Chord Functions in the Major Keys

Chord Functions in the Major Keys

Major scale chords are important for building your knowledge in chords, transposing to other keys, and developing your ear as a guitarist. Within a certain key, the chords have a role which I can explain so that you understand why some chord progression sound good while others don’t sound as much. In this lesson, we’ll … Read more

CAGED System Lesson Pack

CAGED System Lesson Pack

This pack will teach you chord shapes that you can use on any fret of the guitar. Give it a go! The pack includes the following items: There are online lesson workbooks that can help you understand the CAGED system. This 11-page guide includes exercises that teach you all the CAGED chord shapes and helps … Read more

CAGED System: Major Chord, Arpeggio and Scale Shapes Cheat Sheet


The Caged system lays out the fingerboard of the guitar in an easier to understand manner. This guide shows you chords, scales and arpeggios for every major “Cage” shape on the neck. For more information about the CAGED system. If you’re a veteran guitarist, you’ve probably heard of the CAGED system. Basically, it links scales … Read more

CAGED Guitar Theory System

CAGED Guitar Theory System

What if there were a guitar system that would allow you to easily visualize and connect the fretboard up and down the neck? The CAGED system does just that – it lays the fretboard out in a logical fashion, meaning you can easily see different chord shapes and scale patterns. Simplifying the Fretboard with the … Read more

What to Know When Buying a Used Clarinet

Buying a Used Clarinet

If you are new to the clarinet, used models may seem overwhelming. This guide walks you through what to check for as well as where you can buy them. You’ll also learn how much used models cost. How much are used clarinets worth? Where to buy used clarinets? What if it’s not in a good … Read more

How to Buy a Viola Bow

How to Buy a Viola Bow

Having a great sounding viola requires more than just the viola, you also need a high-quality bow. There are a lot of viola bows out there that come in various styles and specs. The same may be said for buying them. You have to know what you want in order to find the bow that’s … Read more

Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

I think the oboe sounds really, really good. It’s one of the most pure instruments I know. The oboe is such a beautifully composed, solo instrument. It features in many classical pieces and orchestral music from concertos and symphonies to selections from their own show. We put together the following list of 10 of the … Read more

Best Jazz Albums for Beginners

Best Jazz Albums for Beginners

Jazz has a fascinating backstory. But you don’t need to know all the history or context to feel that it’s trendy, hip and cool. If you’re into jazz, we’ve got lots of resources to help you get in the mood. For example, check out our list of beginner-friendly albums over here. If you search for … Read more

Best Instruments for Camping and Backpacking

Best Instruments for Camping and Backpacking

A lot of people love to go on camping and backpacking trips. They enjoy the fresh air, the natural beauty, and the chance to disconnect from their hectic lives. Unfortunately, when you are on a camping or backpacking trip, you don’t have access to all of your favorite things. However, there is one thing that … Read more

Best Conductor Stands

Best Conductor Stands

If you’re going to conduct an orchestra, you need a conductor’s stand. That’s because that’s where the conductor will keep all the sheet music or scores during the performance. So, whether you’re leading a full orchestra or just conducting a small group at a music class, the stand you use is important. It’s hard to … Read more

Best Concert Ukulele Cases

Best Concert Ukulele Cases

Concert ukuleles are a fantastic instrument to play, because of the sound that they produce and how easy it is for them to be played. They’re also known for their unique way of playing. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, always be mindful of the safety and security of your instrument. Make sure to … Read more

Best Cleaning Cloths for Vinyl Records

Best Cleaning Cloths for Vinyl Records

There’s no one best way to clean your vinyl record. Lots of people just use microfiber cloths, but other people like using other things instead. Some think these methods work best while others don’t even believe in changing how they clean vinyl records at all. These records might be old, but they’re still in high … Read more

Best Cello Pickups & Cello Transducers

Best Cello Pickups and Transducers

Acoustic pickups are great optional cello accessories that can make your cello sound like an electric cello. Cellists can struggle to find a pickup that suits their needs as they vary in features. In addition to this, since there is a handful of different cello pickups that are available on the market, it may be … Read more

Best Cello Microphones

Best Cello Microphones

If you play classical cello, you want to sound as good as possible when performing on stage. Cello microphones are great for amplifying your sound and make sure people hear what you’re playing. They’re also great in recording studios so that you can isolate the sound of your cello. Even if you use a cello … Read more

Best Cecilio Violins

Best Cecilio Violins

Cecilio is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to musical instruments, especially for beginner violins. Cecilio is a stringed instrument company that make high quality instruments for people on a budget. One of the most popular instruments from this brand is their violin. In this blog post, we review the ten top … Read more

Best Cecilio Electric Cellos

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“Cecilio” is one of the well-known music instrument manufacturers. They collaborate with the goal to design affordable instruments with high quality. Cecilio has a lot of experience in teaching cello, so they focus on that type of instrument. Most students can’t afford a top-of-the-line instrument. Cecilio is able to design accurate, quality ones for students. … Read more

Best Cecilio Cellos

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As a cello player yourself, you should be knowledgeable about the brand of cello that you are going to use. Cecilio is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to beginner cellos in our opinion. Cecilio offers cellos made from the finest materials by highly skilled luthiers. They use traditional, centuries-old techniques and … Read more

Best Cello Bridges

Best Cello Bridges

Each part of the cello is important and different, but we will focus on one: the cello bridge. The job of the bridge is to act as a barrier between other parts of the instrument from sticking together and keeping them in tune. Cello bridges are important for holding the cello strings, and also serve … Read more

Best Cello Pieces for Intermediate Students

Best Cello Pieces for Intermediate Students

Being an intermediate student is a great accomplishment! Passing the tough first years where everything isn’t quite right just means you can move on to the next level. Once you can fluently explain how the Cello works, all you need to do is practice and work hard at it. At intermediate level it’s important to … Read more

Best Bar and Pub Responsive WordPress Themes


You can now create the perfect environment of your Bar on your website with these best WordPress themes for bars. These themes are so lively that your website’ll be the hot topic of bar talks. These WordPress themes are perfect for showcasing your drinks, adding video of your live music and building a following. Unlike … Read more

Best Banjo Hard Cases

A lot of banjo players are always on the go, especially for pro players. When you’re moving around constantly, a durable case is a must-have. You can protect your banjo by securing it in a hard case. So make sure you find a great hard case to store it in – there are lots to … Read more

Best Baby Musical Instruments

Best Baby Musical Instruments

Music is a great way for children to express themselves. They usually don’t need to say anything and don’t need any words, just to do some rhythmic shaking or clapping their hands. That teaches them important life skills, like how to keep a beat. Musical instruments are also great gifts when you’re aiming to hone … Read more

Best Amps for the Electric Violin

Best Amp for Electric Violin

Electric violin amps are essential if you want to play your instrument at home. Our list will save you the time of browsing other lists and make the process easy for you. Amp selection for the electric violin can be overwhelming, because there are so many different options out there. Yet it’s important to find … Read more

Best Amplified Marine Soundbar

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Today I am having some fun by searching for the top water-resistant soundbars . If the term “marine” is throwing you off, just think of this as a waterproof soundbar. Put simply, there are a lot of artificial writing assistants on the market right now. I tried a few of them to test them out, … Read more

Best ADC for Vinyl Ripping

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Vinyl collecting is fun. There is nothing better than finding great records at a garage sale, thrift store or other outlet. There are many ways to clean vinyl records. Vinyl can sometimes get dirty and gross when it’s used. You will want to collect vinyl records if you are serious about collecting them. This article … Read more

Best 5 Free Vinyl Ripping Software

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I know some of you guys are probably going to be saying that turning vinyl into digital files destroys the purpose of collecting vinyl, but hear me out. You might not want to give up your old records, but there are a few good reasons why you would want to rip your records so that they’re … Read more

Benefits Learning a Musical Instrument of Children

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A study at Northwestern University discovered that kids benefit from music lessons when they are engaged in the learning process and participating. “Even if a group of motivated students is also highly engaged to music, small variations in engagement and attending class predict neural processing after music training,” says Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern Auditory … Read more

Band Instruments Scholarships: Facts and Recommendations

Trimble band 2015

The cost of college is prohibitive for many Americans. In fact, the total student debt has risen by 107% in the decade 2011-2021. Parents and students across the country are increasingly looking for scholarships. There are many scholarships available, provided you participate in extracurricular activities. Band scholarships are an example of how a thoughtful approach … Read more

Baby Lullabies with Lyrics: Best Baby Sleep Songs

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Research by Great Ormond street has shown that lullabies can decrease babies’ heart rate and pain levels. This doesn’t explain the fact that these lullabies have lyrics as disturbing as any Brothers Grimm story. We are committed to giving babies the best possible growing up experience. This includes the early stages of their development, right … Read more

Augmented Triads on Guitar

рисунок 13

We’ve learned about major, minor and diminished triads in previous lessons. In this lesson, I’ll complete triads and chords by learning augmented triads. We’ll jump into the interval structure that creates the augmented triad and map them onto the guitar’s fretboard. What is an Augmented Triad Like all triads, an augmented triad contains three notes. … Read more

Audioengine A5+ vs. Edifier S2000MKIII: Which Speakers is Better

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Today we will compare two awesome speakers: the Audioengine A5+ and the  Edifier S2000MKIII. Both are powerful bookshelf speakers and provide an excellent level of performance, with lots of power. It’s hard to judge which one is better, they have different features and cost different prices. But they’re both less than $500, so that’s something in their … Read more

Jackson Audio Asabi Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive Distortion Pedal

jackson audio asabi distortion overdrive mateus asato 02

The Jackson Audio Asabi modular gain pedal is all-encompassing and includes overdrive and distortion channels. It captures the essence of Marshall’s JCM800 and Plexi amplifiers. The Jackson Audio Asabi pedal was created by Mateus Asato (Brazilian-born musician). Each channel is carefully tuned to make it sound magical. Modern features include a 3-band activeEQ and the … Read more

Adam T8V vs. Kali IN8: Which Studio Monitors is Better

adam audio t8v

Even for sound-quality experts, choosing between Kali IN8 and Adam T8V studio monitors can be difficult. Manufacturers have not spared any expense when creating these sound monitors. Adam Audio has more than two decades of experience making the best loudspeakers on the market. This German company has made significant investments in rare earth magnets and … Read more

Accuphase vs. Mcintosh: Pros and Cons

рисунок 11

McIntosh amplifiers are expensive, as we all know. However, many consider them to be the best. These products are expensive and most people would not consider them. However, I think your average Joe will be happy with a stereo preamp below $500 or a phono preamp beneath $200 if you need something even cheaper. We … Read more

A Capella Performance of Four Seasons by Vivaldi

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A cappella is a type of vocal music that does not have an accompaniment. However, this was not always the case. Its origins date back to 16th-century, when the term was used to describe compositions that were reminiscent of chapel or church music. In these cases, multiple vocal performers were accompanied by the same instruments, … Read more

100 Inspirational Music Quotes

famous and inspirational music quotes

Music can change your life and thankfully there are some inspirational quotes about music to show how it’s had a major impact on everyone from Albert Einstein to Taylor Swift. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorites, with quotes ranging from 100 words to only one. Best Famous and Inspirational Music Quotes “Everything inside me … Read more

Best 12AX7 Tubes: Reviews and Guide

12ax7 nos

A 12AX7 is likely to be found under your tube-based guitar, bass amplifier, or Hi-fi amplifier. You might even find a few. Because of its high gain, and low noise characteristics, the 12AX7 tube amplifier is the best choice. What are the best 12AX7 tubes? Even though they are very popular, most people don’t know … Read more

Best 8-String Ukulele: Buying Guide

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Are you feeling ambitious or adventurous? You might be a good candidate for the 8-string ukulele. Although they might not be immediately obvious, Hawaiian culture will often find them at kanikapila or ukulele jam sessions. The 8-string ukulele is becoming more popular than the 4-string. There are many options, so I have compiled this list … Read more

8 Best Phono Preamp Under $200

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Vinyl collecting is a big thing these days. Many bands are putting their music back on vinyl, which is great. Many people are looking for a high quality phono preamp to improve their turntable sound. Some record players cannot be connected to speakers or computers straight out of the box. There is a special go-between … Read more

7 Best Speakers Below $200

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Speakers are something I take very seriously as a man who is passionate about his music. When I was asked to review the best speakers under $200, I immediately said yes. Although it’s not budget-friendly, the price range we’re looking at isn’t high end. These speakers are great for those who already have a hi-fi … Read more

Best 6-String Ukuleles: Complete Guide

рисунок 7

Curious about 6-string ukuleles? Not to be confused with guitarlele, these amazing instruments have two C strings, 2 A strings, a G string, and an E string, with GCCEAA tuning. Even though they look like miniature guitars, 6-string ukuleles are in a class all their own. 6-string ukulele setups vary. Sometimes the two C strings … Read more

6 Best Marine Speakers Without Amp

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A good sound system is essential for any boat owner. Today, I will be taking a look at the top marine speakers. You know what? A great set of speakers with a powerful sound system are just as important as a life vest. Ok, maybe that’s a little too extreme. You can see marine audio … Read more

5 Slash Licks to Connect Scale Patterns

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Slash is a great guitarist and was the one who inspired me to learn how to play the guitar at age 14. Slash’s bluesy, hard rock licks are accentuated by epic bends and have made him a rock star with his unique style. To paraphrase Dr. Emmett brown, “If you’re going connect scale patterns on guitar, … Read more

Best 5 Franz Hoffmann Violin

IMG 3094

Franz Hoffmann violins can be considered beginner or entry-level violins. They are often preferred to the V.S.O. (violin-shaped object). To help children get used to playing the violin, they will be given a shape object that looks like a violin (usually a piece of wood) several times. Sometimes the VSO looks like a violin, with … Read more

5 Differences Between Violas and Violins

difference between violin viola

Both the Violin and Viola are members of the string instruments family. They look very similar, are held under the chin, and can be played with bows. Andrea Amati, who was the first to make both violins or violas, began making them in the early 16th-century. Early forms of violins and violas were created to … Read more

4 Wet Sounds 6.5” Speakers

Wet Sounds 6.5 Speakers

I love what I’ve been hearing from Wet Sounds, and today I’m looking at their range 6.5″ speakers. Wet Sounds makes marine audio for people who want the best. It is unlikely that you will find 25-dollar “waterproof” soundbars. These people love high-end audio, which is something I can get along with. These speakers will … Read more

4 Kicker Marine Speakers Kit

рисунок 4

I’ve been looking at a lot of products from the Kicker marine speakers line recently and wanted to share some of my findings with you. We’ve seen a lot of waterproof speakers on this site, and now it’s Kicker. I checked out Kicker’s website and I can tell you that they have one of the … Read more

2 Methods to Fix Vinyl Warping

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Vinyl warping can be a nightmare for vinyl enthusiasts. But we are here to help you avoid it and even repair warped vinyls! Preventing is better than treating, so we will be discussing how to avoid warping vinyl records and what to do to fix them. It takes time to warp records, but it is … Read more

Kanto YU4 vs. Audioengine A2+: Which Powered Speakers is Better

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It can be hard to find the right speaker for you when there are so many companies producing quality speakers. Both the Kanto YU4 or Audioengine A2+ desktop speakers tables are excellent options with almost identical dimensions and outstanding audio performance. Which of the two should you choose? This article will compare these speakers in … Read more

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs. Logitech Z623: Which Multimedia Speaker System is Better

Logitech Z623 Vs Klipsch Promedia 2

Klipsch Promedia 2 and Logitech Z624 multimedia speaker systems are designed for home use. Which speaker is the best for you? Newer products are exponentially and incomparably more efficient than older ones when it comes to computer-related products. But, speakers seem to be the only peripheral device that seems not to follow this trend. If you aren’t … Read more

Klipsch Cinema 600 vs. Samsung Q70T: Which Soundbar is Better

Klipsch Cinema 600 vs. Samsung Q70T

Do you want a memorable experience in the cinema? These are two great options. The Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar system features Dolby Atmos decoding. The Samsung Q70T is a premium soundbar system with a 7.1 surround sound system. These speakers are excellent, have great sound quality and almost look identical. However, the difference lies in … Read more

Minor Scale Lesson Pack on Guitar: Patterns, Positions and Theory

Minor Scale Lesson Pack on Guitar

Sometimes it is necessary to reinforce the theory we learn through practical application. This workbook, with 17 pages of exercises, will help you understand minor scales and play them all over the neck. It will also help you apply the minor scale to contemporary musical situations like chord progressions and improvisation. In this course you … Read more

Orange Amp Bundle

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One of the greatest guitar brands in history, Orange are used by a vast array of rock artists. Their mid range is powerful and the basses stand out, thanks to its unique fuzzy sounds. And you can’t forget about their higher gain tones – they’re just one of the many reasons that Orange Amps are … Read more