Samsung HW-Q800T vs. Samsung Q900T: Which is Soundbar Better

Samsung was one of the first brands to offer soundbars that were affordable and met the needs of many people. This comparison of the Samsung Q800T and Samsung Q900T soundbars are a great example of the way they’ve built their equipment to meet these price points while maintaining quality and performance.

They share the same model numbers, which suggests they match. That means you’ll find a Samsung Q800TV and a Samsung Q800T soundbar in the same model year. They aren’t truly matched. They usually work with Samsung TVs or other brands too. Shop for a TV and soundbar separately. Make sure to care about that particular brand’s quality.

It’s crucial that you know which TV is best for you before shopping. One thing to consider is the resolution. You will have a hard time finding an ultra-high-definition TV that also has a decent QLED display. I’m not a big fan of the built-in speakers on my TV.

They often sound tinny and weak, especially when it comes to bass, which is missing in my opinion. They don’t have surround sound capabilities, even when their marketing materials suggest that they do. One of the best ways to get the most out of your TV is by adding a soundbar or sound system. They are an easily integrated solution that meets all your needs!

Soundbars work best with your TV to provide a complete experience. Your TV takes up the space of a full wall, so you’ll need to sacrifice or find a way to fit your new TV somewhere else. You can mount it on the wall by itself or use an installation kit and mount it with your other pieces of furniture.

Your TV gives you amazing sound quality and a fantastic listening experience. You’ll be screaming when you’re watching your favorite movie or show on your new 4K TV! It will be hard to find any soundbars that do not improve on the built-in speakersю

So the question becomes not whether or not you need a soundbar, but what soundbar can offer you the best listening experience and that fits within your budget. In terms of price, Samsung soundbars are close to others on the market. They both do a good job, offering a sound that is in the middle of the price range.

About Samsung HW-Q800T Soundbar

The first thing to note is that, although it’s still a viable option, Samsung has replaced this model for 2020 with the Q900A for 2021. If you’re a fan of the Q800T you may want to consider the Q800A also. Performance is like the Q800T however, it is much more accessible, which means finding the most affordable price might be a bit simpler. It is possible to expect to pay approximately $50 more for this more modern model.

The Samsung HW Q800T has an extremely balanced sound profile. You’ll enjoy the excellent performance in the high, middle, and low-frequency ranges. The sound isn’t overpowering with this setup. However, this means that films don’t have the same resonant sound that you’re looking for. Furthermore, without true surround speakers, it is impossible to miss out on sound that ought to be coming from above and behind.

Conversations are clear, so moving out of the action film category at the moment, you’ll be capable of following the dialogue without any strain. Many find this could be extremely crucial. It’s difficult to imagine just how stressful it can be when the sound is distorted but I guarantee you. You won’t be content with soundbars that do not accomplish this job well.

The appearance and feel of the soundbar aren’t very impressive or appealing. It’s not a sign of cheap, but it isn’t as impressive as the Q900T. It blends in, which is fine.

The soundbar is compatible with the Samsun SmartThings app, which allows users to perform a variety of adjustments to the quality of the sound using the application-based Graphic Equalizer. While other brands of soundbars provide similar features, however, you usually will only find them on expensive systems, so having them available here is a great benefit.

This soundbar is also equipped with an automatic sound enhancement feature that is adaptive to the. This is done by using an inbuilt microphone that analyzes the ambient sound and then makes AI-driven adjustments to help make the sound more accurate. Although not huge, however, there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality when this feature is enabled.

It is also a great soundbar for the price. Samsung Q800T also benefits from the same sound quality throughout an array of levels of volume, and with no noticeable distortion. The soundbar can be turned up to experience the sound of explosions and crashes without having to pay for sound quality.

About Samsung Q950T Soundbar

When you look at the Samsung HW Q900T to the Q800T the most noticeable difference is size. The soundbar is a more over the Q800T. Another thing you’ll be able to notice is the speakers that are side-firing, which the Q800T does not have. It’s obvious that you’ll receive greater audio from this soundbar. And once you start it up you’ll see the truth to the assertion.

The other thing you’ll observe is that this soundbar has a classy design which isn’t the case with the Q800T. The combination of side grills and cloth covers indicates that this soundbar offers more value. This doesn’t mean that the Q800T isn’t stylish. We said that earlier, but it’s not. However, without the speaker that is side-firing, it’s definitely less appealing.

In terms of the level of audio and sound quality, the Samsung HWQ900T is pretty uniform across various usages, and in all cases, it is slightly better than its less expensive brother. Like its brother, it’s somewhat sluggish, particularly when it comes to the real surround sound that makes one feel like they’re at the center of all the excitement. In both instances, this is due to having no rear speakers.

The main distinction between these two soundbars stands out is in the quality of conversations throughout every genre of film. The additional four channels work to give a better voice quality even in some of the toughest action scenes and this alone can make the Q900T more appealing to buyers of the Q900T.

Similar to the Q800T and Q800T, this model also offers Atmos support. And, just similar to the Q800T it falls somewhat flat due to the absence of the rear speaker. It’s better, however, it isn’t able to compare to soundbars with two surround speakers in the rear. This could mean that you’re planning to upgrade your soundbar earlier rather than later. It does, however, offer the option of two wireless satellite speakers. They aren’t going to be a cost of an arm’s leg to get.

As with the Q800T like the Q800T, the Q800T, Samsung Q900T have Amazon Alexa integrated, so everything that you could do using Amazon Echo should also be able to accomplish with this soundbar. This makes the soundbar handy even when you’re not listening to your favorite tunes or watching your favorite movies. It’s possible to make use of Alexa to search for and play these for you simply by asking.

In addition, connectivity is improved in this soundbar as compared to the Q800T, which comes with two HDMI inputs. For instance, you can connect your TV to one of the ports and connect the Blu-ray player to the second. This is great in the event that your TV does not have open HDMI ports since the connection on the soundbar should be more accessible.

At the end on balance, on balance, the Samsung HW Q900T is a soundbar that delivers the right balance of sound that users will appreciate. It’s not the greatest sound system that you’ll ever encounter. It’s not going to provide the most immersive audio surround or Dolby Atmos, for instance. However, it will cost you fewer many as soundbars that make these features better. You will not even notice the difference.

Performance Specs

Samsung HW Q800T Samsung HW Q900T
3.1.2 Channels 7.1.2 Channels
8” Subwoofer 8” Subwoofer
Wireless Subwoofer Wired Subwoofer
No charging No charging
No playback No playback
Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, DTS Digital Surround Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X; DTS:5.1
1 HDMI in 2 HDMI in
1 HDMI Out 1 HDMI Out
Bluetooth, WiFi, SmartThings App Compatible Bluetooth, WiFi, SmartThings App Compatible
Built-in support for Alexa & Google Built-in support for Alexa & Google
Wireless Surround Sound Ready Wireless Surround Sound Ready

The Ground Work

First, let’s look at some of the most basic differences between the Samsung Q800T and Samsung Q900T, and that starts with the channels of sound each delivers. This speaker has 4 midrange channels that can deliver a lot more audio quality. If you’re mostly using your sound bar for music playback, I don’t think you’ll need to step up to Samsung’s high-end product.

This is most notable when it comes to the quality of voice, which is easily understandable and clear in both boomless and boom-bearing soundbars. Soundbars have long been derided as having difficulty connecting with the dialogue of a movie. The frustration associated seems to be most central to the lack of clarity and volume control.

Samsung recently released a new version of their Q900T with seven mid-range speakers and two top-firing ones. It is noticeably more accurate at reproducing conversations that will keep you engaged, but keep in mind that the Q800T still does a good job. The 8800T has an advantage on movie nights, but the static contrast and color accuracy of the Q900T is generally better.

The following is a more detailed review of both sound bar solutions. You should take these descriptions with you to your local store and hear the sound that each speaker was meant to produce. That way, you can make a more informed decision. Even in big box stores where noise is often loud, you can still hear differences that will help you make a buying decision. This can be difficult when there’s no way of seeing what’s going on and the noise is too much to notice.

How Much do They Cost

The $299 Samsung Q900T soundbar is almost 1/2 the cost of the $399 Sony HT-NT9 but is worth it if you’re looking at features & other costs like value.

The Samsung Q800T can be found on Amazon for $435. You’ll also find the Samsung Q900T on Amazon at $729. If you’re looking for a soundbar with much better quality, there are other models that are worth considering. For instance, the same Q900T soundbar is also available on Amazon​ and has a much lower price tag.

These are in the low to mid-price for soundbars in general, and for all the Samsung models.

The Verdict

We really like these Samsung soundbars. They are both excellent choices, but the Samsung HW Q800T soundbar is on a lower price scale. Maybe you’re on a tight budget and need to save money. A lot of these shoes are less than 50 bucks!

When your budget has a bit more space in it, Samsung’s HW Q900T comes in a very nice package and the price compared to other products is still relatively low. We especially like the addition of the 4 channels and their side-firing speakers. These features allow for a more distinct, immersive sound that’ll help your business’s marketing and displays come to life. They do save time and effort by producing quality content that’s on par with professional copywriters.

In general, we also like Samsung products. We love their designs and workmanship, and they are a great deal cheaper than most other options. We recommend you purchase the HW Q900T Soundbar. It has a lot of cool features, is beautifully designed, and is at a reasonable price.

FAQ for Samsung HW-Q800T vs Samsung Q900T

What is the difference between the Samsung HW-Q800T and the Samsung Q900T soundbars?

A soundbar is a device that allows you to connect your TV to surround speakers and get high-quality audio without having to buy separate speakers for each part of your home.

The Samsung HW-Q800T is a soundbar that comes with two wireless subwoofers, while the Samsung Q900T is a soundbar that comes with four wireless subwoofers.

The difference between these two soundbars is the number of wireless subwoofers each one has. The Samsung HW-Q800T has only two, while the Samsung Q900T has four.

Which the Samsung HW-Q800T or the Samsung Q900T soundbar is better?

This is a question that is often asked by consumers. The answer to this question depends on the budget of the consumer and their personal preference.

The Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar has a smaller form factor and a more compact design. It also doesn’t have as many features as the Samsung Q900T soundbar. The Samsung Q900T soundbar, on the other hand, has more features such as wireless connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and an NFC chip for easier access to content from your mobile device.

Which one is better? It all depends on what you want in your soundbar – size, features, or price.

What are the benefits of using a soundbar instead of a standard TV speaker?

The benefits of using a soundbar instead of a standard TV speaker include the ability to improve sound quality and have a more immersive experience.

Soundbars are usually wireless, which is convenient for people who want to watch TV without being tied down by cords. They also offer more power and clarity than standard speakers.

The soundbar market is booming with new models being released every year, as well as new features such as Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistants.

What is the difference between a soundbar and an AV receiver?

The soundbar is a type of audio device that is designed to improve the sound quality of your TV. It usually has a built-in speaker and a subwoofer, which are connected to an audio source (e.g. the TV).

An AV receiver, on the other hand, is an electronic device that separates audio and video signals from the same source so they can be sent to different components (e.g. speakers and TVs).

A soundbar is designed for people who want to improve their TV audio. In contrast, AV receivers are designed for people who want to enjoy high-quality video content on their TVs without sacrificing sound quality.

What is a Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbar?

Dolby Atmos is a proprietary audio codec that has been developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. It was first introduced in 2012 and has since become the industry standard for home theater soundbars.

A soundbar is an audio device that provides immersive surround sound through the use of multiple speakers. Soundbars are typically positioned on a floor or table, with each speaker facing inwards towards the listener. They are often used to replace a standard TV speaker setup, or as a front speaker in an AV receiver setup.

Soundbars are compatible with most types of TVs and home theater systems, including Dolby Atmos-enabled receivers or speakers.

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