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Best Phono Cartridges Below $100: Buying Guide and Replacing
If you’re new to the vinyl scene or getting back into it, then there’s an chance that you will need a turntable related item. A cartridge for example
Play A Minor Chord on GuitarReviews
How to Play A Minor on Guitar: Am Chord
If you want to become a great guitarist, make sure you master the A minor chord. It’s an essential skill that every guitar player should have.
Q-Symphony vs. Sonos Arc: Which Soundbar is Better
When doing a side-by-side comparison between the Samsung HW-Q950T – a complete soundbar that comes with the Q-Symphony feature – and the Sonos Arc, it
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Main Reasons to Play the Saxophone
What are the reasons you should learn to play the saxophone? It’s never been easier to learn how to play the sax! There are a lot of quality instruments
Most Common Reasons Why New Vinyl Sounds Bad or Distorted
There are many reasons to love LP’s. They sound great, they look beautiful and they usually add something extra to the listening experience.
Musical Instruments: Buying vs Renting
Your child wants to play an instrument in the school band, which is a great force of constructive good that can last a lifetime. But just like with most
Rich History of the CelloReviews
Rich History of the Cello
The cello’s organic tones have captivated listeners for years- drawing people in with sounds like the human voice. This was a once beloved instrument
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Ricard Bunnel G2: Kennedy Violin for Beginners
Ricard-Bunnel G2 Violin is among the highest rated in its category. We want to know if it really offers an excellent sound quality comparable to violins
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Rega RP1 or Rega RP3: How do you Decide
Roy Gandy founded Rega Research Ltd in 1973 to manufacture high quality audio equipment that you could afford. No less than 10,000 vintage and new turntables
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Rode NT1 Kit Microphone Package
The NT1 is a revolutionary condenser microphone with a 1-inch diaphragm that has just hit the market today. The NT1 body is very similar to the NT1-A
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Samsung HW A50C vs. Samsung Q6CT: Which Soundbar is Better
TV spaces are constantly evolving to keep up with the demand for better media production. The first thing you should consider adding to your TV is a soundbar
Samsung Q70T vs. Samsung Q800T: Which Soundbar is Better
The Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T, is in many ways like watching a battle between equals. The numbers and performance are similar except for support for Q-Symphony.
Samsung HW-Q800T vs. Samsung Q900T: Which is Soundbar Better
Samsung was one of the first brands to offer soundbars that were affordable and met the needs of many people. This comparison of the Samsung Q800T and
Vibrations of the Technics SL-1200MK2 Tonearm: What is it and How to Fix it
Technics 1200 models are very popular, especially the MK2. There are a lot of them on Ebay, and this should be obvious when looking at their search.
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Riff Breakdown: Snow (Hey Oh) – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Tab & Chord Diagrams)
Red Hot Chili Peppers is a rock band renowned for their hits “Californication,” “Otherside,” “Scar Tissue,” “Dani California,” “Can’t Stop,” “Snow (Hey
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Best Songs about Searching for Someone
In our society, many people are looking for something that can make their life a bit better and easier. Some things that have been said to be improved
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Sonos Arc vs. Bose Acoustimass 10: Which Soundbar is Better
Today’s review is devoted to a rather popular topic: “Sonos Arc vs Bose Acoustimass 10”. Sonos is one of the most popular brands in the
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Sonos Arc vs. LG SP8YA: Which Soundbar is Better
People often spend more time researching items they want to buy before purchasing them. It’s not uncommon but it makes sense because that gives you a better
Sonos Arc vs. Sony ST-5000: Which Soundbar is Better
I had a chance to test and compare two models: Sony ST5000 vs Sonos Arc and this review should help people who are looking for a good soundbar.
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Sonos Arc vs. Vizio SB36512-F6: Which is Soundbar Better
The invention of new media platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify make soundbars easier to use. New sound bars are being constantly released
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Suggestions Technics 1200 Anti-Skate Repair
Many of these new turntable models that come with fancy pre-programmed options are supposed to prevent the problem of vinyl records getting stuck or scratched
taylor big baby taylor 383383Reviews
Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Review
The Big Baby is perfect for guitarists of all levels. It offers easy playing and a comfortable, playable design so you can keep practising longer without discomfort.
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The Bose Smart Soundbar 700
Hosting a private screening of your favorite movie, your friends family can really experience what it’s like to be part of the action. What’
Best Cheap Drum Machines for Beginners
As the use of drum machines in production becomes more predominant, what you’ll notice is a significant uptick in quality. These drum machines are the
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Top Christmas Classical Music: Best Festive Pieces of All Time
“In the Bleak Midwinter,” “Silent Night” and “Merry Xmas Everyone” by Slade from Christmas classics;
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Best Violin Duets for Advanced Players
What is your favorite violin duet for amateur or semi-professional players? For beginners, there are a lot of duet books available. But for more advanced
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Trumpets from Top Retailers: Walmart, Target, and eBay
Trumpets have been used by people this long to call people together or send signals while sounding important. Their modern use is just as awesome with
Turntable Slides on Internal Tracks: Most Common Causes and How to Fix
Inner-groove distortion is something that occurs with vinyl records. It’s more likely to happen in the last few tracks of each side, but can have
SMART Goals: Examples, Definition & Expert Tips
The SMART strategy is one of the most well-known, time-tested approaches when it comes to reaching your goals, but you’ll need to go beyond simply writing
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What is the Warmest Sounding 12AX7?
Every guitar player rolling a tube amp or audiophile to some degree hears sound differently. Some people like a bit more of a crisp, bright tone, while
Yamaha SV-200 Electric Violin
The SV-200 is one of Yamaha’s so-called Silent Series electric violins. The violin is marketed as silent because it’s a simple practice instrument.
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Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone
Since 1967, Yamaha has created a wide variety of saxophones for both beginner and advanced players. One of their recent models, the Yamaha YAS-280, is
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Violin Playing Trends: from Classical to Modern
Learning many playing styles and genres of violin music can be complicated. And it is not possible to discuss violin playing without mentioning the enormous
Wet Sounds Sound Bar for Golf Cart
Our speakers are great quality, that is why we all do our shopping around here. Today we are going over some of the best wet sounding golf cart audio sets
Ranges of Orchestral Instruments with the Lowest Tone
The major note A (above Middle C) belongs to the universal tuning standard of 440Hz and allows musicians to tune their instruments consistently.
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What is a Dead Fret for an Acoustic Guitar: All Possible Causes and Solutions to the Problem
Dead frets are a result of the fretboard being out of alignment or too old to work properly. If you experience Muted frets, buzzing sounds coming from
How Often do you Have your Bow Rehaired
Discolored violin bow hair can typically be treated. However, if individual hairs become loose or torn, there is no need to rehair the violin bow right away.
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Major Scale Worksheets
Have a spooky & busy fun time teaching the major and minor scale pitches in this silly Halloween Nursery Rhyme. A wood block “
Major Scale Lesson Pack
The Major Scale Lesson Pack will help you learn and apply the major to the guitar fretboard.  The pack includes the following: You’
Major & Minor Arpeggios on Guitar
Arpeggios on guitar are when the notes of a chord are played individually one after the other. Guitar solo allows for the best use of arpeggios.
composition 3 major minor dominant 7 aReviews
Major 7th, Minor 7th and Dominant 7th Arpeggios
In this lesson we’re going to take a look at the major 7th, minor 7th, and dominant 7th arpeggios. These arpeggios are similar to the major and minor one
The Lowest and Highest Notes On the Piano
As sound travels down the frequency spectrum, the higher frequencies make smoother sounds, while the lower frequencies make more intense ones.
guitar chords inversions 4Reviews
Learning Guitar Chord Inversions: Major and Minor Triad
Guitar chord inversions allow you to create different voicings for a given chord. A variety of voicings can add a little extra flavor and variety to your
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Best Kids Karaoke Songs of All Time
Karaoke is so much more than just for big birthday parties or team-building exercises. You can use it to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day and it’
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Why Every Cellist Should Study Popper Cello Etudes
I play the cello and I want to improve my technique. Popper can help me do that by giving me access to various resources. The High School of Cello Playing Op.
Stagg EVN 4/4 Silent Violin Review
The Stagg EVN 4/4 electric violin is very popular for a reason! It’s not difficult to see why these electric violins are such a hot ticket. They’
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Technics SL1200 vs. SL1300: Which one is Better
Audiophiles know that the best audio is only obtainable from vinyl records. With vinyl records, you can record music in higher quality and CD players just don’
Flute Wallpaper Full HDReviews
Selling a Used Flute: How Much it’s Worth and Where to Sell it
There are many reasons for selling a used flute, whether it’s just because you or your child doesn’t play it anymore, there is a need to upgrade to another
Playing a Chord Sequence by Position: Guitar Chord Creativity
The ability to use your guitar chords to play common chord sequences is really handy when practising with friends or learning a song that you have less
Most Popular School Band Instruments
Despite that, the popularity of each instrument can vary during different phases of a student’s career, with some being more popular than others in every situation.
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Peachtree M24 vs M25: Which Powered Speakers is Better
The Peachtree M24 and M25 powered speakers are made by the same company and are part of the M-series therefore, they have some common features.
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Marching Band: What to Know Before Buying Instruments
Marching bands are usually integral to sports events, as well as parades. They are frequently used in college and high school sporting events, as well
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LG SN9YG vs. LG SP8YA: Which Soundbar is Better
After realizing how fun and didactic it would be to express my opinion on the two amazing LG products: SN9YG and SP8YA, I found it irresistible to compare
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Lesson Pack Bundle: Major & Minor Scale
The Major/Minor Scale Lesson Pack bundle gives you both the major and minor scale lesson packs. Playing any song requires a mastery of scales, but the
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Locking Wall Hanger: Types of Guitar Wall Mounts
Playing guitar can be a rewarding experience on its own, but sometimes you need to put your instrument down for the day. Chances are, if you’
Best Songs With ‘Girl’ in the Title
These female-oriented songs with the word “girl”, in the title, will complete your playlist. A wide variety of emotions can be represented
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Yamaha YAS-209 vs Sonos Playbar: Witch is Soundbars Best
Yamaha YAS-209 vs Sonos Playbar is the epic battle that we have going on today. Both the Sonos Playbar and the Yamaha YAS-209 are fantastic soundbars that
Piano Lessons for Kids: Making the Most of Piano Learning
Today, it is well-known that early music education can be of great benefit. It manifests in many ways throughout one’s life. First, the structured
Main Reasons Why you Should Play the Cello
The cello looks similar to a violin or viola but is larger, usually around 4 feet long and the strings are thicker. Cello is often called the deepest sounding
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Relative Minor and Relative Major Scales
The relative minor scale is great to use when improvising on your own because it gives you more options. Every improviser needs to know how to use the
jam96k garageband stratReviews
How to Record Guitar on a PC, Laptop, iPad or Mac: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide
In this tutorial, we will go through step by step how to record guitar on a Windows or Mac computer. To record your guitar on a PC and Mac, you’
best place to buy vinyl records how to preserve vinyl records cd from best place to buy vinyl recordsReviews
How to Get the Best Sound from Your Player: Step-by-Step Guide
PLayers work by measuring vibrations. The vinyl groove causes the stylus to move or vibrate, and this turns into a tiny electrical signal that is amplified
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How to Sell Your Used Band Instrument
“We had a small shop on Nolensville Road,” Charlie remembers. I used to have a lot of music equipment, but I sold it all recently.
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How to Sing Louder Without Straining: Simple Ways and Exercises
You don’t need to scream to your lungs out to sing louder and clear. People typically sing louder & less clear when they are singing with acoustic accompaniment.
kids singingReviews
Singing Lessons for Kids: Age for Vocal Lessons, What to Expect and How to Prepare
The time has finally come – your child has begun to show an interest in music, and you’re deliberating which instrument to persuade them to play.
Superior Singing Method LessonsReviews
Superior Singing Method vs Singorama: Side-by-Side Comparison
You’re here because you want to learn how to sing. There are some great sites out there with solid singing advice or lessons. Learning how to sing
Best Snare Drums For SaleReviews
Best Snare Drums and Percussion for Beginners and Adults
As a general rule, ‘small drums’ are percussion instruments made from steel or wood; they’re played using a pair of wooden sticks.
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Best Songs about Cars and Driving
You’re right. A lot of songs are written about events or ideas that are important to the people who create them. Music is about a lot of things-togetherness
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Best Songs about Having a Baby for Expectant Parents
It’s always a joy to throw these kind of events since it provides the new family members with an opportunity to celebrate the baby’
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Best Songs about Winning, Celebration, Victory and Success
Songs about victory are pretty cool. Most of them raise spirits and cheer you up thanks to their lyrics and melodies. When people get together to dance