Violin Playing Trends: from Classical to Modern

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Learning many playing styles and genres of violin music can be complicated. And it is not possible to discuss violin playing without mentioning the enormous influence of what the modern or pop culture has exercised over the repertoire of the violin music industry. When it comes to retaining your target audience, one way is to … Read more

Wet Sounds Sound Bar for Golf Cart


Our speakers are great quality, that is why we all do our shopping around here. Today we are going over some of the best wet sounding golf cart audio sets available on the market. We love Wet Sounds and are thankful that they have a wide variety of sound bars to choose from! Whether you … Read more

What is a Dead Fret for an Acoustic Guitar: All Possible Causes and Solutions to the Problem

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Dead frets are a result of the fretboard being out of alignment or too old to work properly. If you experience Muted frets, buzzing sounds coming from the guitar, and your string action becomes really high, then you may want to take your guitar for repairs. There are many possible causes of a “dead fret” … Read more

How Often do you Have your Bow Rehaired


Discolored violin bow hair can typically be treated. However, if individual hairs become loose or torn, there is no need to rehair the violin bow right away. Bowstring breaks are not uncommon in archery and you’re fairly safe if this happens to your bow. They have no effect on the performance of the bow in … Read more

Major Scale Worksheets

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Have a spooky & busy fun time teaching the major and minor scale pitches in this silly Halloween Nursery Rhyme. A wood block “knock” on the door starts playing notes from the scale and then after a BOO! you’ll go back down into the notes of the scale using repeated patterns. Includes: a colorful set … Read more

Major Scale Lesson Pack


The Major Scale Lesson Pack will help you learn and apply the major to the guitar fretboard.  The pack includes the following: You’ll want to review some of the concepts and learnings from this lesson workbook to solidify your understanding of major scale theory. A 16-page practice guide with exercises and licks to help you … Read more

Major & Minor Arpeggios on Guitar


Arpeggios on guitar are when the notes of a chord are played individually one after the other. Guitar solo allows for the best use of arpeggios. You can add some color to the solos with these chords and they are a great way of targeting chord tones. The use of AI writers in metal music … Read more

The Lowest and Highest Notes On the Piano

As sound travels down the frequency spectrum, the higher frequencies make smoother sounds, while the lower frequencies make more intense ones. Frequencies are used by various industries to measure and classify the behavior of sounds wave. Here are explanations for both the lowest note on a piano and the highest note on a piano. Understanding … Read more

Best Kids Karaoke Songs of All Time

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Karaoke is so much more than just for big birthday parties or team-building exercises. You can use it to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day and it’s a lot of fun too. One thing that’s different about songs that adults like to sing in public is they’re not kid-friendly. It’s not surprising that … Read more

Stagg EVN 4/4 Silent Violin Review


The Stagg EVN 4/4 electric violin is very popular for a reason! It’s not difficult to see why these electric violins are such a hot ticket. They’re fun, they’re novel and they make a great first impression on audiences. We poked around in the Stagg EVN and found out what all the hubbub is about. … Read more

Most Popular School Band Instruments


Despite that, the popularity of each instrument can vary during different phases of a student’s career, with some being more popular than others in every situation. Instruments can be different based on the role they play, their form and how “cool” it is. For example, how old you are has an effect on what instrument … Read more

Marching Band: What to Know Before Buying Instruments

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Marching bands are usually integral to sports events, as well as parades. They are frequently used in college and high school sporting events, as well as in specific competitions for marching as well as different types of celebrations and gatherings for the community. They are a crucial element of junior and senior high schools, as … Read more

Lesson Pack Bundle: Major & Minor Scale

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The Major/Minor Scale Lesson Pack bundle gives you both the major and minor scale lesson packs. Playing any song requires a mastery of scales, but the major and minor scales are the most common. Learn those first, and you’ll be able to play almost any song. In this bundle you’ll get: 2 booklets are being created … Read more

Best Songs With ‘Girl’ in the Title


These female-oriented songs with the word “girl”, in the title, will complete your playlist. A wide variety of emotions can be represented by the word “girl”. To express a variety of emotions, musicians use the term “girl”, in song titles or lyrics. Songs from various genres showcase the characteristics of girls in a thoughtful way. … Read more

Piano Lessons for Kids: Making the Most of Piano Learning


Today, it is well-known that early music education can be of great benefit. It manifests in many ways throughout one’s life. First, the structured musical language (learning to read and write notes) and its theoretical structure (being capable of reading sheet music with two hands simultaneously) helps develop logic and problem-solving skills at a neural … Read more

Main Reasons Why you Should Play the Cello


The cello looks similar to a violin or viola but is larger, usually around 4 feet long and the strings are thicker. Cello is often called the deepest sounding string instrument and it’s also able to make a lot of different pitches. You can use it for anything from a deep, low note to a … Read more

Relative Minor and Relative Major Scales

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The relative minor scale is great to use when improvising on your own because it gives you more options. Every improviser needs to know how to use the major and minor scales, but after that they should learn about the relative minor scale. A few concepts in music theory have provided me with an “aha” … Read more

How to Sell Your Used Band Instrument

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“We had a small shop on Nolensville Road,” Charlie remembers. I used to have a lot of music equipment, but I sold it all recently. Some mutual friends also had too much for just one place, so we started selling theirs together.We were very fortunate to get a room full of wood and about 10,000 … Read more

Singing Lessons for Kids: Age for Vocal Lessons, What to Expect and How to Prepare

kids singing

The time has finally come – your child has begun to show an interest in music, and you’re deliberating which instrument to persuade them to play. Learning to sing is a great way for anyone to get started with the basics and often less intimidating than learning an instrument. Lessons do not require any expenditure … Read more

Best Songs about Cars and Driving

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You’re right. A lot of songs are written about events or ideas that are important to the people who create them. Music is about a lot of things-togetherness, heartbreak, love, and a bunch of other stuff. But strangely enough, there are also tons of tunes written about cars and driving. Preface on the Songs about … Read more

Sony HT-S20R vs. HT-G700: Which Soundbars is Better

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Sony today announces two new soundbars, HT-S20R and HT-G700. Exciting new models that have just hit the market will bring movies and TV shows to your living room in a powerfully immersive audio experience. Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Soundbar Review The Sony HT-S20R is an affordable option for those looking for a simpler soundbar. The HT-S20R 5.1 … Read more

Soundhole Cover: Tips on How to Mute the Sound on an Acoustic Guitar


Electric guitars are often the go-to for playing unplugged. Nylon strings, no amp, it was a quiet and low-key gig. They’re not electric guitars. But they’re also not acoustic guitars either. They’re much less loud and they have a softer sound, like other nylon string types. That’s a tough situation because acoustic guitars typically aren’t … Read more

Best Soundbars of 2022

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Have you just bought an expensive, new 4K TV because of how good the picture looks on it? Yet there was a lousy sound on it! From watching this TV you would expect clear, bright and detailed sounds, just like the images it makes. Luckily, it’s possible for you to fix your TV’s sound quality … Read more

The 12 Best Turntable Under $200

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Old turntables are going to be a thing of the past, since inexpensive models with advanced features now exist. Vinyl sales are going through a period of significant growth and are now seen as the most common collectors’ item. It’s likely they’ll continue growing in the coming years. Vinyl record sales have been on the … Read more

Online Cello Lessons for Adult Beginners

Cello lessons online adults sage music

Want to learn how to play the cello? We’re here to help you have a successful learning experience and commitment. Your first step is getting in touch with us. Our music program will truly teach you all about how to play the cello. With expert teaching, engaging and easy-to-use technology, you’ll learn successfully. A lot … Read more

Fiddle vs Violin vs Viola: Key Differences

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The fiddle, violin, and viola all come from this family of stringed instruments. They’re very similar in how they sound. These instruments are often confused and some people refuse to acknowledge that there’s a difference between the fiddle and violin. Footballers will tell you it’s more about the style of play than anything else that … Read more

The Violinists of America’s Got Talent


America’s Got Talent has a wider selection of performances than its ABC rival American Idol. This programme is all about finding a new talent that’s ready to take on the world at Las Vegas. Over the years, some of the contestants that auditioned for AGT were opera singers and magicians but sometimes a violinist (or … Read more

Impressive High Pitched Instruments to Know

High Pitched Instruments

High Pitched Musical Instruments come in many sizes and shapes, including metals, wood, and glass. The instrument’s size, when taking into account wind, brass, and other string families, determines the pitch and range of the instrument. The ranges of instruments are vastly varied and so is the availability of the pitches (tones). The violin has … Read more

Best Tal Vocoder

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For decades, we’ve been trying to manipulate sound in the most sophisticated and innovative ways. Sound synthesis can make some of the most interesting noises around, thanks to its iconic sounds. This can result in fresh and modern-sounding content, as well as innovation for any keyboard or human voice. A vocoder is an artificial voice … Read more

What is the Most Difficult Violin Piece

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While there are many lists of difficult violin pieces, it’s hard to say which one is the most accurate. It’s important to take into account the skills a piece of music requires as well as the demands for expressiveness when rating it, such as control and tone quality of the bow, dexterity, whether there is … Read more

Best Student Violin Concertos of All Time

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The best violin concertos of all time including all different types of violin music and famous violin concertos songs that everyone knows and loves. The violin is one of the most popular instruments in classical music. Plenty of composers have written concertos for it, and you’ll find a lot of them in this canon. Listening … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speakers Below $100

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It’s now easier than ever to find top-level wireless audio at a bargain price, and our best cheap Bluetooth speakers deliver the promised performance quality at ultra-low prices. In this review, we found some great $100-a-pop Bluetooth speaker deals. They came discounted to just $50 which is fair when you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker in … Read more

Best Brands of Cello Rosin

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If you’re a beginner player and not looking to spend a lot on your first cello, this brand may give you just what you’re looking for. This is an industrially made instrument. The ones who play it are satisfied with the sound quality the first few years they play it. String-playing is one of the … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

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Even though there’s something to be said about playing an acoustic guitar that is nice to beat, if you want to play with other musicians, you’re going to have either place a microphone in front of your sound hole or buy one of the best ones available. The best acoustic guitars sound great because they’re … Read more

What Exactly is a Mandolin: History, Styles of Music, Parts and Best Mandolins for Beginners

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What exactly is a mandolin, you ask? This is a round-shaped stringed lue, which is something you might expect the sound to be similar to a country guitar. However, it doesn’t sound anything like one. The mandolin is a stringed instrument, but it doesn’t use or need finger plucking and the sound will be better … Read more

What are VST Plugins and How to Use Them

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VST is a type of virtual studio. Virtual Studio Technology or VSTs make it possible to integrate synthesizers with DAWs. There are a lot of terms that are specific to music production so it might be useful if you learn more about the industry. Names like “track” and “fader” might be easy to understand, but … Read more

Best Binaural Microphone

Best Binaural Microphones

We have to say straight off the bat that the purchase of a binaural microphone for 3D audio probably won’t be high on the agenda (or even on the agenda at all) for most performing and recording musicians. But if you have a hankering to record a performance in 360-degree 3D panoramic binaural audio splendor … Read more

Reasons why Guitars are so Popular

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Guitars have become one of the most popular instruments for adults to learn and the second for children to learn. There are a lot of reasons why so many people want to learn the guitar these days. It’s really popular and there are a bunch of opportunities for both beginners and more advanced players. “Guitars … Read more

Wooden vs. Plastic Clarinet

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Clarinets have always been pretty popular. There are a lot of different ones to choose between though. Some are made out of wood, and some out of plastic. But what’s the difference between them, and which one is right for your? This article explains the differences and similarities between wooden and plastic clarinets. It will … Read more

Vox Cutting Edge Valve Energy Pedal Review


Today, there are so many guitar pedals that it’s tough to know what one to buy. Luckily, the Valvoline Vox team have come up with a solution: the new line of pedals will provide the sound of your favourite amps. This series of compact overdrives is designed to mimic the tonal characteristics of certain amplifiers … Read more

Best Lead-Guitar Tones of All Time

The list of songs with perfect guitar tones should be endless and picking any one as the best is, of course, subjective. The most memorable guitar melodies are usually those with something compelling about them. They’ll really pull you in without being too showy or rude. A good tone can say a lot about a … Read more

Online Resources for Beginning Violinists


The complexities of playing the violin can be tough sometimes, which is why it’s helpful to find violin sheet music for free. There are still opportunities out there to find unique sheet music that you may not know about. I always check to see if I can download sheet music for free before paying for … Read more

Middle School Band Instruments: 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade

What your Middle School Band Instrument

So far there are some instruments available for middle school band students. Providing a complete sound range with four or five variations, these instruments are the building blocks of a band. In most cases, middle school band instruments are used in expanding the sound and look of the ensemble to a convectional band concert. Middle schoolers … Read more

Best Improve Guitar Picking Techniques


Working on improve guitar picking technique – not just for the hell fire speed wannabe’s. As your speed increases, it can actually help you develop your own style of playing. You can develop control and flexibility in your hands when you first try this move. It is not so hard to play with your fingers … Read more