Audioengine A5+ vs. Edifier S2000MKIII: Which Speakers is Better

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Today we will compare two awesome speakers: the Audioengine A5+ and the  Edifier S2000MKIII. Both are powerful bookshelf speakers and provide an excellent level of performance, with lots of power. It’s hard to judge which one is better, they have different features and cost different prices. But they’re both less than $500, so that’s something in their … Read more

Jackson Audio Asabi Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive Distortion Pedal

jackson audio asabi distortion overdrive mateus asato 02

The Jackson Audio Asabi modular gain pedal is all-encompassing and includes overdrive and distortion channels. It captures the essence of Marshall’s JCM800 and Plexi amplifiers. The Jackson Audio Asabi pedal was created by Mateus Asato (Brazilian-born musician). Each channel is carefully tuned to make it sound magical. Modern features include a 3-band activeEQ and the … Read more

Adam T8V vs. Kali IN8: Which Studio Monitors is Better

adam audio t8v

Even for sound-quality experts, choosing between Kali IN8 and Adam T8V studio monitors can be difficult. Manufacturers have not spared any expense when creating these sound monitors. Adam Audio has more than two decades of experience making the best loudspeakers on the market. This German company has made significant investments in rare earth magnets and … Read more

Accuphase vs. Mcintosh: Pros and Cons

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McIntosh amplifiers are expensive, as we all know. However, many consider them to be the best. These products are expensive and most people would not consider them. However, I think your average Joe will be happy with a stereo preamp below $500 or a phono preamp beneath $200 if you need something even cheaper. We … Read more

A Capella Performance of Four Seasons by Vivaldi

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A cappella is a type of vocal music that does not have an accompaniment. However, this was not always the case. Its origins date back to 16th-century, when the term was used to describe compositions that were reminiscent of chapel or church music. In these cases, multiple vocal performers were accompanied by the same instruments, … Read more

100 Inspirational Music Quotes

famous and inspirational music quotes

Music can change your life and thankfully there are some inspirational quotes about music to show how it’s had a major impact on everyone from Albert Einstein to Taylor Swift. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorites, with quotes ranging from 100 words to only one. Best Famous and Inspirational Music Quotes “Everything inside me … Read more

Best 12AX7 Tubes: Reviews and Guide

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A 12AX7 is likely to be found under your tube-based guitar, bass amplifier, or Hi-fi amplifier. You might even find a few. Because of its high gain, and low noise characteristics, the 12AX7 tube amplifier is the best choice. What are the best 12AX7 tubes? Even though they are very popular, most people don’t know … Read more

Best 8-String Ukulele: Buying Guide

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Are you feeling ambitious or adventurous? You might be a good candidate for the 8-string ukulele. Although they might not be immediately obvious, Hawaiian culture will often find them at kanikapila or ukulele jam sessions. The 8-string ukulele is becoming more popular than the 4-string. There are many options, so I have compiled this list … Read more

8 Best Phono Preamp Under $200

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Vinyl collecting is a big thing these days. Many bands are putting their music back on vinyl, which is great. Many people are looking for a high quality phono preamp to improve their turntable sound. Some record players cannot be connected to speakers or computers straight out of the box. There is a special go-between … Read more

7 Best Speakers Below $200

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Speakers are something I take very seriously as a man who is passionate about his music. When I was asked to review the best speakers under $200, I immediately said yes. Although it’s not budget-friendly, the price range we’re looking at isn’t high end. These speakers are great for those who already have a hi-fi … Read more

Best 6-String Ukuleles: Complete Guide

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Curious about 6-string ukuleles? Not to be confused with guitarlele, these amazing instruments have two C strings, 2 A strings, a G string, and an E string, with GCCEAA tuning. Even though they look like miniature guitars, 6-string ukuleles are in a class all their own. 6-string ukulele setups vary. Sometimes the two C strings … Read more

6 Best Marine Speakers Without Amp

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A good sound system is essential for any boat owner. Today, I will be taking a look at the top marine speakers. You know what? A great set of speakers with a powerful sound system are just as important as a life vest. Ok, maybe that’s a little too extreme. You can see marine audio … Read more

5 Slash Licks to Connect Scale Patterns

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Slash is a great guitarist and was the one who inspired me to learn how to play the guitar at age 14. Slash’s bluesy, hard rock licks are accentuated by epic bends and have made him a rock star with his unique style. To paraphrase Dr. Emmett brown, “If you’re going connect scale patterns on guitar, … Read more

Best 5 Franz Hoffmann Violin

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Franz Hoffmann violins can be considered beginner or entry-level violins. They are often preferred to the V.S.O. (violin-shaped object). To help children get used to playing the violin, they will be given a shape object that looks like a violin (usually a piece of wood) several times. Sometimes the VSO looks like a violin, with … Read more

5 Differences Between Violas and Violins

difference between violin viola

Both the Violin and Viola are members of the string instruments family. They look very similar, are held under the chin, and can be played with bows. Andrea Amati, who was the first to make both violins or violas, began making them in the early 16th-century. Early forms of violins and violas were created to … Read more

4 Wet Sounds 6.5” Speakers

Wet Sounds 6.5 Speakers

I love what I’ve been hearing from Wet Sounds, and today I’m looking at their range 6.5″ speakers. Wet Sounds makes marine audio for people who want the best. It is unlikely that you will find 25-dollar “waterproof” soundbars. These people love high-end audio, which is something I can get along with. These speakers will … Read more

4 Kicker Marine Speakers Kit

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I’ve been looking at a lot of products from the Kicker marine speakers line recently and wanted to share some of my findings with you. We’ve seen a lot of waterproof speakers on this site, and now it’s Kicker. I checked out Kicker’s website and I can tell you that they have one of the … Read more

2 Methods to Fix Vinyl Warping

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Vinyl warping can be a nightmare for vinyl enthusiasts. But we are here to help you avoid it and even repair warped vinyls! Preventing is better than treating, so we will be discussing how to avoid warping vinyl records and what to do to fix them. It takes time to warp records, but it is … Read more

Kanto YU4 vs. Audioengine A2+: Which Powered Speakers is Better

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It can be hard to find the right speaker for you when there are so many companies producing quality speakers. Both the Kanto YU4 or Audioengine A2+ desktop speakers tables are excellent options with almost identical dimensions and outstanding audio performance. Which of the two should you choose? This article will compare these speakers in … Read more

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs. Logitech Z623: Which Multimedia Speaker System is Better

Logitech Z623 Vs Klipsch Promedia 2

Klipsch Promedia 2 and Logitech Z624 multimedia speaker systems are designed for home use. Which speaker is the best for you? Newer products are exponentially and incomparably more efficient than older ones when it comes to computer-related products. But, speakers seem to be the only peripheral device that seems not to follow this trend. If you aren’t … Read more

Klipsch Cinema 600 vs. Samsung Q70T: Which Soundbar is Better

Klipsch Cinema 600 vs. Samsung Q70T

Do you want a memorable experience in the cinema? These are two great options. The Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar system features Dolby Atmos decoding. The Samsung Q70T is a premium soundbar system with a 7.1 surround sound system. These speakers are excellent, have great sound quality and almost look identical. However, the difference lies in … Read more

Minor Scale Lesson Pack on Guitar: Patterns, Positions and Theory

Minor Scale Lesson Pack on Guitar

Sometimes it is necessary to reinforce the theory we learn through practical application. This workbook, with 17 pages of exercises, will help you understand minor scales and play them all over the neck. It will also help you apply the minor scale to contemporary musical situations like chord progressions and improvisation. In this course you … Read more

Orange Amp Bundle

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One of the greatest guitar brands in history, Orange are used by a vast array of rock artists. Their mid range is powerful and the basses stand out, thanks to its unique fuzzy sounds. And you can’t forget about their higher gain tones – they’re just one of the many reasons that Orange Amps are … Read more

Orchestra Arrangement: How is it Arranged

AI Orchestra Arrangement

The orchestra is like a living, breathing organism. It has been alive for hundreds of years and developed significantly over that time – in every aspect of its being. Music technology also had to accommodate the evolution of this human organism and develop accordingly. It’s hard not to attribute the orchestra’s origins to Bach. He … Read more

How to Play A Minor on Guitar: Am Chord

Play A Minor Chord on Guitar

If you want to become a great guitarist, make sure you master the A minor chord. It’s an essential skill that every guitar player should have. There are tons of easy guitar chords, and the Am chord is no exception. Unless you’ve learned the flattened third degree of the major scale, the A chord you’re … Read more

Q-Symphony vs. Sonos Arc: Which Soundbar is Better

When doing a side-by-side comparison between the Samsung HW-Q950T – a complete soundbar that comes with the Q-Symphony feature – and the Sonos Arc, it becomes clear that these two 3D audio soundbars are focused at roughly the same point. Sonos Arc vs. Samsung HW-Q950A (Q-Symphony): Side-by-Side Comparison About the Models One of Sonos’s newest … Read more

Main Reasons to Play the Saxophone

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What are the reasons you should learn to play the saxophone? It’s never been easier to learn how to play the sax! There are a lot of quality instruments out there that are very affordable. The saxophone has deep roots as an instrument, but it’s actually considered one of the easiest to learn because it … Read more

Musical Instruments: Buying vs Renting


Your child wants to play an instrument in the school band, which is a great force of constructive good that can last a lifetime. But just like with most things, there will be choices to make. Aside from finding the best private music teacher for your kid, the other important decision is whether you should … Read more

Rich History of the Cello

Rich History of the Cello

The cello’s organic tones have captivated listeners for years- drawing people in with sounds like the human voice. This was a once beloved instrument that became a staple of Western culture through cultural changes and demands. The history of this instrument is often unknown to many people, but it is no mystery that it’s a … Read more

Ricard Bunnel G2: Kennedy Violin for Beginners

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Ricard-Bunnel G2 Violin is among the highest rated in its category. We want to know if it really offers an excellent sound quality comparable to violins with a similar price. Kennedy Violins provide excellent customer service to clients all over the country. They have their own specialist team that goes through the final assembly and … Read more

Rega RP1 or Rega RP3: How do you Decide

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Roy Gandy founded Rega Research Ltd in 1973 to manufacture high quality audio equipment that you could afford. No less than 10,000 vintage and new turntables have been sold this year, including award-winning amplification mechanisms. There are two Rega products listed here, the RP1 and RP3. Because they were released within of year of each … Read more

Rode NT1 Kit Microphone Package

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The NT1 is a revolutionary condenser microphone with a 1-inch diaphragm that has just hit the market today. The NT1 body is very similar to the NT1-A, with the microphone completely redesigned and only has one part in common: the mesh grille. RØDE started with a new design that is innovative and also has some … Read more

Samsung Q70T vs. Samsung Q800T: Which Soundbar is Better


The Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T, is in many ways like watching a battle between equals. The numbers and performance are similar except for support for Q-Symphony. So, we’ll compare the comparative pros and cons of these soundbar alternatives, highlighting in detail the actual differences that might tilt the scale. Let’s compare a few different … Read more

Riff Breakdown: Snow (Hey Oh) – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Tab & Chord Diagrams)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers is a rock band renowned for their hits “Californication,” “Otherside,” “Scar Tissue,” “Dani California,” “Can’t Stop,” “Snow (Hey Oh),” and “Dark Necessities.” They are a band that was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they collaborated with George Clinton, Eddie Vedder, and Elton John when they were all … Read more

Best Songs about Searching for Someone

woman looking through binoculars

In our society, many people are looking for something that can make their life a bit better and easier. Some things that have been said to be improved by AIs are love, adventure, lost friends, closer relationships, more money or just trying to find yourself. When you try to answer one of life’s most important … Read more

Suggestions Technics 1200 Anti-Skate Repair

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Many of these new turntable models that come with fancy pre-programmed options are supposed to prevent the problem of vinyl records getting stuck or scratched, but depending on how much you play them, your precious vinyl record player might lose its sound quality. A different processor is automatically switched to the record at the moment … Read more

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Review

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The Big Baby is perfect for guitarists of all levels. It offers easy playing and a comfortable, playable design so you can keep practising longer without discomfort. The Taylor Big Baby guitar is a beautiful instrument that offers great songwriting features. It’s also tough and can withstand tough care and handling. Taylor made this new … Read more

The Bose Smart Soundbar 700

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Hosting a private screening of your favorite movie, your friends family can really experience what it’s like to be part of the action. What’s great is that this brings you closer and creates memories that will last a lifetime. We wanted to design the world’s best soundbar—the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 was created and has … Read more

Best Cheap Drum Machines for Beginners

As the use of drum machines in production becomes more predominant, what you’ll notice is a significant uptick in quality. These drum machines are the perfect entry level machine for beginners and they’re great value too. You can find a lot of cheaper versions in our store or online. We tend to work with a … Read more

Best Violin Duets for Advanced Players

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What is your favorite violin duet for amateur or semi-professional players? For beginners, there are a lot of duet books available. But for more advanced players, it can be difficult to find good repertoire. Violin duets are a brilliant, less-known part of chamber music that are great to listen to. This is the first article … Read more

Trumpets from Top Retailers: Walmart, Target, and eBay

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Trumpets have been used by people this long to call people together or send signals while sounding important. Their modern use is just as awesome with piercing sounds. The trumpet warned of danger in time, attracted attention and supported military courage. Times have changed, and the modern trumpet is a mobile instrument on which performers … Read more

What is the Warmest Sounding 12AX7

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Every guitar player rolling a tube amp or audiophile to some degree hears sound differently. Some people like a bit more of a crisp, bright tone, while others prefer something deep and warmer. Normally when seeking a warmer sound, you need to figure out what it is exactly that you like. Bass content is much … Read more

Yamaha SV-200 Electric Violin


The SV-200 is one of Yamaha’s so-called Silent Series electric violins. The violin is marketed as silent because it’s a simple practice instrument. In this case, this nomenclature is a bit weird, since SV-200 is far more than just a practice piece. This is a very well-designed and constructed violin which would be good for … Read more

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone


Since 1967, Yamaha has created a wide variety of saxophones for both beginner and advanced players. One of their recent models, the Yamaha YAS-280, is catered to the beginner. If you’re searching for a high-quality instrument, it’s no surprise you’ve come across the YAS-280. This model is prided as one of the best choices for … Read more