Best Component Speakers Under $1000

If you want the best component speakers for your car so that you can rock out while you are driving, my friend has got your back! These speakers are all very high-quality speakers that we’re going to examine today. We are trying to keep our prices as low as possible, which means we often have to drop the price in order to sell something.

Top Component Speakers Under $1000 Review

In writing this post, I had to do a lot of research on components that are worth upgrading your car’s audio. As you can see from the list below, there is some excellent gear here and I do not doubt at all that someone will find the right speakers for them!

1. Sony XS-GS1631C 6.5″ (16-cm) 3-Way Component Speakers

I’m a huge Sony fan and these are the speakers that I have actually personally used a great deal. The speakers are a bit pricey but give you the sound quality you would expect from Sony products.I consider the price to be fair. I love these speakers because they look so high-tech and sophisticated. And they manage to stay stylish without looking out of place in any car interior.

My speakers are amazing, I can listen to any song no matter how loud it is. I don’t even have to turn up the volume because my speakers are just that good. I love the number of things that Sony makes for audio. They make speakers for cars, TVs, and even your home. The sound quality is always great no matter what you’re looking for!

I got these speakers and while some people might raise questions about the ability to fit into any car. I can vouch for them personally and let you know that they have been very, very helpful for me. These sprites are old for a price, and I feel this is very reasonable because of the awesome design, who cares if they’re a little pricey? The sound quality of these speakers makes them a massive upgrade to any speaker in your car.


  • I love the sound quality of these speakers
  • They have that Sony quality
  • Very easy to install
  • The asking price for the quality is very reasonable


  • Some questions about their universal ability for all cars
  • Not sure the design will fit everyone’s personal taste

2. Pioneer TS-Z65C 6.5″ Component Speaker System

Next we have this Pioneer TS-Z65C 6.5” Component Speaker System. It sells for about $250 which makes it a great selection as one of the best $1,000 speaker systems. Pioneer is one of the hottest brands in the speaker industry. Their products have a sleek design and are easy to install, plus they offer warranty protection!

You can expect to enjoy incredible sound quality with these speakers as their max output is 300 watts. High-resolution audio is becoming more and more common these days because of its many benefits. Listening without distortion, even at loud volumes, is something that these audio formats offer. These speakers are really great, which I have zero complaints about. This speaks tremendously about their sound quality! That’s a pretty sweet upgrade from the stock speakers that came with your car.

What’s great about the Pioneer TS-Z65C 6.5″ Component Speaker System is that they give you the sound quality you deserve, but are still affordable and lightweight. We’re not even close to 1000 dollars, and I can honestly say these speakers are much better than any expensive ones. I think you’re going to be amazed at the quality of your favorite songs coming out of these speakers.


  • They have a very sleek and modern style
  • They are way better than any cars stock speakers
  • The sound these produce is great at every level
  • They cost around 250 bucks which is a steal


  • Might not be the design that is right for your car
  • Is 250 bucks too much for your budget?

3. Alpine R-S69C.2 R-Series 6×9-inch Component 2-Way Speaker System

These speakers are actually within our range. They cost about 350 dollars, but remember these are under $1000. The quality of these speakers is on par with that at their more expensive price point. These 9-inch speakers look great and are very easy to install. They are designed by Alpine, whose style of audio equipment has always been appealing to me – which is certainly the case here.

These speakers look really cool. They are almost invisible because of how well they blend with their natural environment. That said, this is a vibe thing more than anything else that’s worth explaining in detail!

Overall, this is a great option for those who want to upgrade their sound or want truly impressive performance. These speakers sound awesome and there is a noticeable difference from stock speaker options. I’ve never had an issue with the sound quality of these headphones. To be honest, I like to listen to a lot of hard rock and as long as they are not too bass heavy, there is no situation where they don’t sound great. Alpine has made sure these headphones hit all the right notes whether they are at louder volumes or not.

I think I’m in love with the Alpine R-S69C.2 R-Series 6×9-inch Component 2-Way Speaker System. The more I think about it, the more I realize that these very well could be the perfect set of car speakers. I feel like the price is pretty reasonable for these earphones, as they offer top-quality sound and are durable. I really can’t come up with any cons to say about them.


  • These speakers sound great
  • Even at louder volumes, the sound was still great
  • All kinds of music sounds good piped through these
  • They have a cool and modern design


  • They are more expensive than a few of the others on this list
  • Anything else would be nitpicking in all honesty with you!

4. Kicker 47KSS6804 Car Audio 6×8 Component 400W Peak Speakers

Next up we have this awesome set of Kicker 47KSS6804 Car Audio 6×8 Component 400W Peak Speakers. The only honest thing I can say is I’ve heard these some, and they deserve the title of ‘awesome’. They’ve been put through their paces by me on multiple occasions and never seemed to disappoint.

There is a wide range of speakers at different price points, with our focus being on those that have good reputation and cost less than $1000. That made these well worth a spot on our list as we try to find the best component speakers under $1000. It’s a complete kit, so you really do get everything you need to set them up quickly.

Best Component Speakers Under $1000

These speakers are currently rated at 400 watts of peak power and will be a blast once you hook them up. These speakers also have a deep bass that sounds so good. I’ve taken a good look over the other specs of these headphones and they do seem to check all of the boxes when it comes to great sound.

I’ve tried before to show you how much better the Kicker speakers are than any other 6×8 component system. However, these look no different from the others. Those speakers are pretty darn nice if you are looking to take your car sound quality up a notch. Might be worth having them look into getting some more power and volume.


  • The asking price is more than fair
  • I liked the design of these
  • It comes with all you need to get hooked up
  • The tech inside seems very promising


  • There is not a great deal of information around about these speakers
  • The orange Kicker logo may stand out a bit too much for some

5. CT Sound 6.5 Inch Component Speaker Set

I thought this set was interesting looking because it came with a subwoofer. I looked around at some of the best car component speakers from under $1000, but I kept coming across these. So I decided to add them to our list. This set costs around $250. I don’t feel this is a fair price but it’s worth considering if you’re trying to save money.

These speakers give you detailed information about what exactly you are getting. You are getting a 3-inch midrange speaker, a 6.5- inch driver, and a 25 mm CNC silk dome tweeter for some very sweet-sounding music. Everything included in the package, even installation screws and transmission wires. The wiring set is easy to install right out of the box.

I think it’s worth considering the CT Sound 6.5 Component Speaker Set for anyone who is ready to install and rock right out of the box. After looking at the components of these speakers, I’m definitely planning to have a set and try them out myself.


  • A complete set in a box
  • A very competitive price point
  • I liked the modern and cool design that they have
  • No need to buy a bunch of extra wires or screws!


  • There are a few reports of quality control issues
  • Some people said that they were 5.5 and not 6.5!

6. Kenwood KFC-XP6902C 6×9 + 2-3/4″ Component Speakers

I haven’t had the opportunity to try these Kenwood speakers out myself, but I feel they’re worth taking a closer look at. Before I decided to integrate Kenwood products into my daily life, I used them in the past and never found any issues. They’re a bit pricey, but have a really good look with a huge grill that is very cool. It is not for everybody, but I do like it. The asking price for these speaker is $219. They are good quality and well worth the price.

I’m sure these will really sound great if you’re by yourself in the car or if you’re going to a party. They are slightly louder than some others, but they aren’t too loud so that it’ll disturb your friends who want to listen to music. If you get on the highway at night and have your windows down and want to sing or pump up music, you will be allowed to exercise for a couple of hours.

I love these Kenwood speakers. They have so many cool features and I want to test them out. As the asking price is fair and the cost-per-listener is lower than what I’ve seen elsewhere, it would appear to be a win-win situation for all parties involved.


  • These have a serious style to them
  • They are very affordable
  • The value for money of these is very high
  • The sound quality is said to be very good


  • You will have to check if they will fit in your car properly
  • Not a ton of reviews online for these


I am happy with any of the three writing assistants I personally tested. However, I have to pick a winner, and even though the Alpine R-S69C.2 R-Series 6×9-inch Component 2-Way Speaker System is the most expensive package on our list, it gets my vote.

I had this one and it was great! It made everything so easy that I couldn’t find any deficiencies at all. So, that’s why if I had to pick just one it would be the speaker from Sony. If I had to choose another title, then my runner up would be the TUVBO website!

FAQ for Best Component Speakers Under $1000

What is a component speaker?

A component speaker is a speaker that is not a full-fledged powered speaker system. It is a speaker that has one or more drivers and it’s only purpose is to produce sound.

There are many under $1000 speakers that are great for music, podcasting, and general use. Some of the best ones include the JBL Flip 3, Sony XB40, and Bose SoundLink Mini 2.

Which companies manufacture best component speakers?

Here are the top companies that manufacture best component speakers.

  • Bose: One of the best-selling speaker brands in the market, Bose is known for its high quality and affordable speakers.
  • JBL: Founded in 1946, JBL has a long history of manufacturing high quality audio products.
  • Altec Lansing: The company was founded in 1945 and is known for its innovation and quality audio products.
  • Polk Audio: Founded in 1947, Polk Audio is one of the most popular speaker brands in North America. It offers a wide range of components that have been designed to suit any home or office environment.

Where can I buy a component speaker?

There are many places you can buy a component speaker for under $1000. You can find them online on sites like Amazon, Ebay, and even Craigslist.

The best place to buy a component speaker is from a local audio shop that has been in business for at least 5 years. If you want to go the online route, make sure you know what your needs are and look for reviews before buying.

How do I determine that I need to purchase a new component speaker?

There are many ways to determine if you need to purchase a new component speaker. You can start by looking at the frequency response, which is the frequency range of sound that a speaker can reproduce. If the speaker has a flat frequency response, then it means that it has an even sound across all frequencies. If there is an uneven sound, then you may need to purchase a new component speaker.

The other way to determine whether you need to purchase a new component speaker is by listening for different sounds and tones on your current speakers. If you hear these tones or sounds on your current speakers, then it might be time for you to buy another one.

What should I consider when looking for a best component speaker?

In order to get the best component speakers, you need to look at various factors. You need to find a component speaker that has the right size, sound quality, and other features. You also need to consider the number of hours that the speaker can give you. And finally, you should make sure that the speaker will be easy to use and is compatible with your budget.

Is there any difference between best component speakers and regular speakers?

There is no difference between the two. They both use the same components to create sound waves. In regular speakers, the air moves in and out of them at a rate of about 343 meters per second. In best component speakers, the speed is about 1,000 meters per second.

The main difference between a speaker with best component speakers and regular speakers is that it uses a powerful magnet to create sound waves instead of an oscillating plate or diaphragm.

Can I use a component speaker with my existing audio setup?

A component speaker is a speaker that has its own amplifier and speaker. It’s a separate device from the main speakers, so it needs to be plugged in separately.

A component speaker can be used with an existing audio setup, but it does require some changes to the setup. You will need to make sure that you have enough power for the component speaker and that you have an appropriate cable for connecting it.

Component speakers are typically better for smaller rooms and home theater setups. They are also better suited for people who want more control over their audio quality and volume than what is offered by a standard sound bar or receiver.

How long will a component speaker last?

This is a question that has been asked for decades and this is largely because there’s no definitive answer to it.

There are many factors that contribute to the life of a speaker, including how much power it consumes, how much heat it produces, how much torque is applied and what type of material the speaker uses.

Some speakers can last up to 10 years before they need replacing while others can last up to 15 years.

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