Samsung HW A50C vs. Samsung Q6CT: Which Soundbar is Better

TV spaces are constantly evolving to keep up with the demand for better media production. The first thing you should consider adding to your TV is a soundbar to get good sound quality. Samsung soundbars are easy to install and have excellent sound quality. They can create a cinema-like atmosphere in your living room without the need for another setup.

Samsung comes out with new products every year. This company has a well-known line of sound panels, which guarantee that your listening will be improved when you are using content out loud. Choosing a Samsung soundbar is a great way to ensure that you get high-quality audio for many years to come.

Start your soundbar purchase decision by figuring out what the total cost would be. Don’t forget you can calculate how much free space you have available by visiting the property section of your housing site. Samsung’s audio options for TVs can be placed on a stand or wall since it’s easy to find a suitable location for your speakers. It can also be helpful to think about where you could place a separate subwoofer. You could create a full-fledged home theater with a subwoofer, other speakers, and much more.

Samsung sound panels can let you get the most out of an experience with multiple speakers across the room by replacing a full-fledged surround sound system. However, many people prefer to add more speakers in order for their soundbar to get an even more impressive experience. Boosting your TV room’s visual appeal with speakers and TVs from Samsung can really make your home theater nice and cozy.

Samsung HW A50C vs. Samsung Q6CT: Side-by-Side Comparison

A soundbar of good quality isn’t easy, particularly when you’re trying to decide between Samsung HW A50C or Samsung Q6CT. If you’re not sure which you should purchase take a look at our comprehensive comparison.

Samsung HW A50C is an incredibly versatile and affordable option for those who enjoy the bass of a heavy. It has a wireless subwoofer that can provide an extended bass.

However, Samsung Q6CT has built-in audio technology that gives you an immersive experience in the theater. It’s compatible with Samsung QLED TVs.

Pros and Cons Samsung HW A50C

This is a 2.1 soundbar system that can be used to hook up surround sound system speakers. It has a subwoofer that does a great job of delivering extended low bass and immersive surround sound.

Analog, more advanced

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  • Excellent build quality
  • Optimized sound for different contents
  • Extended bass
  • Immersive surround sound


  • Limited wireless functionalities
  • Lacks Atmos support

Pros and Cons Samsung Q6CT

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The Samsung Q6CT is a soundbar with sound enhancement features to provide the best listening experience. The unit produces a clear but hollow sound, and it doesn’t have as much low-frequency rumble and thump as you may want.


  • Loud sound
  • Innovative Q-Symphony technology
  • Delivers rich directional sound
  • Optimizes sound in real-time
  • It can be used for high-quality passthrough


  • Omits room for correction feature
  • Lacks low-bass
  • No Atmos support

Design and Build Quality

Samsung HW A50C

Samsung has put an LCD in front of the grille made of metal that shows the volume, settings, or input. But, as the display is tiny it is necessary to scroll down to read the complete message. The rear of the unit houses the connection port and there are holes to use if you choose to mount the soundbar on the wall.

The soundbar has subwoofers that boost the bass and provides sound with more smooth sounds and more intense sounds. It is wireless and will give you a more powerful sound and a deeper bass at the push of a button. It is a simple style and will fit in almost any space without too any difficulty.

A power connector is located at the bottom of the backside. This reduces connection numbers and makes it easier to keep everything tidy.

Samsung Q6CT

This soundbar looks pretty nice, nothing you wouldn’t want to decorate your home with. A metal grille surrounds the front and top parts of the bar. It is solid, robust and feels good to the touch. Overall, the soundbar feels well-built.

The new soundbar features a shorter stature and a curved front. The back of the speaker includes two openings for the power cable and input ports. There is also a universal hole underneath if you choose to mount the soundbar. Right under the screen, you will find an input and volume slider. Like the Samsung HW 150C, you’ll need to scroll to view the whole message.

The subwoofer is of great quality and also comes in a reasonable size. It has a port for electrical syncing near the base, which can be found towards the back of its body. Your sub will connect to the speaker wirelessly and you’re able to place it anywhere in the room.


Samsung HW A50C

With the help of a Samsung Soundbar, you will be able to enhance your home entertainment by optimizing audio based on the kind of content you’re watching. If you’re watching films or sporting events or playing games you can enjoy a customized sound as compared to the sound output of your TV.

The soundbar features 3D surround audio, meaning that you will get the cinematic sound that makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of the action. Amazingly, you can increase the sound surround wirelessly by connecting it to the rear speakers. Additionally, Dolby Digital 5.1 improves the quality of surround audio.

One of the unique features that this speaker has is the additional bass, which delivers greater feelings, including the rumble and thump that you want in your music. This subwoofer is capable of giving more thump than your television and you won’t be disappointed if you’re seeking a more low-end rumble and shaking. Due to the increased bass, this subwoofer can perform exceptionally well listening to heavier music genres such as hip-hop and EDM.

Samsung HW Q6CT

Samsung has a really cool QLED soundbar that not only looks cool but sounds great too. Sound and music customization is offered in a handful of ways with the ability to choose different modes & features that suit your needs. As a substitute for a traditional soundbar, the new OLED TV uses Acoustic Beam technology. This allows you to project sound right onto the screen itself, making it feel like you are in a concert hall if you’re watching a movie.

Besides, this is the first soundbar in Samsung’s lineup to include EQ presets such as Adaptive Sound and Game Pro. You’ll be able to sync your soundbar with your Samsung QLED TV with this product. You can enjoy a fuller and more immersive film-like experience at home with the new Dolby Atmos feature. It provides a richer, more cinematic sound experience.

The DTS Virtual: X 3D Surround sound is an improvement on your typical playback speaker system by enhancing sound in a number of unique ways. It may seem like a small difference, but it can make a broad impact on your overall experience. I.E., the soundbar does an excellent job when watching films or movies with many sound and surround effects.

Gamers will be glad to know that Game Mode Pro is included in this soundbar. Get your console connected to your bar, because that way you’ll enjoy the perfect gaming experience. The directional sound will bring out the action without missing any fun bits! AI is already a very useful tool when playing competitive games with lots of action. They can also help you stay ahead of your rivals by providing an advantage over them in the form of better, more powerful audio.

This soundbar supports DTC and Dolby Digital—the most common formats. You can listen to 5.1 Surround content such as Blu-rays and streaming media. The speakers are capable of downmixing the content to 3.1 if you activate its surround sound mode.


Samsung HW A50C

In terms of connectivity, this audio bar includes the most essential connections that let you connect to your devices. There is an HDMI port to allow synchronization of the soundbar with compatible devices. Naturally, the connection is normal since it’s similar to the primary connector to the majority of soundbars in the market.

To connect wirelessly the soundbar features a Bluetooth TV connection, so it can play your preferred content without dealing with dirty, unattractive cables. Additionally, you and your companion can connect to multiple devices at once due to this Bluetooth multi-connection option. It does not provide Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple AirPlay, or Chromecast built-in.

Samsung Q6CT

The connectivity options of this soundbar are similar to those available on Samsung HW150C. It has a Full HDMI In port that can support Dolby Digital Blu-ray discs, as well as streaming platforms. It is also possible to use this port to configure your PC and TV. It is able to pass through high-bandwidth signals, delivering crisp and clearly written text on the screen.

It also lacks other wireless features apart from Bluetooth. It is restricted if other wireless functions are important to you. This Bluetooth Multi-Connection makes it possible to connect two smart devices simultaneously.

Control Options

Samsung HW A50C

We will be looking at the controls and the remote control. The bar has a number of controls to make it easy for you to interact with it. The packaging also has a remote control for total control of vital soundbar functions.

Samsung Q6CT

The four controls for this input device are all located on one bar which allows for easy switching between commands and simple navigation. Looks cool and comes with a remote control that can offer more functionality.

You can control the power, volume, and sound effects from the comfort of your couch. The remote is not universal, it may not be compatible with all Samsung TVs. But it does have a similar appearance to Samsung’s TV remotes and can work with some Samsung TVs.

The Verdict

Ideally, we love that both Samsung soundbars have immersive 5.1 sound – like a theater! Samsung’s Q6CT has a lot of standout features such as integrated sound technology, the Samsung Acoustic Beam technology, and rich directional sound.

If you’re dissatisfied with your home theater, then a Roku TV probably isn’t going to fix it. But this is hands-down the best choice for someone who wants to watch their favorite show right in the living room. However, if you like the sound of that shaking and rumbling, check out the Samsung HW-A50C.

FAQ for Samsung HW A50C vs Samsung Q6CT

What are the differences between the Samsung HW A50C and the Samsung Q6CT soundbar?

The Samsung HW A50C is a soundbar that has a wireless subwoofer. The Samsung Q6CT is also a soundbar, but it doesn’t have a wireless subwoofer.

There are many differences between the two soundbars, so we will go through them one by one.

First, the Samsung HW A50C has Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility while the Samsung Q6CT does not. This means that you can watch movies with these features on the Samsung HW A50C without having to worry about any compatibility issues. The other difference is that the Samsung HW A50C has a USB port for connecting external devices such as your smartphone or tablet while the Samsung Q6CT does not have this feature.

Which Samsung HW A 50 C or Samsung HTC soundbar sounds better?

The Samsung HW 50 C has a 3-inch extra woofer and 2.1 channel speakers with 1000 watts while the Samsung HTC has 4.1 channel speakers with up to 2300 watts of power.

The Samsung HTC soundbar has better quality and is less expensive than the Samsung HW 50 C.

How much do the the Samsung HW A50C and the Samsung Q6CT soundbars cost?

The Samsung HW A50C is priced at $399.99, while the Samsung Q6CT costs $199.99

The Samsung HW A50C has more features than the Samsung Q6CT but comes at a higher price. The HW 50C has a built-in subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity that makes it more versatile, while the Q6CT only has Bluetooth connectivity.

The cost of these two soundbars will vary depending on where you are located and what type of retailer you purchase from.

What are the ways to use the Samsung HW A50C and the Samsung Q6CT soundbars?

Samsung HW A50C and the Samsung Q6CT soundbars are two great options for those who want to get a high-quality sound experience. They are both wireless and easy to set up.

The Samsung HW A50C is an excellent option for a small living room or bedroom with its compact size, wireless connectivity, and powerful bass. The Samsung Q6CT is a great option for those who want to upgrade their home cinema experience with superior audio quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and app support.

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