in a band.

Flutes are small and easily learnable, which make them a good instrument to start with.

If you’re more of an experienced player, or just don’t want to break the bank for a new instrument, you can find some great deals at the used-flute market.

Just because certain instruments have a higher price range doesn’t mean you should shy away from them. Most beginner models are priced in between $80 and $400, while more expensive models shoot up to 4 figures.

Whether something is worth a certain cost will depend on what brand it is, the condition of the instrument and your playing level.

2. Cheapest Percussion Instruments

The process of creating music usually includes ambient noises, such as that from percussion in a band.

If your child is interested in playing an instrument, they should start with focusing on percussion. These instruments are great because they can get started quickly and often require less space than others.

  • Snare Drums, Cymbals, and Bells

If you’re looking to buy a drum set, you have many options. Drum sets usually come in three family types; Precision drums, cymbals, and bells. With a conical ˜snare drum’, even an ape could hit it.

Snare drums, which cost somewhere around $200-400 including shipping, offer a versatility that can be useful in many different contexts.

Make sure you don’t end up buying a cheap plastic drum that will break after a few weeks.

A few schools teach percussion by partnering with music stores or music schools to access instruments. These instruments are often cheap and can be bought after, even though they might not offer the best quality. These partnerships sometimes provide value by allowing musicians to learn the basics of playing an instrument without too big of a financial commitment.

Another option, which is not typically found in the percussion section of a band, would be boleros (small, unpleasantly-sounding hand-drums). You can find these for a surprisingly reasonable price. You may want to train before hitting the big stage! These types of instruments are way more challenging than the competition, but you may get better if you practice a lot. It is also worth it because they produce a lot of content at one time.

3. Cheapest Brass Instruments

The “brass section” is normally composed of the instruments (brass) that are considered to be the most expensive when compared to percussion and woodwinds.

This is related to their varying shapes and sizes which are normally quite elaborate. They create a very visual impact on the band.

  • Trumpet

On average, brass instruments are the cheapest in most bands and thanks to this, they’re a popular choice. The trumpet is a popular option for this position because of its range and affordability.

There are plenty of places to find good deals on trumpets, either by buying them in stores or through auction websites. However, you will often find better deals on trumpet auctions online. There are certain risks involved with buying a used instrument like this one though (breaking strings, the instrument being damaged to the point where it’s no longer safe to play properly.

A bit more expensive, but apart from the trumpet, another cheap option within the brass section of a band is the trombone. As well as being a popular school band instrument and quite an easy one to start with.

Best Options for Buying a Cheap Band Instrument

Buying an inexpensive instrument can be helpful as you can focus on what you are playing as well as your budget.

Choosing the cheapest band instrument is difficult. Many people will go with less expensive brands because they’re cheaper, and it just seems easier to buy the less expensive items. But, it might not be the best decision in the long run.

It’s best to avoid low quality instruments and instead get a well priced one. Searching for second-hand instruments can help you find great value.

Used Band Instruments

The Internet has made it possible for people to sell and buy used instruments much more easily than in the past. This makes it easy to get a good deal and allows you more opportunities.

We’ve talked about before and we have new perspective to add now. This is something you should consider before considering buying a product from the marketplace it’s available in.

Another good idea is to check out your local music store. If you are unsure of what to look for in a band instrument, that could be your best call. The staff there will be able to help you and advise on what model will suit best for what genre/style of music.

Buying and playing an instrument that has been taken care of is usually a good decision as it will help you save money on repairs. Try to purchase instruments that are still in the warranty period, or if not, check for certain models that you know are well known for their repair-resistant qualities, like certain replicas of an all-time classic.

If you are just starting at the band and aren’t sure how committed you’ll be in the future with that instrument, then a pre-owned item will be a great solution.

If you don’t already have a rich person’s instrument, you might be able to find a student-used model when browsing at your local music store.

Students can use these writing instruments at school, so you should find plenty of them. They tend to be more affordable than buying at a retail store and you will have a lot easier time finding them.

Plastic Band Instruments

At this point, there is pretty much a model for every type of instrument. This is called progress and it’s a result of recent ingenuity.

What makes plastic musical instruments an attractive choice are their overall good quality and budget-friendly price. AIs are showing improvement in terms of quality and diversity. You are still going to be impressed with the sound they offer, despite that their instrument is not as good as a professional musicians.

Learning Through Music Schools Instruments

If you’re looking for instruction on an instrument, it might be helpful to check if there is a community college near you with open access to instruments. If not, purchasing your own is an option as well.

One of the best parts about going to a school is that you are guaranteed to take classes that are taught by professionals who have been trained in the instrument you want to play. Many people are now opting for personalized learning because the quality of teaching is high and you have additional opportunities to get help.

It’s great to find a way for your kids to get started in a sport and have fun at the same time. These schools provide plenty of different classes that are safe and suitable for kids learning this sport. They might offer discounts on your initial visit to their class, which is always helpful.


If you’re looking for the cheapest options within each band section, this article has a list of those instruments. When it comes to instruments, you’ll find that the range of costs can vary depending on your skill level and which brand you choose. Some good brands are cheaper than others, and quality is a subjective topic to consider.

Today’s market is flooded with musical instruments, so it makes sense to consider whether your desired instrument is available for purchase at a reasonable price. Even if you’re considering the purchase of an older instrument, the listings in these trusted sources can help you find one that’s still in great shape!

But please note” that the first thing you should figure out before asking the question of which band instrument is cheapest, should be how serious are you about playing in a band? If you are thinking about upgrading, we recommend making sure that the quality of the instrument is what you’re after. Otherwise, consider buying a used one in good condition with its full warranty.

If you’re not sure on whether or to continue playing, consider rental as an alternative.

FAQ for Cheapest Band Instruments

What are the cheapest band instruments?

The cheapest band instruments have a lot of limitations when compared to the more expensive ones. They are not as durable or they don’t produce the same sound quality. But they still have their uses and can be a good start for new musicians who want to learn how to play an instrument without spending too much money on it.

Cheap band instruments are typically made out of wood because it is cheaper than other materials like metal or plastic. They also require less maintenance in order to stay in good condition for longer periods of time.

What is the cost of a band instrument?

The cost of a band instrument is dependent on the type of instrument, the brand and model, the quality, and how much it has been used.

The cost of a band instrument can range from $200 to over $5,000. A new student who is looking to buy their first instrument would typically start off with a less expensive option such as an acoustic guitar or ukulele.

What are some of the best music instruments to purchase for a beginner band?

Some of the best instruments for beginners are the drum set, bass guitar, and electric guitar. Other instruments that are good for beginners are keyboards, ukulele, and violin.

How much does it cost to rent a band instrument?

The cost of renting an instrument depends on various factors, including the type of instrument, the length of time you need it for, and whether or not you have your own transportation. For example, a saxophone that would be rented for one day costs $30 to $40 per day.

Where can I find cheap band instruments online?

There are many online stores that offer band instruments at discounted prices. These stores offer a wide variety of instruments, including guitars and drums. You can find them on the internet or in your local area.

The downside to this is that it can be difficult to find the right size of instrument for you. To make sure you get the right size, try visiting a store first before buying online.

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