TA002 | Unterm Rad: The Rake’s Progress

The Rake’s Progress CD

Unterm Rad is Mike Slansky, Chicago native, graphic designer, audio engineer, and composer. Mike has been making electronic music for well over 10 years under many monikers: Rekt, Aural, Month of Grey, has collaborated with countless musicians, and remixed the likes of Hecq, Claus Muzak, Totakeke, Zentriert Ins Antlitz, Testube, and Textbeak. With his solo project Unterm Rad, Mike explores the deepest and darkest regions of his own psyche, taking his listeners on an escalating journey through a wide range of inevitable human emotions.

Unterm Rad‘s prolific debut album featuring 9 original tracks + remixes by Sytrjv, Atomatik 13, The PQ Sessions, Textbeak, JFrank, Symmetrical Syndrome, and Dreams Are Maps.

Sixteen tracks of schizosonic psychopathy chart the paths from confusion, shame, and despair, to hope, perseverance, and hardened resolve.

Irresistible glitchy oddness ahead of its time…

“…minimal and fragmented D’n’B-IDM/Electronica which mostly avoids any straight structures…” – Chain DLK

“… a wonderfully experimental release.” – Connexion Bizarre


  1. Much To My Chagrin
  2. With All My Might
  3. Sick
  4. By All Means [clip preview]
  5. My Might Might Not
  6. Vertigo [clip preview]
  7. Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself?
  8. Put Up Or Shut Up [clip preview]
  9. On The Brink
  10. By All Means Necessary | Remix by JFrank
  11. On The Brink (Dead Man’s Laughter) | Remix by Symmetrical Syndrome
  12. On The Brink of Madness | Remix by Atomatik13 [clip preview]
  13. By All Means (Clangclang) | Remix by The PQ Sessions
  14. On The Brink (Textbeak Re-edit) | Textbeak
  15. Barnstorm Across Malfunctions | Remix by Sytrjv
  16. On The Brink (Verge) | Remix by Dreams Are Maps [clip preview]



TA001 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms

Emerging Organisms

‘Emerging Organisms’… A 2-CD compilation of dark electronic music featuring 29 exclusive, rare, remixed, and unreleased tracks by some of the world’s most prolific electronic artists.

EO 1 contains 14 tracks of dark ambient and technoid industrial by some of the best in the genre including Architect (Haujobb, Destroid), Eretsua, Urusai, Architrav (Mnemonic), Totakeke (Synth-etik), S:cage, Talvekoidik (S.K.E.T.), Tzolk’in (Empusae + Flint Glass), and newcomers Rekt, Distraub, Lucidstatic, Freeze Etch, and Unterm Rad, as well as remixes by Displacer, Dryft (Gridlock), and Dreams are Maps.

EO 2 features 15 additional tracks in the IDM and electronica genres by Flint Glass, Ab Ovo vs. Flaque, Stendeck, Atomatik13, Hecq, Ginormous, N0nplus, Phylum Sinter, Flaque, Justin McGrath, Displacer, Nebulo, Mnemonic, and Aural.

Packaged in a beautiful 2-CD digipak that will stand out in any CD collection. Dark electronic music that will captivate and inspire.




  1. Architrav: Bewegungsspielraum
  2. Eretsua: Proto-Awareness
  3. Rekt: Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb
  4. Urusai: Slow Forward
  5. Lucidstatic: Night Vision
  6. Architect: Caine in the Brain | Displacer remix
  7. Distraub: Motion Sensor | Recalibrated
  8. Tzolk’in: Imix | Hidden Forms remix
  9. Totakeke: Power of Ideas | Hidden Forms mix
  10. Talvekoidik: Hymn
  11. S:cage: Unearth
  12. Freeze Etch: Irrotator
  13. Architect: Stairway | Stairwell Sidearm remix by Dryft
  14. Unterm Rad: On the Brink (Verge) | remix by Dreams Are Maps

EO¹ – Run Time: 71:30


  1. Flint Glass: At Takwi
  2. Ab Ovo vs. Flaque: Circle of Memories
  3. Stendeck: Like Falling Crystals | Disharmony remix
  4. Freeze Etch: Stalwart
  5. Atomatik13: Traffic Lights
  6. Hecq: Moonkissed
  7. Ginormous: Part of Him Died That Night
  8. N0nplus: In Your Wake | Lying Right Next To Me remix
  9. Phylum Sinter: Shadow Codex
  10. Justin McGrath: The Last Thing You Said Was Fall
  11. Displacer: Witching Hour
  12. Flaque: Black Shadows in the Fog
  13. Nebulo: Reverse | remix
  14. Mnemonic feat. Qasot: Porous Dreams
  15. Aural: Narcoleptic

EO² – Run Time: 72:04

Total Run Time: 143:34

“Featuring some big names and excellent tracks from some new faces, Emerging Organisms introduces Tympanik Audio in style.
– Side-Line magazine

“Emerging Organisms is the type of compilation you would expect to see from a long-established label like Ant-Zen or Spectre… Packed with big names and some excellent tracks from some new faces, Emerging Organisms introduces Tympanik Audio with a bang”.
– Igloo magazine

…Young Tympanik Audio has been able to build a reputation as a leader of innovative electronic music…if you are looking for some good instrumental EBM and IDM that thinks outside of the box, then Tympanik Audio’s Emerging Organisms compilation is the record for you”.
– Chain DLK

“(Emerging Organisms) is a manifest that clearly shows the direction of the label… a path marked by new as well as known projects, organisms that feed themselves on electronic music and emerge to give us their own vision of avant-garde.”
– Addictive:Noize

Re:Gen magazine proclaims that Emerging Organisms is “a package that is sure to send the listener into spasms of simultaneous serenity and frenzy” and that it “fulfills its purpose as a wonderful sampler of what Tympanik Audio has to offer”.

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Emerging Organisms promo card - frontEmerging Organisms promo card - back



TA004 | Subheim: Approach

Approach CDSubheim is the deeply personal project of electronic music composer and visual artist Kostas K., a downtempo, experimental venture fusing IDM elements with rich ambiance and female vocals by Katja.

Complex and uncompromising, Subheim’s debut album on Tympanik Audio is full of intricate rhythms, deep reverbs, and bitcrushed sounds, combined with pianos, cellos, and beautiful synthwork. Haunting melodies and distant voices meet complex beats and luring atmospheres to create a unique blend of dynamics and emotion. ‘Approach’ flirts with post-rock and atmospheric downtempo styles, while still maintaining an original sound that is both captivating and inspirational.

Moved by subjects such as urban isolation and the outburst of mankind’s deepest emotions, Subheim delivers the ideal soundtrack for those moments of chaos or melancholy reflections. ‘Approach’ is the highly-anticipated debut album from this talented Greek artist. Featuring remixes by Mobthrow (GE) and Flaque (DE).

Subheim tastefully blends conventional and electronic music elements into a rich yet subtle sound that is built upon carefully layering a variety of simple parts.” – Chain DLK

“…Subheim‘s compositions are extremely solid and effective, emotionally-charged pieces which, despite a synthetic execution feel extremely organic – an apt testimony of the artist’s talent and skill.” – Connexion Bizarre

Subheim‘s ‘Approach’ “…covers an area seeded with harsh landscapes derived from torrential undercurrents and post-industrial beatwork. “One Step Before The Exit” and “Stranded,” are both drenched in darkened extraterrestrial soundscapes fuelled by elevated ambient propulsion and sharp, metallic beats; perfect.” – Igloo Magazine

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Available now on 4-panel digipak compact disc from Tympanik Audio.


  1. Hush
  2. Ybe 76 [full track download]
  3. One Step Before The Exit
  4. Howl [clip preview]
  5. Away
  6. Hollow
  7. Stranded [clip preview]
  8. Intact
  9. Voces Perdidas [clip preview]
  10. Hollow (rmx by Mobthrow)
  11. One Step Before The Exit (reconstructed by Flaque)



TA003 | Totakeke: eLekatota – The Other Side of the Tracks

eLekatota - The Other Side Of The Tracks CDThe brilliant new album from New York producer, Frank Mokros (Synth-etik / Hands Productions) featuring 13 stunning tracks of complex rhythmic Industrial. With previous remix collaborations flanking the likes of TerrorfaktImminentRadial, and Klangstabil, 2 successful releases for Frozen Empire Media, and a radiant new track on the recent Tympanik Audio compilation ‘Emerging Organisms’, Totakeke is back with his 2nd full-length album that proves to be his finest work yet.

From start to finish, ‘eLekatota’ manages to effortlessly merge several genres of electronic music into one seamless body of work, without distorting the mood or veracity of the album as a whole. Each track feels alive, constantly morphing and shifting into new directions without the slightest loss of cohesiveness.

A masterful collage of addictive rhythms, richly-layered beats, intriguing samples, and cavernous atmospherics, that all seem to somehow replenish themselves with each listen. ‘eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks’ is timeless opus that is being hailed as one of the finest Industrial productions in years.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

eLekatota is “an impressive album” with the “potential to become a reference in the current industrial scene” – Side-Line magazine

eLekatota is “original…a widely varied and ever changing sonic soundscape of moods, textures, rhythms and atmospheres” – Igloo magazine

eLekatota is a “complex array of intricate beats and synthesized ambience” – Re:Gen magazine

eLekatota is “intelligent rhythmic industrial that smoothly flows from one track to the next” – Headphone Commute

eLekatota “works well alongside IDM acts such as Detritus and Mnemonic”. – Gothtronic

“eLekatota is one of those albums that demands (and deserves) the listener’s undivided time and attention to be fully appreciated. An excellent listening choice for those occasions in which one finds time to not do anything else but sit down, relax, appreciate a very good record and forget about life’s worries.” – Connexion Bizarre

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  1. eLekatota one
  2. carrier signal
  3. pull the plug [clip preview]
  4. ignorance
  5. millenia [clip preview]
  6. gift of nervous methods
  7. strangle
  8. fragile thoughts
  9. power of ideas (original mix)
  10. show me the faith [clip preview]
  11. immolate
  12. eLekatota two [clip previews]
  13. the other side of the tracks

Total Run Time: 73:06



TA005 | Disharmony: Cloned:Other Side of Evolution

Cloned - Other Side Of Evolution CDOut now is the definitive remix collection by one of the most prolific and under-rated dark electro acts in operation, the talented Slovakian duo Disharmony.

Fresh off the heels of their fantastic 3rd album, last year’s ‘Malignant Shields’ on Aliens ProductionDisharmony compiles their most beloved remixes, including 3 new tracks, into one fantastic collection of music.

15 beautifully crafted dark electronica tracks driven by sopping-wet beats, haunting synthlines, chilling samples, and razor-sharp vocals. Beauty meets complexity in a brilliant marriage of orchestral dark electro and savvy electronica.

Available now on Compact Disc from Tympanik Audio. Order the CD here.

“…one of the most noticeable remix albums I’ve heard in many years.” – Side-Line Magazine

“…a gorgeous piece of beautified industrial wastelands.” – Igloomag

“…a marvelous release…” – Chain DLK

“Disharmony have that rare ability to unsettle without sacrificing any sense of accessibility or harmony.” – Grave Concerns

“…without doubt among the best releases in 2008.” – Heathen Harvest

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  1. Idealism [original by Polygon]
  2. Mutant X [original by Grandchaos]
  3. Stir up the Dust [original by Anhedonia]
  4. Apocalypse [original by Pecadores]
  5. Tuistoz Herz [original by Burzum] [clip preview]
  6. Alone [original by Empty]
  7. Suspection [exklusive track]
  8. Bar Code [original by Flint Glass]
  9. Immortal [original by Deadjump]
  10. Nautilus [exklusive track] [clip preview]
  11. Zeit Zerstoert [orignal by Mnemonic]
  12. Earth [Disharmony meets Sara Noxx] [clip preview]
  13. Like Falling Crystals [original by Stendeck]
  14. Synove Svetla [original by Tabor Radosti]
  15. Kasida [original by Fractional]



TA006 | Ad·ver·sary: Bone Music

Ad·ver·sary – Bone Music (2008, CD) - Discogs

Hailing from the Canadian electronic music underground after a decade of Techno and Industrial DJ and promotional work, Jairus Khan, aka Ad·ver·sary, now presents his debut album three years in the making.

While providing North American tour support for such acts as Terrorfakt, Antigen Shift, Cyanotic, Adam X, Iszoloscope and others, his many remixes of such Industrial Noise icons as Converter and Iszoloscope have enjoyed heavy club and airplay around the world.Now, Ad·ver·sary is ready to conquer minds and destroy dancefloors with his debut album ‘Bone Music‘ out now on Tympanik Audio.

Hard Industrial rhythms meet enormous organic soundscapes to create what Re:Gen Magazine calls “…a balance between the brutal and the beautiful.” Featuring remixes by Antigen ShiftTonikom, and Synapscape.

Get ready to rock.

Available now on Compact Disc from Tympanik Audio.

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  1. Ancients [clip preview]
  2. Waiting For Gira
  3. Friends of Father [clip preview]
  4. Bone Music
  5. International Dark Skies
  6. No Exit [clip preview]
  7. Number Nine
  8. Just (Spooks) [clip preview]
  9. Epilogue
  10. Friends of Father (Tonikom Remix)
  11. Bone Music (Antigen Shift Remix)
  12. Number Nine (Synapscape Remix)
  13. Bonus Track: Urusai – Learned Helplessness (Destroy and Contaminate Mix by Ad·ver·sary)



TAPR1 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2008 catalog sampler

Approach Lights CDTympanik Audio’s first label sampler CD featuring selections from our current and upcoming releases. The very best tracks from our 2008 artist roster featuring Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Integral, Flint Glass, Disharmony, Subheim, Atomatik13, Lucidstatic, Phylum Sinter, Endif, Tapage, and Flaque. Limited to 100 copies, this CD was originally available at Festival Kinetik in Montreal May 2008.

Available now as a free download exclusively from Tympanik Audio

Download this compilation for free right here (320kbps – 160MB .ZIP)


  1. Flint Glass: Plenum Aquae (original by Thermidor) [from the Flint Glass album ‘Circumsounds’ | TA007]
  2. Ad·ver·sary: Ancients [from the album ‘Bone Music’ | TA006]
  3. Lucidstatic: Showdown (raw version) [from the album ‘Gravedigger’ | TA010]
  4. Totakeke: Millenia [from the album ‘eLekatota – The Other Side Of The Tracks’ | TA003]
  5. Unterm Rad: On The Brink Of Madness (rmx by Atomatik13[from the album ‘The Rake’s Progress’ | TA002]
  6. Pneumatic Detach: Moment Already Gone [from the album [ko·mor·bid] | TA009]
  7. Endif: Reactionary [from the album ‘Carbon’ | TA011]
  8. Phylum Sinter: Melting Clever Nursery
  9. Atomatik13: Labrinthine (raw version)
  10. Disharmony: Nautilus [from the album ‘Cloned – Other Side Of Evolution’ | TA005]
  11. Subheim: Ybe 76 [from the album ‘Approach’ | TA004]
  12. Tapage: Cnyspher [from the album ‘The Institute Of Random Events’ | TA014]
  13. Flaque: Black Shadows In The Fog [from the compilation ‘Emerging Organisms’ | TA001]
  14. Displacer: To Live… Love… Die Or Kill! [from the EP ‘The Witching Hour’ | TA008]
  15. Integral: Doors [from the album ‘Rise’ | TA013]

Produced, arranged, and compiled by: Paul Nielsen
Mastered by: Alex Stilts
Photo by: Melissa Syler
Concept and Artwork: Mike Slansky

Thank you: Mike Slansky, Alex Stilts, Racheal Hefner, Melissa Syler, all contributing artists, and everyone else in the Tympanik Audio family.


TA008 | Displacer: The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour | Displacer | Tympanik Audio

With three ground-breaking albums in 3 years for the revered French label M-Tronic, Michael Morton, Toronto-based electronic music composer and visual artist, has established himself as a driving force in the world of modern dark electronica.

Performing live with such legendary acts as Xingu Hill, S:cage, Terrorfakt, Converter, Manufactura, Haujobb, and Legendary Pink Dots, a multitude of remix credits and compilation appearances, and sharp imaginative digital artwork under the alias Anti/Matter, Morton has more than earned his place among the ranks of the greatest electronic musicians of all time.

Now, Michael brings his next masterpiece to Tympanik Audio titled ‘The Witching Hour‘ in August 2008. Working from old horror movie samples, crackling analog records, chilling atmospheres, and addictive trip-hop beats, ‘The Witching Hour‘ introduces a new chapter in the Displacer legacy with style.

Includes remixes by L’ombre, Diff_Cult, Larvae, ESA, and Autoclav1.1.

“The Witching Hour” finds much success with strong, cohesive composition and heavy atmosphere. …a solid release…” – Wounds Of The Earth

“…eases listeners into a trance-inducing calm.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“…a great accomplishment.” – Gothtronic

“Recommended. Absolutely the best artwork I’ve seen so far this year.” – The Fell

Available now on Compact Disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Low Moral Fiber
02. To Live, Love, Die… Or Kill!
03. Nag Champa
04. The Witching Hour
05. Squirm [clip preview]
06. Nightbeast
07. He Could Destroy The Earth
08. Warriors In God’s Army [clip preview]
09. Men Of Low Moral Fiber (Displacer vs. Diff_Cult)
10. Nag Champa (L’ombre remix) [clip preview]
11. Warriors In Dub’s Army (Larvae remix)
12. The Witching Hour (Until The Clock Strikes One: Autoclav1.1 remix)
13. Cage Fighters Lullaby (Guided By Gentle Persuasion: ESA remix) [clip preview]

Bonus download:

Displacer: Communication Breakdown (remastered) [full download]



TA007 | Flint Glass: Circumsounds

Circumsounds CD

Available now from Tympanik Audio and Brume Records is the paramount remix collection by one of dark electronic music’s most talented and beloved acts. Inspired by revered electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus SchulzeFlint Glass creates a futuristic sonic vision of brilliant neo-tribal rhythmics and lush occult soundscapes bound by vast cinematic atmospheres.

After two critically-acclaimed full-length albums for Brume Records and the abrasive collaboration with Telepherique last year on Montreal’s Angle.Rec label, Flint Glass now offers up his very best remix creations for such acts as Thermidor, Suicide Inside, Empusae, Polygon, Eretsua, Zonk’t, Shizuka, Prospero, Sci Fi Industries, Displacer, HIV+, Disharmony, Tzolk’in, and OTX; all compiled into one stunning anthology of music.

Beautifully packaged and designed by imaginative visual artist Eye.Lyft, ‘Circumsounds‘ is not merely a collection of random remixes, but instead manages to flow like a fresh body of work, thoroughly demonstrating the extraordinary composition talents of this prolific and well-respected French artist.

Limited to 777 copies worldwide and embalmed in a unique 6-panel digipak with blue foil stamping, this exclusive release is a must have for collectors and dark electronic music fans alike.

“…a natural winner. This remix album is not to be missed.” – Connexion Bizarre

“…if more projects would deliver such remixes I would be the happiest man in the world.” – Reflections Of Darkness

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Available now on Compact Disc from Tympanik Audio.


(All tracks remixed by Flint Glass)

  1. Polygon: Gestern
  2. Thermidor: Plenum Aquae
  3. Eretsua: Travelling Light [clip preview]
  4. Zonk’t: Air Field
  5. Shizuka: Les Esprits
  6. Empusae: Beauty Of Decay
  7. Suicide Inside: Angel [clip preview]
  8. Prospero: Fury Of The Tempest
  9. HIV+: Havoc 2027
  10. Disharmony: Sacred Truth [clip preview]
  11. HIV+: Doors of Perception
  12. Displacer: Fueled
  13. Sci Fi Industries: Questions And Answers
  14. Tzolk’in: Sotz
  15. OTX: Blood For Oil [clip preview]



Concept by: Paul Nielsen
Compiled and arranged by: Paul Nielsen and Gwenn Tremorin
Mastered by: Gwenn Tremorin
Artwork and design concept by: Alan McClelland / Eye:Lyft

Tympanik Audio would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who made this release possible: Gwenn Tremorin, Alan McClelland, Michael + Judy Nielsen, Stefan Alt, Mike Slansky, Racheal Hefner, Alex Stilts, Nicholas, Michael King, Ryan Doran, Jairus Khan, Kostas K., Ryby, Paul + Angelique, Susan + Peter, Robert Nielsen, WNUR, Elizabeth Nielsen, all the artists that participated in this release, and everyone else in the Tympanik Audio Family. You are all a part of this.

Circumsounds promo shot 1

Circumsounds promo shot 4


TA009 | Pneumatic Detach: [ko·mor·bid]

Pneumatic Detach – [ko·mor·bid] (2008, CD) - Discogs

The highly-anticipated new album by the one and only Pneumatic Detach! With previous releases on Frozen Empire MediaHive Records, and Bugs Crawling Out Of People, a plethora of remixing and producing credits, and memorable live performances around the world, Pneumatic Detach now brings his signature brand of sonic brutality to Tympanik Audio.

‘[ko·mor·bid]‘is chocked full of unrelenting rhythmic noise and furious broken beats expertly laced with stunning dark ambience. Executed with exceptional complexity and fierce emotional posture, ‘[ko·mor·bid]‘ will undoubtedly blow your brains out.

“…leaves you totally exhausted, but begging for more…” – Reflections Of Darkness

“…always evolving and taking itself in different directions. …adrenaline fueled industrial chaos.” – Side-Line Magazine

“…sure to blow away everything else off the dance floor.” – Chain DLK

Read all the reviews >



  1. [ko·mor·bid]
  2. circling the drain
  3. how you forget [clip preview]
  4. down in the earth [clip preview]
  5. slow chatter [clip preview]
  6. high order harmonic
  7. grinderscraper [clip preview]
  8. dischordant live mix
  9. the turning
  10. a helpful bit of advice [feat. it-clings]
  11. moment already gone [clip preview]
  12. slow chatter [melt]
  13. stoneface
  14. automatic nation [pd vs alessandro pacciani]

TA010 | Lucidstatic: Gravedigger

Who isn’t familiar with the name Selmer within the world of the saxophone?
A person who isn’t fully immersed in the world we describe. It’s true Selmer is recognized for its top instruments, and Selmer Saxophones are among the most demanded instruments by professional musicians around the world.

Selmer has been involved in making saxophones for more than 100 years. Therefore, if you’re looking for an expert, Selmer has more than enough. It’s not surprising that their instruments are so great. The company offers a variety of saxophones, from alto to baritone saxophone and even Selmer tenor sax.

Naturally, picking the best Selmer Saxophone is somewhat difficult if aren’t sure how to use it. However, that’s the reason we’re here to assist. The article will introduce the brand to you on an even more in-depth scale. We will provide a brief and honest assessment of our top 5 best Selmer saxophones from the company.

With an impressive dossier of remixing and collaboration credits, including Unter Null, Otto Von Schirach, Unter Null, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Diverje, Autoclav1.1, Totakeke, and many others, LUCIDSTATIC lays claim to his rightful place in the Powernoise ranks among such artists as Pneumatic DetachEdgey, and Genetic Selection.

With his official debut CD ‘Gravedigger‘, LUCIDSTATIC effortlessly fuses addictive rhythms with razor-sharp beatwork and powerful, abrasive noise collages to create a sonic hurricane of brutal compositions that will seize you firmly by the eardrums and leave you gasping for air.

“Gravedigger is a shocking and lengthy display of amazingly fluid creativity.” – Dark Twin Cities

“Gravedigger is a bewildering array of breakcore, powernoise, industrial and experimental elements that is as original as it is challenging.” – Igloomag

“Lucidstatic is really blowing my mind. …frantic and interesting…” -Tommy T. / Cyberage Radio / DSBP

“…a never-ending sonic labyrinth conceived by a real sound alchemist.” – Side-Line Magazine

17 tracks available now on Compact Disc only from Tympanik Audio.


1.        Blackout
2.        Aux8 (Revision) [clip preview]
3.        Man Who Wasn’t There
4.        Inner Struggle
5.        Headhunter (Narcotix Edit)
6.        Showdown (‘08 Re-edit Mix)
7.        Mercy Of A Bullet
8.        Warning [clip preview]
9.        Unknown Test Subject
10.      Militant
11.      P4TR10T (Black Op Mix) [clip preview]
12.      Knuckledust
13.      Pathology
14.      Night Vision (Die In Dreams Mix)
15.      No Love
16.      Sleep Experiment 13 [clip preview]
17.      Defiance




TA012 | Autoclav1.1: Love No Longer Lives Here

Autoclav1.1: Love No Longer Lives HereMainly known for his promotional work within the electronic music scene, Tony Young aka: Autoclav1.1 turned his hand to writing music late 2004. Since then he has had numerous successes including two EP’s, two albums ‘You are my all and more‘ [Crunchpod] and ‘Visitor Attractions’ [Crunchpod], and more recently a remix album ‘Broken Beats for Broken Hearts‘ [Hive], all of which have cemented Autoclav1.1 as one of the more prolific artists on the scene. Fusing huge orchestral compositions and IDM with flashes of Industrial and modern Electronica, Autoclav1.1 is quickly gaining a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melodies and real-time instrumentation frequently torn apart by paranoid beatwork and broken rhythmical structures.

On Love no Longer Lives Here, his third and latest studio album and first for rising US label Tympanik Audio, Young changes the goal posts once more and treads some new waters without forgetting his roots. More emphasis has been placed on heart rendering piano sections and soul capturing melodies. The introduction of more organic instruments are thrown into the mix with a splash of guitars and affectionate nods to other musical genres which add a new dimension altogether, displaying a maturity and growth that we have come to expect with each Autoclav1.1 release. The album includes guest appearances from Jamie of ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) and Dave from Cradle of Filth, and highlights Autoclav1.1’s diversity and willingness to work within different musical scopes.

Love no Longer Lives Here‘ is a dark and brooding creature, overshadowed by moments of hope, that studies the modern human condition; a concept album that exposes the very essence of existence as it is today.

All is black, all is white. There is no grey or in between…

Prepare to be initiated…

“I absolutely love it. …I cannot recommend this album enough.” – Wounds Of The Earth

“…captivating.” – Igloomag

“…the must-have album of the year. Don’t pass this one up.” – They Fell

“…the perfect soundtrack to the modern creative mind.” – Sphere Magazine

“Excellent. … a really strong album…” – Aliens E-zine

“…an impressive album-oriented work from an artist you should really get to know. …a genuine stunner.” – DarkTwinCities

“Tony Young has made a big leap forward with ‘Love No Longer Lives Here’… and delivers his finest work to date…” – Reflections Of Darkness

“Like Howard Shore and Robert Miles crossed with Vangelis, flavoured with the crisp rhythms of the Industrial movement.” – Andrew Hawnt (freelance writer)

“Anyone who is interested in electronic experimental music, Autoclav1.1′s ‘Love No Longer Lives Here’ is an absolute must!” – Re:Gen Magazine

“Beats are impeccably constructed, with harmonic development on a grand scale strung across every composition, making for some truly satisfying deep listening.” – Connexion Bizarre

“A very compelling album with beautiful melancholic sounds as well as refreshing ideas.” – Gothtronic

“…such a leap forward that it forces you to reassess what came before.” –

“‘Love No Longer Lives Here’ is by far one of the best releases (this year)…” – Enochian Apocalypse


  1. Casually Losing Selected Memories
  2. All For You [full track preview]
  3. The Essential Condition
  4. All Long Black Spirals [clip preview]
  5. We Shatter Sometimes
  6. Tiny Matters
  7. It’s Indifference [clip preview]
  8. Hell Is The Face Of Love
  9. This Stranger Hope
  10. Trails Without Pathways [clip preview]
  11. Six Minutes To Live




TA011 | Endif: Carbon

Available now from Tympanik Audio is the brand new work from hard electronic favorite Endif.

Endif draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills them into weapons-grade hard-electronic; original sonic compositions incorporating a syncrete of techniques with a mind altering rhythmic bend and a fierce uncompromising aesthetic.

Hard electronic rhythms meant for the dancefloor with enough vigor to perpetuate inviting headphone accessibility. Endif drives the stake straight for the heart, ripping and tearing away at conventional dj filler while effortlessly mopping the dancefloor with dirty, tech-minded beats and a fierce and uncompromising sub-social complexity.

You ain’t heard nothin’ yet…

Brilliantly mixed and mastered by Justin Brink [Pneumatic Detach]
Stunning artwork and design by Kostas K. [Subheim / Spectraliquid]

“…out of all the releases on Tympanik, (Carbon) is the most suited for the ever voracious dancefloor.” – DJ MisterEntropy

“‘Carbon’ is another great album of hard electronics from the increasingly noteworthy Tympanik Audio label…” – Igloomag

“This is sure to be a dancefloor killer.” – They Fell

“…a template by which future composers can gauge their own acumen.” – DarkTwinCities

“…reveals a certain evolution in sound…for sure more original than the average industrial composition we’re used to.” – Side-Line Magazine

Available now on Compact Disc from Tympanik Audio.


  1. Churl 4:58 [clip preview]
  2. Ghost In The Machine 4:08
  3. Peeling The Layers 3:45
  4. Between Two Worlds 4:48 [clip preview]
  5. Surgery Of The Soul 5:06 [clip preview]
  6. Last Tribe (Endif V. Replogen) 4:13
  7. Reactionary 3:39
  8. The Answer 2:38
  9. Naked Bloody And Hungry 4:37 [clip preview]
  10. Soft Power 6:10
  11. Police State 4:04
  12. Police State (Billy Club rmx by Pneumatic Detach) 4:28



TA015 | Totakeke: Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks

Out now on Tympanik Audio is the companion CD to Totakeke‘s critically-acclaimed album ‘eLekatota – The Other Side Of The Tracks‘ appropriately titled ‘Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks‘.

13 new and forgotten Totakeke masterpieces from the ‘At The Train Station On A Saturday Evening‘ and ‘eLekatota‘ album sessions, seamlessly mixed and mastered to flow like a new collection of work. Futuristic Industrial rhythms meets uncompromising complexity with all the innovation and quality you have come to expect from this master of abrasive and melodic electronic music.

Side-Line magazine calls Totakeke “…impressive” with the “potential to become a reference in the current Industrial scene” and Igloomag says “…original… a widely varied and ever-changing sonic soundscape of moods, textures, rhythms and atmospheres.

Includes hard-hitting remixes by LucidstaticPandora’s Black Book, and Terrorfakt.

Intelligent Rhythmic Industrial at its finest…

“Another hit for Totakeke, who fuses the best aspects of various genres, creating complex structures that are rich, sharp, and stunningly cinematic. This is an artist that surprises and satisfies with unrelenting imagination that refuses to diminish.” – They Fell


Cry For Help
Left At The Station 1
Plug Me Back In
The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes (rmx by Pandora’s Black Book)
The Past Remembered
Dead Set On Living
Left At The Station 2
Pull The Plug On Your Faith
The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes (Blindsided mix by Lucidstatic)
Left At The Station 3 (rmx by Terrorfakt)

Limited to 333 copies and available now on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio



As an added bonus, we are offering a free 12-track download compilation of Totakeke‘s work titled ‘Past:Present:Future‘ featuring selections from the entire Totakeke discography including 4 new tracks from the now-released DCD full-length album ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘.

Download Totakeke ‘Past:Present:Future‘ here (.ZIP 150MB)


TA014 | Tapage: The Institute Of Random Events

Tapage began as an axe-grinder for a short-lived metal/hip-hop band in the Netherlands. He soon departed from his roots when introduced to tracker programming and began developing electronic beats and fusing guitar with synthetic sounds. It wasn’t long before Tapage started formulating his own style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound manipulation.

Inspired by IDM and Breakcore legends like Venetian SnaresGridlock, and Somatic Responses, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually impossible to ignore.

Now, Tapage joins the ranks of innovative electronic music composers in the Tympanik Audio artist roster to release his debut full-length CD ‘The Institute Of Random Events’.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous melodies, ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ will captivate your awareness and lure you in for a mysterious and complex aural expedition.

A distinctive futuristic vision of electronic music possibilities.

Limited to 333 copies.

Available now on Compact Disc only from Tympanik Audio.

“…at first mellows you softly making you unguarded, and once you became enmeshed it will pull you unwarily deep down below.” – Music Far Beyond Human Kind

“The production is incredible…” – Wounds of the Earth

“…gloriously glitchy, with random tweaks, and noises in all the right places…” – DJ MissyK8

“Very melodic, intricate electronic music!” – Reflections of Darkness

“…if you wanted Hecq to do an album with breaks and click/pops, this might be as close as it gets.” – Connexion Bizarre


  1. Black Tape
  2. Lockswitch
  3. Shadow Stain
  4. Head Cage
  5. Skinloop [full track download]
  6. Bloomchild
  7. Transatlantic Headroom Tube [clip preview]
  8. Dirtwalker [clip preview]
  9. Sinkpool
  10. Pretend Not To See
  11. Cnyspher
  12. Acalephs [clip preview]
  13. Brain Capacity Overload
  14. Much Like A Dream



TA016 | Aphorism: Surge

Available now is the serendipitous new collection of work from Chicago’s very own Technoid Industrial wizard Aphorism.

Displaying a vast array of music styles, all deeply-rooted in the Technoid Industrial and dark Electronica realms, Aphorism offers his very best works in a beautifully-dynamic and thought-provoking debut album for Tympanik Audio titled ‘Surge‘.

Surge‘ promises a moody and dirty trip into what innovative dark Electronica is truly meant to be. Exhibiting a panoramic of complexity and an uncanny skill with rhythms, Aphorism manages to lay down track after track of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an acute sense of memorable melodies that will linger long after each track fades.15 innovative songs, each with their own personalities, yet still plotting an accessible map of cohesiveness.

With stunning artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen / Hymen), ‘Surge‘ offers additional bonus material in the way of some extraordinary remixes by TotakekeAccess To Arasaka, and Tapage, all arriving to your eyes and ears on digipak compact disc, only from Tympanik Audio

Reconsider Everything…


What We See Now [clip preview]
Covert / Convert
Negative Two
Combat Fashion
Chrysanthemums For Carrion [clip preview]
Sounang [clip preview]
Two Sides Of The Bullet [full track download]
Raining Dirt
Negative Two (rmx by Totakeke)
What We See Now (rmx by Access To Arasaka)
Msect (Dissected by Tapage)



TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!

After three CD releases for COP International and several free album downloads including 2007’s excellent ‘Diametral, the German trio of Holger Meuler, Jürgen Warkentin, and Marc Friedrich will release their newest collection of work simply entitled ‘…NO’. But simple, this album is not.

With ever-expanding maturity and grace, Zentriert ins Antlitz once again redefine their signature sound by injecting infectious beatwork into lush atmospheric soundscapes to create a poignant blend of dark electronica and industrial-tinged ambient aesthetics. Expect a major leap forward in the ZIA sound with this highly-engaging new album.

…NO‘, out now on Tympanik Audio, contains the new 12-track album plus fantastic bonus material that can be “de-mutilated” or unlocked via download instructions from the CD. The extra content features various media including many bonus tracks + remixes by several Tympanik Audio artists including Subheim, Totakeke, Integral, Access To Arasaka, Unterm Rad, Stendeck, Lucidstatic, Disharmony, Autoclav1.1, and more…

27 outstanding tracks, over 150 minutes of music, all on 1 single compact disc.

…a soundtrack for a dark adventure…” – Gothtronic [8/10]

…a mountainous album woven with enduring vision and skill that easily earns its place in regular rotation.” – They Fell

…A plethora of good sounds and ideas…” – Wounds of the Earth [8/10]

…like opening the gates to another world…” – Reflections of Darkness [8.5/10]


(CD1 – …NO)

Where Their Dreams Live [clip preview]
Silence Diary [clip preview]
The Animals Hanging
24th Dimension [clip preview]
Cant Get Me
Manage My Sensibility
Shamisen Jangle [clip preview]
… No
The Final Walk

(CD2 – 7Dreams)

Where Their Dreams Live [Afterworld Mix by Integral]
Where Their Dreams Live [Where Their Dreams Die Mix by Totakeke] [clip preview]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Access to Arasaka]
Where Their Dreams Live [Sheer Athmo Mix by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Stendeck] [clip preview]
Where Their Dreams Live [Small Space mix by Lucidstatic]
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Subheim]

(CD3 – Remixed)

Ewiniar [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz] [clip preview]
Silence Diary [Empty Pages Mix by Autoclav 1.1]
Silence Diary [Remixed by Access to Arasaka]
Perphenazin [Remixed by Disharmony] [clip preview]
Perphenazin [Remixed by Pandora’s Black Book]
Cant Get Me [Re-Dub by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Weekend [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz]
Jericho [CityState Mix by Unterm Rad]

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio…

Download the demutilator extraction tool here.



TA018 | ESA: The Sea & The Silence

Following ESA‘s debut album ‘Devotion, Discipline, and Desire‘ as well as this year’s encompassing 2nd album ‘How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?‘ on Hive RecordsESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) returns with an enormous new album on Tympanik Audio titled ‘The Sea & The Silence‘.

11 tracks of pure Industrial adrenaline, marked carefully by strong, complex  atmospheres and dense, apocalyptic beats, ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ is a monster of an album, proclaiming two powerful elements, as the title suggests, with no apparent apologies to its potential victims.

With tracks ranging from dancefloor-mopping hard electronics to complex and modern tribal excursions, ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ takes the ESA sound even further into intense and engaging terrains.

Asserting heavy walls of bass-driven rhythms, vast levels of dynamism, commanding vocal stabbings, and intricately woven versatility, this new collection of impressive rhythmic Industrial promises to be ESA’s finest hour…

ESA’s ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ is available now on 6-panel digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


  1. Tasting Nails.
  2. Absolute Fury (In Its Very Fabric).
  3. Its Hard To Sleep, In Hell. [clip preview]
  4. The Sea & The Silence Pt 1 : The Sea. [clip preview]
  5. The Sea & The Silence Pt 2 : The Silence.
  6. Dead Fucking Desire.
  7. Your Anger Is A Gift. [clip preview]
  8. Open To Me, Your Black And Bitter Heart.
  9. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition Pt 2. [clip preview]
  10. The Devil Worships Me!
    (bonus track) All you brought to me was fucking nothing!



TA019 | Broken Fabiola: Severed

The new full-length album by Broken Fabiola, titled Severed‘, marks their return from hibernation since the release of their double CD collection in 2005 on Auricle Media.

Written and produced over a period of 3 years between Seattle and Los Angeles, the project’s music became a personal labor of love, and the heavily favored body of work by its celebrated producer, Karloz.M of the Electro/Industrial act Manufactura.

With additional production and vocal talents from Sharon Blackstone as well as additional vocals by NissaBroken Fabiola takes the listener into a delicate world of tense atmospheres filled with dense, emotional soundscapes stirred generously by a vast assortment of broken beats and rhythmic pulses.

Drawing from a prolific pool of Dark Ambient, IDM, Tech-Step, and Rhythmic Noise influences, Broken Fabiola‘s Severed delves deep into the reaches of the mind, digging purposely into emotionally charged epics that explore those territories beyond internal struggle and the duality of mankind.

With a monument of prolific soundscapes to reveal, ‘Severed‘ manages to peer through the mind of its listener, setting aside conventional aural stimulation, and instead uncovers the darker and more contemplative regions of this fantastic human organ.

Featuring collaborations from some very special guest artists such as Shane Talada (Marching Dynamics / The Operative), Daniel Myer (Architect / Haujobb), Scott Sturgis (Converter) and Dre Robinson (Databomb / Download), ‘Severed‘ promises to be an intense and memorable journey indeed.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Tender Bites (edit)
02. Everlasting [clip preview]
03. Amor Oscuro
04. Departure
05. Rewind
06. Only Our Fate (svrd) [clip preview]
07. To Be Loved
08. Under [clip preview]
09. Slivers Bind
10. Slave [clip preview]
11. Fragment
12. Japanese Call Girl (dirty inside mix)



TA020 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2

The second edition to Tympanik Audio‘s critically acclaimed ‘Emerging Organisms‘ compilation series celebrating our first year of unique and modern electronic music CD releases.

EO2‘ picks up where the first volume of ‘Emerging Organisms‘ left off by providing a fantastic collection of fresh new tracks by some of the very finest in pioneering electronic music composers.

With so much from the electronic underground to offer, ‘EO2‘ will again span two full compact discs worth of material featuring the very best from the world’s most innovative and prolific electronic music.

Featuring all new and exclusive tracks from artists around the globeincluding Access To Arasaka (US), Totakeke (US), Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA (UK), Subheim (GR), Anhedonia (CZ), Flint Glass (FR), Aphorism (US), Hecq (DE), Marching Dynamics (US), Dryft (US), Blackfilm (UK), Tapage (NL), Stendeck (CH), Flaque (DE), Keef Baker (UK), Atmogat (DE), Mnemonic (DE), Edgey (US), Mlada Fronta (FR), DJ Hidden (NL), Zentriert ins Antlitz (DE), Architect (DE), Sincere Trade (CA), Rope (UK), Lights Out Asia (US), and Ginormous (US).

Available on a double compact disc collection with stunning artwork by Kostas K. (Subheim) now only on Tympanik Audio.

“Very well compiled effort made by Tympanik, exemplifying the best of the future today. …a breakthrough…” – Heathen Harvest

“If this is the standard we can be expecting now and in the future, then you have no reason to worry. This release as a whole is an absolute joy…” – Connexion Bizarre

“The full amount of outstanding material on EO2 is almost terrifying, so don’t hesitate to secure yourself a copy if you’re into complex, high-quality electronic music.” – Reflections of Darkness

“…if you plan to buy only one release from Tympanik Audio this year, buy this.” – Gothtronic

“…the perfect marriage of all things creatively abstract… the entire compilation blissfully melts in your ears. Top 10 releases of 2008.” – Igloomag

“Once again Tympanik has outdone themselves, proving with rock-solid certainty that the label deserves every bit of praise it receives. The atmospheres and tapestries woven throughout the release are some of the richest and most intricate around… Highly recommended.” – They Fell


EO2 – Disc One:

01 – Hecq: The Glow [clip preview]
02 – Mlada Fronta: Uuo 118
03 – Dryft: Transmission [clip preview]
04 – Flint Glass: Al-Azif
05 – Architect: Keks (Tympanik edit)
06 – Access To Arasaka: 400 Bloc Overground [clip preview]
07 – Zentriert ins Antlitz: Where Their Dreams Live (Access To Arasaka remix)
08 – Flaque: Whispers [clip preview]
09 – Subheim: Take Me Back
10 – Aphorism: Expanse
11 – Totakeke: Patient HM (Response To Conditioning mix)
12 – Mnemonic: Prototyp
13 – Marching Dynamics: Even Blood Is Not Enough

EO2 – Disc Two:

01 – Stephen James Knight aka Edgey: Lodestar
02 – Rope: This Flightless Bird (Clipped Wings) [clip preview]
03 – Stendeck: Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
04 – DJ Hidden: Things To Come [clip preview]
05 – Keef Baker: Bogbrush [clip preview]
06 – Ginormous: Redcliff
07 – Anhedonia: Different Places
08 – Atmogat: Mi.Interface
09 – Tapage: The Unspoiled
10 – Sincere Trade: Danger, Stop, Stay
11 – Blackfilm: Walk With Me [clip preview]
12 – Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA: All Blind
13 – Lights Out Asia: Outstretched To The Middle Of The Sky



TA021 | Stendeck: Sonnambula

Tympanik Audio is proud to announce the release of Stendeck‘s new album ‘Sonnambula‘.

Combining epic synth patterns with stunning piano movements and a subtle dose of distorted rhythmic beats, Stendeck‘s long-awaited new album ‘Sonnambula‘ injects an air of originality and purpose that will both inspire and move you to elated heights. With one astounding song composition after the next, Sonnambula‘ conjures up the true ingredients of intelligent electronica, driven by distortion-tinged beats, soaring synth-lines, and modern classical elements that spew emotion from every surface.

This is without a doubt Stendeck‘s finest hour. An instant classic…

Available on 6-panel digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

…an album that pushes boundaries.” – Chain DLK

…evolving in unpredictable ways…” – Dark Twin Cities

…one of the ‘not to be missed’ records of this year…” – Connexion Bizarre

Don’t miss out on this masterpiece.” – Reflections of Darkness

…a very beautiful collection of great electronic music…” – Gothtronic

…a worthy rewarding listen…” – Enochian Apocalypse

“…you can truly feel the music and the emotion behind it.” – Heathen Harvest

“...(an) incredible record…” – Release Magazine

An absolute stunning album… Music with “drive” and deepness. Perfect!” – Cuemix Magazine


  • 1 Something Special Is Going To Happen
  • 2 Through Tiny Windows We Wonder Constellations [clip preview]
  • 3 Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
  • 4 It Must Be Heaven [clip preview]
  • 5 Admira And Bosko (Love During The Time Of War)
  • 6 Blind Army Parade
  • 7 Dead Dancing Triangle [clip preview]
  • 8 Lunar Attraction
  • 9 Every Time I Try To Reach You, You Just Fade Away [clip preview]
  • 10 Hunters Of The Last Summer Breeze
  • 11 Different Exotic Forms Of Lightning And Collateral Atmospheric Phenomena
  • 12 Safari In The Blue Tails Cockatoo’s Garden [clip preview]
  • 13 Broken Hearts Carillon
  • 14 Happy Little Children Playing On The Cherry Tree
  • 15 I Fear All The Moments You Will Need Me And I Won’t Be There
  • 16 An Autumnal Afternoon In The Family’s House
  • 17 Sonnambula (Don’t Worry It’s Just A Dream)



TA022 | SE: Epiphora

In a spirit of experience driven efforts, Sebastian Ehmke has previously created several full-length records, shared exclusively amongst the closest of acquaintances. Dominating his lucid perspectives on life and the brutal world that surrounds us all, SE now conjures up a spectacular aural journey through his unique imprint of complex and melodic electronic and classical output.

Inevitably, SE emerges from his creative cocoon to unleash a fantastic debut album for Tympanik Audio titled ‘Epiphora‘. Lush atmospheres meet beautiful classical melodies, carefully crafted around complex beatwork and potent auras, to ultimately illuminate lasting emotional stimulation that is sure to stay with you long after the last note passes.

Featuring remixes by FlaqueDNN & Huron, and Quench, SE‘s ‘Epiphora‘ is available now on digipak compact disc, only from Tympanik Audio. Limited to 333 copies…

…a spectacular trip where boundaries between experimental electronic music and classic music blur.” – Cuemix Magazine

Albums such as this are cherished pieces…” – Dark Twin Cities

…tear-inducingly beautiful.” – Connexion Bizarre

…elegant and tasteful.” – Textura Magazine

…emotion which you can feel in every bleeping note…” Reflections of Darkness

…’Epiphora‘ can be taken as mental trip deep into yourself…” – Sound Protector

If this is the future of electronic music, then we are in good hands…” – Enochian Apocalypse


01 komplex_a
02 15mg
03 23R0 and TH3 5T4R5 [clip preview]
04 i need a medic
05 null [clip preview]
06 androgenetic bullshit
07 hitchhiker [clip preview]
08 aer-
09 komplex_b
10 no need for voices [clip preview]
11 23R0 & TH3 5T4R5 reconstructed by Flaque
12 15mg remixed by Quench
13 15mg remixed by DNN & Huron



TA024 | Tapage: Fallen Clouds

Brilliant or misunderstood? The Netherland’snative Tapage caused quite a stir with his debut album ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ in 2008 for Tympanik Audio. Some have described his sound as utterly groundbreaking, while others carelessly dismissed his unique vision of futuristic dark IDM. No matter how you cut it, Tapage has charmed his way into the hearts of Tympanik Audio listeners and is undoubtedly here to stay.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present the highly engaging new album by Tapagetitled Fallen Clouds‘ available now. A destination that never reveals, leaving the listener in a serendipitous dream state while continuously surrounded by sticky beats, addictive rhythms, and trip-tech electronic collages. A master craftsman of progressive Electronica, Tapage combines smart beats, perfect and stirring pattern timing with dense and alluring atmospheres.

If you think you know Tapage, think again…

Music for silent hours and frantic thoughts…

Limited to 333 copies…

…grows increasingly stunning the more you delve into it.” – Dark Twin Cities

“…It’s all clear, not overly dark and well done, and therefore results in a pretty solid album of well crafted electronica.” – Ad Noiseam

…a step up the evolutional ladder…” – Reflections of Darkness

…a tasteful and oft-restrained handling of sonic materials…” – Textura Magazine

…very well made and with a lot of passion…” – Gothtronic

…beats worthy of the legends that have been spawned from the Warp label…” – Enochian Apocalypse

worth investing hours in listening to this a few times to begin to reveal the delights contained within…” – Connexion Bizarre


  1. Ith
  2. Drain The Clouds
  3. Oppose [clip preview]
  4. Nail Cut
  5. Short Dresses
  6. Notbremse
  7. Cancelling Unlisted Time [clip preview]
  8. Clap Retrial
  9. Oval Shaped Square
  10. Dark Clouds Adrift
  11. Flap Fish [clip preview]
  12. ML7W
  13. Low Volt
  14. The Silent Hours
  15. Laboratory Panic Advice [clip preview]
  16. What I Wish Upon None



TA023 | Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes

After the critically-acclaimed album ‘eLekatota – The Other Side Of The Tracks‘ in 2008, Totakeke returns with a brand new full length album titled ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘. Building upon complex beats, enveloping atmospheres, chilling samples, and an utter complexity in Industrial rhythm, Totakeke once again delivers another extraordinary collection of work.

In addition to the new album, ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘ also includes a bonus CD of extra tracks + fantastic remixes by Flint GlassPneumatic Detach,DisharmonyZentriert ins AntlitzLucidstaticAutoclav1.1Access To Arasaka, and more.

Totakeke‘s finest work to date.

Available now on 2CD from Tympanik Audio.

“...a highly intelligent formation that adheres to the soundtrack formality.” – Heathen Harvest

…an essential Tympanik Audio release.” – Gothtronic

…yet another victory for Totakeke… Recommended.” – They Fell

“ album which could make quite splash in the industrial scene.” – Ad Noiseam

…an impressively meticulous approach to production and sound design…” – Cyclic Defrost

…warm and fluid, brooding and probably a little disturbed.” – Side-Line

…an ultra-dense electronica potpourri that merges The Terminator’s incinerated post-apocalyptic landscapes with Saw’s limb-severing nightmares.” – Textura Magazine

…this is music that will expand your mind as it compels you to move your body.“ – Dark Twin Cities

Disc 1: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes

01. The Past Forgotten
02. Disconnected Inside [clip preview]
03. Anterograde Amnesia [clip preview]
04. Permanent Note
05. Start From The Beginning
06. Lost And Falling
07. The Future Imagined
08. The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes [clip preview]
09. Contusions [clip preview]
10. Patient HM
11. Memoria [clip preview]
12. Where I Belong
13. Re-connected Inside

Disc 2: The Things That Appear When I Open My Eyes

01. Pull The Plug (Mix By Totakeke)
02. Ignorance (Mix By Totakeke)
03. Anterograde Amnesia (Mix By Pneumatic Detach)
04. Permanent Note (Perspiration Mix By Zentriert Ins Antlitz)
05. Gone
06. Lost And Falling (Descend Mix By Autoclav1.1)
07. Can’t Feel Time
08. The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes (Shattered Mix By Lucidstatic)
09. Contusions (Mix By Access To Arasaka)
10. Patient HM (Mix By Flint Glass)
11. Memoria (Mix By Disharmony)
12. Buried is…(Where I Belong Mix By Totakeke)
13. eLekatota three: The Other Side Of Things That Disappear



TD004 | Lucidstatic: Unearthed

In answer to the slew of favorable reviews and an overwhelming response to Lucidstatic‘s scorching debut CD ‘Gravedigger‘ on Tympanik Audio in 2008, this highly-prolific Alaskan artist offers us a truly outstanding remix collection that just beckons to be heard.

With renditions by SECopy Paste RepeatPig FatDisplacerHuman ErrorTapageMono PenguinUnterm RadGhost In The Clocktower, and many more, Lucidstatic‘s latest release ‘Unearthed‘ flows and surges collectively without the slightest hesitation, spanning many genres, and ultimately conjugates perfectly with the utmost style and grace. A fitting remix collection to accompany one of the most talked-about Tympanik releases of 2008.

“After the warm reception and glowing praise ‘Gravedigger’ brought for both Chruch and Tympanik Audio, ‘Unearthed’ is sure to be a welcome companion piece. Covering a range of approaches to remixing and the usual array of styles, ‘Unearthed‘ manages to maintain a level of consistency even with so many different remixers involved.” – Igloomag .

Available now as a full digital download only from Tympanik Audio for a mere $5.

As a bonus for the uninitiated: order Lucidstatic‘s ‘Gravedigger‘ CD and receive ‘Unearthed‘ for free…


  1. Night vision (Shad0w remix)
  2. Inner Struggle (Tapage remix)
  3. Defiance (SE remix)
  4. Defiance (Harpsichoid remix)
  5. Inner Struggle (Metlbend remix by Randomform)
  6. Aux8 (Copy Paste Repeat remix)
  7. Aux8 (Synchro Mode remix)
  8. Inner Struggle (Pig Fat remix)
  9. Aux8 (Penguin remix by Mono Penguin)
  10. Lost Inner Struggle (Persian Mynx remix)
  11. Night Vision (Reincarnated remix by Displacer)
  12. Night Vision (Impurfekt remix)
  13. Man Who Wasn’t There (Overt mix by Unterm Rad)
  14. Night Vision (Nightmares in Neon remix by Amphetamine Virus)
  15. Warning (Mild Peril remix by Human Error)
  16. Man Who Wasn’t There (Ghosts in the Clocktower remix)



TA025 | Ad·ver·sary: A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky

After the critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Bone Music‘, Ad·ver·sary returns on Tympanik Audio with a stunning collection of remixes titled ‘A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky‘. Where ‘Bone Music‘ planted new seeds in the rhythmic noise field, this new collection cultivates the Ad·ver·sary crop even further with excellent renditions by some of the world’s most respected electronic artists including Stendeck, Iszoloscope, ESA, Cyanotic, Synkro, Phylr, Autoclav1.1, Salt, and many more.

A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky‘ is harnessed within a unique packaging, designed by the artist himself, hand-assembled and limited to 1000 numbered copies.


01: Ancients (Cyanotic Remix) [clip preview]
02: Waiting For Gira (Patience Is A Virtue Perceived Remix By ESA)
03: Creatura (And The Sea)
04: Just (Spookier Remix By Iszoloscope)
05: Bone Music (Disparition Remix)
06: No Exit (Sartre Wasn’t Kidding Remix By Candle Nine) [clip preview]
07: Friends Of Father (Oil Sands Remix By Monoculture)
08: Dresden
09: Waiting For Gira (Still Waiting Remix By Stendeck) [clip preview]
10: Darker
11: Just (Boo! Remix By Synkro) [clip preview]
12: Waiting For Gira (Phylr Remix)
13: Number Nine (Square Prime Remix By Autoclav1.1)
14: Just (Passed Away Remix By Salt)
15: Cyanotic – Deface (Ad·ver·sary + Dirtybunny = Industrial Strength Mix)



TA026 | Pandora’s Black Book: Black Brothel

In between composing the harsh, uncompromising mayhem of his main project, Lucidstatic, Alaskan native James Church utilizes his prolific side-project Pandora’s Black Book to focus on more selective dark Industrial rhythms and dense ambient atmospheres, all carefully wrapped up in alluring beats and meticulously crafted synthwork.

With careful attention to cohesiveness and alluring dark ambiance, ‘Black Brothel‘ commands an air of maturity and function, expertly merging shadowy melodies, haunting pads, rich atmospheres, and infectious beatwork to arrive at a solid collage of intelligent down-tempo, yet abrasive Industrial works that will not soon be forgotten.

Pandora’s Black Book’s sultry new album ‘Black Brothel‘ is available now on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

…the aural equivalent of a post-modern noir thriller.” – Connexion Bizarre

a grand, labyrinthine performance with surprises at every unpredictable twist and turn.” – Dark Twin Cities

This album is a real experience, which seems to be constantly on the move.” – Side-Line

…makes a perfect item to add to your collection…” – Reflections of Darkness

…well done and …sure to ring a lot of bells for a lot of people out there.” – Enochian Apocalypse


01. Handless
02. Dark Passenger [clip preview]
03. Empty Words
04. Whiteout
05. Lullabye
06. The Wait [clip preview]
07. Between
08. Black Brothel [clip preview]
09. Adverse
10. Mr. Hidden
11. Slowburn [clip preview]
12. Threshold
13. Wavelength



TAPR2 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2009 catalog sampler

Approach Lights 2009

Tympanik Audio‘s free 2009 catalog sampler is finally available for download featuring some of the very best selections from our 2009 releases including tracks by Totakeke, ESA, Zentriert ins Antlitz, SE, Broken Fabiola, Tapage, AphorismStendeckDisplacer, Autoclav1.1, [Haven], Pandora’s Black Book, Access To Arasaka, Mechanical Steering (Undermathic), and Ad.ver.sary.

This limited edition CDr sampler was available at Festival Kinetik in Montreal 2009.

Download this compilation for free right here (320kbps MP3 – 191MB .ZIP)


01: ESA: The Sea & The Silence Pt1: The Sea
02: Totakeke: Memoria
03: Aphorism: What We See Now
04: [Haven]: Marrakech
05: Zentriert ins Antlitz: Weekend
06: Broken Fabiola: Slave
07: Pandora’s Black Book: Threshold
08: Access To Arasaka: Nypox
09: Ad.ver.sary: Just (Spookier rmx by Iszoloscope)
10: Stendeck: It Must Be Heaven
11: Autoclav1.1: Taking Blood (unmastered version)
12: Tapage: Cancelling Unlisted Time
13: Mechanical Steering (Undermathic): Return To The Childhood
14: Displacer: Elbows Bent At Right Angles (Instrumental)
15: SE: Hitchhiker

Produced and arranged by Paul Nielsen
Photography by Melissa Slansky (Syler)
Artwork / Design by Mike Slansky
Mastered by Mike Slansky


TA027 | Autoclav1.1: Where Once Were Exit Wounds

Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘ perpetuates the Autoclav1.1 legacy with a stunning presentation of electronic works that truly captures the heart and soul of this Tympanik artist favourite.

While still absorbing praise from his critically-acclaimed 2008 release ‘Love No Longer Lives Here‘ Autoclav1.1‘s Tony Young reaches even deeper into his seemingly endless bag of talent to unleash a collection of work that will surely be hailed as his most promising venture to date.

‘Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘ is a visceral montage of complex beats, surging guitars, pulsating synthwork, and undying melodies, that will well exceed even the most ascertaining tastes, all the while exhibiting a flow of embracing atmospheres and lovely melodic breeziness that will encompass its listener with warmth and gentle adrenaline time and time again. Autoclav1.1 fearlessly interjects a powerful concoction of love, loss, and despair fueled by lathering electronic rhythms akin to a thoughtful drive accelerating almost uncontrollably along a distant country road on a warm summer night.

Get ready for the most engaging Autoclav1.1 album to date… ‘Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘ is available on compact disc with stunning artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen / Hymen) and outstanding audio mastering from Metarc – out now on compact disc, only from Tympanik Audio


1. When We Woke Up
2. Walk On Empty [clip preview]
3. Taking Blood
4. Do You Feel Disposable? [clip preview]
5. If Not Something, Anything
6. Tomorrow [clip preview]
7. Falling Over Ghosts
8. These Walls Have Seen All
9. An Idiosyncratic Oath [clip preview]
10. Those Opening Hours
11. Summer



TA028 | Black Lung: Full Spectrum Dominance

March 2008, in one of the most unusual events in contemporary music history, notable electronic/alternative musician David Thrussell aka Black Lung is commissioned by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — a funding body of the U.S Government and the Pentagon) to produce a recording that reflects the ideals and reality of Vision 2020, a futuristic military strategy program that first saw the light of day in May of 2000.

Working with a sizable budget and unprecedented access to defense installations and personnel, Thrussell took over a year to complete the project and wove many field recordings as well as the sounds of sensitive hardware and technology into the final product. “One of the greatest thrills for me,” says Thrussell, “was setting up a full P.A. inside one of the ICBM silos at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California to run and record the final mix on the title track Full Spectrum Dominance — room ambience and all!

When asked if he sees any conflict between his latest project and his past stance as known critic of government and military activities, Thrussell is quick to retort, “No, not at all. I see my role first as a musical journalist — to present the information — there’s plenty of time for editorializing later. And…,” he continues enthusiastically, “I’ve even invented my own sub-genre to describe the album’s unique, crunchy, downbeat sound — Grave-step….

Ranging from funk-laced rhythmic noise to eerie dark ambient soundscapes, Black Lung‘s new album ‘Full Spectrum Dominance‘ is a virtual feast for the aural senses.

The North American label Tympanik Audio and Ant-Zen in Europe, are proud to present the new Black Lung album ‘Full Spectrum Dominance‘, available now through all discerning music outlets.


  1. The Imperial March [clip preview]
  2. The Hostmen Of Tyne [clip preview]
  3. Full Spectrum Dominance
  4. The Territorial Imperative
  5. The Regulator Plot
  6. The Great Unconscious [clip preview]
  7. The Wonderful Wizard Of Ounce [clip preview]
  8. The World Without Us
  9. The Feminine Void
  10. The Neuroses Of Nostalgia [clip preview]



TA029 | Disharmony: Evolution

Under-rated, yet revered with undying admiration by the already initiated, this Slovakian duo has (un)quietly scorched the underground Electro-Industrial scene for many years, releasing several continuously morphing collections of work amongst the awe of fans and music critics alike.

With a plethora of remixing and album credits to their name, dISHARMONY manage to speak volumes once again with their signature brand of down-tempo, yet hard-hitting electronica-tinged dark electro works, paying never mind to any looming trends, but instead constantly evolving beyond the typical genre clones and earn their right to the throne amongst a horde of imitators.

You may know dISHARMONY’s critically-hailed last album ‘Malignant Shields‘. You may know their prolific remix collection ‘Cloned: The Other Side Of Evolution‘. You may know their recent collaborations with the likes of Flint Glass, TotakekeMnemonic, Stendeck, Fractional, Anhedonia, Zentriert ins Antlitz, and countless others. But be sure of this: you do not know ‘Evolution‘… Yet.

dISHARMONY‘s ‘Evolution‘ is available now from Tympanik Audio.


01: Revolution [clip preview]
02: Coma
03: Legend [clip preview]
04: Dandora
05: Euphoric [clip preview]
06: End of ends
07: Izometrix
08: Sacriface [clip preview]
09: Coloseum
10: Spirals
11: Trilianum
12: Evolution [clip preview]



TA031 | Access To Arasaka: Oppidan

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut CD from New York’s amazing young new talent Access To Arasaka has finally arrived. With a steady momentum of buzz from fans and critics over the past year, remix collaborations with Zentriert ins AntlitzAphorism, and Totakeke, and more-than-well-received compilation appearances for the Hymen Records and Tympanik Audio labels, Access To Arasaka now offers the true scope of his capabilities with his innovative new album ‘Oppidan‘.

A futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of expert beatwork and densely-layered atmospheric explorations, ‘Oppidan‘ transcends complexity and innovation in electronic music and seems to arrive at the very edge of its own inner space. Dark and cinematic and fascinating to no end, ‘Oppidan‘ is truly full of life and genuine mystic, opening the imagination of the listener into epic new dimensions at the hands of a true master of modern electronic composition.

Oppidan‘ is available from Tympanik Audio now.


01. Nypox [clip preview]
02. Medway
03. Monoscan [clip preview]
04. Ruin
05. Caeropore [clip preview]
06. First Kill (feat. Beau Jestice)
07. Montcalm
08. Parisville
09. Jody [clip preview]
10. Recon (feat. ESA)
11. Delicate Annihilation
12. Chem [clip preview]
13. Sylvan-hesh
14. Transcednence
15. She
16. Waiting War
17. Aftermath



TA030 | [Haven]: Plastic

Poland’s hidden talent [Haven] signs to the Tympanik Audio family for his debut album titled ‘Plastic‘. A gradual scorching dirge that reveals itself amidst an impeccable quilt of tight beatwork, sleuthing throughout memorable soundscapes, and airy atmospheres.

With heavy basslines, delicate sampling, infectious, stabbing beats, and an uncanny sense of raw emotion woven into each piece of work, [Haven] separates himself from the pack with his debut album ‘Plastic‘ on Tympanik Audio. Bonus material will be supplemented by Aphorism and Tapage with secular results. Sloppy-wet and wanting you real bad…

Graphic design and mastering by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio…

Tell me about madness…


01: Tell Me About Madness
02: Marrakech [clip preview]
03: Out Of The Vertical
04: Let’s Play Disco Now [clip preview]
05: Plastic Bag
06: Les Choses
07: Mental Courtesan
08: Kuhajrib [clip preview]
09: Tree Of Life [clip preview]
10: Home
11: Broken Childhood
12: Aurora Borealis
13: Everything Burns
14: Takrir Al-Masir [clip preview]
15: Aroura Borealis (Slow Power rmx by Aphorism)
16: Kuhajrib (rmx by Tapage)



TA032 | Displacer: X Was Never Like This…

Displacer is back with his newest audio concept ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ on Tympanik Audio. A collection of 14 brand new tracks incorporating everything you’ve come to know and expect from this prolific Canadian electronic music icon. Fusing melodic guitar, catchy beats, heart-felt melodies, funk-driven basslines, and an air of sweet melancholy, ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ captures the true essence of diversity in a genreless package that could only come from the mind of Displacer.

With guest appearances and collaborations by such artists as Mark ThibideauDaniel Myer (Haujobb / Architect), Keef BakerBroken Fabiola, Famine, Lucidstatic, Marching Dynamics, and featuring the heavenly vocals of Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant / HMB), all packaged in a unique design by Crime League, ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ promises to be fond experience indeed.

Available from Tympanik Audio now.


01. Elbows Bent At Right Angles (Instrumental Version) [full preview]
02. Junkie Blvd (feat. Victoria Lloyd)
03. X Was Never Like This…
04. Never Compromise [clip preview]
05. Windmill
06. Elbows Bent At Right Angles (feat. Victoria Lloyd)
07. Never Compromise (Resonant Dub Remix by Mark Thibideau)
08. X Was Never Like This… (Renegade Of Noise Shunt Remix by Daniel Myer)
09. Windmill (Keef Baker Remix) [clip preview]
10. Elbows Bent At Right Angles (feat. Broken Fabiola)
11. X Was Never Like This… (Famine Remix) [clip preview]
12. To Live, Love, Die or Kill… (Lucidstatic Remix)
13. X Was Never Like That. (Displacer Remix)
14. Windmill (Marching Dynamics Remix) [clip preview]



TA033 | Undermathic: Return To Childhood

Poland’s elusive talent Undermathic emerges for his debut on Tympanik Audio titled ‘Return To Childhood‘. Within his blanket of obscurity, Undermathic makes his mark with an album of massive distinction and undeniable grace. An unapologetic collage of surging rhythms, delicate piano compositions, and true sonic purity, ‘Return To Childhood’ will undoubtedly captivate your mind and seize all of your bodily senses. We dare to say, it’s orgasmic.

Somewhere between the urgent complexity of Ginormous and the beautiful, thick atmospheres of Lusine icl lies Undermathic, ready to acquit the listener of any preconceived notions and instead launches into a sonic-laced epicentre of electronic sound. Saturated in beauty, organic rhythms, and a virtual tide of sophistication, ‘Return To Childhood’ easily stands on its own ground offering an immense album full of life and vision that transcends genres and ultimately arrives as a genuine preview of the future of intelligent electronic music.

Get ready for one of Tympanik Audio’s most inspiring releases to date.

Available on 6-panel compact disc with stunning artwork by Salt.

“‘Return to Childhood’ is an amazing album! While it may be a debut album, it sounds like the work of an age old veteran. Everything is extremely accomplished and this album will make sure that this project will have a bright future. Highly recommended!” – Gothtronic

“…a uncommonly lush and rich album. Maybe not an album that will get a grip on its listener immediately, but might reveal its depths and richness to people ready to listen to it carefully. Nice one.” – Ad Noiseam


  1. Independence
    2.  Keep Out No Entry
    3.  Try Again
    4.  Understanding
    5.  TTAGGG
    6.  Submissive Woman
    7.  Lighthouse
    8.  Entropy
    9.  Everything Too Late
    10. People Pass Each Other
    11. Return To Childhood



TA034 | ESA: The Immaculate Manipulation

The definitive ESA remix collection featuring excellent renditions of ESA‘s critically-praised ‘The Sea & The Silence‘ album including ManufacturaC-Drone-DefectMarching DynamicsStendeckAccess To ArasakaLights Out Asia, and more.

Expanding through several genres without the slightest lack in cohesiveness, ‘The Immaculate Manipulation‘ proves to be a completely solid release for dancefloor addicts and headphones purists alike.

The CD includes a link to bonus remixes featuring additional renditions by LucidstaticAh Cama-SotzKeef BakerPsytekAutoclav1.1, and more.

So perfectly sonic, your headphones will love you for this…

“An excellent remix album that tries to show different faces of the original songs, and succeeds! Nicely diverse and full of ideas. Highly Recommended!” – Gothtronic

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. I Am The Filth (By ESA)
02. The Devil Worships Me (Manipulated By Psilopsyb) [clip preview]
03. The Sea & The Silence PT 1 (Manipulated By Mood Deluxe)
04. The Drawbacks Of Sleeping In Silence (Intoner vs. ESA) [clip preview]
05. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Manufactura)
06. Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By C-Drone-Defect) [clip preview]
07. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Exotic)
08. It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By The Synthetic Dream Foundation)
09. Tasting Nails (Manipulated By Marching Dynamics)
10. The Sea & The Silence PT2 (Manipulated By Stendeck) [clip preview]
11. Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By Access To Arasaka) [full track preview]
12. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition PT2 (Manipulated By Monsieur L’Antechrist) [clip preview]
13. Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition PT2 (Manipulated By Lights Out Asia)



TA035 | Opposite Exhale: Nothing Lasts

The Netherlands-based Opera-Industrial-Noise artist Opposite Exhale humbly offers his debut album ‘Nothing Lasts‘ on Tympanik Audio – a fully-realized composition of rich, haunting atmospheres that swirl amongst a torrent of cinematic and classical elements. Heart-wrenching melodies, epic piano movements, and stunning distorted beatwork combine to create an unforgettable jaunt of massive electronic persuasion.

Think Imminent meets Loss with a hint of Stendeck. Don’t let the artwork sway you – Opposite Exhale‘s ‘Nothing Lasts‘ is a massive and uncompromising album full of broken and beautiful electronic mayhem, all encompassed into a CD that you will not soon forget – we promise you this.

“…an album that musically moves on the intersection of classical music and modern electronic ambient, industrial and idm sounds. ‘Nothing Lasts’ is a very beautiful album” – Gothtronic


01. Hic Finis Fandi
02. Clear Green [clip preview]
03. The Downfall of Beliefs [clip previews]
04. You’re the Least of My Concerns
05. Vixerunt
06. Born With Bruises
07. A Subtle Truth (My Paradise) [full track preview]
08. The Feeling’s Vile
09. Nomen est Omen
10. I Trusted Every Word You Spoke
11. A White Heat That Scours Rational Thought
12. Lucid Dreaming [clip preview]
13. Resentment
14. Deceitful Snares [clip preview]
15. Moortgat
16. Sand



TA038 | Fractional: Blood

Belgium’s rising Breakcore star Fractional returns after his much-revered debut CD ‘Come Mierda‘ in 2008 on Brume Records. Now, Fractional turns to Tympanik Audio to release his most ambitious work yet simply stated as ‘Blood‘.

At once, a fierce brew of Breakcore, IDM, and Electronica all accented by an uncanny sense of melody and emotion, ‘Blood‘ captivates the mind and moves the body. A heavy and unique listening experience, ‘Blood‘ effortlessly melds infectious beatworks with undeniable accessibility to arrive at true innovation and solidity. A new gem in the Tympanik Audio catalog.

“‘Blood‘ tends to prove that Fractional is a band in constant progression… …a strong and already enthusiastically acclaimed new work.” – Side-Line

“Whoever dares to take up the challenge will be rewarded with a fascinating album that due to its inventiveness and infectious beats stands solid as a rock.” – Gothtronic

“…very beautiful and with great rhythms and complex structure to an amazing atmosphere, it’s hard not to like it.” – Blackvector Magazine

“An album that you have to check and don’t give up if it doesn’t unfold on first listen. It’s worth the effort and it’s giving a lot more than you might imagine.” – Reflections Of Darkness [9/10]

Available on digipak compact disc with mastering and art design by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.


01. Water
02. Blood [full track preview]
03. Sie [clip preview]
04. Wo [clip preview]
05. Thear
06. Nupkt [clip preview]
07. Hu Wei
08. Elephant’s Dance
09. Niv
10. Lows
11. Mel [clip preview]
12. Ofue [full track preview]
13. Ne



TA037 | Candle Nine: The Muse In The Machine

Tympanik Audio is proud to present Candle Nine‘s debut album ‘The Muse In The Machine‘. At once a swirling torrent of luscious synths, steady glitch-soaked beats, provocative vocal samples, and powerful piano movements, ‘The Muse In The Machine‘ easily cultivates both cerebral wonder and lip-biting ecstasy.

After a stand-out remix on last year’s Ad.ver.sary CD ‘A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky‘ and an appearance on Tympanik Audio’s ‘Emerging Organisms 3‘ compilation, Candle Nine now delivers nine stunning new tracks of welcoming urgency and undeniable warmth, marked by ravenous, addictive beatwork and soul-embracing atmospheres. Brutality meets beauty with expert precision to arrive with such perfect cohesiveness and purpose, your mind is sure to contradict your body.

Includes remixes by Autoclav1.1 and Access To Arasaka.

“The combination of sweet and quiet melodies with hard rhythmic outbursts venturing towards breakcore works very well on this album. A very good album that combines the soft and the harsh in equal measures. Highly recommended!” – Gothtronic

“For a debut album Candle Nine seems to have fulfilled most of the expectations!” – Side-Line

“…a well executed first album which raises curiosity and interest.” – Ad Noiseam

A compact body of work and a stunning debut…” – Reflections of Darkness

“‘The Muse In The Machine’ is absolutely worth your time and investment. – Dark Twin Cities

“Beautiful effort from Candlenine.” – Vital Weekly


  1. Internally Threaded [clip preview]
  2. Penumbra [clip preview]
  3. Raison d’être
  4. R5-D50-R8 [clip preview]
  5. Imperfect
  6. Wintermute [clip preview]
  7. Icarus Descending
  8. Kerrianne’s Spine [full track download]
  9. Someone Anyone
  10. Wintermute (Access To Arasaka rmx)
  11. R5-D50-R8 (Autoclav1.1 rmx)



TD007 | Fractional: Blood Remixes

The end result of Fractional‘s remix contest featuring renditions of tracks from his massive new album ‘Blood‘ released earlier this year on Tympanik Audio and Brume Records.

17 heavy and diverse remixes from the likes of Zonk’t, LucidstaticSamforce, Detritus, TechnomancerDJ BalliAutoclav1.1DisharmonyCruise [Ctrl]Amorph, and many more.

Available as free download: [200MB .ZIP] or [168MB .SITX]


01. Blood (Lucidstatic rmx)
02. Sie (Autoclav1.1 rmx)
03. Lows (Detritus rmx)
04. Sie (Amorph rmx)
05. Lows (Zonk’t rmx)
06. Sie (Disharmony rmx)
07. Sie (Cruise [Ctrl] rmx)
08. Sie (Xhavier Hendrix rmx)
09. Lows (Samforce rmx)
10. Lows (Marc Rivaldi rmx)
11. Sie (Musique de Merde rmx)
12. Water (Technomancer rmx)
13. Sie (DJ Balli rmx)
14. Lows (Dead By Silence rmx)
15. Sie (Nariel rmx)
16. Blood (Valvegod rmx)
17. Blood (Nariel rmx)


TA039 | SE: L36

After SE‘s critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Epiphora‘, Sebastian Ehmke returns to Tympanik Audio with his latest collection titled ‘L36‘.

Melding Post-Rock and Electronica styles with glitchy beats and infectious synthwork, ‘L36‘ makes a very notable step forward for SE with undeniable maturity and grace. Warm and inviting, each track lends an airy resolve flowing gracefully throughout with genuine emotion and purposeful tenacity.

Smooth, dreamy, and unforgettable.

Featuring a stunning remix by Subheim.

“…extremely well-crafted and beautifully constructed compositions…” – Gridface

“‘L36′ is an immensely mature piece of work…” – Enochian Apocalypse

“…an interesting apotheosis for an album characterized by a noticeable evolution in sound.” – Side-Line

“…a recommended album for the lovers of spherical ambient-electro and IDM.” – Gothtronic

“It’s rainy day music, perfect to put on and stare out the window as the drops roll down the window pane and inspire contemplation.” – Auxiliary Magazine

“…authentic and close to the heart than similar electronic attempts at emulating the melancholy and grittiness of the genre… Recommended.” – Ad Noiseam

“…the album sounds spectacular and much of the songwriting is clear-sighted… …a step in the right direction for SE…” – The Silent Ballet

“A great album for fans of post-rock influenced IDM/electronica. Very mature sound. …would fit at home next to any act on n5MD.” – Wounds of the Earth

“An impressive and immersive collection from SE that sees Tympanik playing a slightly more accessible card this time around. – Cyclic Defrost

“A beautiful and quite emotional effort from SE on this one.” – Vital Weekly

“‘L36′  is one of the best CDs I’ve heard in this genre. It’s inventive, expertly made and simply demands to be heard over and over. Highly recommended.” – Hypnagogue

“SE is a class act, that’s for sure, and if you like your electronica with a chilly edge or if you admire the IDM artists on Warp Records then you should be make a beeline for this album.” – Whisperinandhollerin


01. Chrono
02. Stadium [full track preview]
03. Mimikry
04. Lily
05. 36 HERtZ [full track preview]
06. Weit [clip preview]
07. Beton [clip preview]
08. Strom
09. Dendrit [clip preview]
10. F-Sand-036 [clip preview]
11. Mimikry (remixed by Subheim)



TA040 | Geomatic: 64 Light Years Away

The second-coming of this Dutch project after their well-received CD ‘Blue Beam‘ on the French label M-tronic.

Here, Geomatic continues to evolve their sound into a slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic complexity and epic sound architectures. ‘64 Light Years Away‘ presents a vast aural journey through a cerebral universe, melding Industrial-like rhythms with enormous atmospheres and tribal beatwork.

One for the headphones, ‘64 Light Years Away‘ is a truly awesome jaunt into the fantastic realm of post-Industrial soundscapes. A filthy, complex, and gripping listen all around to say the least.

For fans of Flint GlassZentriert ins AntlitzEmpusae, and  Mlada Fronta.

“Geomatic belongs to a very restricted number of genius projects, which are able to compose an album that (is) close to perfection! Simply brilliant!” – Side-Line [9/10]

“…something like FLINT GLASS or TZOLK’IN would be the closest to mention…the outcome is unique and distinguished. A collision of organic and synthetic worlds with a spacey and mystic attitude! It’s a ride you won’t soon forget.” – Reflections Of Darkness [9/10]

“If ever an album deserved to be called AWESOME, ’64 Light Years Away’ would fit that description. It’s a heavy trip that is bound to grab your psyche, blow your mind and take you to realms you’ve never been before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!” – Chain D.L.K. [5/5]

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Nano Anu [clip preview]
02. Aftab E Siyah
03. Sacrifice [clip preview]
04. White Hole, Dark Soul
05. Shesqi [clip preview]
06. The Fourth Plane
07. Above Horizon [clip preview]
08. Serpent’s Tooth [full track preview]
09. Drifting Away [clip preview]
10. Dead Forever [clip preview]
11. Final Dimensional Shift



TA042 | Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground

As one of Tympanik’s most prolific artists, Lucidstatic consistently strives to develop and refine his sound. In 2008, Lucidstatic came to Tympanik Audio to present his official debut album ‘Gravedigger‘, demonstrating a powerful blend of breakcore and Industrial elements that made critics and listeners perk their ears to this noisy Alaskan newcomer.

Never one to remain dormant, Lucidstatic has created and released countless new tracks through various labels and outlets, as well as remixed and collaborated with a never-ending list of musicians from around the world. In the spirit of accord within our beloved underground music community, his passion to meld and share his ideas with like-minded artists is as clear as vodka.

Now, Lucidstatic offers a new collection of work spanning a multitude of genres and music styles, demonstrating his astonishing capability to craft diverse, unique, and memorable songs within a considerable scope.

Initially working from a vast collection of unfinished material, Lucidstatic approached and was approached by a talented cast of both up-and-coming and well-established artists. Piece by piece, track by track, each selection for ‘Symbiont Underground‘ was poured over, polished, and perfected until the collective results swelled beyond the expectations of its creators.

Lucidstatic‘s ‘Symbiont Underground‘ consists of 23 solid new tracks spanning a 2-CD collection featuring collaborations with such artists as Angel Of ViolenceMothboyIammynewtMono PenguinESAHuman Error, Mangadrive, Experiment HaywireServo HatredPig FatManufactura, and many more, with artwork by Kostas K. (Subheim) and mastering by Justin Brink (Pneumatic Detach).

With so many diverse minds and capable hands at work here, it’s almost unimaginable that such a strong, compelling, and astoundingly cohesive album such as ‘Symbiont Underground‘ could be achieved. Yet here it is…

“The album concept works out wonderfully, by inviting his friends to the musical party Lucidstatic has made an album that has personality and the tracks are engaging and above average.” – Auxilary Magazine


Disc One:

01: Burning Embers
02: Noiz3Rush [clip preview]
03: Viscera
04: Dissection [clip preview]
05: Untitled
06: The Awakening [clip preview]
07: Moments At A Cliff [clip preview]
08: Book Of The Dead
09: Perpetuate
10: N.E.P. [clip preview]
11: Desire To Be
12: Misplaced

Disc Two:

01: Boneyard [clip preview]
02: Re_volve
03: Invocation [clip preview]
04: According To Plan
05: A New Low [clip preview]
06: A.L.
07: Headhunter [clip preview]
08: Fractured
09: We Created The Epidemic [clip preview]
10: Little Human Puppets
11: Fakt



TA045 | Access To Arasaka: void();

After the out-of-nowhere success of his debut CD ‘Oppidan‘ in 2009, the Rochester, NY producer Access To Arasaka returns a year later, stronger and more focused than ever, with a stunning new album on Tympanik Audio titled ‘void();‘.

Sixteen new tracks of dark sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. From the phone phreaks to the console cowboys; dirty hippies using blue boxes at payphones 40 years ago, to the unborn children wandering cyberspace 40 years from now. An open invitation for the listener to imagine what a computer might attempt to comprehend when its system is under such an attack. Perfectly dark, cinematic, complex, and hauntingly surreal.

“Lioy brings the precision of a surgeon’s eye and hand to the tracks’ hyperactively ricocheting beats and the whirr and click of their writhing, synapse-firing electronics.” – Textura


01. *strtok()
02. kill_recorder=$c1 [full track download]
03. array[0..8191]
04. setvector [clip preview]
05. config.syn_seq
06. &sin
07. term/echo
08. optlist:
09. syslog_ident [clip preview]
10. [overwrite_ctr]
11. inc(tumbler)
12. n->m_pkthdr.len [clip preview]
13. switch(pcap_datalink) [clip preview]
14. bpf_u_int32
15. <arpa/inet.h>
16. sys.argv[1:] [clip preview]




TA043 | Totakeke: On The First Of November

One of Tympanik Audio‘s most revered and iconic artists returns for his fourth full-length album titled ‘On The First Of November‘.

Here Totakeke elevates his signature brand of infectious beatworks accentuated by complex rhythms, dark melodies, and massive atmospheres to create another addictive beat-driven masterpiece.

Totakeke steps up the tautness with a resounding sense of ferocity pounding out 10 powerful new tracks of immense proportions. From beginning to end, ‘On The First Of November‘ gushes with caressing tension and head-nodding beats amidst a swirling torrent of sputtering glitch, ominous pads, punching beat drops, mind-bending breaks, and looming basslines.

Quite possibly Totakeke‘s most focused work to date.

Available now on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

Mokros hears possibilities that most composers do not, and instead of dismissing them as untenable, he embraces them as necessary experiments.  This visionary brashness results in a truly futuristic sound.” – The Silent Ballet


Untitled 01
Untitled 02 [clip preview]
Untitled 03 [clip preview]
Untitled 04
Untitled 05 [clip preview]
Untitled 06
Untitled 07 [clip preview]
Untitled 08
Untitled 09 [clip preview]
Untitled 10



TA044 | Anklebiter: I Will Wait

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Tanner Volz began cultivating his talents for creating electronic music in the early 1990s with the post-Industrial band Thine Eyes. From there, the eclectic project ML was realized and went on to release prolific works on such labels as Toast and Jamn5MDEn:peg, and Piehead Recordings.

While recovering from an illness in 2008, Tanner seeded his new project Anklebiter on a laptop from the comfort of his easy chair. During this time, a deeply personal, idiosyncratic, and emotionally rich instrumental electronic work emerged that fully indulged Tanner’s love for contemporary Shoegaze and Synthpop styles, as well as his deep roots in early Industrial and dark New Wave.

Now, Anklebiter joins the Tympanik Audio family with his debut full-length album titled ‘I Will Wait‘.

With a vast array of seemingly straightforward analog patterns converging together to generate deeply emotional, beat-driven dark IDM soundscapes, ‘I Will Wait‘ manages to embrace a refreshing simplicity with unique effectiveness that is rarely heard these days. Staggering beats meet nostalgic synthlines to create a haunting aural utopia that is at once beautiful and all together strangely alluring.

Available on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Absolution Is A Plush Toy
02. Accessible
03. 132
04. O’Bannon
05. I Will Wait
06. Step Out
07. Thanks, Deepak
08. University
09. Hawk Is Tits
10. Happy Hollandaise
11. Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow
12. Frigid




TA047 | Undermathic: 10:10PM

After the sleeper debut ‘Return To Childhood‘ in 2009, Undermathic returns to Tympanik  Audio  with his powerful new album release ‘10:10PM‘.

With the previous album lending itself to a grittier, darker approach to Electronica with an slight Industrial tint, ‘10:10PM‘ reveals a more cultivated and polished sound demonstrating this Polish artist’s talent for accessibility and sharp song construction. Still present are the massive washes of ambiance and infectious beatwork mixed with brooding melodies and heavy synthlines that have become signatures of Undermathic’s unique sound, yet an air of beauty and hopefulness is always present in contrast to the gripping tautness of each song, creating a distinct mood that is both epic and wondrous.

10:10PM’ flows smoothly and effortlessly, never too abrasive or serene, but a perfect balance between beats and ambiance. Tracks like “Big City Nights”, “Searcher”, and “10:10PM” display a sense of urgency and fullness, yet always allowing the listener time to breathe with marvelous breakdowns and lovely atmospheres, whereas songs like “I Remember”, “7 Years”, and “Sea” summon a relaxing and dreamy state that embraces the listener with warm aural visualizations.

Tympanik Audio invites you to slip on your headphones and take a trip with Undermathic’s stunning new album ’10:10PM’, available on a special release date of 10/10/10.

Digipak artwork and design by Szymon Skrypoczko.

“A mixture of accessible, charming melodies, industrial arrangements and thick electronica beats, it’s also something that flows very well, and which could work pretty well for long night drives or headphones sessions. Seductive.” – Ad Noiseam

“The album never falters as track after track takes you deeper into this beautifully balanced electronic masterpiece. The composition of the music is superb and the production is simply stunning. With out a doubt this is one of the finest releases I’ve heard all year…” – Electronic Moon

“Though Undermathic hews to the dark electronic side of the spectrum in a manner to be expected of a Tympanik Audio artist, Maciej Paszkiewicz also proves himself to be a composer who’s a cut above the rest.” – Textura

“I am in awe of this album, impressed all over again with every listening. I hear no flaws, and there is not one iota I would change or do differently. This is THE album of 2010. You would really be doing yourself a disservice not to own it.” – Chain D.L.K.



  1. Big City Nights [full track download]
    2. It Is Me
    3. Quantum Theory [clip preview]
    4. Searcher [clip preview]
    5. Alternative Timelines
    6. Saiph
    7. 10:10pm [clip preview]
    8. I Remember [clip preview]
    9. Level III
    10. 7 Years [clip preview]
    11. Sea



TA046 | Dirk Geiger: Autumn Fields

With an initial introduction from Klangstabil‘s Maurizio Blanco, German composer and label head of Raumklang Music Dirk Geiger, arrives on Tympanik’s doorstep with a serendipitous collection of experimental IDM works titled ‘Autumn Fields‘.

Utilizing field recordings and washes of warm ambiance, mixed with glitchy IDM elements and subtle experimentation, ‘Autumn Fields‘ is an album that burns slowly and grows stronger with each listen. A personal journey like no other, full of wonder and strangeness; set to infectious beats and quiet discord. A waking dream perfect for your favorite headphones or content late-night drives.

CD includes remixes by Svart1 and Access To Arasaka.

“The whole thing is well recorded and sounds quite mature. Not as dark as the cover art might lead you to think, and a very pleasant album all throughout.” – Ad Noiseam

“Geiger incorporates elements of industrial, ambient, IDM, and field recordings into restlessly mutating tracks packed with detail and incident.” – Textura

“The combination of field recordings with electronic sound creation, no matter if atmospheric or rhythmic, makes for a very special experience. …a beautiful journey…” – Reflections Of Darkness


01. Gewitterregen
02. Autumn Life [clip preview]
03. Noise Format [clip preview]
04. Night In Haskovo [clip preview]
05. Botanic Garden
06. Minus10
07. Winter Senses [clip preview]
08. Overhead Projection
09. Itch Glitch [clip preview]
10. Night In Haskovo (Svart1 mix) [full track download]
11. Overhead Projection (Access To Arasaka remix)




TD005 | Displacer: Lost Mission

Following up Displacer‘s new album ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ is the new progressive EP ‘Lost Mission‘ available as a free download exclusively from Tympanik Audio.

Displacer returns to his darkened roots with a fantastic new track + a tight collection of paranormal phenomenons including remixes by CoordinatesDisplacerGus & Griz, L’OmbreS:cage, and Larvae.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone motherfuckers.


01. Lost Mission
02. Lost Mission (Even Stars mix by Coordinates)
03. Lost Mission (Gus & Griz Space Cadet remix)
04. Lost Mission (In The Company Of Robots mix by Displacer)
05. Lost Mission (L’Ombre remix)
06. Lost Mission (S:cage remix)

Bonus track:

07. Lost Mission (Larvae remix) [download]

Download this release here.


TA048 | C.H. District: Conclusion

C.H. District: Conclusion5 years after the release of C.H. District‘s previous album ‘Slides‘, the Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled ‘Conclusion‘ on Tympanik Audio.

Packed full of solid, dynamic beats, shining synth pads, steady rhythms, and echoing melodies, ‘Conclusion‘ reveals a stronger, slightly more dance-oriented sound than previous works. However do not expect a loopy 4×4 techno album here – C.H. District has taken once familiar dance music elements and commanded them into submission, twisting solid beat patterns into unconventional works of glitch-laden, head-nodding rhythmic anthems. The heavy, popping basslines and robotic creaks maneuver each track with thoughtful precision while crafty electro-styled overtones and moderately distorted synth pads create a perfect balance of energy, melody, and flow.

As playful as it is complex, ‘Conclusion‘ hits the mark right from the start and doesn’t falter in the slightest throughout, laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.

“Roping each of these outside influences into his strict-to-technique beat-core, Conclusion provides a galvanic incentive for genre-loiterers like myself to hop confidently over the fence” – Skeleton Crew Quarterly


01. Con-trust (edit) [clip preview]
02. Shrink [full track download]
03. 0#1
04. Burnout feat. Synta[xe]rror
05. Conclusion [clip preview]
06. Creep
07. Practical Tool
08. Like A Human feat. Tomtylor [clip preview]
09. 1#2
10. Go Out [clip preview]



TAPR3 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2010 catalog sampler

Approach Lights 2010Tympanik Audio‘s 2010 catalog sampler is finally here as a free download featuring some of the very best selections from our third year of releases including TotakekeC.H. DistrictSEAccess To Arasaka, Dirk DeigerFractionalAutoclav1.1UndermathicDisplacer, Tapage & MeanderCandle Nine, GeomaticZellerAnklebiterFamineLucidstatic, and remixes by L’OmbreAutoclav1.1, and Subheim.

For our families, friends, and fans far and wide; without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for three amazing years. The best is yet to come…

Download Approach Lights 2010 here [320kbps MP3 – 220MB .ZIP]



01. Autoclav1.1: Waxing
02. Tapage & Meander: Tolopea
03. Geomatic: Above Horizon
04. Zeller: Starship Weapons Kit
05. Displacer: Lost Mission (L’Ombre remix)
06. C.H. District: Conclusion
07. Lucidstatic: A.L.
08. Fractional: Sie (Autoclav1.1 remix)
09. Totakeke: Untitled 09
10. Undermathic: 10:10pm
11. Candle Nine: Icarus Descending
12. Access To Arasaka: kill_recorder=$c1
13. Famine: Material Things
14. SE: Mimikry (Subheim remix)
15. Dirk Geiger: Itch Glitch
16. Anklebiter: Frigid

Compiled by Paul Nielsen

Photography, Design, and Mastering by Mike Slansky


TA049 | Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon

Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight SaloonThe prolific and charismatic Tony Young returns with his newest and most realized Autoclav1.1 album to date. ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ melds Autoclav1.1‘s signature piano movements with moments of infectious guitar riffs and dark electronica moods all accentuated by tight beatwork and memorable melodies. A rich and full-sounding album that charges forward gracefully throughout and effortlessly conjures a lasting impression on the listener.

Featuring contributions from Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), XotoxAttritionExperiment Haywire, and Millipede,as well as beautiful 6-panel digipak artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen/Hymen). It’s ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ where insomniacs roam the night and a shadowy world reveals itself to those who choose to explore it. This is a fictional slumber.



01. Waxing [full track download]
02. Sealed Envelope [clip preview]
03. Conquer This Perception
04. The In Road [clip preview]
05. Saturday’s Steps
06. Let Me Sleep (Somewhere)
07. There’s No More Isolation [clip preview]
08. This Town
09. Some Subtle Inebriation
10. Alleine In Der Dunkelheit
11. This Is For Love [clip preview]


TA050 | Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt

Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt

Out of a sea of zeroes and ones come 12 surreal musical explorations of Tapage & Meander. While a gentle current often lets the fragile melodies flow through the tracks with genuine ease, the corroded snare drums and overgrown kicks lie scattered on the ocean floor, long forgotten by man. Intertwined and accepted by nature, these percussive elements now only enhance the richness of what is found here. There is yet more to discover though as these producers do not only take you deeper but also closer. This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present our 50th compact disc release, bringing you musical detail on a molecular level, where beauty meets math and imprints are Etched In Salt.



00. I Found (Hidden track)
01. California Blue [clip preview]
02. The Tide
03. Tolopea [full track download]
04. Hydrostatic Skeleton [clip preview]
05. Subumbrella Dispute
06. Plankton [clip preview]
07. Atolla Wyvillei
08. Oceanographic
09. Nectocalyx Barrage
10. Osedax
11. Abyssal Plain
12. Delicate Hydroid [clip preview]


TA051 | Famine: Nature’s Twin Tendencies

Famine: Nature's Twin TendenciesTympanik Audio is proud to present the long-awaited return of Toronto’s one and only Famine.

Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ opens a new volume in the Famine chronicles offering an aural cauldron of styles ranging from melody-laced Breakcore and glitchy Metal riffs to beat-rich Electronica and melancholy IDM. A sick sonic stew indeed, Famine projects a stimulating, crafty, and addictive concoction of sounds that lock in staying power and offer no compromises whatsoever.

Distinctive, turbulent, and unwavering, each chapter of ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ offers a diverse new tale full of compelling elements that will seize your senses and grasp your attention at every twist and turn. With stern attention to rhythm and melody, Famine injects powerful glitch-soaked beats, intense rhythmic chaos, and futuristic melodic playfulness into each of his new works. Fully alive and utterly provoking, ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ will set fire to your imagination and leave you yearning for more.

Available now on digipak compact disc with artwork design by Crime League.



01. Mercury (What Lies Behind The Curtain) [full track download]
02. Powerspender
03. Sig/Int
04. Utarid [clip preview]
05. Remorseless
06. Dread Father
07. Blasphemous Reverence [clip preview]
08. Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)
09. Dantalion
10. Material Things [clip preview]
11. Weak [clip preview]
12. Nature’s Twin Tendencies
13. Everyone Is Happy


TD008 | Access To Arasaka: Orbitus

Fresh off the heels of his new album ‘void();‘, Access To Arasaka treats us to a fantastic new EP titled ‘Orbitus‘. Based around a detail within the “Takeshi Kovacs” novels by Richard K. Morgan, ‘Orbitus‘ references Martian orbitals that shoot down anything that flies over a specific height, save for one gap near the planet’s equator, and how the characters try to figure out how to bring them down; symbolic of the limitations we place on ourselves and our attempts to overcome them.

Orbitus‘ finds Access To Arasaka in top form, incorporating complex, serendipitous beatwork against a stunning backdrop of thick atmospheres and  futuristic synthlines. Beautiful and flowing dark electronic music that will surely grace any set of headphones.


01. Source
02. Sicral
03. Ellipse
04. Helios
05. Cynosure
06. Relay
07. Kyokko
08. Brilliant Pebbles
09. Photons

Download ‘Orbitus‘ for free right here: (MP3 320kbps 90MB)



TA053 | Displacer: Night Gallery

Displacer: Night GalleryOne of Tympanik Audio‘s most beloved artist returns with his first full-length album in five years. A mosaic of Displacer‘s unique and vast repartee of styles, ‘Night Gallery‘ may possibly be his most mature and focused album to date.

Utilizing an impressive backdrop of sounds, moods, and composition techniques, Displacer ushers his listeners to the front row with a melancholic edge that was perhaps merely oblique on previous releases. With spacious atmospheres and trip-hop beats setting the stage, each track on ‘Night Gallery‘ offers a unique disposition of beauty, transcending any previous works as each seem to take on a life of their own. Dripping with wet beatwork, dark basslines, and a sluice of encompassing ambiance, ‘Night Gallery‘ finds Displacer in top form, presenting a powerful album that is vigorous, haunting, mysterious and quite memorable.

Mastered by Mike Wells (02Gridlock) with stunning artwork on 4-panel digipak by Crime League, Displacer ‘Night Gallery‘ CD is available now from Tympanik Audio.

Best of 2011” – Auxiliary Magazine



  1. Phantom Limb [clip preview]
  2. Invisible [clip preview]
  3. Wave
  4. Radioactive [full track download]
  5. Orchid
  6. Ghost Planet [clip preview]
  7. In Limbo
  8. Awakening
  9. Falling [clip preview]
  10. Foggy Memory
  11. Ice Cold

TD009 | Dirk Geiger: Second Life

dirk_geiger_second_life_cover-web2Available now is the long-awaited remix collection from Dirk Geiger ‘Second Life‘. Taking selections from Dirk Geiger‘s 2010 album ‘Autumn Life‘ on Tympanik Audio, 14 talented electronic artists now present their own renditions of Dirk’s unique sounds.

Soaked with rich atmospheres, embracing melodies, and a whole range of intricate rhythms, ‘Second Life‘ flows effortlessly along wondrous aural paths with expert cohesiveness, allowing the listener to explore in great depth the album’s many intricacies.

Featuring some of the finest and most talented electronic musicians on the forefront of the dark IDM, ambient, and  electronica scenes including Tapage, Midimode, SE, Hotaru Bay, Subheim, Autoclav1.1, Pleq, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, Ahnst Anders, and more,  ‘Second Life‘ is most certainly a journey worth taking over and over again.


  1. Night In Haskovo (Almaach remix)
  2. Minus10 (SE remix)
  3. Itch Glitch (Tapage remix)
  4. Minus10 (Midimode mix)
  5. Winter Senses (Anklebiter remix)
  6. Noise Format (Subheim remix)
  7. Night in Haskovo (Halogen Light remix by Candle Nine)
  8. Overhead Projection (From Above mix by Autoclav1.1)
  9. Winter Senses (Hotaru Bay remix)
  10. Noise Format (Archos remix)
  11. Autumn Life (Pleq remix)
  12. Autumn Life (HFSN Vocal Mix)
  13. Autumn Life (Strahlenzentrum remix)
  14. Autumn Life (Ahnst Anders remix)

Download Dirk Geiger ‘Second Life‘ for free right here: (MP3 320kbps 160MB)


If you enjoy this release, please consider a donation.


TA054 | Anklebiter: Queue

Following the rousing media and listener success of last year’s debut album ‘I Will Wait‘, Anklebiter now presents an alluring collection of remixes titled ‘Queue‘. Carefully selected and arranged, ‘Queue‘ virtually swells with nine exceptional remixes plus two brand new songs by Anklebiter himself.

Queue‘ gathers some of the most prolific talents in the electronic music scene for a release event that is truly epic. With renditions by such artists as Access To ArasakaKeef Baker, Jatun, SubtractiveLADIrulanBoy Is FictionDryftDirk Geiger, and Lights Out Asia, ‘Queue‘ proves to be an essential companion to its predecessor.

With meticulous attention to quality and flow, ‘Queue‘ highlights the very best moments of ‘I Will Wait‘, bringing to light a plethora of beautiful moments bursting of soaring melodies, persuasive beats, and delicious lingering atmospheres.

Faultless as a creature all its own, Anklebiter‘s ‘Queue‘ breathes new life into his already powerful songs, with an emotional edge that presents an undeniable mystic that is truly commanding and utterly entrancing to say the least.

Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios and cohesive artwork design by M. Cadoo (n5MDBitcrushDryft), Anklebiter‘s ‘Queue‘ promises an unforgettable jaunt of memorable proportions.

Anklebiter ‘Queue‘ is available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Access To Arasaka: University
  2. Keef Baker: Frigid
  3. Jatun: Absolution Is A Plushtoy
  4. Anklebiter: By Design
  5. SubtractiveLAD: Frigid
  6. Anklebiter: OTT
  7. Irulan: Accessible
  8. Boy Is Fiction: I Will Wait
  9. Dirk Geiger: I Will Wait
  10. Dryft: One Three Two
  11. Lights Out Asia: Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow

TA055 | Haujobb: Dead Market

After an lengthy hiatus, Haujobb triumphantly returns in 2011 with a brand new single EP titled ‘Dead Market‘ to kick off their forthcoming new album ‘New World March‘.

Brimming of deep basslines, addictive vocals, and stunning reworks, ‘Dead Market‘ introduces a new chapter in the Haujobb saga with stark ferocity and undeniable depth. Hard, unstoppable beats meet caressing deep basslines and dirty electro rhythms, married with a fierce undertow of complex synthlines and surging atmospheres, perfectly matched with Myer’s forceful and provocative vocals.

With 8 outstanding tracks in all, ‘Dead Market‘ interjects a new volume in the Haujobb legacy, resiliently cohesive to their signature sound, yet gazing well beyond the future of their dark, beat-driven and complex brand of electronic music.

Tympanik Audio is pleased to announce the release of Haujobb‘s new single EP ‘Dead Market‘ available now. ‘Dead Market‘ features 2 new tracks by Haujobb plus outstanding remixes by The HorroristExesNomenklatürPaul Kendall (Nitzer EbbDepeche Mode producer), and Absolute Body Control.

The march begins…


  • 1 Dead Market
  • 2 Dead Market [Extended Remix]
  • 3 Dead Market [The Horrorist – Remix]
  • 4 Dead Market [Exes – Remix]
  • 5 Letting The Demons Sleep [Nightmare]
  • 6 Dead Market [Nomenklatür – Remix]
  • 7 Dead Market [Absolute Body Control – Remix]
  • 8 Dead Market [Engineer’s Dub]




TA059 | Erode: Horizon

Originating as guitarist for the popular German metal band Heaven Shall Burn, Alexander Dietz now protrudes from the opposite side of the music continuum to bring Tympanik Audio listeners his debut electronic album ‘Horizon‘ under his pseudonym Erode.

Contrasting from one end of the music spectrum to the other, Alexander creates a vast and truly massive collection of electronic works with respectful nods to such artists as BeefcakeAccess To Arasaka, and Gridlock. Here is the epicenter of Dietz’s vast inspirations, morphing into many forms, with a frayed tether of influences whipping and pulsing with stark realization.

With massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of ‘Horizon‘. Fluid throughout, each piece of ‘Horizon‘ virtually sings with substance, seducing every delicate layer of sound into a natural state of bliss. A dark, dreamy, yet beat-driven collection of music that ebbs and flows naturally as a heavy tide, crashing against a stone wall on a deserted beach at night.

Recorded and produced by Alexander Dietz with addition production by Mike Cadoo (BitcrushDryftGridlockn5MD) and mesmerizing artwork by Colin Marks (Rain Song Design).

Erode CD album ‘Horizon‘ is available on a special edition compact disc package only from Tympanik Audio.

Erode is the world behind the mirror. It exists.


…there isn’t one grain of this album that couldn’t be called excellent… A brilliant debut, and a promising artist for the future of the scene, highly recommended.” – Enochian Apocalypse [9.5/10]

…beautifully crafted melodies and rhythms…” – Blackvector Magazine [8/10]

Though straightforward, (‘Horizon’) definitely delivers. If you like heavy emotional IDM with a trace of industrial influence then don’t miss this!” – Wounds of the Earth [8.5/10]

Faded landscapes, lost in time and a world at peace, devoid of human life… is this just a glimpse of what’s really behind the mirror? Erode lets us see these parallel universes tucked away neatly on this digipak of apocalyptic beauty.” – Igloomag

‘Horizon’ is driven by the wish to turn emotions into music and not bursting into exceeding complexity…” – Reflections of Darkness [9/10]

Expressions of contemplation are rife on ‘Horizon’ with stately backdrops of expanding cinematic depth anchoring gorgeous progressions. A thinking man’s manifesto…” – Brutal Resonance [9/10]

“An impressively crafted debut – a collection that manages to navigate both industrial and IDM waters without ever really being subsumed in either scene.” – Cyclic Defrost


  1. 10950
  2. Detect [full track download]
  3. Approach [clip preview]
  4. Horizon
  5. Overcome [clip preview]
  6. Wither [clip preview]
  7. Annoy
  8. Disengage [clip preview]
  9. Horizon (Kadrage rmx)
  10. Brutal Romance (Erode rmx)




TA056 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 4

Volume four of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is finally here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka,, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, KiloWatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim, and Erode.

29 tracks, over 140 minutes of music on 2 compact discs with stunning artwork by Unshape (Kostas K. / Subheim) and sonic mastering by Mobthrow. Limited to 500 copies.

Available now only from Tympanik Audio.


Disc One:

1. Hecq: Ritual Study
2. Architect: Episode 7 (Tympanik edit)
3. Access To Arasaka: Razorgirl
4. Diaphane: Insight
5. Frank Riggio: Tryk Alimba
6. To Travel Without Any Certain Destination: Night After The Carnival (Libido Formandi rmx)
7. Displacer: Outland
8. C.H. District: Con-trust (DJ Sajko rmx)
9. Stendeck: The Secret Behind The Third Door
10. Dryft: Clustr2
11. Nebulo: Abslog
12. Ocoeur: Ephemeral Beauty
13. Boy Is Fiction: Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)
14. Logical Disorder: After The Battle
15. Erode: Disengage

Disc Two:

1. Subheim: Mir50
2. Miroslav: Terminal
3. Keef Baker: Cranesong
4. Tapage: Last
5. KiloWatts: Transmogrifier
6. Matta: Be There
7. Port-Royal: Spider Toupet
8. SE: 0459
9. Mobthrow: Birds Fly High
10. Flaque: Meridian
11. Snowday
12. Northcape: 1am Transition
13. Anklebiter: Rearview
14. Bola: Szeaafar (live)




TA057 | Ex_Tension: Desert

Tympanik Audio and Ex_Tension invite you to revisit the ‘Desert‘ EP, fully remastered including 2 unreleased bonus tracks and a stunning remix collaboration of the original “Desert” track by Access To ArasakaTotakekeZentriert ins AntlitzGeomatic, and Sonic Area.

With a nostalgic grip on early rhythmic Industrial styles, Ex_Tension injects a modern and mesmerizing complexity into their sound that seems to perfectly harness the adrenaline and cerebral contrast that continues to captivate their listeners.



01. Desert (31.51) [clip preview]
02. Journey (6.08)
03. Aura (7.21) [clip preview]
04. Tension 6 (4.46)
05. Desert (according to…) (23.02) [clip preview]

  • Access To Arasaka (0.00)
  • Totakeke (5.17)
  • Zentriert Ins Antlitz (8.27)
  • Geomatic (14.22)
  • Sonic Area (18.54) [full track download]

TD010 | Undermathic: Deleted (1999-2006)

For over a decade, Polish producer Maciej Paszkiewicz has been creating some unique sounds under various pseudonyms before finally assembling his works beneath the moniker of Undermathic in 2009 with his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Return To Childhood‘. Saturated in beauty, organic rhythms, and a virtual tide of sophistication, ‘Return To Childhood’ easily stood on its own ground offering an immense album full of life and vision that transcended genres and ultimately arrived as a genuine preview of the future of intelligent electronic music.

In 2010, Undermathic returned to Tympanik Audio with his second full-length album titled ‘10:10pm‘ released on the special date of 10/10/10. Still present were the massive washes of ambiance and infectious beatwork mixed with brooding melodies and heavy synthlines that had become signatures of Undermathic’s unique sound, yet an air of beauty and hopefulness was always present in contrast to the gripping tautness of each song, creating a distinct mood that was both epic and wondrous.

Now, Undermathic presents his listeners with 13 unreleased and deleted tracks from his pre-album years in a digital-only release appropriately titled ‘Deleted (1999-2006)’. Each song here could easily pass for new material, exhibiting Maciej’s solid production and composing skills even in their earliest stages. From the industrial-tinged tautness of “Mechanical Steering”, “Bypass”, and “Moyen Age”, the quirky electro rhythms of “Stereo” and “Idleness”, to the smooth melody-laced atmospheres of “My Room”, “Parallel”, and “I’m Waiting”, Undermathic once again delivers another memorable collection of songs full of vitality and warmth.

All songs written and produced by Maciej Paszkiewicz between 1999 and 2006. Cover artwork by Timothée Mathelin aka shift. (


01. Mechanical Steering
02. Bypass
03. Stereo
04. Popmusic
05. Idleness
06. Parallel
07. Drugi Brzeg
08. Film
09. Moyen Age
10. Sagarmatha
11. I’m Waiting
12. My Room
13. Far From You

Undermathic’s ‘Deleted (1999-2006)’ is available now as a free digital download right here from your friends at Tympanik Audio. Download here (320kbps MP3 – 151MB) or get lossless quality download from our Bandcamp site.



TA058 | Normotone: Inward Structures

Normotone now joins the Tympanik Audio family to present his debut album ‘Inward Structures‘. Each track featured on ‘Inward Structures‘ has its own story, while remaining an integral part of a cohesive album. Under the predominantly raw layers of cold electronica, heavy basslines, and glitchy rhythms, listeners can identify classic industrial influences ranging from, but not limited to cold wave, folk, rhythmic noise, and contemporary dark ambient music with a sonic edge. A collaborative effort among well-renowned artists including KL (Stigma, Neon Cage Experiment, KL), Neon Rain, One Droid And Its Man, Punish Yourself, Polygon, and more, results in a polymorphic effect of sorts.

Normotone‘s ‘Inward Structures‘ is available now on compact disc from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Some Few Words [clip preview]
  2. Defections (Clouds Over Tallinn) [clip preview]
  3. Confessions Of A Daydreamer
  4. Isolation Is My Achievement (feat. TAT) [full track download]
  5. The Unutterable Beauty
  6. These Hearts
  7. Primer
  8. Milky Skin In A Yellow Fuzzy Light [clip preview]
  9. Frozen Leaves [clip preview]
  10. Forms And Functions [clip preview]
  11. Black Horses Of Destruction
  12. Milky Skin In A Yellow Fuzzy Light (remix by Polygon)
  13. The Unutterable And A Half (remix by One Droid And Its Man) [clip preview]

TA064 | Known Rebel: Hollow

Employing a variety of styles of electronic music such as glitch, ambient, breaks, and electronica with expert subtlety and control, Known Rebel craft their sounds into breathtaking movements of auditory emotion that build elegantly and flow into marvelous finales. Poignant melodies, rich basslines, and lush synth measures serve as the undercurrent for wondrous atmospheres that embrace the listener, allowing plenty of room to breathe.

Charming melodies, graceful fluidity, and an illuminating depth make ‘Hollow’ a must-have for those who appreciate classy bedroom IDM. Includes remixes by Jaime Irles and Mothboy plus bonus remixes by Roel Funcken (Funckarma), Lucidstatic2methylBulbe1ol, and Access To Arasaka. Available on compact disc and digital formats December 13th, 2011 from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Anonymous
  2. Neigh
  3. Mechanical Sunset (feat. Andrey G)
  4. Herz Aeon
  5. Gathering of the Argonauts
  6. Science
  7. Smart
  8. Helium-3 (Jaime Irles remix)
  9. Herz Aeon (Mothboy remix)
  10. Smart (Roel Funcken remix)
  11. Gathering of the Argonauts (Lucidstatic remix)
  12. Helium-3 (2methylBulbe1ol remix)
  13. Herz Aeon (Access To Arasaka remix)


Free ‘Hollow‘ bonus remix EP featuring Erode, Millipede, Autoclav1.1, Totakeke, Andrey G., and Displacer.


TA060 | Access To Arasaka: Geosynchron

In the final chapter of his quasi-trilogy, Access To Arasaka’s ‘Geosynchron’ offers a full conclusion to what began earlier this year with the ‘Orbitus’ and ‘Aleph’ EPs. With these works referencing themes of oppression and the struggle to traverse inequitable boundaries, ‘Geosynchron’ expands the narrative to the subsequent failure of opposition and inevitable retaliation. A witnessing of the destruction of a system as viewed from the system itself, as it scrambles desperately to rectify a million problems at once while processes fail one after the other.

If ‘Orbitus’ is the question, and ‘Aleph’ the desired answer, then ‘Geosynchron’ is the inevitable and unwanted outcome.

Access To Arasaka and Tympanik Audio invite you to experience the sharp and expansive soundscapes of ‘Geosynchron’. Available now on compact disc and digital formats.


  1. Rhea
  2. Ixion
  3. Talitha
  4. Oberon
  5. Naos
  6. Cursa
  7. BS-2X
  8. Lysithea (feat. Jamie Blacker)
  9. Alcyone
  10. Kaguya
  11. Sao
  12. Rana
  13. Polaris

TA062 | Integral: The Past Is My Shadow

In 2008, Tympanik Audio introduced our listeners to Integral, an esoteric duo from Germany, and their debut album ‘Rise’. With a very personal approach to a wide range of multi-layered and hauntingly beautiful compositions, ‘Rise’ proved to be a gem in the Tympanik catalog and a highly appreciated aural experience for its listeners.

As we all waited patiently for a new album, Integral began sifting through their minds and hard drives seeking the origins of their creativity. The results of that search took on the title of ‘The Past Is My Shadow’, eighteen unreleased and newly mastered songs that expertly construct the foundation for what would eventually become the Integral we know and admire today.

From their earliest beginnings, David and Rafael seemed to have a firm grasp on the tone and direction they wanted for Integral. Songs originating from as early as 2002 up until post-‘Rise’ 2006 manage to sound as bright and purposeful as if they were just recently produced. Each selection on ‘The Past Is My Shadow’ reveals a rich collage of sounds and ideas, with a level of depth and intricacy that is uncommon these days. Beat-driven and rhythmic, but never overpowering, with vast swirling ambiance, layer upon layer of dense atmospheres, poignant melodies, and a smooth complexity that allows the listener to uncover new levels of aura with each ensuing listen.

In David and Rafael’s own words, “For us, this is the real debut album… a release of the past and an opening for the future. We invite you to take a journey with this album and find your own place somewhere in this universe of sound.

A universe of sound indeed. Get ready. Integral’s ‘The Past Is My Shadow’ is available now in a 2-CD collection from Tympanik Audio. Limited to 500 copies.



Disc One:

  1. Als Wären Wir Niemals Gewesen [clip preview]
  2. Pop Realtá
  3. Work With The Mind [clip preview]
  4. No Peace
  5. Synthie Raga
  6. Rubikon [clip preview]
  7. ?
  8. Die Revolution des Verstandes
  9. A Taste Of Your Future [clip preview]
  10. Atakama

Disc Two:

  1. Asphalt Architechture
  2. Bells [full track download]
  3. CPU Fairytale
  4. Waiting [clip preview]
  5. And Never Lose Hope
  6. Githarsis
  7. Radio Sehnsucht [clip preview]
  8. The Past Is My Shadow [clip preview]

TA063 | Haujobb: New World March

After an extensive pause,  Haujobb returned earlier this year with their hit single ‘Dead Market’, spending considerable time at the top of the German Alternative Charts and invading dancefloors throughout the world with their bright new sounds. With this successful proclamation of their return in place, Haujobb is primed to unleash their first new album in 8 years, ‘New World March‘.

Headed up by frontman Daniel Myer’s signature vocals and backed by founding member Dejan Samardzic’s solid programming, as well as additional production and contributions by Achim Färber (Project Pitchfork), Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Andreas Meyer (Forma Tadre), Manuel G. Richter (Xabec), Sebastian Ullmann (For A Space), Joakim Montelius (Covenant), and more, ‘New World March’ proves to be a monumental production of exceptional worth.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present the brand new Haujobb album ‘New World March’, featuring 12 outstanding new songs plus a bonus remix disc featuring Xabec, Dryft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Somatic Respones, This Morn’ Omina, Binary Park, Acretongue, Anklebiter, Incite/, and more.

Available now in an exclusive limited edition 6-panel 2-CD digipak w/16-page booklet only from Tympanik Audio. Limited to 500 copies.



Disc One – Album:

01. Control
02. Crossfire
03. Let´s Drop Bombs
04. More Than Us
05. Machine Drum
06. Dead Market
07. Lost
08. Soul Reader
09. Little World
10. Membrane
11. New World March
12. Echo

Disc Two – Remixes:

01. Control (Xabec-remix)
02. Crossfire (Dryft-remix)
03. Let´s Drop Bombs (Dupont-remix)
04. More Than Us (Continues-remix)
05. Machine Drum (Unknown-remix)
06. Dead Market (Ah Cama-Sotz-remix)
07. Lost (Somatic Responses-remix)
08. Soul Reader (This Morn´ Omina-remix – feat. Rosey)
09. Little World (Binary Park-remix)
10. Membrane (Acretongue-remix)
11. New World March (Anklebiter-remix)
12. Echo (Incite/-remix)



TA061 | Tapage: Overgrown

Since 2008, Tapage has become a staple of the Tympanik family with two well-received solo albums ‘The Institute of Random Events’ in 2008, ‘Fallen Clouds’ in 2009, and his collaboration album ‘Etched In Salt’ with Meander in 2010. Now this glitch guru of The Netherlands returns with a stunning new collection of works titled ‘Overgrown’.

Tapage presents fourteen playful new songs full of intertwining pops, clicks, and glitchy rhythms surrounded by warm bass tones and winding melodies. From the mischievous dsp-laden beats and embracing air of “Loss”, the warped low-end bass and clutching click-n-cut percussion of “Xyloplax”, to the massive basslines and delicious glitch rhythms of “Leptoid”, and the smooth ambiance of “Pockets”, ‘Overgrown’ manages to reveal as well as entice with a range of emotions and styles. A serendipitous and unique journey perfect for headphone excursions.

Mastered by M. Cadoo at 37n, 122w and available now in a 4-panel digipak compact disc package from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Sine
  2. Loss
  3. Pink Mist
  4. Xyloplax
  5. Crab
  6. Ethyl
  7. Overgrown
  8. Mimic
  9. Leptoid
  10. Mortuary Beef
  11. Unfolded
  12. Dresscode
  13. Repress
  14. Pockets

TA067 | ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust

Over 3 years after ‘The Sea & The Silence‘, ESA returns with part 1 of a dual-part concept release for 2012 titled ‘Themes Of Carnal Empowerment‘. Taking inspiration from the very meaning of lust and concentrating on the energy and instability that often results, this new collection of rhythmic Industrial stompers promises to be all that ESA fans have been waiting for and more.

11 infectious new tracks display the groovier, more energetic side of ESA. Combining hard addictive rhythms with dark and seductive hooks, each piece creates a truly enveloping experience which rarely takes the foot off the pedal. From the solid rolling rhythm of “Red Passage Overture” to the groove laden viciousness of “Wretch” and the distressing noisescapes of “Loss“, part 1 of ‘Themes of Carnal Empowerment’ finds ESA at its most mature and damaging yet.

With jaw dropping artwork centered around the concept of lust…’Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1’ is a no-brainer for heavy industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise with a little more substance and depth.

Artwork by inVALIS/. Mastered by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope). 6-panel digipak compact disc available now.



  1. Red Passage Overture
  2. With This Cold Kiss I Will Wound
  3. The Plot Sickens
  4. Carved Scars Of Carnality
  5. Black Trip
  6. Wretch
  7. Themes Of Carnal Empowerment
  8. The Relevant Flesh
  9. Bliss
  10. This Is Not Love
  11. Loss (Prurient Symphony)